The One And Only – Dr Paul Alexander

Dr Paul Elias Alexander PhD is a Canadian independent scientist and a former Trump administration official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul was recruited from his part-time, position at McMaster University to serve as an aide to HHS assistant secretary for public affairs Michael Caputo in March 2020. In that role, Paul argued with federal scientists and public health agencies to adopt a more pragmatic and orthodox approach to the “pandemic”.

Within the Trump Administration, Paul advocated protecting the high-risk individuals first and allowing healthy low-risk individuals to live normally and be exposed harmlessly to the virus to develop natural immunity. Paul was opposed to isolation of young children, school closures, lockdowns and face mask mandates.

Paul’s opinions and advice went at loggerheads with those of Fauci and co. Paul was threatened that he would be sacked if he did not resign.

Paul has written about his time in the Trump administration and the shenanigans going on behind the scenes (see under links).

Paul has an incredibly popular Substack with over 38000 readers (see under links).

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Ahmad (00:00.603)
It’s happening. Paul Alexander.

Dr. Paul Alexander (00:04.073)
How are you?

Ahmad (00:05.546)
I’m great man. So it’s been quite a few months. It feels like yesterday we were in Texas doing that Spike Symposium. Dude, a lot has happened. So tell me what’s going on in your end.

Dr. Paul Alexander (00:15.378)

And, um, well, I mean, you know, first of all, thanks very much for having me on your show. I think you’re one of the more premier broadcasters, interviewers, I would, I would say technical experts in the area in terms of your command of the topic. Well, I think, um, you know, I am providing support to the wellness company right now. Me, McCall, Arish.

Ahmad (00:33.474)
Oh, I don’t know about that. I don’t know about that.

Dr. Paul Alexander (00:49.365)
I’m also doing still some work on the early treatment, but the problem, Ahmed, is COVID is done. And I think the focus now has to be on moving forward, societally. And I think people, the public wants to move forward, but we have so many people still trying to capitalize on the COVID fear mongering still. So I’m kind of caught in the middle trying to

Ahmad (01:14.318)

Dr. Paul Alexander (01:18.021)
where I’m trying to say it’s done, but yet we’re trying to also say, try this, try that, et cetera. So we have to be careful what we’re telling the public because it’s either it’s over or it’s not over. We really have a problem though with the spike protein in the sense of it’s not just the vaccine, post virus, if you just had the virus and you recovered, we have research by Paterson et al, World Care et al, showing us.

that the spike protein remains in the blood, remains in the tissue. For months right now, Patterson studies over two years from the time the vaccine was rolled out. So that means that something is wrong in the sense that the spike protein is not dissolving and one of us, we were told. But what does that mean long-term in terms of implications to you? And we didn’t do the proper studies, so we don’t know. Along comes some of these researchers now.

publishing some observational studies, some weaker designs, but we haven’t done the comparative clinical trials yet, but their research is showing us that the spike protein can be dissolved and busted up using certain products out there like natokinase, is a natural blood thinner, bromelain, cocumin, NAC, et cetera. So the question is,

Could we offer this as some sort of support to the population, those who’ve taken the vaccine principally, because they just want to supply protein out of them. So that is where our discussion is right now. But I’m doing my subspec- Sorry.

Ahmad (03:00.802)
So can I just say something? I think you’re right. Like COVID is clearly over. The pandemic was never a pandemic. But if you want to call it the plandemic, the plandemic is officially over. But the thing is there’s certain elements. There’s the biological aspect, and then there’s the political manipulation aspect. We can’t turn our back on how we were manipulated and propagandized.

Dr. Paul Alexander (03:13.662)

Ahmad (03:30.054)
and exploited. And I think the damage of that is gonna last for decades and it may get worse. There’s talk of another pandemic around the corner and this constant pandemic industry and vaccines is kind of worrying for me. But you’re right, with the COVID, there was definitely spike protein and then the vaccine produces spike protein and you kind of wonder.

How much spike protein is being made? How long is the spike protein being made for? What is the effect on the body? And what I’m really struggling with is that no one’s really looking into this. No one’s, well, the manufacturers didn’t look into it. They certainly didn’t do any of these kind of studies, pre-clinical studies. So, you know, what is the actual long-term effect? And now you talked about pandemic. I know you didn’t use these words, but I feel like there are pandemic ambulance chasers out there. They want to exploit

the victims, okay? And put fear into people.

Dr. Paul Alexander (04:26.709)

Dr. Paul Alexander (04:34.229)
Well, I think I’m at the thing is, look, again, first of all, I can’t tell you how happy I am and true, humble that I’m on your show, because I really, really do respect not just the technical capacity that you bring, but your humanity. I’ve spent some time with you and I know you’re genuine, you’re a good human being, trying to do good by people and to fix this mess. So from that point of view, you know, many people are in this to enrich themselves. You’re not. You’ve lost.

And that’s why I appeal to people to support you, support you as much as they can. The thing about it, the thing about it, Ahmed, is this, that, oh yeah, when we’re done, if you give me the link, I will put it on my sub stack, so that more people can know who you are. The thing about it is this, this is how I look at it. This was never a pandemic. I mean, the infection fatality rate turned out to be now 0.05%.

Ahmad (05:08.974)
Thanks man.

Dr. Paul Alexander (05:32.953)
means corrected 0.04, persons 70 years old and below. That means that the infection fatality rate for flu, seasonal flu is about 0.1. So this pandemic has turned out to be half in terms of lethality or seasonal flu, that’s number one. We have another statistic that people need to consider. The median age of death in February 2020 was 82 to 83 years old, three underlying medical conditions.

The median age of death today, November 2023, still 82 to 83, three underlying medical conditions. But life expectancy, generally in the West, Canada, the United States is about 78, 79 when you add males and females together. That meant that COVID killed beyond life expectancy. COVID was not that lethal that it cut life short. Third statistic, and that second one is very important. We are dealing, we were dealing with a

with a pathogen or whatever it was, whether this was really a coronavirus that did this, whether this was some sort of respiratory type illness that caused respiratory type symptoms. We do know that it killed some elderly people, high-risk people in the beginning, but this virus didn’t kill heavily as they made us think it did. What killed most of the people was in medical management. And I would tell people this.

We’ve looked at the data today now across three and a half years and we could find not one healthy child. I need to say it slowly so your listeners could understand. We could find not one healthy child in America over three and a half years from infant all to teenage years that got infected with COVID and died. Not one. Not in Sweden, not in Germany, not one.

Ahmad (07:31.33)

Dr. Paul Alexander (07:31.681)
I’m talking about healthy people. And when the CDC challenged me, challenged myself, challenged McCarrie and said, look at this eight year old who died. When you look at the data properly, what you see is that child had a grave underlying medical condition that would have killed them absent of COVID. Knock on wood, nobody wants to have a dead child as a parent particularly. But the fact is the fact.

COVID did not kill healthy children. And that also was a canary in a coal mine to us to tell us that we were not dealing with something so pathological. And the reality is what killed us? Well, now I’ll argue four. There’s four things that killed us regarding this non-fake PCR over cycle driven pandemic. Because this was an over cycle driven pandemic.

because of the over-cycled PCR process, it was never a test, they denoted you as positive when we know now 95, almost 95% were false positive. So some people died, I admit, some elderly died. They were what we call the low-hanging fruit. They were ill, they were vulnerable. They had what we call immunosensence. Their immune systems were sluggish, unresponsive.

They die from the common cold normally, from influenza, every day. So COVID didn’t operate on the high-risk vulnerable elderly unlike how it should have. But where we lost more people was the delay and denial of treatment from March, 2020 onwards, where all the beds in hospitals were designated COVID beds, whether in the UK, in Canada, in America. So you had your chest pains from angina, you had the beginning of your diabetes or whatever.

Ahmad (09:03.848)

Dr. Paul Alexander (09:26.973)
You couldn’t get care and you progressed along the secret way. So much so that we’ve seen the excess mortality data today. You’ve been captured in that third bucket that where a lot of deaths came with this vaccine, this mRNA vaccine has killed many, many thousands of people. So, but the fourth bucket, which to me is the argument I’m making, most people died. The vast majority of people who died.

Ahmad (09:37.623)

Dr. Paul Alexander (09:57.417)
died because of the lockdowns and the collateral damage from it. But in that, the vast majority died because of the medical management of them. What we did to Granny, because when Granny incurred a little cough in the nursing home, in her home, and everybody said, oh my God, maybe COVID, took her to the ER. Once Granny touched the emergency room door, her 28-day mortality skyrocketed 40%. Because you know…

We can die vulnerable people of the atrogenic infection in the facility. So Granny, risk of death escalated right away just taking her there. But what did they do? They sucked Granny into this COVID black hole, this COVID protocol in Britain, in the US, Canada, Australia. What was it? Well, they denoted Granny as COVID positive with the fraud PCR process that was over cycled.

beyond 24 amplifications. We knew it was viral dust, non-lethal, non-infectious COVID. So they said granny was positive. So, okay, children are gonna take granny back home. Nobody’s taking her to the news. And we say, okay, hospital, you keep her. What did the hospital do? The hospital isolated granny in that back room. Doctors wouldn’t touch her, nurses wouldn’t go in. So granny was isolated and we knew.

that isolation is one of the biggest killers of the elderly. So granny began her death spiral. Nobody’s touching her. Nobody was touching her. And we have videos of people going into those glass, those glass rooms with granny and grandpa. And when they pull the blanket back, they see mounds of feces, maggots. Nobody was cleaning or bathing granny for months. So granny’s under that spiral isolated. Then.

Ahmad (11:26.07)

Dr. Paul Alexander (11:49.577)
They sedated her with myodazolam and diamorphine to comatose her so she wouldn’t fight. So Granny is now sedated. She can’t move and she can’t talk. What did that do to Granny? Further along the death spiral, she couldn’t eat, so she began to become malnourished. She couldn’t drink, so she was dehydrated. So Granny is isolated, malnourished, dehydrated, and she’s spiraling down.

Ahmad (11:54.967)

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:19.581)
I’ve lost your video. Are you still there?

Ahmad (12:23.174)
Yeah, it’s just because your internet is slow, so don’t worry about it. You know, Paul, this is exactly what I’ve been saying.

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:28.393)
but I can see top.

Ahmad (12:33.086)
Yeah, this is exactly what I’ve been saying and what I’ve been hearing from my guests as well. You’re absolutely on the money. Over here in the UK, the big scandal was Madazilam and all these people were shoved into the nursing homes, kicked out of the hospitals, deprived of water, deprived of love. Love is important. Companionship, they were isolated.

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:33.501)
But you are right. I’ve been following you.

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:47.743)

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:54.985)

Ahmad (12:57.922)
They were starved of love. They were starved of just normal human decency. And then Madazlam and Remdesivir and God knows what else pushed them along. And I think a big spike of the deaths were medical interventions. And it was absolutely, and also don’t forget, withdrawing, for example, things like antibiotics, intubation, you know, once you put someone on an intubator, ventilator, it’s a disaster.

Dr. Paul Alexander (13:04.926)

Dr. Paul Alexander (13:09.041)

Dr. Paul Alexander (13:16.914)
Yes, amen.

Dr. Paul Alexander (13:28.045)
Exactly. Ahmed, you have closed off the COVID protocol because besides granny and grandpa being our parents, our grandparents, malnourished and dehydrated, pumping them with more toxic drugs, we slapped do not resuscitate orders on them. We also told doctors they couldn’t prescribe antibiotics, which we knew they were likely with bacterial pneumonia secondary to the viral infection.

Ahmad (13:39.063)

Ahmad (13:48.161)

Dr. Paul Alexander (13:55.333)
So we knew she needed antibiotics, but doctors weren’t prescribing. So granny is dying more. And then they pumped her with remdesivir, that was kidney and liver toxic, as you rightly said. And then when that didn’t kill her, they put the nail in the coffin by putting on the ventilator with blue holes in the lung. In other words, in other words, Amid, let me say to your listeners this way. Had we done nothing, had we done nothing and don’t touch anything.

Ahmad (13:57.11)

Dr. Paul Alexander (14:24.245)
Don’t lock down, don’t close schools, don’t close business, don’t mask mandates, nothing, nothing. Just strongly protect Granny, make reasonable precautions, don’t do what you did in the hospital with the COVID protocol. Just strongly protect her. We have lost far fewer people. In other words, our government, our British government, our UK, complete Wales, the entire British.

system. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, any country you name. Our governments and health officials at CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, in Canada, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, in Britain, SAGE, all these different entities, we killed. They killed our parents and grandparents. Our governments, by their incompetence,

their ineptness, their academic sloppiness, they refuse to read the science and the data. They couldn’t even understand the science. Maybe they couldn’t even reach it or read it. Their speciousness, they’re just complete incompetence. They, and I don’t know if it’s pure incompetence or a combination of incompetence or malfeasance. I think it’s a combination of both. They couldn’t be that stupid.

Ahmad (15:36.174)

Dr. Paul Alexander (15:50.565)
They could not be, all of them couldn’t be that stupid. Our governments killed our people. They killed our parents. We couldn’t even bury our dead, Ahmed. We had, we couldn’t bury them.

Ahmad (15:51.134)
Yes, me too. Me too.


Ahmad (15:59.822)
Well, there’s a name for that. I know, Paul, there’s a name for that. The name is Democide, when the government kills its people. And I’m with you. I don’t think it was a case of, oh, they’re all incompetent. I don’t think they’re all evil. I think there’s definitely an element of both. Can’t be, just can’t be. And you’re right. People were not allowed to bury their family. They weren’t able to see them.

Dr. Paul Alexander (16:16.969)
Can’t be.

Dr. Paul Alexander (16:20.863)

Dr. Paul Alexander (16:25.405)

Ahmad (16:28.606)
And you know what, when the queen died and everybody’s flocking to visit her, I was like, shame on you. I mean, we were denied seeing our own grannies. And now, for the queen, we can all throng together and it’s all bullshit. And Paul, what I’m really upset about is, they said to us, we have to do this to save granny. We have to lock down to save granny. We have to…

Dr. Paul Alexander (16:28.981)

Dr. Paul Alexander (16:46.046)
This bullshit.

Ahmad (16:56.47)
bang pots out in the street to save granny. We have to take the vaccines to save granny. Everything was to save granny. We have to lock down to save the NHS, when actually they did everything that made everything worse. And I’m upset, because I think the people at the top, the witties, the valents, the fowchies, you name it, whoever, they’re there because they’re meant to be smart and super intelligent, and they’ve got the best advice around them.

They should have known better. I mean, at the end of the day, we’ve got pandemic plans every year to look at them. And in our plans, they even say lockdowns don’t work. So why is it for years and years, we go, yeah, lockdowns don’t work, but this year, you know what? Now that we’ve actually got a so-called pandemic, we’re gonna do lockdown. It didn’t even make bloody sense.

Dr. Paul Alexander (17:47.869)
No, but the thing I meant is, Donald Henderson, Dr. Donald Henderson, D.A. Henderson, who headed up the biosecurity, bioterrorism unit at Johns Hopkins, mind you, full disclosure, I did a certificate program at Johns Hopkins in 2001, just before 9-11 in biological warfare, and he was one of my professors. Now, he eradicated smallpox.

He was the scientist, Dr. Johns Hopkins, who led the eradication of smallpox in the early 1970s. So I became very good friends with him and I did a lot of work with him to understand the area of bioterrorism and biological warfare, how you could take smallpox or anthrax and weaponize it and put it on a missile, deliver it into a city, et cetera. He said in a 2006 paper, seminal paper, that everybody quoted up to COVID.

January 2020, he said that the most important thing a society could do and face with a pandemic situation is to don’t touch it. The least disruption possible, no lockdowns, no school closures, only thing that was needed. This is his words and he is considered the guru. Donald Henderson, Dr. Donald Henderson, he said is increase the hand washing and only, only isolate.

voluntary isolation too. He said, voluntary those who are sick with symptoms. If you are sick, don’t go to work, don’t go to school. Voluntary. He said, no mass testing of asymptomatic people, no mass quarantine of anybody at any border, nothing. Hands off. And I’ll tell you something, McCullough, Rish, myself, Tenenbaum, Oskwe, we wrote several papers that we published. One of them looked at lockdowns.

And Ahmed, we looked at the entire body of evidence and we could find up to today, November of 2023, we could find not one instance in the entire world, not one, no state, no province in Canada, nothing in Britain, nothing in America, nowhere where any lockdown worked to curb transmission of death. Nothing worked. No school closure worked, no mask mandate worked.

Dr. Paul Alexander (20:09.925)
Every single thing failed. We looked at all of the data, all of the reports. There is no evidence that any COVID policy by anyone, sage in the UK, anywhere worked. Nothing worked. Everything failed.

Ahmad (20:27.47)
Paul, people knew this. So one, why did they do it? One, why did they do it? And two, why have they got away with it? All the people who were orchestrating all of this, none of them have lost their jobs. None of them have been held accountable. If you and I fracked up at this level, I mean, we’d be behind bars. I don’t know if you know, but this week,

Dr. Paul Alexander (20:29.982)

Ahmad (20:56.262)
I posted, you know, last week or thereabouts, I posted a little clip of one of my podcast interviews on my Instagram account. And this week, a private hospital that I worked out of said, we don’t like this video that you’ve posted. You know, because of this video that you’ve posted, we’re suspending you and investigating you. And I never even said anything in that clip. It was my guest speaking. So here I am.

doing nothing but disseminating information and knowledge, no patient harm, no injury to anyone, and I’ve been suspended. And these other idiots, evil people, who’ve killed thousands of people, caused so much harm to our society and our economy, they just are walking around scot-free. What the hell is going on, mate?

Dr. Paul Alexander (21:48.741)
Yeah. Well, look, I look at it from this point of view. First of all, let me say congratulations and huge respect to the population in Britain, in Canada, in the US, et cetera, because they emerge as highly critical thinkers. So we need to give them a lot of props and respect because it took them some time, but they pushed back and they stood up and they’re critically thinking of the… And they know what the government did was wrong and that the government lied to them. They know that.

This guy Rishi Sunak, you know, this is my statement. This is not yours. This guy, I’ve understood he invested 500 million, I believe, pounds of his own personal wealth in some company linked to Moderna. I mean, how could that even be possible? How could that be possible? And this guy is sitting down now, and he said, I believe, the Prime Minister of England now at some point in the past said that these vaccines were safe and effective. These mRNA vaccines. Where?

Where Mr. Sunak, Prime Minister Sunak, where? Show me the study. Today we are sitting here, we have not one randomized clinical trial, not one that has shown that these vaccines reduce mortality, which is the key patient important outcome, hospitalization or death. Pfizer and Moderna have run studies looking at soft proxy outcomes like antibody levels and telling you that these vaccines are effective.

antibody levels is not a measure of immunity and effectiveness of a vaccine. We needed hospitalization, death, ICU, et cetera. We got none of that. So nobody yet has shown that these vaccines were ever safe and effective. But I will challenge you and say that when you say they’re walking score, I believe people like you have been very instrumental. Ivor Cummings, these types of people, people like myself, McCullough,

All of us, we have been instrumental in the sense that we’ve kept the conversation alive and we’ve armed the population with information. The population has digested it and they could, I don’t believe the population would let people off the hook. We still need some more time and I’ll tell you something, I am in Trump’s orbit. I mean, I was connected in the past, I worked for him in his administration. I’m looking at who I think is the best person.

Dr. Paul Alexander (24:14.769)
and they may have somebody other than Trump who could emerge, check all the right boxes and who knows, we might put his support behind them, him or her. But my point is, somebody like Trump 2.0 is going to be devastating to those who did wrong. And I can tell you from the conversations inside, Trump is coming to right the wrongs of the COVID-1 response and all of the wrongs being done to him and violating his rights, due process, et cetera, now. But

all of those who did wrong in COVID, from the lockdown lunatic people, all of those policies to the vaccine, they will face accountability. I’m telling you they will.

Ahmad (24:51.979)

Ahmad (24:58.894)
Dude, I love you brother. You know that man. I’ve broken bread with you. I’ve eaten with you. I love you so much. But listen, while I agree with a lot of things, this is where we might part ways. One, I don’t trust any politicians. I think they’re all a bunch of liars. Two, man, I did at one point have, one, at one point I had so much faith in Trump, man. Seriously, I was maga, maga. I was like, make America great again. I was up for it.

Dr. Paul Alexander (25:17.583)
I agree.

Ahmad (25:28.606)
He was different, he didn’t seem to be of the mold of the politicians, he was an outsider, he says what he wants to say, he’s brash, and he was anti-war, you know, and just for the common man. And you know what, I liked what I heard, but dude, he let me down, you know? He stood there with Fauci instead of sacking Fauci. He didn’t sack Fauci, he talked about warp speed.

Dr. Paul Alexander (25:49.326)
Let me down too.

Dr. Paul Alexander (25:53.801)

Ahmad (25:56.842)
And you know what, he surrounded himself with bad advisors. Just hear me out. He had people who were hawks, neocons and hawks all around him. And you’re just like, what the hell are you doing, dude? Like why, and all this Russia gate and everything, he should have thrown it off and said this is all bullshit. They’re trying to get me down. I’m gonna clear the swamp. He didn’t go after Hillary Clinton, like he said he would. He didn’t free Julian Assange. He didn’t say, you know what, we pardon him. You know, he didn’t do, and even now.

He’s not said, guys, I got really bad advice about the vaccine. I’m really sorry about that. I’m going to write this. And I feel like, you know what, maybe he is a bit of a narcissist and a bit of an egoist and you know, he just, he needs to eat some humble pie. And the funny thing is if he came out tomorrow and said, you know what, I fracked up, I fracked up guys. I’m really sorry. And I’m going to be the first one to fix this. I’m telling you his popularity would go through the roof. Well, he doesn’t see that, you know.

Dr. Paul Alexander (26:55.657)
Well, what I’m telling you is this, look, so your listeners can understand. So I’m talking about somebody from on the inside side.

Trump fundamentally is a good person, a good human being, loves America, wanted to do good, goodbye America. Now remember in January of 2020, Trump was unstoppable and all of the internal polls were showing us that he would win re-election resoundingly. Almost 400 electoral votes, about 40 states he would have won. Now think about his position. All of a sudden in March, February, mid-February, early March, Fauci and Burks appear there.

Because as he said, he inherited them. Right now, we still unclear as to how they actually were appointed. Now we know they were connected to Pence, etc. under his shop, because Trump had him leading the response. Come into the office to say, look, Mr. President, look at these infections. And these rise in exponentially, and we’re going to have X amount of debt. They spooked Trump. They spooked him, and his initial gut instinct was never to lock down, never.

in the conversations never ever was the lockdown, but it spooked him. And then on top of that, when they came to him and they said, look, operation warp speed, normally it would take us 15 years to bring a vaccine, but we will bring it to you in a few months, Mr. Trump.

In his mind, the narcissist that you say he is, which I think, I think all of these politicians are narcissistic and Trump has a big ego and Trump probably looked at it from the point of view that he might get the Nobel Prize. He’s going to end this pandemic because he believed that. You see, this is the key. You need to look at it from the lens of Trump is not a scientist. He’s not a doctor. He’s not a scientist. So he was actually trusting and believing for anyone to say that he was malfeasant.

Dr. Paul Alexander (28:49.801)
that he was part of that cabal bringing the fraud pandemic and bringing the deadly vaccines. No, I could tell you 100% no. He was actually misled and fooled. The problem you and I have with him is, well then when it became apparent, why didn’t you step up and put the gauntlet down and say, look, these people doing a bunch of F crap, F this, F that, I going to put a stop to it. You have to understand that

He was facing re-elections. So he was trying to tread that needle of running his campaign and managing a pandemic response. And every day you have Fauci, Burks, Azar, Hahn, all of them screwing you and misleading you. So you had Dr. Scott Atlas in the Eisenhower building trying to not protect Trump, but to give him as best information as possible so he could push back on the madness. You had me and HHS.

Health and Human Services building. My job was an interface between the task force and the Oval Office and my bosses. And we were fighting, fighting. They had no one fighting Fauci and Burks and the NIH more than me. They published all of the internal emails. Fauci and Burks hated me. I was banging away at them and telling them in every which way how wrong they were.

everything that they were doing to America. So I was marked for destruction and they did a lot of bad things to get me out. That’s why eventually in October, I was on, but this conversation is not about me. This is about Trump. I am trying to tell you a listener, he’s a good man. This is a good man who love America, love rule of law, love right and wrong. Man don’t do drugs, he’s not a heavy drinker. But he did fail. He did.

Two of the greatest public health disasters happened under him. And I am seeing it this way. You show me someone who checks the boxes that he checks, I will put my weight behind them. But we can’t find a Democrat like that, and we can’t find a Republican running right now like that. That’s why Trump is in the lead. I believe from what I’m hearing and the discussions taking place, that Trump 2.0 is going to right a lot of the wrongs.

Dr. Paul Alexander (31:14.777)
And I’ll tell you this from this point of view so you understand. We have in discussions right now, craft in language, that he will palette and accept. Because you see, you could tell he’s not the type of man who could come out and say, like, I did wrong. He’s not that type of person. OK, he’s a very opinionated, strong, very smart guy. But he’s not that person going to stand up and shed tears. He’s not that type of person.

Ahmad (31:44.63)

Dr. Paul Alexander (31:44.669)
But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad man. He’s just a very business person. Matter of fact, he wants to get his job done. We are trying to get him to that place, Ahmed, and you need to trust here, where he’s going to come to the public. Can’t do it yet. Too far from the election. The media and the left and the rhinos will salvage him. But he is going to bring the language that you want to hear where I effed up. And it was my decisions.

Ahmad (32:08.204)

Dr. Paul Alexander (32:14.269)
but I took their counsel and I was wrong because they misled me and they did wrong. And here’s how they misled me. And if you reelect me, I’m going to reverse the liability protection. I’ve written, I sent it up to them. This is what he needs to bring to the people. We’re going to reverse liability protection. I’m going to strongly consider that. Yes, yes, he’s going to reverse what Azar did in the-

Ahmad (32:35.958)
That 1986 act? What was the 1986 act? Turn the whole thing around.

Dr. Paul Alexander (32:43.785)
The PREP Act, make it retroactive so we can go back and sue all of those people in the COVID response from lockdown harms and vaccine. He has to say, I am going to set up some federal.

Ahmad (32:56.766)
No, I mean, I’m saying even the 1986 Vaccine Act that protected all the vaccine manufacturers, the big pharma from every vaccine charge, everything needs to go. This whole indemnity thing is BS. I mean, look, Paul, listen, when you speak, oh my God, part of me is like, oh God, I really wanna believe you. And the reality is, look, he’s a human being, I accept that, he’s not God. And the reality is, it’s easier to fool someone

Dr. Paul Alexander (33:04.498)

Dr. Paul Alexander (33:10.356)


Ahmad (33:24.994)
to get someone who’s been fooled to admit that they were fooled. And that’s everyone, everyone around who was fooled by the lockdowns, the mandates, the vaccines. They pretend like it never happened. Instead of saying, oh, my God, I made a big mistake. Hardly anyone says I f’d up. I have a few people say to me, oh, my God, I totally regret having the booster. But most people don’t. Most people just want to forget about it and move on. And I think

I can understand that Trump would be the same. Oh God, I fracked up. I don’t want to talk about that. But I’m telling you right now, I think if he did, it would make a huge positive difference. He would have a lot of support, I’m telling you right now. And then the other thing is, I look at what happened with him. I remember what happened with him with the foreign policies. He said, I’m not going to fight or wage any wars. And credit to him, he didn’t. First president for a long time.

Dr. Paul Alexander (34:11.512)
I know on both sides.

Ahmad (34:24.01)
And he said, I’m going to get my troops out. I’m going to get my troops out of Syria. And then it turned out his own generals were lying to him, saying, yeah, we’ve taken the troops out, but actually they were still in, they’re still in Syria. And they were boasting afterwards. Yeah, we lied to him. I thought my brain just couldn’t handle it. I mean, is that what the deep state is? Is that how powerful is the president just literally figurehead and all the power rests somewhere else?

Dr. Paul Alexander (34:51.005)

Ahmad (34:52.574)
Or is he just an actor? Is he just an actor and we’re all being played and there’s no real choice and we’re just giving this illusion that he’s being victimized and punished and actually he’s just acting. It’s just an act.

Dr. Paul Alexander (34:53.917)
Yeah… No.

Dr. Paul Alexander (35:08.721)
No, I understand what you’re saying. In British Westminster system, that you belong to Caribbean Islands that I came from because it’s commonwealth. The prime minister wants his parties as a majority, has absolute power. In America, yes, the president has a lot of checks and balances with the House versus the Senate versus the executive versus the Supreme Court. They have these multiple places with a lot of power. However, President Trump has a lot of power.

Ahmad (35:20.322)

Dr. Paul Alexander (35:39.069)
The problem is, though, that what he was faced with is, here’s this guy, remember, Ahmed, the first two years of his presidency, Paul Ryan, the speaker, he had the majority in the House. A Republican speaker busted every move Trump tried. He couldn’t even get any money to build a wall. So the first two years of President Trump’s term was dead. Paul Ryan, Rhino Republican, probably one of the most…

devastating people in American politics. One day, she will write about Paul Ryan properly, what he did to Trump and the country. Paul Ryan stole the first two years. The fourth year was the pandemic. Trump really ruled in the third year. And when you look at Trump through those lenses, in one year, because the fourth year, he couldn’t do nothing but pandemic, fight every day on that podium, consumed by that madness.

Ahmad (36:34.409)

Dr. Paul Alexander (36:37.673)
The third year was where Trump actually used a lot of brainpower, a lot of manipulation of the policies and stuff to generate the economy and blow it up properly, et cetera. Then you really realize how good Trump did. In one year, he did more than Obama did in eight. And save Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Trump probably did more in his one year.

than most presidents combined. And the thing about it, think about that from his point of view. If it was you, January of 2020, the internal polls showing you that no Republican to primary you, no Democrat to defeat you, and you sail into your reelection and all of the policies that Paul Ryan screwed up and the pandemic, well, the pandemic didn’t come yet. You gonna rectify that once you get reelected. You didn’t have no more elections to run for.

and you had a free hand, that’s what the second term is for. All of a sudden, they come into your office and tell you, Mr. President, you had to shut it down. You had to shut this economy down. The greatest economy, 3.4% unemployment, the best economy America ever had. What you thought he think? He thought. He must have thought, what the hell is this madness? So all of a sudden, it’s like he’s staring at victory, and they walk in his office and decide to take it away.

Ahmad (37:45.919)

Ahmad (38:04.194)

Dr. Paul Alexander (38:04.485)
So he had to balance that. How is he going to respond? I admit to you that the greatest mistake he made was to see the lockdown control, the Fauci and Burks, because what they did devastated him. And I’m going to say it so your listeners can understand. I do know that people fool around with those votes on election night and votes were touched, but Trump also lost a lot of voters.

due to the lockdowns, it hurt his people. And we were seeing that in the internal polls. But President Trump made up a lot of ground, and by the week before the election, I can tell you, I can tell you from the internal polls that Trump had drawn even to Biden and actually was ahead of Biden. So I’m saying it this way.

Ahmad (38:35.438)

Dr. Paul Alexander (38:58.829)
I think President Trump legitimately won the election by a little bit. And I think there’s a possibility, possibility is people don’t like to hear it when I say, but I just like to talk the truth that he might have just, just lost. He just couldn’t make up all the ground because you see the lockdowns hurt him. And he didn’t, he couldn’t understand that. He did not understand how much what Fauci and Burks did to him hurt him.

People will hurt his own people. People committed suicide during the lockdowns. Trump and his people didn’t understand that. He understands that now. His problem is, how do I come to the population and tell them I f-ed up, you know? I f-ed up because I let these bastard Fauci and Burks destroy this economy, destroy people’s lives. I let Bula from FISA and Bansal from Adunan Monsef sloughy.

Ahmad (39:27.746)

Dr. Paul Alexander (39:55.017)
from Moderna and these people take control of this vaccine that was never needed and turned out to be deadly. Trump now has to come to the population and explain that he made serious mistakes. He didn’t make them because he was a malevolent individual or he was a bad individual or he was incompetent. No, he made them because as the CEO of the country, those people charged with the decision-making in those areas failed him.

And he made decisions based on what they were saying. His problem was he didn’t correct midstream. You know, his camp was afraid, how do we fire Fauci now? The election is three months away. You and I would say fire his ass. Sorry, I apologize for that statement. Fire him. Please bleep that out. Fire Fauci. We came up with all kinds of models to fire Fauci. We told President Trump.

Bring Fauci 2.0 on the stage now. Enlarge the task force by one more. Say that this person now is coming as an additional Fauci 2.0. And then after about three weeks to a month, let the nation know you no longer need the services of Fauci, by then they would have palliated this additional person and you would have moved on. But Fauci was on the, listen, we were in meetings with Dr. Fauci. I was there, I was sitting down there on the phone.

And when my bosses and stuff give Fauci an order, because he worked for the government and he worked for the president, Fauci and his team on the other line would threaten us. They would threaten us that when this call is over or this interview, we go into the press and say that Trump muzzling Fauci. So Fauci and they had Trump back up against the wall. We were constantly fighting leaks, treks by Fauci and his camp.

that they were going to claim that Trump was Muslim when that was a lie. Nobody was Muslim Fauci. So I am seeing if they had brought this fraud pandemic because I think history will show that they did cook this up in a lab somewhere. The question is who? Did it involve the Department of Defense, United States government? Did it involve the military? Which lab? Was it an American lab? Chapel Hill?

Dr. Paul Alexander (42:13.885)
Would we find out one day that America brought this coronavirus? Would we find out that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is just like a speed bump in all of this? Would we find that out? I believe we might find out something close to that. I believe something intentional was done here. The question is, was it an accidental release, intentional or deliberate accident? I believe, I believe that something that it did got loose.

Ahmad (42:25.506)

Ahmad (42:29.317)

Dr. Paul Alexander (42:43.629)
something that it did got loose because we dealt with something that was causing serious respiratory illnesses in high-risk vulnerable elderly people. So the question is how was the timeline? Ahmed we have data right now behind the scenes that we’re playing with to be trying to make sense of that show that something was circulating in 2018. We’re not talking about January 2020 you know, we’re talking about years before.

Could it be that this particular pathogen was circulating for years before at a low benign level and that it was always being captured as common cold or RSV or flu-like when it did kill the odd elderly person? That when Fauci and they brought this PCR process in March of 2020, they brought a process to detect something that they knew.

Ahmad (43:14.636)

Dr. Paul Alexander (43:42.885)
was always circulating and that they knew that the population was almost largely immune, that we had natural immunity too. And when you look at the Theodore Roosevelt outbreak, when you look at the Diamond Princess outbreak in January, February of 2020, you get a sense that our immune systems had seen this before, some version of it, something to do with it. Because you had a ship like the Diamond Princess off Japan,

with 2,700 people on deck. Okay, there were only seven way attacks.

Ahmad (00:00.158)
Now, some just walk through the door, so let’s, yeah, let’s start again.

Dr. Paul Alexander (00:01.308)
We had.

Yes, somebody just barged into the room. Let me just say this. We had the Diamond Princess in January, February, 2020. 3,700 people. Of that, only 708 died. Moreover, the virus burnt itself out in that ship, a closed ship that we isolated offshore. Initial Wuhan legacy strain, the most lethal so-called strain of this coronavirus. We isolated the ship. The ship…

The virus burnt itself out at 19%. It infected no one beyond 19, 20%. Why? How come? In a closed ship where we isolated the ship. Moreover, we had instances where husbands and wives were in the same cabin, because everybody was told to stay in your cabins until the ship was allowed to dock. Husband had hot COVID, hot COVID, and he died. He died on the bed.

And the wife was in the cabin with him, six by six room. You know the inside of a cabin in a ship. She never even got COVID. How is that possible? So we knew that there were things regarding this virus that suggested to us. I have a friend, Steven Pelek in Canada, and he has some sort of testing company, et cetera. They did a random sample.

Ahmad (01:07.926)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Paul Alexander (01:30.172)
of people in Canada, in British Columbia, in Vancouver specifically, the city, around the beginning of the pandemic. And what did they find? They found that about 90%, nine zero percent of the people that they tested in Vancouver had immunological response to this COVID virus. How is that possible? At the beginning. And that told us too that…

Ahmad (02:00.107)
I’ll tell you how. I’ll tell you how. Yeah, I’ll tell you how, because it was never novel. It was not novel.

Dr. Paul Alexander (02:00.22)
This thing was circulating.

Dr. Paul Alexander (02:06.88)
out. Never. Exactly. Exactly, Ahmed. We were lied to. Every aspect of this we were lied to. Every single thing about COVID, Ahmed, was a lie. Every single thing from the origins to timelines, to lockdowns, to vaccine, to this. What every single statement our governments made

lives to lock us down, cover us in fear, and to drive us to take a vaccine that we never needed. Again, I made a statement at the beginning of this interview. Had we done nothing, we’d have lost far fewer people. It is the treatment, it is what we did in response that killed people. It was the medical management that killed the largest proportion of people, not this virus, not. And today,

It is the most benign non-consequential. Sorry.

Ahmad (03:04.802)

Dr. Paul Alexander (03:09.905)

Ahmad (03:10.222)
I was going to say to you, I can see a confluence. I’m now of the persuasion that the so-called pandemic was brought in place to make us take the vaccines. These vaccines, which according to Sasha Latapova, you know, the patents were out years in advance. They were designing and making. If you listen to Headley Reese, who talks about the supply chain of Big Pharma, it’s impossible to get those billions of vials even, and…

Dr. Paul Alexander (03:26.772)

Ahmad (03:39.042)
drugs made in such a short timeframe. It’s impossible. The labels, the drugs, the packaging. It takes a lot of time to get this going. You don’t make billions of dosages overnight. This wasn’t just warp speed. This was premeditated and preplanned. And Sasha Latapova, going back to her, says it’s definitely involvement of DARPA and it’s a bioweapon, it’s a bioweapon countermeasure.

Dr. Paul Alexander (04:02.814)

Ahmad (04:05.322)
It was never really big pharma. They’ve just put big pharma stickers on it to make it look like it’s from them, because no one’s going to take a bioweapon countermeasure. That’s just not going to be something that anyone’s going to take. So the whole thing just stinks. And there’s a confluence. Some people say it’s got to do with the economy. Get rid of all the old dead people and their pensions. How about the fact that the Ponzi scheme is running out? And so you know what? We need to inject more fiat money.

more debt into the system, more credit into the system, a massive injection of credit. And then you’ve got this control state mechanism where governments are wanting to have further control of their population, digital passports, vaccine passports. So you’ve got the Bill Gates and the pharma and the vaccine industry, you’ve got the big banks and the credit and the money, you’ve got the politicians and the control. I mean, and the media, the media is going down, legacy media is dying, but suddenly they’ve got this news that they can pump out.

Dr. Paul Alexander (04:33.565)

Ahmad (05:03.55)
Everybody had something to benefit from this except you and me and all the other plebs out there. Now what I don’t understand is, where does China fit in? All these people collapsing in China, Wuhan. It almost feels like China was working in partnership with America to make this happen. But China and America are meant to be enemies. But is it the case that…

on the deeper level they’re working together? Because China benefited. They got to make all the PPE and all the equipment. And what the hell is going on in this world? That’s what I want to know.

Dr. Paul Alexander (05:42.14)
Well, the thing about it, I’m…

Dr. Paul Alexander (05:48.021)
The thing about it, Ahmed, is this, that I think I agree with you. I agree with everything that you’re saying, and I’m very concerned that in the end, we’re gonna find out things that will shock us. And I think that 100% of everything that we were told regarding COVID was a lie. So much so of a lie that the population believed it. They trusted.

And now they have damaged public health to the extent where public health no longer has any credibility. The doctors have no credibility. Everything you just said, like it makes my pores raise because why my pores raise? Because in anger. I’m aroused in anger because you are saying things that if 10% of what you just said is true. We have, we, we.

Ahmad (06:25.29)

Dr. Paul Alexander (06:41.832)
We were put through the wringer in the last three to four years. We were so misled and so damaged. And you know what? It makes you even think that this has been going on for decades. And this is what they’ve been doing to us for decades. And I think one thing we could say is COVID has revealed the underbelly of the medical profession, of the journal publishing, of medical research, academic publishing. It has revealed the underbelly of medical doctors.

Ahmad (06:58.066)

Dr. Paul Alexander (07:09.988)
Medical doctors are given the highest position in society, highest. And all of a sudden, we give them a lot of credence, a lot of flexibility. We pay them well to hold certain positions in our society. And medical doctors failed us. Our doctors sided with the government, sided with the deep state and pharma against us and hurt us and had doctors. This is what I’m saying.

Several seminal statements. One, had we done nothing, we’d have been way ahead in terms of the amount of people that had died. Number two, this was never a pandemic. This was an emergency at best. Number three, had our doctors unified and stood up together against governments in different parts of the world, Canada, UK, United States, et cetera, we’d have brought governments to their knees. They would have never been able to do the lockdowns.

and they would have never been able to bring the vaccine. It was because the doctors acquiesced and were incentivized in different ways that we are in a position that we’re in today and that we lost so much. So we need to visit accountability from our doctors. Our doctors have us in this position.

Ahmad (08:30.83)
Yeah, the problem is the doctors that speak out and are exposing what’s going on, like me, are getting seriously punished. I’m at the stage now where I’m only working in one hospital. Paul, I’m working in one hospital. You know, this week I saw one patient, one patient, my friend. I’ve told my secretary I can’t pay for her anymore next year. I don’t think it’s financially viable for me to practice from next year anymore.

Dr. Paul Alexander (08:40.34)
Mm hmm. Yes.

Ahmad (09:00.306)
I have to stop working as a doctor. 25 year career ended because I’ve literally just spoken out against all the bullshit out there.

Dr. Paul Alexander (09:03.889)

Dr. Paul Alexander (09:09.616)
Yeah, you are contrarian, you are sceptic, but more importantly, you looked at the science and the data objectively, and you said, look, this can’t be right. And you said, you know what, I wanna stand up, I wanna make my voice heard, I wanna see if I could right somebody wrongs, but the system trying to destroy you, a good man, a good husband, family man, father, somebody with so much expertise, running your own career, your own practice.

But they don’t care. They don’t care. And the thing about it is, when you look back at three and a half years now, you realize that you were right. We were right. And the good news about it though, Ahmed, is I prefer to stand on this side of history. It is very difficult because I myself was canceled. I lost most of my income. It’s very hard for a lot of us. Some of us will never recover. We will never ever recover. Never.

Ahmad (09:45.004)

Ahmad (09:58.708)

Dr. Paul Alexander (10:09.992)
And but the question is, can I sleep at night? And is there a chance, Ahmed, that your young man, God, your God will treat you well and reward you in heaven, your heaven, but to reward you now, you just hold on. I do believe so. People like yourself come few and far apart, but I think they’re here for a reason. You’re like an angel in the mix. So don’t think.

that the last song has been sung for you.

Ahmad (10:40.965)
God bless you.

Ahmad (10:46.082)
Definitely not. And everything you’ve just said, I agree with. It’s funny as well, people like you and I get called grifters. And we’ve put everything on the line. We’ve sacrificed our careers. We’ve sacrificed the big salaries and the comfort. And we’ve put uncertainty in our lives. And we’ve sacrificed so much. For what? Because we want to do the right thing. Because like you,

I see the reason why I hit it off of you, Paul, I’ll be honest with you, you say it as it is, you don’t bullshit, you know? And sometimes some people might get offended, but that’s their problem. You know, you say the truth as you see it anyway, you might get it wrong, but at the time that’s what you thought was the truth. I’m the same, I get things wrong, but I never do it deliberately. I don’t mislead intentionally. And I think for us, you either believe in truth,

Dr. Paul Alexander (11:24.636)

Dr. Paul Alexander (11:30.516)

Dr. Paul Alexander (11:39.785)
You right.

Ahmad (11:45.866)
and want to defend the truth or you don’t. You can either live with a lie or you can’t. And I don’t think you and I can live with a lie. It’s just simply not possible. And I think we’ve got this core of ethics and we want to see a better future. We wanna see a better world now for us and our children. And we can’t stay quiet and just let these people get away with it. I mean, part of doing this podcast is to keep the flame burning. People can’t just…

quietly move on and forget about what happened. Cause the moment you do that, it’s going to happen again. We need to bring these people to account. And the problems still carry on. I mean, now they’re bringing out more vaccines, more COVID shots, more chickenpox vaccines. I mean, it’s just never ending. They’re talking about another lockdown. I don’t know about whether you have reviews over there or not, but over here, there’s an inquiry, COVID inquiry. And I’m telling you right now, it’s a complete whitewash. You know what the outcome will be? The outcome will be

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:25.118)

Ahmad (12:45.122)
Oh, we didn’t lock down fast enough, hard enough, long enough. That’s the kind of stupid inquiry we’re getting over here right now. It’s just madness.

Dr. Paul Alexander (12:58.189)
Mm-hmm. It is. But the thing is, you are needed. We are needed because we bring sanity to the table. And the people need to hear our voices because we have given them solace. Look, people walk up to me on the street and hug me just like that. They won’t even let me walk off. And they whisper in my ears, you know, Paul, a lot of mothers, Paul, had it not been for you all.

I had vaccinated the kids and thanks so much. We owe you so much. Thanks. I didn’t take the shot. I spoke to people. I shared your information. I shared my color. I shared. People needed us because we were like the wall and we are holding that wall right now. We are holding. We cannot walk away. It’s been like a 15, 20 of us from the beginning, you included, and we still remain standing. We’ve lost a couple.

But we’ve remained standing and we need to hold because they’re not over yet. And we need to get accountability from what wrong was done. And maybe Ahmed, it will not come in our lifetime. Maybe we will not see it with our own eyes. But I do believe, yeah, I do believe it will come. It will come. Because this fight, Ahmed, is not for you and me anymore. This is for your children and their grandchildren to come.

Ahmad (14:08.91)
Hmm, I’ve said that. Yeah, I’ve said that.

Ahmad (14:21.646)

Dr. Paul Alexander (14:24.028)
This battle that we wage today is to protect them. And that’s why we’re fighting. We’re fighting so that your children don’t have to take this vaccine and get myocarditis and collapse on a soccer field. That’s what this fight is for. This fight is so granny could get her early treatment in the hospital and in nursing home. That’s what the fight is for. There is a reason for the fight. And had we not stood up, you and me, people like us.

Our governments would have run roughshod over us and destroyed us, destroyed the economy, destroyed the people and everybody would have been vaccinated and they would have had a far worse situation that we are facing right now. So we have done good. We’ve done good but we’re still in a battle and they’re not stopping and we just have to hold and keep moving.

Ahmad (15:17.614)
Paul, I know you’re on limited time. I could talk to you for hours and hours. So I’m gonna wrap up now. One last question. You’re on your deathbed. You’ve lived a great life over the age of 100. What advice would you give to your family on your deathbed before you pass away, health or otherwise?

Dr. Paul Alexander (15:37.26)
Well, I think what I have realized, boy, Ahmed, is that information is so important in acquiring information and sharing information. I think it’s important that when we have the opportunity to sit with people and listen to them and share your ideas too, because it’s about acquiring as much knowledge as possible and wisdom. And wisdom will only come with time, I know that. But I also, I would also say that I’m…

Among us have a lot of diamonds and we don’t normally see them and it’s in these adverse times that you see them emerging. You have to have an open mind, you have to have an open heart and you have to be willing to trust and you have to be willing to understand that in the end, nothing is of more value than the triumph of integrity over everything else. Your line of integrity must be fixed. It cannot move.

your line of integrity for no amount of money, for no amount of incentives. You must be fixed. People must define you to say, I know Ahmed. I know what to expect from Ahmed. I know what he will do and what he won’t do. So by the end of my life, people will know one thing. Paul wasn’t that successful. He took a lot of licks. They might say the same for you, but we understood Paul and we knew where he stood and where his line of integrity is. And that’s the key.

I want to be put it this way, Ahmed. I think when we come into this world, it’s not just about taking and taking care of us on our own. The question is, what are we going to leave in this world and how are we going to improve it? We must find that thing to add to this world before we leave it. And me, my dictum has always been before I leave this world, they will know I was here. And before you leave this world, they will know you were here.

And that’s the key. Every human being needs to understand that your life is important. You were born for a reason. Find that place where you belong and make your voice heard. Do some good. Something. Find it and do it.

Ahmad (17:52.558)
Amazing. Dude, I don’t know if it’s your Trinidad accent and it’s just hypnotic and I love it or it’s just the words of wisdom. Oh man, I miss you. I’ll be honest with you. Can’t wait till we meet again and I definitely want you on the podcast again early next year. Listen, thank you so, so much. Everyone, I’m gonna put Paul’s sub stack up on the website. He’s got a great sub stack. Over 38,000 people subscribed to it for a reason. Please follow him.

Dr. Paul Alexander (18:16.68)

Ahmad (18:21.474)
And he’s got great things to say and he’s been calling out the BS right from day one. And Paul, once again, thank you so much for giving me your time. I know it’s precious. I really appreciate it. Everyone listening. Thank you so much. Don’t forget to subscribe to my sub stack and support me. Bye, Paul.

Dr. Paul Alexander (18:31.22)


Dr. Paul Alexander (18:39.112)
Yes, yes, bring me back on. Thank you.