Sucharit Bhakdi A Microbiologist Talks To Me About The Covid Plandemic

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Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is a retired Thai-German microbiologist. He was a professor at the University of Mainz, where he was head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene until 2012.

Sucharit has published over three hundred articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology, and parasitology.

Despite his experience, knowledge and credentials, according to Wikipedia, Sucharit is “a prominent source of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that the pandemic was “fake” and that COVID-19 vaccines were going to decimate the world’s population”.

In this conversation I ask Sucharit why he felt the Pandemic was fake, why lockdowns were wrong and why he felt the governments were over reacting.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

I would like to thank Dr Stephen Frost of Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International for making the introduction, Stephen is not only a friend but a mentor

Ahmad (00:00.766)
Oh, there you go. So I really wanted to say this to you. Sawadee krab.

sucharit bhakdi (00:05.73)
Sawasdee krup.

Ahmad (00:07.954)
I love Thailand. I love Thailand. I’ve been, oh I don’t know, four times now. I learned how to dive there. I love Thai food. I love the people. Their gentle natures. But they’ve got a fiery spirit as well. They’re not a pushover. They’re kind and caring but they’re spirited. So yeah. Tell me about it. So yeah.

sucharit bhakdi (00:29.106)
Nothing like Thai boxing, huh? Nothing like Thai boxing.


Ahmad (00:36.322)
It’s funny when you meet all these gentle, nice Thai people and then you see the Thai boxing, it’s like what? But I love that. I love that combination. Anyway, you’re originally from Thailand, but you’re working and living in Germany for several years now, and you’re a famous microbiologist who became.

sucharit bhakdi (00:42.643)
Yeah, exactly.

sucharit bhakdi (00:53.798)
No, not the stack.

Ahmad (00:57.954)
I’m being polite. You look very young. And, but you got some notoriety during the COVID plandemic years because you basically started speaking some common sense. What is it you said, let’s go back in time a bit, Sigrid, what did you say that got you into so much trouble that your university distanced themselves from you?

sucharit bhakdi (01:26.57)
Well, you know, I was head of department. I was chair of medical microbiology and hygiene at the University of Mainz for over 20 years. So in those 20 years and the 15 years before, when I was associate professor, I’ve been teaching this subject.

infectious diseases and immunology. I’m also an immunologist. So I know a little bit about this. So when people start talking nonsense, I happen to be one of the people who recognize it, because the people who were speaking this nonsense were the

generation of my students, like Drosten. They were my students. So I saw that my students’ generation were obviously…

sucharit bhakdi (02:45.518)
not doing their duty. And not… ..

sucharit bhakdi (02:51.55)
advising the politicians. Right? And so I thought I had to get back. I was retired, and you know, I am retired, so I’m not working anymore. I’ve been retired for 10 years. So I thought, well, if they don’t do it, I better sort of go back. Because when I was working, I was the advisor to the government. I was advisor to the Thai government, German…

Medical Research Council. I was advising Israel. I was advising Canada, you know, and the US. So…

sucharit bhakdi (03:34.974)
I just did something that was…

sucharit bhakdi (03:39.586)
that I always did. That was my life.

Ahmad (03:42.602)
So Sukrit, you said some of these were your students. What is it? Were you just a bad teacher? Are they just bad students or something else? Why were they doing things differently than what you were taught and had taught them?

sucharit bhakdi (03:58.866)
I said they were my students’ generation. I’ve had about 10,000, I’ve trained about 10,000 German, well, doctors in Germany. And I don’t think a single one of those are on that side. And I know that many, many of my students…

Ahmad (04:01.654)

sucharit bhakdi (04:28.882)
I also realized what’s happening. I have hundreds of letters from my students saying, and many, many of my students have left Germany, okay, have given up their practice and left this country in utter disgust, in utter disgust. And they tell me, I mean, they write to me from, some of them are in Thailand actually.

And they say, you know, we are horrified at what Germany, sorry, I’m going to say what they say. We are horrified at what Germany continues to be. Not my words. It’s like 90 years ago, as our fathers and grandfathers told us. And we have lived through this.

And I say yes, and I’m not only horrified by that, because you know…

sucharit bhakdi (05:39.874)
Sorry, once a German, why shouldn’t you keep on being German? But what about the British? Once so honorable, so, you know, so, so honorable, so knowing, so clever, so brave.

doing now? Look at England, look at Great Britain, look at all those criminals, doctors, authorities who are joining the politicians. I mean, how can you do this? And not only that, my dear friend, I’m US born. I was born in America.

Ahmad (06:29.049)
Mmm. Ahem.

sucharit bhakdi (06:32.006)
I grew up, my

sucharit bhakdi (06:38.942)
My father was the Chargé d’Affaires of the Thai Embassy in Washington at the end of the war. And she made friends with top Americans, really great. My mother was the first Thai woman to study abroad medicine at the Johns Hopkins, the first Thai woman to graduate from Johns. Yes. She was, you know, she was…

Ahmad (06:59.746)

sucharit bhakdi (07:07.854)
She was one of the three best… What is it called?

high school finalists at that time. And the three best received the King’s scholarship. So King Rama VII sort of gave her a call and said, look, you can go and study wherever you want in the world, and everything will be taken care of.

That’s the King’s scholarship, okay? And she was the first woman to get it in Thailand. So my parents were really… And my father was married to my mother during the World War, and was at the embassy. He was secretary there.

Ahmad (07:49.134)

sucharit bhakdi (08:06.926)
And when Japan declared war on the USA,

sucharit bhakdi (08:17.946)
Now, I’m going to tell you something that’s gone around in our family, because I come from a really old family in Thailand, one of the oldest. My name in Thai is not Bakhti at all, actually, so the Thais never knew that someone from them out of the center of Thailand was actually in Germany, chairing this institute. So when it came out…

Ahmad (08:25.23)

sucharit bhakdi (08:45.602)
they were all very surprised. They said, oh, you’re one of these Bunyaratapan. That’s my name, all right. And my father and the story goes around in our family, which is very big, actually, that my father and the ambassador, they went to the foreign ministry in Washington.

sucharit bhakdi (09:15.31)
and handed an envelope over to the minister of foreign affairs. And they said, we have the duty to hand over this envelope, which was sent from Bangkok. But we’re afraid that the contents, while reading this letter yesterday, the letter fell into the fireplace.

So we were not able to… And that was the declaration of war.

Ahmad (09:53.471)
Oh wow.

sucharit bhakdi (09:53.982)
against the USA. That’s the story that goes around. The fact is that the USA never received a formal declaration of war from Thailand. And so Thailand had never declared war on America.

There were letters, declarations of war, that were handed over in London and Paris, but not in America. So my father and his boss, the ambassador, said, but we know that Thailand has declared war on the Allies, and we know that there is an intent to do so.

We distance ourselves. We do not wish to remain Thai citizens anymore. And we would like to work for America. Because America, that was just after Pearl Harbor, you know. It was after Pearl Harbor. America was entering the war. So what happened was that they set up the free Thais that were supported by the US Army, of course. And

My father and a bunch of students, half of the students in America decided to join in with the Free Thais. One of them was my uncle, by the way, the brother of my mother, was also there. So it was quite a family enterprise. And at the end of the war, the ambassador became the first Thai Prime Minister after the war, and my father became charge de fasse. So he was in charge of the affairs.

as a secretary. And during that time he made friends with some very influential American people who were in the government. And in the end, you see, what then happened is something that is in the history books, but no one knows about it. England, Great Britain,

Ahmad (12:00.544)

sucharit bhakdi (12:18.218)
demanded, what is it, what’s it called when you have to… Retribution. Compensation for, yeah, from Thailand, because Thailand had declared war on England, had lost the war. So it demanded handing over of virtually all our rice.

Ahmad (12:24.394)
retributions or repatriation or not of, yeah. Payments.

Ahmad (12:39.907)

sucharit bhakdi (12:47.694)
harvests of the next years, which would have ruined Thailand forever, because rice was the only thing that we had to sell. So what happened in the end was that, not a little, because of my father, who was talking to his friends and said, we never declared war on America, will America please help us? And America helped Thailand.

to ward off this demand coming from England.

Ahmad (13:18.795)
It’s reparations by the way, it’s reparations.

sucharit bhakdi (13:24.65)
So in the end, after very intense interaction between America and London, the British actually consented not to demand these millions of tons of rice that would have ruined us.

sucharit bhakdi (13:46.646)
And then, you know, yeah, so that was very good. And then my father was sent to Switzerland as ambassador, Thai ambassador to Switzerland. So I spent four years of my childhood in Switzerland, very happy and got to know the Swiss and got to learn the Swiss character, you know, William Tell and Winkle Reed, you know, these Swiss heroes.

And I was a huge admirer of the Swiss, just huge. So I’m aghast at what the Swiss have been doing to their own people. The Swiss government, these Swiss, brave, independent, what are they doing? They’re doing what the Americans tell them to do. This cannot be true. Then in Switzerland, I went to the English school, Heliopolis. That’s why I can speak English, by the way. So I, you know.

I entered the English school. I was seven years old, yeah, seven. And then I learned what the English way of life was, the English headmaster. And I learned, you know, English. The English schools were supposedly the best in the world. The best. And that was a sense of honor.

and honesty, sense of honor and honesty, and courage, like in Switzerland, courage. Okay? And that’s what was buried in my soul because of those years at school. Then came the Suez War. That was 1956, and the English had to, were kicked out of the country, out of Egypt.

So after that I went to the American school, Cairo American College. And there I also learned about the American heroes, American history and all that. So you can, you know, when I came to Germany I said, well, I’ll, why did you go to Germany? Because England was too expensive to go to university, you know, too expensive. And so was America.

sucharit bhakdi (16:12.538)
And then I heard that medical school in Germany would cost nothing. This is how it is. And so I asked my parents, well, what do you think about going to Germany? I’m of all places. And my parents said, you know, they’ve been very, very evil Germans, but they’ve been very, very good Germans. Every nation has…

very evil and very good. And the German society, post-war society, is showing itself to be extremely able and courageous and they’re building up their country again. And the way they’re doing it is absolutely admirable. So probably the true German nature

is as you know the Germans they had the reputation of a German worker can do anything he’s an all-rounder and he’s immensely gifted talented all right and they are the ones who came to the fore after the war and in Germany it was the middle class that built up Germany from scratch the middle class. Now I’m sitting in the home.

Ahmad (17:37.365)

sucharit bhakdi (17:40.458)
of one of these people who built up Germany. He’s a middle-class man who is an all-rounder. He can do anything. He can build a house single-handedly. He builds whole houses just by himself, you know, this sort of guy. He can do so many things you wouldn’t believe it. And they are best friends now. But we have lots of those.

Ahmad (17:56.267)

Ahmad (18:03.298)

sucharit bhakdi (18:09.046)
And they are now, they are the people who stand up in Germany. It’s not the doctors, it’s not the politicians. The politicians are corrupt and evil. And the doctors are ignorant, mostly very stupid. And some of them are also very evil.

So that’s how things should be as they are, because I stood up and did things that a normal German doctor would not do. And you also dared to do it, and you have suffered and are suffering because of that. But we are one of the same kind.

Ahmad (18:32.716)

Ahmad (18:52.942)
Thanks, that’s high praise indeed coming from you. If I’m cut from the same cloth, that’s an honor. So, Chris, can I ask you something? A lot of my listeners will be thinking, what is it that was going on in Germany that was so bad? What was it that was going on in Switzerland or even in this country? What was it that you saw as a clinician, as a scientist, that you thought was so wrong?

sucharit bhakdi (19:20.458)
Well, Ahmad, I’ll be very honest, all right. When it started, and that was in January, February, March, 2020, I didn’t know what was really going on. I only knew that something wrong was going on. But why it was going on, I did not know. I was still, you know, if in doubt,

sucharit bhakdi (19:50.382)
give them the benefit of the doubt. So I was giving the politicians and my own colleagues benefit of the doubt that they were not doing anything willfully evil. They were just making a mistake. So the first videos that I made and interviews were all sort of educational, really educational. And I was trying to…

tell the politicians and my own colleagues that this pandemic…

was not genuine. It wasn’t a pandemic. And it didn’t fulfill any criteria of being a pandemic, you know, the spread of a dangerous disease. And that was, and therefore there were no measures that were necessary. I was just trying to explain why there was no pandemic.

And since there was no pandemic, there was no necessity to implement any measures whatsoever. That got people angry. And I didn’t understand why. Then we were so unhappy that my wife, you know, she’s also a scientist, she’s also a professor at the

sucharit bhakdi (21:32.61)
she was suffering very much because she had a mother who was ill and you know her mother was forced to wear a mask when going into a supermarket. I tell you very openly her mother collapsed, she almost died, suffocated, was taken home and Karina was absolutely…

sucharit bhakdi (22:02.506)
We were sort of one hour away from her and she’s all alone. My mother-in-law, all alone. And these idiots, they forced these old people. She had cancer, lung cancer, had to wear a mask. My God, you know, this is inhuman. And they were not only killing old people, then they started making children at school wear the mask.

And we said, you know, this is the end of civilization. It’s the end of medicine, and you’re killing us, which is the truth, as we all know now. So, Karina sat down and wrote a book. That was our first book. It was written in four weeks, in the nights of four weeks, because she went to work in the daytime. You can imagine, oh, what is this? Yes, that was our first book.

Ahmad (22:56.301)

sucharit bhakdi (23:01.73)
Corona false alarm, question mark, question mark. Okay. And it was immediately taken and it was due to appear on the 2nd of June, 2020. Okay. Online. And the printed version came out a few weeks later. That book, Corona False Alarm, immediately became bestseller number one in Germany. It was the top of all books.

and remained there for 14 weeks. And we said, thank God, now everyone will know, because we explained there what I had been trying to explain in the interview.

Ahmad (23:40.803)

sucharit bhakdi (23:42.926)
And then on June the 3rd, this awful, evil woman, I won’t mention her name, who had invited Bill Gates to give the Easter talk to the German, my god, Bill Gates, okay.

sucharit bhakdi (24:06.87)
She said on the 3rd of June, the pandemic will end when we have a vaccine.

So we both jumped up, Karine and I, and said, what? We’d explained why a vaccine was entirely unnecessary in the book. But because we thought that this would be so clear, we had not written one chapter, which was the chapter on vaccines and why they would be so dangerous that they would never be authorized, never. We didn’t, we…

we had left that chapter out, we had it in our head. So what we then did was, the next day, we turned off the television forever. We’ve not watched television again. We threw all the newspapers out of the house. We don’t read any newspapers mainstream, okay? Because we then realized that everything is corrupt. Everything, including this woman. She must have been bought.

Ahmad (24:56.73)

Ahmad (25:06.496)

sucharit bhakdi (25:11.894)
He could not have been honest, because you cannot be so stupid. You cannot. Such stupidity for someone who is leading the country, no. Well, the present one, maybe, but not that one. OK? Now.

sucharit bhakdi (25:34.742)
So what did we do? We sat down and we translated our German book into English and added one chapter, which was on vaccines and the vaccination. And that English book, okay, the chapter on vaccines and vaccination, we put online and could be downloaded by everyone. That was in August, 2020. And in that book, we already…

We already said, don’t do it. That book was published in English, and the title is Corona Unmasked. And you can go and read that book. It appeared in October just before the rollout in America and already predicted that there were going to be thrombi

thromboembolic events all over the body, especially in the small vessels. What do you see now? Three years later. And people said, how did you know? I said, well, anyone who’d studied medicine had to know this is going to happen, had to know it. And if you didn’t know it, you had never learned anything about immunology. That’s what had happened. Sorry, took a bit long. But you know, the story.

sucharit bhakdi (27:05.597)
It’s really part of our life now.

Ahmad (27:08.562)
It is part of our lives and it’s very sad. I mean, for me, I just thought it was ridiculous. All our common sense and all our medical knowledge went out the window. Fear was a big factor. Medical knowledge. I mean, my medical profession, I feel, has really let us down because they stayed quiet and there weren’t that many secret bactease out there speaking out. You know, you tell me all these students wrote

sucharit bhakdi (27:20.619)
medical knowledge.

sucharit bhakdi (27:37.198)
No, but they also prosecute you. They prosecute you. Your own colleagues. This is the incredible thing. Instead of saying, well, wait a moment. Why do you think so? Let’s talk about this. I mean, this is no little matter. We’re talking about if they keep on doing this, in spite of the fact that now we know

Ahmad (27:38.203)
Wrote letters to you.

Ahmad (27:45.526)

Ahmad (27:48.8)

Ahmad (27:54.176)

sucharit bhakdi (28:06.69)
that these vaccines are killing people, if they still adhere to what they said, they still persecute you, they are one day going to become the hunted. The hunters are going to become the hunted.

because you don’t go around killing people. There’s nothing that will protect you against that sort of…

capital crime. It’s a capital crime to go around creating, what is it, genetically modified humans, which is what they’re doing now. They’re creating genetically modified humans. And the evidence is all there, it’s been laid down, it’s going around the world, and if the British authorities…

the German authorities, the German physicians’ associations, says tomorrow, it’s not true. They have to show that it’s not true, because on the other hand, it is now known that this is going on. We can’t just say it’s not true without a trace of support.

Ahmad (29:22.051)

sucharit bhakdi (29:37.706)
Now comes the point of no return. Now it’s this reversal of what is called reversal of burden of proof. It’s they who have to show that this is not true, not we. And therefore they are now suddenly…

Ahmad (30:00.032)

sucharit bhakdi (30:08.302)
falling. And if they don’t do something for themselves very soon to save themselves, they’re going to go down in history as murderers.

Ahmad (30:23.426)
Well, I’m with you, Sukrit. I mean, basically it’s really annoying in this inverted world. Everything is upside down. Everything is back to front. Truth is lies and lies is truth. You know, if you look up your name on Google and see your Wikipedia, your COVID misinformation’s better. And the funny thing is, what is it you said that’s wrong? If anything, everything is proven to be right. Why don’t they change that and say, truth teller?

sucharit bhakdi (30:24.287)
Mass murder.

Ahmad (30:53.07)
Truths here. So basically the evidence is clear that this COVID vaccine was not a novel, not a COVID virus, was not novel virus. It was not a pandemic-inducing virus. It was not lethal in the sense that they made it out to be. It was nothing more than a bad flu season. Your immune system can deal with it and vast majority of people could easily survive and not die. I mean, the people dying were really over 70 with multiple comorbidities. And even then it was not

Not common, it was rare. It was like people were dying of cancer and other conditions and just happened to test positive for a test that was fundamentally flawed. And then lockdowns, we’ve known for decades that lockdowns don’t work, so that was ridiculous. Social distancing is something that’s just made up and is nonsense. Masks help me as a surgeon, keeping the blood off my face and the bodily fluids, but it doesn’t stop.

airborne viral particles or anything or infection. It’s ridiculous and actually it’s bad for your health to be wearing a mask all the time. It delays children’s development, psychological, mental and learning capabilities. It’s just, it’s awful. Masks are ridiculous. Masks, lockdown, social distancing, all a joke. This is the biggest misinformation.

sucharit bhakdi (32:02.37)

sucharit bhakdi (32:07.73)
It’s not a joke, it’s not a joke, Aachman. A joke has an element of entertainment. This is a horror story. This is not a joke. It’s a horror story. The most horrible story that’s ever.

sucharit bhakdi (32:32.118)
been written, written by the authorities and implemented. So we are.

sucharit bhakdi (32:44.903)
the population, these are the actors, and you see them dying, suffering.

sucharit bhakdi (32:55.051)
I mean this is a horror story and of course yeah

Ahmad (32:59.723)
So, tell me, what do we do? Because yesterday, my wife is a junior doctor. Her consultant, who’s a peer of mine, said, oh, you need to keep your husband out of trouble. Why is he getting himself into trouble? Why is he interviewing Andrew Wakefield? Why is he, for example, interviewing Sukrit Bhakdi?

Are you and I just crazy? Are you and I just lost the plot and we’re talking to people like us and we just believe our own garbage and our own lies and all these other people are actually doing the right thing and are on the right side of history? Have we just lost the plot or has the world gone mad?

sucharit bhakdi (33:41.014)
No, the world has not gone mad, Ahmad. I have to tell you that I’m reading books now that I should have read decades ago. And you know, this fraud and surrounding many issues, but especially vaccination, was there from the very beginning, starting with smallpox vaccination. Everything is fraud.

Ahmad (34:01.69)

sucharit bhakdi (34:08.874)
everything was fraud and they were doing the same things that they’re doing today. You know the children were forced to take the vaccine. If the parents withstood the authorities, they were fined heavily. The children were taken away from their parents. They were forcefully vaccinated. Many died, killed. The side effects were just horrendous and horrible. The same with polio. The two vaccinations that

put this whole vaccine narrative on the podest of medicine. They were fakes. The polio vaccination was all one big fake and killed thousands, hundreds of thousands of people. And that’s why they thought, and it’s the same they all the time.

Ahmad (34:43.126)
Secret Co.

sucharit bhakdi (35:08.462)
the people, the pharmaceutical industry who are siding up with the governmental authorities and the military, I have to say. All this I learned after we found out that this woman was obviously bought by…

the people holding the strings. And they are all.

the major ones in America. And all these terrible things have come from America. America has always been the source. So in an interview I gave with an American, I said, I used to be proud of being U.S. born. Now I am ashamed. I am really ashamed. Because how…

How can a nation that tells the world, we are the top, how can they do this to each other?

Ahmad (36:15.53)
Land of the free, land of the free, home of democracy.

sucharit bhakdi (36:22.646)
Yeah. But this has been going on. It’s not new. And the dissenters at that time were also persecuted, prosecuted like us. They were thrown out. They lost their jobs. They lost their existence. The doctors. It’s the same. They weren’t allowed to speak. So

What’s happening today is the same as what always has happened when there’s someone driving an agenda to make a lot of money and gain a lot of power. And the money and the power that is now being gained is unprecedented. I mean, it’s so much, you can’t put it down in writing. There’s nothing. That’s why they’re going for digital health, digital currency, as we all know. And this is going to…

throw the whole world into a state of slavery. We are being enslaved. This is what one has to realize. And these guys at the top, they are getting together. I don’t know.

sucharit bhakdi (37:40.866)
just about 0.1% of the world population that is involved in turning 99.9% into slaves, which is bad. But on the other hand, I think that in Sparta there were also only 10% at the top and 90% of the people in Sparta were slaves. So it’s just upholding tradition.

more or less. Now, we are not alone as you all know. So I was with the World Council for Health, this conference that you may have heard of two days ago, I think. There are thousands, tens of thousands of doctors around the world who are all saying the same thing that you just said. We all know this. And the

The main thrust of the discussion was, has the time now come? Has the discovery been made that will turn the tide? And I will jump a little bit now because this is the real issue at the moment that is going around the world and it’s good that we talk about it so that the boss of your wife can maybe also see it.

because it’s going to hit him. If he keeps on closing his eyes and ears to what is going around now as a physician, he’s going to be in for a really bad time. I don’t want to be in his shoes. So, you see, what we said in the book that appeared in October 2020 was that the immune system…

as anyone who studied medicine should know, the immune system has the capacity to recognize non-self. So any cell that makes a protein that doesn’t belong to your genome, doesn’t come from your genome, your book of life, is in for a bad time. That cell is going to be attacked and the immune system will try to kill. And every child is born with this capacity.

Ahmad (39:41.312)

sucharit bhakdi (40:06.038)
That’s why you can vaccinate children the moment they are born, because the immune system is there, it recognizes it, okay? And of course, if this happens, this always happens when a virus comes in, but then the virus producing cells are killed, and that’s very good, because most cells in the body can renew themselves, or they are renewed by the organ, whether it’s the lung or the liver or whatever, only the brain and the heart, of course, as we know, can’t renew, and that’s very bad.

But thank God, very, very few viruses reach the brain. And when they do, it’s serious. Very, very few viruses reach the heart. And when they do, it’s bad, very, very bad. But these injectable, I don’t want to call them vaccines, because of course they’re not vaccines. These RNA.

What we explain in the book is that these RNA vaccines are the copied recipes for the proteins, the viral proteins, so that you don’t need the virus to infect. You just give them the recipes, put them in a package and throw them into the bloodstream and they reach the organs of the body. The first big problem is

the numbers. When you have a viral disease infection, you’ve got maybe a million viruses infecting your body, the airway or the gastrointestinal tract. But these guys are injecting billions of these recipes. And worse still, the recipes are in wrapped, packaged in artificial envelopes

that protect them from destruction in the body. A virus doesn’t have that, okay? So a virus cannot spread in such numbers throughout the body, and never does. But these packages, millions, hundreds of millions, will enter the bloodstream. And these packaging materials, they act as Trojan horses, so that the packages are taken up by the cells.

sucharit bhakdi (42:30.006)
And the first cells are the cells, of course, that line the vessel wall. Obviously. Because that’s what they contact first. And the lymphatic organs. And then the products are made, and the immune system is going to come and kill them. So we said, you’re going to get thrombus formation. Blood clots, in simple language. Blood clots. It wasn’t difficult.

Ahmad (42:37.749)

sucharit bhakdi (43:00.474)
It was obvious, and that’s what happened. But then people say, no, these recipes are short-lived. They’re taken up, the cells make them for one or two days, and then it is known that these RNA messages, they’re just torn up once the cake is made in the bakery.

The recipe is torn up and thrown away, and the next cake is made, okay? The next. But the puzzling thing is that pathologists around the world, I have to say, in the last year, started to note that, strange, this poor man died, or woman, or child, months after the last shot.

we find the cake on the windowsill of the cell, the spike protein. And since the spike protein cannot be long lived, maybe the cake is being made for more than one or two days, okay? And that’s why people are dying. So how could that be? Now we won’t go into any speculations of how it could be because all the speculations that are put on the table were passed away by the experts, by…

boss of your wife and said, ah, these are all speculations. But then, of course, came the great discovery that was made six months ago. All right, colleagues, are you listening? When Kevin McKernan showed that these injectables contained not only copies of the recipe.

Ahmad (44:54.442)
You’re still here.

Ahmad (44:59.495)
Oh, the laptop’s about to die.

Ahmad (00:00.386)
So we just started the game because your battery was about to die. Sorry, secret, tell me. So Kevin McKernan, he discovered something. I know what you’re going to say now.

sucharit bhakdi (00:14.148)
Let us recapitulate for the lay who are listening now and to my colleagues who don’t know this. The RNA is the copy of the DNA. The DNA is in the chromosome. The chromosome is like a book of life. When you need a recipe, it’s opened, then a copy is made, and the RNA is taken out of the nucleus and…

The cake is baked in the bakery. And then this copied recipe is just torn and thrown away.

sucharit bhakdi (00:58.332)
The big question was, could it be that this recipe is read for a longer period because the cake was still found on the windowsill of cells months after the last injection of these packaged recipes? And what Kevin McKern discovered then was absolutely terrifying.

What did he discover? The question is, of course, how are the copies of the recipes produced? And the answer is there are two methods. One method is this is high gene technology. Nowadays it is possible not to make whole chromosomes but just to make pages out of the book of life. It’s easy.

To have a computer, make one page.

of DNA. And this page of DNA can be made thousands of times, ten thousands of times, maybe even a hundred thousand.

And that can be used as a template to make the copy. This is what actually happened when first the clinical trial was performed with Pfizer-BioNTech. You know, 20,000 people received the… and 20,000 received something else. And then…

sucharit bhakdi (02:45.229)
This, of course, when you make this, it is easy to destroy the template because it’s not so much lying around. You can destroy the DNA template, then it’s gone. So the authorities, also the IMA, the European Medicines Agencies, and also the English, I don’t know whether you have your authorities anyway.

They tested to see whether there was DNA contamination and they found below the threshold that was allowed. So they authorized the vaccine.

Now, this is okay if you’re making 20,000 doses, but you can’t make 100 million doses, because even modern day high technology is not able to make that amount of artificial recipes. So what do you do? You use nature instead. You take bacterial books of life.

These are called plasmids. And these bacterial plasmids are very small, very tiny books of life. The bacteria are also much smaller than we are, all right, for our colleagues don’t know very much about bacteria. But these tiny books of life are easy to obtain. You can even buy them in the supermarket. And gene technology enables you to insert foreign recipes into these books of life.

and these books of life have the natural propensity and ability to multiply themselves. That’s brilliant. This is modern day gene technology. You use bacteria to multiply the artificial genes. And that’s what they did. So what Pfizer and Moderna and BioNTech did was they changed the protocol.

sucharit bhakdi (04:59.772)
for producing the copies of the DNA and used bacteria as the factories to grow the books. You see? Then they took these now hundreds and millions and trillions of bacterial chromosomes out of the bacteria. Of course, they killed the bacteria first, took the books out. And

and made the copies. That was the RNA that was in the vaccines that were delivered to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

But note, and this is the main point we were discussing the day before yesterday, and note very well, that product was not identical to the product that had been tested and authorized. So that product had never received authorization because it was produced according to a completely different protocol using different methods, which is…

the use of living bacteria to do the job. And the thing is that if you have billions and trillions of these bacterial chromosomes lying around, besides the copies that have been made, what you need to do is get rid of all those chromosomes before you package these.

RNA molecules into your envelopes and send them on their way into the bodies of the vaccinees, the recipients. Because if you don’t do that, these bacterial chromosomes, not genes, chromosomes, intact whole chromosomes, will also become unwrapped in this artificial material, will also be sent into the blood, into the lymph nodes.

sucharit bhakdi (07:05.764)
will also be taken up by your cells and those chromosomes are not short-lived. Colleagues, remember your chromosomes are long-lived. They live the whole life, your life. And if you think, if you believe, anyone who tells them, you, that if a bacterial chromosome enters your nucleus, it’s going to be short-lived, you know that he’s lying.

Either he is so ignorant, but no one can be so ignorant, or he’s bad, he’s evil. So now, guys, you realize that it is absolutely clear that everyone who was injected with a batch that contained these bacterial chromosomes became genetically altered because many, many cells in the body…

produced the alien protein that was bound to induce self-destruction for days, weeks and possibly months, if not for years. We don’t know. Moreover, it is clear that if these bacterial chromosomes entered stem cells or cells of the

reproducing system. Look at it, just awful things could happen. And I don’t think we need to go into medicine to discuss that. The fact is that now, one last thing, now it is known that those doses that are still being injected today were never authorized, never received authorization because the authorization was for another product.

Ahmad (08:42.879)

sucharit bhakdi (09:00.336)
People around the world must be able to force the governments to immediately halt vaccination, all RNA vaccinations, before we can find out whether any batch is clean. Because Kevin McKernan’s finding has now been reproduced in seven laboratories around the world.

they all have found the same thing. There has not been a single batch that has not been contaminated. Now is the reversal of burden of proof.

And if you don’t do this, someone is going to send you to jail. One day.

That’s it.

Ahmad (09:51.41)
That’s very, very powerful. Sucre, basically, even the original Pfizer trial was fundamentally flawed. And I wanna just clarify, I think even with the clean production, that original Pfizer trial was so flawed and it showed no benefit, this absolute relative risk reduction, you know, terminology, statistical game was played.

sucharit bhakdi (10:02.117)

Ahmad (10:17.874)
It was fundamentally flawed. There was no long-term placebo study. They gave all the placebo group, the vaccine as well. It was a sham study. But even that sham study, they went on and corrupted it even more by developing a second process, mass production process, which has now got these contaminants, like you said. And even the first study, the first product, was only an emergency use authorization.

It wasn’t even properly authorized and gone through rigorous studies. I mean, looking at the vaccine, I’m happy calling it vaccine because actually I think the whole vaccine industry is ridiculous. I think the whole vaccine industry is built on a scam. There are no proper studies, comparative studies, long-term studies, safety studies of vaccines. So I’m quite happy to throw in the mRNA jabs and the whole lot, the whole thing has to come down as far as I’m concerned.

But the vaccines, these mRNA injectables, these mRNA injectables, you know, in my head, I think, if I was a scientist or a regulator, I would want to know the following. I would want to know, why the hell did they deliberately choose the spike protein, which is the toxic part of the virus? Why didn’t they pick some other inert part? Why would they pick the part that’s harmful for the body? That doesn’t make sense. Two, what are the studies that show, you know, how long is this spike protein made for?

How long is it? Is it days, is it weeks or months? Cause I can’t find any. Then the next thing is what is the range of production? If I inject it in a hundred people, what’s the difference in like, what’s the average amount of spike protein made? What does it, what’s the range? And is there a safe limit of spike protein? Is there a toxic limit? At a given point, does it become very harmful, the spike protein? I’d also like to know, is there a way of switching off the spike protein? Is there an antidote for the spike protein?

And then I’d like to know where in the body does the spike protein go to? And what effect does it have on fertility and reproduction and the unborn child? And are there any harmful effects then on the spike proteins? Now as far as I’m aware, I don’t think there’ve been any studies on any of these. Am I right?

sucharit bhakdi (12:30.188)
Of course you’re right, but you see they never wanted to and they never will because this was not the intent underlying everything. To go to your first point, you see of course it was all scam, but everything in vaccination history has been a scam and they’ve always gotten away with it. They’ve always gotten away with saying that vaccines have been safe, smallpox, polio.

anything you want, which was all faked, all untrue, and they would get away with it again because they have a lot of experience, so they didn’t have to worry about this. Then to the questions regarding the science of Spike. The intent was to…

establish mRNA vaccination as the gold standard for all vaccination. Since this would be coming up in parallel with the handing over of full power to the WHO as we know. The WHO treaty that is being signed by also England. How foolish can you get you guys? How foolish.

sucharit bhakdi (14:01.029)
So if this is really undersigned and it’s going to be signed, I’m quite sure if the WHO still exists in one year. Then the WHO and the boss, this guy Ted Ross, who’s also in here.

How can anyone believe this guy? This criminal, this is so incredible. How can you believe him? You clever English, honest and upright, gosh. If Tedros say we have a dangerous epidemic in England, it doesn’t have to be grown, it can be whatever you want, okay?

They can make up anything they want because they have all these sham tests that work whenever you want. They have a sham test for HIV that works in Africa and wherever they want to do it. They already have the mRNA vaccine for HIV, as we know. They’re now already using the next mRNA vaccine against flu, against RSV. They’re going to continue killing millions of people, and that’s what they want to do. It’s clear.

that the aim is to impoverish the world, take control of the world. I’m afraid to say I have to agree with people who say they also want to reduce world populism. It’s not from me, okay, but all over the place. It’s clear. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing this. And at the same time,

sucharit bhakdi (15:45.784)
It’s doing something that they didn’t even realize it might do, because what we’re witnessing now is that small and smallest vessels in the brain are being clogged. And so parts and bits of the brains of all these people are being destroyed. They are destroying the minds of humans. That’s why people who have received active…

vaccine. As we know, many of the batches are probably not going to be active because these envelopes are so badly made that they fall apart and then the whole thing doesn’t work. And it could be that you’re lucky enough to escape. And I would hope that 80-90% of the world population has escaped because the vaccine quality was, thank God, so bad that it didn’t work. Now…

The only thing I have to say is don’t do it again, all right? Don’t be such a fool and do it again. Regarding the spike, one last word. Regarding the spike itself, of course the spike protein is dangerous. And of course this spike protein is artificial. And of course it was created by Fauci and his cronies in the lab. And of course, and it’s all known now, the US Armed Forces was part of the gang.

Ahmad (16:48.706)

Ahmad (16:58.754)

sucharit bhakdi (17:17.036)
And of course the idea was to make a bioweapon. The bioweapon had to be balanced out, however. It had to be dangerous, but not too dangerous. They didn’t want a virus to go around killing the victims because then the virus would run dead, as all viruses that are very, very bad and stupid enough to kill the victims.

But the spike protein lent itself to manipulation because the whole structure was known and it was known where to put something in to increase the danger while at the same time making sure that it was not going to be lethal, you see. Now what then happened, of course?

was the accident that they did not foresee because they didn’t know enough about immunology. Fauci doesn’t know this. You know, the discovery that all humans are going to seek out and kill these cells, the endothelial cells, was made after Fauci graduated from medical school, which was in 1964, I believe. Okay, these discoveries were made in the 70s and he never learned it. So that’s a fact.

But of course no one wants to find out how long the spike is being made. No one cares. Because the second thing that they also did not know was that this plasmid contamination was going to occur and is going to cross their plans now. Because this is something that is going to be extremely difficult for them to take care of.

sucharit bhakdi (19:11.764)
I want to finish by saying the spike protein is bad, it’s a poison, it’s dangerous, but dear colleagues, do not over concentrate on the spike. Realize that don’t give them a way out. Don’t let them say, you know, the CDC, the FDA, the EMR, don’t let them say, okay.

We agree the spike was dangerous, it was a mistake, we’ll take it out. No more corona spike. But for that, we’ll introduce the whatever you want, RSV, flu, measles, mumps, everything. Yeah? Because there’s no spike. Don’t give them that way out. Every RNA vaccine is going to do the same thing. Whether or not the spike is there or not. Could be that with the spike, it gets even worse.

Ahmad (19:44.302)

sucharit bhakdi (20:09.188)
But bad is bad enough. That’s all I wanted to say.

Ahmad (20:12.986)
100%, I’m really worried about this secret because there’s factories being built all over the place including in this country. And I’m worried that there’s this flawed and probably possibly deliberately so from the sounds of it, design behind it that is a platform called mRNA, not being messenger but modified RNA that people need to understand.

And the problem is that RNA naturally degrades very quickly in the body, but when they’ve replaced the base pair with pseudo-uridine, it doesn’t degrade, your body doesn’t degrade. So this goddamn thing hangs around for a very long time. And so we’ve got this flawed platform, not just the modified RNA, but the lipid nanoparticles, which I think are also toxic. This fundamentally flawed platform is now being rolled out. And Sikrit, you almost wonder, did they design a plandemic?

sucharit bhakdi (20:50.437)

Ahmad (21:05.41)
purely to introduce this platform. Because the only way they could get this platform going was under fear and under chaos and under an emergency. Under any other given circumstances, people would have laughed. If you said to anybody off the street, hey, do you want an experimental jab with genetic material which may make you a modified genetic human being and there’s no long-term safety data and everything so far has been quite risky and dodgy and has caused problems.

sucharit bhakdi (21:09.948)
I think so.

Ahmad (21:35.486)
everybody would say, no, I don’t want this thing. But if you then turn around and say, there’s a pandemic and there’s a chance, good chance you’re gonna die, and this is a great vaccine which is safe and effective, take it, people will go, okay, okay. Especially if you then say to them, you can’t work, you can’t travel, you can’t study, you can’t do anything, and you won’t be free. Yeah, unfortunately, most people will sign up to this thing. And I’m worried that the…

the whole previous vaccine business was a joke, but now they want to replace all these future vaccines and medications, I don’t know if you know, Sukrit, but they want medications, they want drugs now to be mRNA technology as well. And I just think, where does this stop? Because suddenly we’re going to be, every day they’re going to want to shove us with some mRNA jab. It’s becoming ridiculous. It really is.

sucharit bhakdi (22:16.828)
I know. I know.

sucharit bhakdi (22:28.092)
It’s not becoming ridiculous. It’s not ridiculous at all. It’s very clever. Look, it’s evil. And of course you’re right. Everything you say is right. But they needed the corona plantemic to establish this platform. And as you know, and of course you know this, what happened is what I said in June last year in Sweden. I said, guys, watch out.

They are going to introduce RNA through the back door. And this has now been done as you all, my dear colleagues, if you don’t know this, you better listen, all right? That any RNA vaccine receives automatic authorization. There is no control at all.

regarding efficacy and safety because the COVID vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective and what is in those envelopes is immaterial. The principle has been shown to work. Now, my dear colleagues, our big piece of luck is that the plasmid DNA was discovered because with this discovery…

You can overturn that platform. Because now it is known that the authorization never existed. Even the emergency authorization never existed. Imagine even that. And if you can make this clear to people all around you, and you know there are limits to the ignorance, there are people, even children, will understand this now.

Ahmad (24:04.532)

sucharit bhakdi (24:25.252)
that all this was done with an evil purpose and what I’m telling you…

Democrats. It’s very simple.

Just vote them down. Your government. Just change, you know?

Ahmad (24:48.827)
So, I actually don’t believe we can vote them out. I believe that there’s a uni party, and whether it’s conservative or Labour, Democrat, Republican, Social Democrats, or whatever, all of these people are controlled by the same cabal, and we’re voting for the same same. We’re just voting for different coloured teams. I’ve given up on politics. But I had a conversation with someone called Mark Cinghazy last night, and he was saying to me,

Yes, there’s a few bad people, but the problem is human beings and we are mob mentality. And the politicians were just doing what the mob was telling them. They were made to, you know, they’re fearful and they wanted to make sure that they were doing something so the politicians were just wanting to do something. I personally don’t subscribe to that. I feel that the population was bullied and manipulated and psychologically attacked by a grade warfare, PsyOps.

and that there’s a cabal who is organizing everything to profit from humanity’s misery. Do you blame humanity? Do you think some of it is down to, you know, the average person on the street and the mob mentality, and that’s why we’re in the pickle that we’re in?

sucharit bhakdi (26:04.26)
Well, essentially I agree with you, all right? My wife agrees entirely with you, and she says there’s no hope. I’m saying that I would focus my attention now on the physicians, the physicians around the world, because if the physicians say no, they can stop it.

Ahmad (26:26.206)
Yeah, I’ve said this so many times.

sucharit bhakdi (26:30.234)
Yeah, but now, you know, there’s a limit to what a physician will do in terms of ignorance and evil. But I do think that…

sucharit bhakdi (26:47.392)
The majority of physicians are not so bad. They may of course also want wealth and power, but there’s a limit to their greed. And I don’t think that the majority is so greedy that they would be willing to kill people.

Ahmad (26:54.146)

sucharit bhakdi (27:07.632)
their own patients. Take this needle and put it in the arm of someone and say, I know that I am possibly creating a gene modified patient. I don’t think they will do it. Maybe I’m naive. Karina says that I’m naive. Karina is my wife. I had a long argument with her this morning, early this morning, before she went to work. And said, you’re naive and

sucharit bhakdi (27:38.276)
you’ll see it won’t work. I said, well, but we still have to be happy that there are others who are standing up and saying the same thing, like you. We’re all talking to our colleagues.

Ahmad (27:53.334)
Yeah, yeah, I think I agree with you that most doctors are actually good people. I think doctors are no different than other human beings. I think they’re good human beings and bad. I think majority are good. I’m worried that most doctors are scared to speak out because they see what happens to people like me and you, and they go, who’s gonna pay my bills? Who’s gonna pay the mortgage? How am I gonna support my family? What message would you say to them?

sucharit bhakdi (28:21.388)
I would say let’s…

Ah, take courage. Let’s take courage together and realize that if the doctors stand together, no one will be able to force them to do anything. No one. All we have to do is stand up

and live our profession, which is to help people.

to help people. Now let’s help each other by standing up together.

Ahmad (29:03.582)
Yeah, I think it’s do or die, frankly. I mean, it’s coming to a crunch. You can’t sit on the fence anymore. You need to pick a side. That’s my take on it, Sikrit. Sikrit, you also mentioned that vaccines are a scam and you’ve turned your back on it, which is a big thing, coming from medics. There’s a lot of people out there now, including some very high-profile doctors, who are saying the whole virus thing, virology is a scam. What is your take on that?

Are there even things such as viruses? Because there’s a very big movement now that’s saying the whole thing is a scam. Knock that whole idea of viruses out. What do you think of that?

sucharit bhakdi (29:40.196)
No, I don’t talk about this.

Don’t join that. I’m not one of those. I believe that viruses exist. I believe that viruses also can cause disease and illness, even death. One virus that always does is rabies. That virus is real, you know. And if you get rabies, you’re dead. So I don’t want to go off that. That’s taking people off the track.

But the fact is that there are very few viruses that are really dangerous.

Ahmad (30:19.978)
Yeah, because again, I’ve argued that you can’t really have a pandemic because if the virus is so deadly, a deadly pandemic, if the virus is so deadly, it will kill everybody and it won’t spread. And if it spreads very easily and very quickly, then by default, it’s not killing anybody. It’s just making them a little bit sick. So by definition, you can never really have a deadly pandemic. Is that right?

sucharit bhakdi (30:43.32)
Right, that’s what we wrote in our books.

Ahmad (30:45.415)
Oh, perfect.

So how do we protect ourselves? What advice would you give? I always finish my talks with this one question. If you’re on your deathbed and you’ve lived a long life, imagine you’re 143, you’ve got your whole family in front of your children, grandchildren, and you’re about to meet your maker, you’ve had a wonderful life, and you wanna impart some wisdom and advice, health or otherwise, what would you say to them all?

sucharit bhakdi (31:22.189)
at here.

sucharit bhakdi (31:27.004)


See you.

sucharit bhakdi (31:37.308)
to the wisdom of Buddha with his teachings.

sucharit bhakdi (31:47.548)
There are three paths to unhappiness. If they are not there, you will not be unhappy. One is greed. Greed with all facets. The second is ill thoughts, bad thoughts.

sucharit bhakdi (32:11.604)
And the third is…

ignorance and false belief.

try to curve those three.

Ahmad (32:27.086)
That’s a great answer. So am I right, are you still being persecuted? Are you still having problems in Germany? Or are you off the hook?

sucharit bhakdi (32:36.76)
Well, I’m going to have to appear in court again, yes.

Ahmad (32:42.862)
I’m sorry to hear that. And I-

sucharit bhakdi (32:43.808)
I was acquitted. No, don’t be sorry. Look, my case is absolutely immoral. It’s so unimportant in view of what’s going on. It’s so unimportant. Don’t worry about me. Nothing will happen to me. If worse comes to worse, I will be saying these words.

sucharit bhakdi (33:07.66)
and all be well.

Ahmad (33:10.314)
Yeah. Oh, Sukrit, it’s been an honor talking to you. That was a very fast 20 minutes. I think it’s an hour and a half almost. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s been a real pleasure speaking to you and an honor as well, my friend. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

sucharit bhakdi (33:20.599)

sucharit bhakdi (33:29.052)
Bless all of you.

Ahmad (33:33.59)
Thank you. Everyone, thank you so much for listening. That was Sikrit Bhakti.