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SPECIAL Livestream Guest Dr David Cartland

This month’s special livestream for paid substack subscribers and my supporters is the one and only Dr David Cartland.

David has been an outspoken critic of the plandemic and experimental jabs. For practising medicine according to the standard expected of doctors.

For respecting medical ethics; informed consent, first do no harm, do not experiment on children and pregnant women, bodily autonomy etc Dr Cartland has been hounded by Twitter trolls, members of the 77th Brigade and fellow doctors.

Dr Cartland offers private consultations at ridiculously low rates. These are just some of the conditions that he treats –

Existing medication enquiries
Information about available services
Concerns about older family members
Special needs information
Child and maternity advice
Chronic medical condition
Second opinions
Musculoskeletal issues
Mental Health

You can find further details including how to book an appointment see links.

Dr Cartland is a caring and ethical doctor grounded in Christian values.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.