Sally Beck On Increased Pilot Emergency Calls, Flu Jabs, Vaccine Safety And More

Sally Beck’s journalistic journey began in 1990 with the Independent, where her first published piece featured an architect’s compassionate use of a divorce settlement to refurbish a house in Vauxhall with recycled materials. This project predated mainstream recycling practices. Sally’s career quickly flourished, leading to employment with a features agency and coverage of environmental issues, including the founding story of Surfers Against Sewage, a group focused on safe seas, which became a spread in the Daily Mirror. Her work covered controversial topics for the Mirror, and she later joined the Sunday Mirror in 1991, contributing to significant MSM pieces and celebrity coverage during her initial decade in journalism.

As a freelance journalist, Sally conducted notable interviews, including one with Imelda Marcos for the Express, inspiring subsequent projects such as Ruby Wax’s interview and a musical by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim. Sally made a groundbreaking contribution to restorative justice coverage in the Daily Mail, exploring unlikely friendships with burglars. She also tackled the contentious issue of the MMR vaccine, questioning its safety and experiencing challenges in publishing dissenting stories after Andrew Wakefield was struck off.

In the subsequent decade, Sally focused on stories of children facing adversity, health issues, alternative health practices, and celebrity health problems. Sally has authored six bestselling books. Transitioning to independent platforms, Sally continued her investigative work, questioning aspects of the COVID pandemic, and the safety of vaccines, and exploring topics such as HPV vaccine side effects, 5G surveillance, and school transgender issues. Despite challenges, Sally embraces her identity as a “rogue Daily Mail journalist” and a “vaccine injury whistleblower,” continuing to share her perspectives through various media channels.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Ahmad (00:01.178)
All right, Sally Beck, here we are. Thank you so much for joining me, Sally. My internet’s a bit slow, so if there’s a lag, I apologize. And we might have to stop and do the low data mode instead. But anyway, Sally, thank you for joining me. And you’re like this fantastic journalist. We’ve actually become friends. You helped me get a couple of very important articles that I wanted published.

about medical ethics into the conservative women. So I really owe you that one. Thank you so much. And we’ve been in regular touch. You’re a friend of mine now. I really respect your principles and your morals. You seem like one of the few really decent journalists out there in the world who is actually full of integrity and generally wants to find out the truth and do the right thing. And I think the fact that you’re not

part of some massive corporate structure beast and you’re independent and free means that one, like all the good people, you don’t get loads of money, but you get to say what you wanna say and do what you wanna do. Anyway, I just saw that you’ve just done an article on airline pilots and it’s just come out. Tell me about that. Cause that, when I was reading it was massive. Tell me and my listeners,

Tell me about this article.

sally beck (01:28.702)
Well, this has been a running theme since 2021. I don’t know if you remember, but somebody posted a condolence book that was at British Airways headquarters, and there were four pilots who’d died. And at the time we thought that was really unusual, but then when we started looking into it, it was incredibly unusual for pilots to die because they’re so fit.

And in order to pass their medical, they have to show that they have a less than 1% chance of having any illness that could incapacitate them mid-flight. I mean, that’s, you can’t just overstate that. And so there’s this amazing, fast forward, and I did a few freedom of information requests and I discovered that the Royal Air Force and our…

Ahmad (02:16.366)

sally beck (02:26.538)
pilots, the numbers that have been grounded due to medical issues have increased. And I couldn’t really get to the bottom of the commercial airline pilots in the UK because they kind of blame Brexit. So they said, well, all our pilots were registered with the European regulator and they had to deregister and re-register with us. And we just asked them a few questions, blah, blah.

So there wasn’t really a very satisfactory answer to that. But there’s a great captain called Captain Shane Murdoch who flew for Virgin Australia for 20 years. And he was axed when they mandated the jabs for their pilots. And there were 900 pilots in Australia and 12 refused the jabs and they were all put on gardening leave. Anyway.

He and a Twitter account that has a bot that registers every time there’s a Mayday call have crunched the numbers. And they’ve gone up from 29.1% in 2018, 2019 to I think it’s 386% in the first three months of this year. And they did this incredible.

Ahmad (03:53.41)
So what do you mean by percent? Percent of what?

sally beck (03:58.586)
So, Mayday 7700 call is the most serious distress call a pilot can issue. And in 2018-2019, 29.1% of the distress calls were Mayday calls, so 7700 call. In the first three months of this year, that had increased by 380.

Ahmad (04:20.918)
Right. Right, okay, okay.

sally beck (04:29.807)
And they’ve done a fantastic graph which shows, so today is actually the anniversary, three-year anniversary of Australia Airlines mandating vaccines to their pilots. And their graph shows, so last year the numbers rose by 280% or something, 72, something like that. But their graph shows there was a sharp…

Ahmad (04:29.826)

sally beck (04:56.878)
increase in Mayday calls after they mandated the vaccines. Now that’s not the only bit of evidence that they have. So there’s something called the Australian regulator is called CASA and they are able to impose restrictions on a pilot’s license. So if you have an illness,

incapacitating but they as a precaution they will say that you need to you can’t fly by yourself you have to fly with multi-crew and they’ve increased the number of multi-crew restrictions by 126 percent. So all these things point to the fact that something is going wrong.

And you might say, well, look, if they only have a one percent, you know, if they have to, they have an annual medical, they have to show that they are fit to fly, they can’t have a more than one percent chance of being incapacitated whilst in flight. So how can this be happening? So what happened was the FAA, which is the American regulator, but basically the global regulator.

Ahmad (06:14.979)

sally beck (06:24.278)
increased the ECG requirements by 50%. So the time that you’ll know the what a PR interval is, the PR interval is the time you explain it better than me. Explain the PR interval.

Ahmad (06:42.446)
Well, you’re asking an orthopedic surgeon, are you talking about the ECG and the time for, you know, the electrical impulse to go through the heart cell and create contractions and stuff like that? And you can measure it basically on electrodes on the surface of your skin, on your chest, and that creates a reading. And so you’ve got ST curves and all that kind of stuff. All right, okay.

sally beck (06:53.65)
Yes, exactly that.

sally beck (07:04.531)
Beautiful explained. Yeah, that’s beautifully explained. Thank you. So they increase that PR interval by 50%. So if you’ve got potentially got a heart problem, that could slip under the wire. And what Captain Murdoch says and other Australian pilots I’ve spoken to, Glenn Waters,

They’re saying they know that pilots are flying around with brain fog, they’re suffering from dizzy spells, they’re having heart flutters, but they don’t want you to lose their job. And if you consider what’s invested in obtaining a pilot’s license, and you’re not gonna give that up lightly, are you? So that’s kind of what’s happening with pilots. And it’s not good, is it, really?

Ahmad (07:50.314)
like doctors.

sally beck (07:58.182)
I mean, we’ve been following, I think it’s William Makis. He’s a Canadian doctor and he’s basically been posting on Twitter every time there’s a pilot incapacitation. And I think in March and April this year, the numbers were unprecedented. I think there was five in March and maybe seven in April. And I’m sure pilots have.

collapsed in the cockpit in the past, but not to the degree that we’re seeing now.

Ahmad (08:34.21)
listening to you, it’s just shocking. And it kind of like reminds me of like, you know, the football players, and you know, the football players just suddenly collapsing and this epidemic of sudden death or sudden collapse. But it’s not just football players, actually it’s basketball players and any kind of sports players. And now just listening to you about pilots, I guess it’s everyone. It’s just football players get more attention because they’re in the limelight and you hear about it. But,

I guess this is just a phenomenon that we’re just seeing everywhere now. I kind of find it worrying that I’m reading about children having cardiac arrest and sudden death and it’s almost like become normalized. Whereas a few years ago, like it’s ridiculous, you never, ever heard of a cardiac arrest in a child. And the most common reason would be drowning or something like that, or electric shock. Not just a healthy kid getting a heart attack.

But I mean, yes, I mean, some people might say, well, this is all great, but correlation isn’t causation. And this is, you know, it might be something else. Um, but I think, you know, you do have to ask questions. It hasn’t got anything to do with that big elephant in the room. You know, the mass roller of this experiment. Sorry, carry on.

sally beck (09:50.524)
Yeah, well I think…

sally beck (09:55.042)
No, no, I was going to say, I think, you know, that’s why they’ve put we’ve been putting in freedom of information requests, looking at unusual patterns. If you can post the article, when you upload this, you will see the graph. And the marked rise the minute the vaccines were mandated is really stark. I mean, it’s not just a little, you know, kind of it just goes, whoo. So,

Ahmad (10:24.404)
It is.

sally beck (10:25.71)
It looks, it’s worrying. And you know, no one’s come up with another explanation.

Ahmad (10:33.46)


sally beck (10:36.318)
The time to get COVID was 2020, wasn’t it? Oh, that’s it, yeah, thank you. I mean, look at that.

Ahmad (10:40.535)

sally beck (10:46.098)
Look at that massive rise. It’s really steep and it’s above anything else that’s happened in the last few years on that graph.

Ahmad (10:55.282)
It’s quite crazy, isn’t it? I mean, it’s just from a peak pre-COVID of about 60, you’re now looking, we’re almost hitting 160. Squawk 77 alerts. And have they broken down as to what the actual cause of these alerts have been? Like what were the May days? Like is it the engine is on fire or someone is unwell on the plane, the pilots?

sally beck (10:59.252)

sally beck (11:19.997)

sally beck (11:23.322)
Yeah, so the only reason, the only reason you would make a Mayday call is if the crew and passengers are in real peril. It’s not it’s not something you do just think, oh, you know, we’ve run out of coffee or the coffee machine doesn’t work. You either have to have an uncontained fire in the plane. Your undercarriage won’t come down or.

pilot incapacitation. And we would definitely have heard of, you know, it would be all over the news if it was fires, if it was a plane malfunction, or there was a, you know, there would be a crash if it was the undercarriage. And there would be a crash if there was a fire, presumably, if it was uncontained. There’s another cool sign for hijackings.

And there’s a third call sign for less serious problems. You know, so say, so Captain Murdoch described it to me that you can fly on one engine, a jet can fly on one engine forever. So, you know, an engine going out doesn’t warrant a Mayday call.

Ahmad (12:42.719)
Right. Wow.

sally beck (12:42.994)
So, you know, these are red flags. These are red flags. And, you know, of course, unless we know, and I tried to get the information, unless we know what was causing the pilots to be incapacitated, we can’t really, really say that it’s vaccine related, but we can suspect because the numbers point that way.

Ahmad (12:47.362)
And like.

Ahmad (12:57.87)

Ahmad (13:08.49)
Yeah, absolutely. And the thing is like all red flags, medical red flags that are no different. A red flag is any symptom or sign that warrants urgent investigation to rule out a serious problem. It’s not something you can just palm off and say, oh, don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine. Take some paracetamol, Tylenol, drink lots of fluids. No, this needs urgent investigation. And I think absolutely, if people are going on airplanes and there’s a lot of people already nervous about going on an airplane,

If there’s now increased incidents of problems and pilots getting incapacitated, God damn it, that’s, that’s worrying. So for sure. And I’m actually quite surprised that so few people resisted the, the jobs Amanda, she said 900 pilots only 12 said no. I mean, that’s quite worrying. That’s a much lower number of percentage of the population. And I think, I think it does come back to, like you said, the training that goes into

you know, being a pilot and the education and then conforming and, you know, your whole livelihood and your, you know, pilots identify themselves as pilots. It’s not even just their job. It’s who they are. And I think, you know, doctors fall into the same thing. You know, we are doctors, you know, it’s not just a job that you do and you go for med school and, and also there, you know, there’s all this conformity and you, you know, you obey authority. Um, but I think the up

The uptake amongst doctors was quite high for these jabs as well for the same reason. But it’s definitely worrying. Very, very worrying.

sally beck (14:44.638)
very worrying, but also, you know, things, little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle pop up all the time. So yesterday I was interviewing a family and the father suffered from VIT in March 2021. And the vaccine damage payment scheme have accepted.

Ahmad (14:44.927)
You’ve all s- you’ve all-

Ahmad (15:10.53)
So but, sorry, just, sorry, just one second. So VIT means vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia.

sally beck (15:18.086)
Yeah, thrombotic thrombocytopenia. And it’s basically blood clots, mostly in the brain, in the sinus. What is it? CVST?

Ahmad (15:30.99)
Cavernosis, cavernosis, yeah yeah. Sinus cavernosis.

sally beck (15:36.382)
Um, um, it’s, uh, sinus anyway, I can’t, I can’t remember the phrase, um, and low platelets. And the VDPS accepted that this gentleman was injured by the vaccine. Um, and the doctors flagged it up. They didn’t make the correlation. The doctors flagged it up, but their hematologist told them.

Ahmad (15:42.815)
It doesn’t matter.

sally beck (16:06.014)
that he’d been told to keep quiet about it because he didn’t want to, you know, they don’t want to scaremonger. So there’s all this going on in the background. And, you know, when I spoke to pilots in Australia before, I’ve done, I think about four pieces on this. This is my latest. They were saying that the, the dames who assess pilots fitness were, you know,

passing them when they shouldn’t be passing them and telling them that, you know, don’t worry, you’ll recover. And they were going and there was a, somebody called Lee Mazie, she’s a female pilot and she was suffering terrible, terrible insomnia. And she flagged this up and they said, well, look, don’t, you know, are you worried about it? You know, we’re not worried about it. So there’s stuff going on that wouldn’t normally go on because the airlines are the ones who mandated the vaccines.

So they don’t want to lose their livelihoods by admitting we shouldn’t have done this. And there’s a kind of revolving door of avoiding responsibility. So the Therapeutic Goods Administration, who is like our MHRA, they passed the vaccines and said they’re safe and effective and fine for everybody to use. But until they change their story,

Ahmad (17:29.198)

sally beck (17:33.114)
no one else is going to admit any kind of liability because they’ll all blame it on the TGA. So that’s kind of where we are.

Ahmad (17:40.362)
Yeah, it’s a similar problem here in the UK and I think in the States. So there’s this amazing meme that I’ve seen of something like eight Spider-Men and they’re, they’re forming a circle and they’re pointing like at each other. And, um, you know, I look at it as in like the MHRA saying, no, we’re not responsible. It’s the public health bodies. NHS England, NHS England said, no, it’s not from us. It’s MHRA. And then the MHRA said, no, it’s the government. The government’s like, no, it’s

Chris Ritty and Patrick Vance, they told us what to do. And they go, no, Sage that told us what. And everyone is passing the buck. Everyone has this wonderful excuse why it’s not their responsibility. And I think the problem with that is where there’s no responsibility, there’s no accountability. Everybody’s getting away with this shit show. I’m getting a little bit frustrated, a little bit angsty and cynical

sally beck (18:24.734)

Ahmad (18:39.474)
All I can see is everyone who’s calling out the BS and talking about, you know, what should have been done and pointing out the wrongs and the harms and the, the scammery and the fraud and the like illegality and highlighting the, you know, the medical ethics problems that we’ve had, they’re all getting punished, censored, you know, and all the people who were part of this, who are culpable.

They’re all getting gongs and awards and laughing and on TV and promoted upwards and going on boards of pharmaceutical companies. I mean, it’s just like, I don’t feel like there’s being any justice served. You know, I just, I’m finding that a little bit frustrated. I feel like just one court case where someone gets sued and gets locked away and then the floodgate opens up and then.

The whole lot of them are suddenly in court. That’s what I would love to see. And maybe that’s just a dream that’s never gonna happen. I don’t know.

sally beck (19:42.574)
Well, we know that Rainer Fuhrmich is pushing for that. He’s really pushing. And he has managed to score some amazing… To take Deutsche Bank to court and to take VW to court and to win is pretty extraordinary. So…

you know, we know that he’s on the case. We know there are people around the world who are on the case and ready to spring into action. It’s very disappointing to see what’s gone.

Ahmad (20:16.37)
Just one second. Sadly, but Reiner Fulmig is now languishing in a jail cell waiting to be tried in Germany. Do you know about that?

sally beck (20:29.022)
so we’ve been told.

Ahmad (20:31.37)
So he’s a lawyer, a German lawyer who started this COVID tribunal inquiry, whatever. He raised a lot of money. There was some questions about how he was spending the money and what was going on, and his co-partners complained, whatever. He suddenly ended up somewhere in Mexico. He went to the embassy, German embassy, to get a passport for his wife, and before I knew it, he was being handcuffed and flown back to Germany.

and he’s waiting trial. So that’s not a great example, Sally, because he won’t be doing anything anytime soon.

sally beck (21:09.31)
Well, you know, this is the story. It may not be the whole story and I can’t say too much at the moment, but I don’t feel negative about Reiner’s chances of helping us still.

Ahmad (21:17.278)
Okay, okay.

Ahmad (21:25.438)
Okay, well, that’s great. That’s great. I’ll be honest with you, Sally, sometimes I get a bit down and I think, have I lost the plot? Have I just thrown aside my 25 year career, just a nice steady income, put my home at risk, my family at risk, not able to earn anywhere near what I was earning? I mean, honestly, this week, I think I’m gonna see three patients. I mean, it’s just not enough.

sally beck (21:31.176)

Ahmad (21:54.242)
to pay my bills. I’m losing money. I’m seeing this number of patients.


sally beck (22:01.191)
We’ve all done it though, haven’t we? I had a nice career with mainstream media. I was thinking that I was gonna do a bit more travel journalism and maybe a bit less of the hard stuff. And even though my industry has been suffering since sort of 2008 in terms of freelance payments.

I was still making a living and I’ve told you this before, we’ve had this conversation before, Andy Wakefield once said to me that you can’t have a foot in both camps. And we’ve learned the hard way that that’s true. And what do you want? Do you want to stay quiet and have your nice cushy practice?

Ahmad (22:39.372)

sally beck (22:55.546)
seeing patients, which is something that you love doing, or are we in that sort of Jonathan Livingston seagull space where we’re leaving the safety of our nest and flying to see if there’s something better ahead? And I know that for me, I kept quiet in print for a year, and it was April, 2021.

when I thought I just cannot keep quiet about this anymore. And thankfully I pitched the conservative woman with a story about the BBC pushing the vaccination on pregnant women without there being any official studies. All they were using was the V-safe app. There was none of the drugs companies had completed their repro talk studies.

they hadn’t even started studies into pregnant women. So there’s no way you could say it was safe. And we’re talking about experimental mRNA vaccines. So, you know, this was really bothering me. And the fact that I have taken this leap of faith and started to speak out. And by the way, thank you so much for your kind words at the beginning. I was a bit stunned into silence.

I never think of myself like that really, but you know, I, it was my own mental health that was important as well as getting the information out. I couldn’t, I just could not keep it in.

Ahmad (24:22.911)

Well, you are.

Ahmad (24:34.122)
Now, I was going to follow up by saying, but the doubts that I have, and also it’s just like, I look at how can so many of my colleagues not see what I’m seeing? I really struggle with that. Like, I just don’t understand. But then listening to you about the pilots, I got a message from a former patient of mine and one of my supporters. And she said,

I just can’t believe it. I’m sat at Waitrose and on the radio, it’s talking about getting your COVID booster shots to protect your family and those you love. She goes, what the frack? Still going on? And she goes, I’ve just listened to your yellow board guy, clap, I loved Ed Griffin and Elizabeth Hart. And then she goes, in other news, my father-in-law died last week of a turbo cancer brought on, in my opinion, by a booster he had in late April. That was his fifth booster. Fifth.

sally beck (25:28.37)

Ahmad (25:30.454)
booster. Yeah, and then she goes on to explain how the doc

sally beck (25:31.146)

I mean, I do know someone who’s had seven and still standing. Yeah. So I, also, what’s…

Ahmad (25:37.122)
Wow. Yeah.

Insane. I mean, so the definition of insanity is to keep repeating things and hoping for a different outcome. I don’t… All those people who are still listening and still believe that you should be getting a COVID shot or a booster, just think about it. If this drug worked, if this substance worked, why do you need another? Why do you need a booster? What other thing in medicine do you need like this? What other vaccine do you need like this? There is no precedent. And that should just send alarm bells ringing.

sally beck (26:11.646)
There is. Yeah, and I think in Australia, the average age of death was 85.3 years, which was, and that’s the average, you know? So average life expectancy is 82 years. So, you know, if you’ve got COVID, you were living longer, it seems. Anyway, that’s a flippant comment, as you know, but there’s something really interesting happened.

Ahmad (26:31.533)


sally beck (26:37.554)
I’m going to wait. Let’s talk about the kids flew in a second because it’s really relevant to what you said about the poster because there’s some horrible sort of coercive posters for kids at the moment, but had a really interesting conversation with his family yesterday. They all had the second most toxic acts of AstraZeneca COVID injection. And I know that it’s the second most.

toxic because I put in a freedom of information request on the top 10 batch numbers for providing, you know, that have had the most reports of death and adverse reactions. All three of these, all three of them in the family had the same batch, but only one of them suffered life threatening adverse reaction. The other two, one was 22 at the time.

and the other was 47 at the time, they didn’t have any adverse reaction at all.

Ahmad (27:46.53)
So I think there’s lots of things about that. I think that, yeah, I think, well, one, there are definitely hot batches. We know about that now. But I think, one, the quality control of these drugs is so poor, and Headley Reese has talked about that on my podcast, and Josh Gushowitz. You know, they don’t even know, like there’s no real standardization for each. Each vial is so different from another. We don’t know what’s in what. We don’t know what the toxic levels are.

sally beck (27:47.558)
So that’s super.

Ahmad (28:16.806)
And then we don’t know how it was stored and how much of the spike protein is in there, how much adjuvant, how much damaging chemicals, or whether you literally just got some in there kind of saline. We just don’t know. So while there are some hot batches, I don’t think that means every shot is a deadly shot, but clearly there is a high incidence of adverse effects. I mean, people like to see Mahat to talk about one in 800, which in itself is a staggering number.

It might not sound like a lot, but it is a massive number. All the other vaccines that were ever withdrawn were withdrawn for much lower numbers, like one in 20,000, one in 100,000, whatever. One in 800 is unprecedented. And when you think about how many people it’s been given to then, and that multiplier effect, I mean, it’s a huge, huge problem. And then the analogy that I give it is it’s like Russian roulette, and you’ve got these chambers. And say you’re risk,

sally beck (28:45.172)

Ahmad (29:13.582)
of I think some kind of my cardio damage was even a lot higher than that was like one in 45 or something, something crazy, like undiagnosed cardiac my cardio damage. So, you know, would you want to do a Russian roulette with a chamber with, you know, one round and a hundred and keep spinning it, just keep taking that shot. Would you just take one shot live and right, go right and put in this gun dad. I don’t want to play this game anymore. So I think if you’ve got a way like with three shots, four shots, whatever,

The best thing you can do is just not have any more shots because you’re going to reduce your risk. Just don’t keep having them. That’s just madness to me.

sally beck (29:53.13)
Well, also what, you know, we’re about to go on to talk about the flu vaccine, but one of the things I discovered about the flu vaccine is the more, the more shots you have, the less effective it seems to be. You know, well, how do we tell this? No, we’re not.

Ahmad (30:08.619)

Ahmad (30:13.762)
So what can you tell me about the flu shot and, sorry, I was gonna say, what can you tell me about the flu shot and for the kids and whatnot?

sally beck (30:14.398)
But what was really surprising?

sally beck (30:23.006)
Well, the first thing I did was to check the Office for National Statistics numbers of deaths for children. And, you know, I was expecting to see a thousand plus. And since 2001, there has never been more than 10 deaths.

Ahmad (30:31.575)

sally beck (30:50.354)
well, there’s been under 10 deaths, sometimes no deaths for children. The numbers have only gone above 10 three times and the highest number they’ve gone to is 12. So I asked the UK Health Security Agency, why are we vaccinating children when these numbers are so low? And they said, well, you know, to protect babies and to protect the elderly.

Ahmad (31:03.127)

sally beck (31:17.854)
Well, the numbers for under fours are no worse. And even the elderly, you know, we’re not looking at more than total across the board. It didn’t even pass a hundred for the first 10 years, you know, between 2001 and 2010, I think. Then in 2009, we had the swine flu outbreak and that pushed the numbers up.

And then inexplicably, they started to rise. 2014 was when they brought the flu mist in for children. And that following year, there was a 140% increase in deaths. And they’ve continued to rise since then.

Ahmad (32:04.27)
Wow. Do you know how many

sally beck (32:06.043)
Um, in 20.

Ahmad (32:08.482)
So can I just double check something? Yeah, so.

sally beck (32:09.658)
18 and 2019 I think, it went to about 1500.

Ahmad (32:14.862)
I’ve just checked the website now for what the population in the UK, just the UK, under 18 and it’s like 14 million. That’s 14 million under the age of 18. Children, yeah. So let’s just say 10 million of those are between the age of like four, five and 18. Is that reasonable? What do you think? Yeah. So you’re saying 10.

sally beck (32:25.578)

sally beck (32:42.075)
I guess.

Ahmad (32:43.81)
10 out of 10 million are dying from the flu. So there’s a one in a million chance that you will die from the flu if you’re a child. That’s not very high.

sally beck (32:56.562)
And this is, we’re not talking, we’re probably not talking healthy children, Ahmed. We’re probably talking children with comorbidities.

Ahmad (33:02.076)

Absolutely, this is where I’m coming. So you’re gonna have kids who’ve got medical problems who are probably on parental nutrition or something. They’ve got immunocompromised somehow. They’ve got cardiac problems. God knows it might be on cancer, leukemia. You never know what the situation is. But what I’m, yeah, yeah. So what I’m trying to say is like, you’ve got roughly 10 million kids getting these shots and the risk of actually harm is one in a million. But.

sally beck (33:21.222)

Ahmad (33:32.994)
probably only if you’re severely unwell. So for your average kid, healthy kid, there’s actually no risk from the flu. How much risk is there from these jabs though? Do we know that? Is anybody collecting data about what the adverse effects are and whatnot?

sally beck (33:47.922)
Well, well.

So we know that they can, well, what was really interesting, and I asked the UKHSA why they had not included uncommon reactions in the leaflet that they give to parents. So they don’t tell you that your child can have a febrile convulsion. They don’t tell you that your child can have anaphylaxis or in very rare cases, and I just don’t have numbers for this.

Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is, you know, paralyzing, as you know. Chronic fatigue is another side effect.

Ahmad (34:28.322)
But there’s also chronic, yeah, I mean, I was gonna say to you, like, chronic fatigue syndrome is massive now, it’s exploded. And it’s very, you know, it’s not, it’s just, we don’t really hear much about it, but, you know, people get diagnosed it and they just kind of fall into a hole. But like, I know so many people who say to me, oh, you know what, I’ve got chronic fatigue, or my child has got chronic fatigue. When have you ever heard of a child having chronic fatigue? I mean, children are meant to have an abundance of energy that, you know,

sally beck (34:33.203)

sally beck (34:45.819)

sally beck (34:55.242)

Ahmad (34:56.17)
Yeah, that exhausts the adult just watching them. You know, you don’t hear of kids having chronic fatigue and ME and all this kind of stuff. So, I mean, I think this comes back to, the reason why I’m saying this, Sally, you know, and I did see that article of yours, it was fantastic. And, you know, is that it all comes back to informed consent. And, you know, someone called Mary AF, Mary Finch, she’s got a Twitter account called Informed Consent Matters. And it’s so relevant because

sally beck (34:58.139)

Ahmad (35:24.522)
You know, if these parents are being told, hey, listen, your child is, you know, not really at risk of this condition, this respiratory ailment, but we want you to take this drug that doesn’t have any long-term safety side effect profile, and there’s actually a risk of harm there. You know, do you want it? They’d probably say no, no thanks. So I don’t think parents are being given informed consent. I don’t think children are. So children, you know,

sally beck (35:50.81)
No, that’s why they’re doing it at schools, isn’t it? I mean, you know, that is why they’re doing this at schools. But the other thing, you know the pediatrician, Dr. Ros Jones, because you’ve interviewed her, haven’t you? So she brought up the shedding problem. So because two years age, two years up, get a flu mist, which is a live vaccine, and it’s four in one. So you’ve got four live viruses in.

Ahmad (36:02.834)

sally beck (36:19.834)
in the mist. And Ros says that you can shed for up to 48 hours after you’ve had that mist. But no one’s told that. So if you go and see granny after school, you are at risk presumably of shedding the live virus to granny.

Ahmad (36:40.91)
And do they tell? So suppose that we’re coming back to this, and we need to come back to this, but I just want to quickly say about the informed consent because having informed consent at school I think is really wrong. Your parent isn’t there. The parent isn’t being given all the information. They aren’t being given that product information leaflet, the pill. So pill as a not tablet, but product information leaflet with the side effect profile and complications in there. They’re not being told their benefit, their actual benefit from this intervention.

Like how many people need to be vaccinated to have a benefit shown? It seems like quite a lot. And apparently there might not be any benefit, you know, if, if you’re getting a flu like virus anyway, and it’s just milder and more prolonged, or you get more of them, more other respiratory infections, because fundamentally I’ve got an issue with vaccines. I feel like instead of enhancing your immune system, it’s dampening it and damaging it, you’re getting autoimmune problems, allergy problems, and you know, you’re not able to fight back. Um.

the infection as well as you should be able to because you only recognize a part of it and not other parts. Anyway, that’s by the by. The other thing that I’ve got with the school is that children are very, very susceptible to peer pressure. We know that. I mean, adults for goodness sake are susceptible to peer pressure, but children even more so. And if you see all the kids in your class get up, walk out of class and line up to take a spray shot up their nose, you saying,

sally beck (37:46.629)

Ahmad (38:07.874)
I don’t want this. I’m gonna stay here, makes a really awkward, uncomfortable position for that child. And the child is now really struggling. Sorry.

sally beck (38:14.8)

Also you don’t get a sticker. You know, you don’t get your sticker, do you? You don’t get your sticker. You know, and that’s big for a child.

Ahmad (38:24.438)
Absolutely. Yeah, you get scorned like, oh look at you. Yeah, but you get the scorn as in like, you don’t care. You’re not a caring person. You don’t want to protect granny. You’re not taking part in society. You’re not taking part in the greater good. What’s wrong with you? And that’s coercion. That’s manipulation. And that is not informed consent. This is a medical intervention. Look.

The idea that vaccines are flumas or, you know, oh, there’s a lovely benign thing here, take a gummy. No, it’s not a gummy. This is a medical intervention with risks. And like all medical interventions, it should be treated with the respect that it deserves. And it should be in proper informed consent. You should have a doctor or nurse properly explaining things and all the facts. And you shouldn’t be doing it in such a public manner. You know, it just, it’s not, it’s just too exposing and-

unfair on these young children. But anyway, let’s go back to, you know, the, the shedding business. Cause I think it’s important because one of the ways I’ve noticed the manipulation now is that, you know, people, you should get the flu vaccine. You should get the COVID vaccine to protect granny, to protect neighbors. And this is a really dangerous turn salad because you normally take a drug or anything, even a vaccine, typically to protect yourself. You boost your immune system. You, you’re meant to create the shield that makes you impenetrable to or any, anybody else having this problem.

Now we flipped it so that actually you’re taking it to protect someone else. And that’s just bizarre and nonsensical. And that comes back to that totalitarian, you’re doing it for the greater good BS, which we really should run for the hills for, run away from this, this is just disastrous. But if this is really about saving granny, why are the kids not being told, hey, you got a live virus, tenured or not, whatever, but you can make…

You know, you can make granny sick. Don’t go to granny for two days. Is anyone saying this to the kids or the families?

sally beck (40:24.998)
Not as far as I know. They don’t even admit it happens. They don’t even admit shedding is a thing because you think about it. Say, you know, somebody forgot that they’d been told that they could shed for 48 hours. They go and see granny, granny gets flu, granny dies. Then there’s gonna be a massive comeback, isn’t there? Oh yeah, you told us that. You can see how it is gonna go down, the liability.

is then shifted to the health service and they don’t want to take the liability.

Ahmad (41:01.442)
So do you know any of the-

sally beck (41:02.118)
You know, there was another really interesting… Sorry, carry on. What I was gonna say, we’re talking also about effective, if there was a real present danger that if you’re not vaccinated against flu, you could die, but there isn’t.

Ahmad (41:05.674)
Yeah carry on. No, no you do, you carry on.

sally beck (41:27.954)
And it’s not just me saying that, you’ve heard of the Cochrane collaboration and Dr. Tom Jefferson and his team reviewed all the available studies into the efficacy of the flu vaccination. And his conclusion is stark. He says it’s all marketing and no science. He couldn’t find.

Ahmad (41:33.206)
Yep, yep.

sally beck (41:56.095)
you couldn’t find the reasonable benefit. The numbers of benefits are tiny and they don’t seem to outweigh the risks. That’s basically. But you also know Dr. Liz Evans. So Liz, who is one of the founders of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, she wrote and recorded

a short interview when she discovered that Peppa Pig was being used to sell the vaccine to children. And that the particular, I think it was Richmond Health Centre, they took that poster down. But what did they put up instead? You know, Cinderella and various other superheroes to persuade children to get their flu vaccine. If these… We know…

that we are told you have a one in a million chance of having a serious adverse reaction. We know that’s probably 10% of the truth because the MHRA admit that. So if, how can you then give away vaccines with Disney characters, McDonald’s, which was during COVID and free drinks and tickets for the, honestly, it’s just…

Ahmad (42:56.23)


sally beck (43:19.646)
Desperate, it’s so desperate. I can’t believe we’ve actually got to the situation where we are looking at vaccines as though they’re sweeties. That’s how we’re being trained to think about them.

Ahmad (43:32.674)
So 100%, I mean, it’s the coercion, it’s manipulation, it’s the carrot, it’s the stick. It’s just, and the fact that no doctors, no pediatricians, no one, none of my colleagues are saying, this is wrong, why are we doing this? I really find quite disturbing. They’re so ideologically blind, driven by this, just belief that vaccines are amazing and incredible. And, you know, I just wanna,

point out something to you. Now, I don’t know if you remember, here in the UK, we had a big issue, not so long ago, about strep A scarlet infection. Everybody’s getting scarlet fever, scarlet infection. And scarlet fever is caused by the toxins from strep A, streptococcus A bacteria. But there’s evidence, there’s studies that are showing, I think there’s one in 2016, that showed that strep A bacteria, the infection is much higher.

and those who’ve had the flu nasal spray.

sally beck (44:34.062)
And also it increased massively in 2023. Yeah, I mean, I will. And also the numbers may increase massively in 2023. Haven’t there been 30 deaths due to strep A this year? I think I put it in my answer poll.

Ahmad (44:38.655)

Ahmad (44:49.474)
So this is what I mean, like where, yeah, but the funny thing is they talk about strep in, they’re like, oh, we need to get more vaccines now, look at scarlet fever, you know, and it’s like, actually you’re flipping it on the head. Maybe we’re seeing all these scarlet fevers because of this flu vaccination that you’re giving to everybody. Not the other way around. And the answer for the scarlet fever isn’t, let’s create another vaccine. Maybe the reason why people have been getting scarlet fever is because you’ve been handing this shot out to every single kid.

sally beck (45:07.89)

Ahmad (45:18.946)
And then, you know, I think there’s another study in the Canadian Medical Association back in 2015, and it showed repeated injections to prevent influenza actually blunts its effectiveness. And the problem is, you know, everything gets lumped together, influenza-like illness, IFL, whatever they call it, you know, and there’s like 200 odd different viruses and upper respiratory viruses, and you know, everything just gets lumped in this one homogeneous mass. And, you know, if you have this

flu vaccine, you’re dampening the immune system. It’s not gonna be dealing, I think, with those other viruses, and that’s why you’re seeing kids who are now getting sick. I don’t know about you, but I know for a fact that at my kid’s school, after the flu shot, the whole swathe of kids were sick and unwell afterwards. And you’re thinking, this is meant to stop them getting unwell. And then, but the response from the doctors who are pushing the vaccines are,

Oh no, but it’s fine. What they get is a mild illness. It would have been a lot worse if they didn’t get the vaccine. What do you think of that argument?

sally beck (46:29.771)
I think it’s what Dr. Tom Jefferson says marketing, isn’t it? It’s marketing and not science. I mean, you know, I was alerted to vaccinations maybe not being all that cracked up to be back in 1998 with Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s paper. But what was really interesting, you know, we won’t rehash that.

Ahmad (46:37.686)

Ahmad (46:45.309)

Ahmad (46:52.226)

sally beck (46:57.478)
I went to the Royal Society of Medicine Library to check the figures of deaths from measles and I was expecting to see thousands of deaths pre the vaccination being introduced and that’s absolutely not the case. The threat from measles and it killed, it never went over 2,000, it certainly went over 1,000.

Ahmad (47:12.078)

sally beck (47:25.958)
at the turn of the century and the First World War, and then after the Second World War, the numbers started to come down dramatically. And there were no antibiotics available then. The majority of people, I think they came in 1940 maybe. But anyway, they wouldn’t help you with measles because measles is a virus, but they would help with secondary infections presumably. But the year they brought the MMR,

Ahmad (47:50.463)

sally beck (47:54.974)
vaccine in, there were 35 deaths the previous year. So we’re talking minute, minute numbers in terms of public health. And to put that into perspective, you’re looking at children, 150 children a year dying from an asthma attack, an autoimmune disease.

Ahmad (48:01.646)

sally beck (48:19.23)
and you’re looking at 1,500 adults a year dying from asthma attacks. We don’t ever talk about that. We don’t worry about it. No one’s scaremongers over, oh my god, you’ve got asthma, blah, blah. No one does that. But, you know, and we’ve seen it recently with Ebola and Marburg. You know, because they’re producing a vaccine, they’ve been flagging up every single case of Marburg, and the maximum cases, I think, in one country in Africa was 16.

Ahmad (48:30.667)

sally beck (48:49.298)
we’ve got, there’s billions of people in Africa. It’s really hard to catch Marburg. You know, it’s not, it’s not a communicable disease in the way that it’s, you know, it’s, it, you can catch, you can pick it up from surfaces or from breathing in, you know, the virus. It has to be a fluid exchange. And the reason that it,

Ahmad (48:57.865)

sally beck (49:18.77)
became a problem in Africa is because Africans take caring for their dead very seriously. So the whole family will get involved in washing that person who’s died and preparing them for their burial. So they were coming into contact with those fluids when us, for example, wouldn’t be. So this is how they create a market.

is what I find. But it’s not only creating a market for that disease, then if somebody develops eczema or asthma after, if a baby develops eczema or asthma after their jabs, then you’ve got, you’re selling the inhalers and the eczema cream and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and on it rolls.

Ahmad (50:05.762)

Ahmad (50:13.726)
No, 100%. That’s why I’m not too much into this, oh, this is every shot is a deaf shot depopulation. I think they’re just not, I mean, I think, well, I mean, I don’t think they’re effective. I think they’re dangerous. I think they probably know that, but they’re not as deadly as we think. I think if, and if there is some deadliness, it’s also in the longterm, like what’s further down the pipeline. I mean, what I’ve looked at, I’m speaking to people like Aaron Sirian, Brian Hooker, is that,

sally beck (50:32.989)

Ahmad (50:43.126)
when they looked at vaccine development and research, they really look very short term. And we’re talking about sometimes weeks, just animal studies that compare, and they have studies where they compare one vaccine with another vaccine. There is never a true placebo comparison. There’s never any real long-term follow-up. So you don’t look at, you know, how are these healthy kids who have not been vaccinated doing with the kids who’ve had the vaccines. There also are no studies which show the combinations. So they’ll do one vaccine,

with an older vaccine, but they won’t say, well, how do all these vaccines together affect the immune system? So, and you would think that’d be pretty obvious. So for example, if I give you a blood pressure tablet and we do research to see how safe that is, and then I go, right, take this blood pressure tablet and another drug to change your heart rhythm, you’d wanna know, is there an interaction? Is there a, you know, multiplication effect here? Does it become more potent?

Is it more dangerous? Is it as effective? So you’d want to run another study now. Okay, we’ve got data on just the one drug on its own. How does it work if you use another drug? We don’t have anything like that with vaccines. We have no idea what’s happening with this increasing schedule, increasing vaccination yearly now with the flu and the COVID. What effect is that happening on our immune system? Children as well, particularly children who are so vulnerable. But I think, you know, sadly, I think.

I’ve come, I’ve really come to the conclusion now, and it’s been a journey over 40 years where vaccines are not what they used to be. I, from a position where I used to just trust them and think, yeah, medical science and the government says this is good for me. I’ve gone to the complete opposite where this is absolute garbage. At best, it’s just doing nothing. At worst, it’s harmful for me and I don’t want any of these in my body. You know, and there are unfortunately many people who still believe that vaccines save lives.

And I just want to quickly just say to anyone who does think that or knows of anyone who thinks vaccines are saving lives and they’re safe and effective and you know, they’re not dangerous and you should take them. Well, first of all, name five vaccine ingredients. Just name them. What is actually in that vial, in that needle and syringe as it goes into your arm? Do you know what’s in it? Give me five ingredients. Do you know what MRC-5 is?

Ahmad (53:07.906)
Do you know what a vaccine court is? Do you know what is the National Vaccine Injury and Compensation Program? Why does it exist? What is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? And why does that exist? How has the CDC schedule changed since 1986 and also in Australia and in the UK? How much money has been paid out by the Vaccine Injury Court? And why, if vaccines are safe?

How many doses of how many vaccines are in the CDC schedule between the birth age and age of 16? It’s 70 plus, by the way, in the US. What’s it in the UK? Do vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue? If so, which vaccines? How many aborted babies were needed before they found one with the virus necessary to create the vaccine? Do any vaccines contain dog, monkey, pig, and human DNA?

What is an adjuvant? Why do they use an adjuvant? What is an antigen? Why do they put in aluminium and mercury into vaccines? What’s the safe dose of aluminium and mercury in the body? What’s the normal physiological process in the body that uses aluminium or mercury? How does the body get rid of aluminium and mercury? What are the toxic effects of aluminium and mercury?

What is transverse myelitis? And what’s that got to do with vaccines? What is encephalopathy? And what’s that got to do with vaccines? What is the rate of autism in 1995? And what is the rate of autism now? And you know what, I could go on and on and on. And what I’m trying to say is, all these people who say vaccines are safe, Sally, thanks for listening patiently, they need to start asking questions. And by the way, I just…

sally beck (54:47.306)
Thank you.

Ahmad (55:05.422)
scratch the surface there. Over to you.

sally beck (55:11.9)
What you probably don’t know about me is that I am an avid Vogue magazine collector. Now, there is a point to this, stick with it. I had Vogue magazines going back to 1981, and I never read them. I just always looked at the pictures. But one day, I randomly took a 1980s magazine off the shelf and I opened it.

And it was talking about autism. I mean, what are the chances of this massive collection and me opening it at this page? So Vogue magazine had a whole feature on autism. And it was in the 1980s and they said, it’s one in 10,000. And they were describing this syndrome that was really confusing to everybody. It’s now one in 36. Or if you listen to Andy Wakefield, he thinks it’s about one in 14. You know, what happened? Why are we not looking at?

what has happened, we know it can’t be genetic, because genetic numbers would stay the same, apparently they don’t increase, but we’re just not looking at it. And instead we have Ireland who Dublin’s going to be an autism friendly city. So basically they’ve accepted that their children are going to be autistic, and they’re going to cater for them that way. How much is this costing everybody? You know, how much of our…

Ahmad (56:20.565)
So the argument.

sally beck (56:39.098)
Money is being spent mopping up after the pharmaceutical industry.

Ahmad (56:46.998)
Absolutely. Many people what I find crazy is…

sally beck (56:50.942)
The other thing I was going to mention actually was that governments will not do official Vax versus un-Vax studies. And even if they did at this stage in the game, I wouldn’t trust them to do it independently. But Brian Hooker and Bobby Kennedy found all these studies that are kind of slipped through the net. And not one of them showed that.

Ahmad (57:16.59)

sally beck (57:20.698)
unvaccinated kids came out worse than vaccinated kids. I think the only difference was that unvaccinated kids got more chicken pox.

But in one study, one of the unvaccinated kids was suffering ADHD at all. And of course, you know, the authors of that were pressurized to retract it, or the journal that published it, it was pressurized to retract it, but it was over one complaint that they retracted it. I think Wakefield did try and do those studies in primates where…

Ahmad (57:33.673)

Ahmad (57:39.594)
Yeah, I did a podcast with

sally beck (58:02.002)
he tested the whole vaccine schedule together. But somehow, I don’t really know what happened, but that study became compromised. But before it became compromised, they noted that the baby’s primates were suffering, they weren’t feeding as well. They were suffering behavioral issues and exactly what you would expect to see if you believe

Ahmad (58:20.434)

sally beck (58:32.61)
or if you’ve come to accept that vaccines can be harmful.

Ahmad (58:38.154)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I had Brian Hooker on the podcast. It was incredible. And his son is vaccine injured and he’s very smart, intelligent man. He’s not a medical doctor, he’s a PhD doctor. And that book, Vaxxed, Unvaxed is very, very convincing. Obviously, the people who are pro-vaccine will just go poo poo, he’s just a quack, it’s all nonsense. And it’s sad, it’s sad. And I really feel sad

sally beck (58:43.506)
Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Ahmad (59:06.818)
that there’s so many people who are just bought into the religion of vaccines. You know, I don’t think they’re bad people. They’re all, you know, middle-class, intelligent people. They eat organic. They want to, they’re health conscious. They want to save the planet. And, um, they, they don’t mind injecting toxic garbage into their kids and their own bodies because they’re blinded.

sally beck (59:31.154)
Well, that’s it doesn’t make sense, does it? You know, we understand that your food’s better if it’s organic and not covered with glyphosate, but at least you’ve got a chance of washing some of that off. But if you inject these incredibly toxic, albeit in minute doses, compounds into your body, it seems insane when you take a step back and think about it logically. And I did,

Ahmad (59:40.066)

sally beck (01:00:01.162)
There’s a doctor called Dr. Richard Halverson, who did lots of amazing research into the start of vaccination. He went right back to smallpox days. And there was no consensus on smallpox facts. You know, there was a doctor called Dr. Richard Allenson, who is actually, you can buy Allenson’s flour in shops. That’s his flour. He was advocating for an outdoor lifestyle, exercise and decent.

food. And he said he took the smallpox vaccination and it made him extremely ill. And he said when he went into hospitals, he’d sometimes come across whole wards of people who’d been vaccinated against smallpox and they had got really bad cases of smallpox. And he said, you know, it’s all about, he said, even then it’s all about money. You know, if you give a doctor enough money, they’ll tell you if you howl at the moon, that will stop you from getting measles or smallpox.

Ahmad (01:00:45.326)

sally beck (01:01:01.852)
And guess what happened to him? He got struck off.

Ahmad (01:01:05.31)
Yeah, yeah. So I was gonna say, you know, people say, oh, we’re just much better at diagnosing autism. What, like from one in 10,000 to one in 30? Are you serious? Yeah, I’m old enough and the problem is.

sally beck (01:01:19.206)
Oh well. And also.

Ahmad (01:01:23.478)
So I was going to say, Sally, I’m old enough, and I’m sure you’re old enough to remember what it was like in school. And maybe there was one kid that was a bit funny, like in 50, one in 100, maybe. I mean, I just remember one kid in the whole school. That was a bit strange. And now that’s a big problem. I won’t lie. I walk around the classroom and school when I’m picking up the kids. There’s a lot of kids that are not right. Really, really not okay. There’s something wrong.

sally beck (01:01:24.578)
I mean, yeah.

Ahmad (01:01:54.182)
And it’s very worrying. Yeah, it’s very worrying. And there’s clearly an issue. Even I’m doing gymnastics or jujitsu with the kids and there’s other kids are just, there’s something not right. You can tell something’s wrong, but we’re not allowed to talk about it. And if we do, you get into trouble. And we just kind of normalize everything. Now I wanna make it clear, Sally, I’m not saying the vaccines are causing autism.

sally beck (01:01:55.03)

Ahmad (01:02:23.234)
I’m saying that something is happening to our children that’s not normal or natural and warrants investigation. And it could be multiple factors like EMS, it could be our water and the garbage that’s in the water, tap water is not safe to drink. There’s one thing people listening to this should do now is not drink tap water. It could be the over-schedulization, all these vaccines that the kids are now getting. It could be that.

It could be the food. I mean, the food that kids are eating now are nutritionally depleted. And a lot of the kids are going to be nutritionally deficient. It could be lots of different things. Surely we need to be looking at this. Our children are our future. Our children should be our world. We should be defending and looking after our children. That’s what parents do. That’s what societies do. We protect our children. And instead of that kind of mentality, what we’re now doing is like saying children, we need to use them as shields.

take this vaccine so that you protect the elder people, the older people. And that’s really upside down kind of mentality. And I find that so disturbing. And that’s the kind of thing that you hear when civilizations fall. You know, when instead of the parents standing in front of the child to protect them, you put the child in front of you to say, right, protect me. Something seriously has gone wrong with civilization. You know, the society is bankrupt.

sally beck (01:03:48.834)
Well, you know, this is the incredible thing, isn’t it? We’re starting to accept that we can use our children as human shields. I mean.

What? How? How are parents even accepting this? I just do not understand what is happening to society. It’s very, very concerning.

Ahmad (01:04:14.787)
I mean, I’m going to try and get Chris Exley on my podcast in March. He’s kindly agreed. Yeah. He is amazing.

sally beck (01:04:19.87)
Oh yeah, do. I mean, he’s amazing. And you know why he lost his funding? Because the Gates Foundation put a wedge of money into his university. I can’t remember which his university was, but he was one of 22 universities investigating how aluminium affects the brain. Then it was down to 11 and then it was down to just him and now there’s none. I mean, you would have thought…

Ahmad (01:04:34.007)
Wasn’t it keel?

sally beck (01:04:48.107)
This is seriously important work.

Ahmad (01:04:50.866)
Yeah, you would have thought. So just in case the listeners don’t know who Dr. Chris Exley is, he’s known as the Aluminium Man. He’s a very intelligent man who basically has spent his life studying and researching aluminum and its toxic effects. So just to clarify, aluminum is not a metal normally found in the human body or in any physiological process. So we actually have lots of metals.

Sally, we’ve got iron, obviously, that’s what we need in our blood, heme. We’ve got copper, we need copper, it’s very important. We’ve got zinc. Magnesium is a metal, we’ve got that. And there’s other metals, okay, but aluminium is not one of them. We don’t use aluminium, and aluminium has severe neurotoxic effects and other damaging effects, and it’s not meant to be in the body. It’s actually cytotoxic, it kills cells.

Um, as one of the reasons why they use it as an adjuvant because whatever they inject as a vaccine into her body, it doesn’t actually cause much of an immune response so that they inject literally poison that kills the cells that will draw an inflammatory response. I think I was reading a Chris Exley, um, article in a sub stack where he was saying the variation in the dosages of aluminium in the vaccines is shocking. You could get one vaccine shot from one vial where the dose of the aluminium is quite low.

and another one where it’s exponentially higher. And I think this is what accounts for that variation, why it’s like a Russian roulette. You never know which one you’re gonna get, okay? And then combined with just other factors, genetic, environmental, you know, all these other food, diet, I think that’s why some people are more predisposed to others. But the reality is, you know, what is the safe dose of aluminium? Some would say nothing. And you know, what is the cumulative dose?

of aluminium that you’re giving to a child, especially a young infant, you know, that if you think about the size of the infant, you’re giving them multiple shots with these adjuvants and aluminium, it’s going to have an impact. And mercury.

sally beck (01:06:56.758)
and mercury. Well do you remember when they started telling pregnant women that don’t eat tuna because tuna might have mercury in it? The minute a baby’s born they can shoot it up into their veins that’s fine.

Ahmad (01:07:13.066)
Yeah, it’s madness. Anyway, let’s go away from vaccines for a bit, if you don’t mind. Sally, being a journalist, being a journalist, how do you feel when you look at your colleagues and the world of journalism, whether it be in print or media now, like on TV? I mean, what do you think of the quality and caliber of it? How has it changed or has it always been not great?

sally beck (01:07:18.182)
Good day.

sally beck (01:07:41.17)
I think probably the best way to answer that is from being at press conferences with my journalists. And this is an illustration. So when Gavi launched, and Gavi is the Gates Foundation vaccine arm that’s vaccinating Africa, when they launched, they launched

London. And I went to that launch and there was a man, there was a over 100 journalists there for sure. So this was an international event, print and broadcast. And Gates was there. And I think there was about four or five heads of different health departments of different African nations. And, you know, the

The journalists were saying, oh, what are you expecting to see the vaccine do? We’re expecting to wipe out polio in Africa. All these nicey, nicey questions. And then I was sitting in the front row and I said, in the US, every vaccine, there’s a levy paid into a fund to compensate people who suffer serious adverse reactions. And that levy comes…

of every vaccine sold. Have you started that fund for Africa? And Gates said, oh, the benefits outweigh the risks. And then, you know, other people on the podium tried to speak and he said, thank you very much. I think we’ve said everything we need to say. And he closed down, he closed down the press conference, but not a single journalist followed that question up.

sally beck (01:09:37.514)
put it in their copy. It wasn’t in the recording of the press conference that went round to journalists who couldn’t make it. And journalists just do not ask tough questions anymore. I think we saw that at the COVID briefings. No one was asking any tough questions. It was embarrassing, actually. It was really, really embarrassing. And that’s a change I’ve seen.

Ahmad (01:09:45.229)

Ahmad (01:10:08.331)
Why is that?

sally beck (01:10:09.215)
since I started out in journalism. You know, the British press has got a reputation for being tough and sometimes in the wrong quarters. But, you know, we did, we were ruthless about getting, look at the amazing work the Sunday Times investigative team did on uncovering what was going on with halidomide.

That was led by Harold Evans, the editor Harry Evans, who was a great editor. But you just don’t get like Harry Evans. It was, oh, hang on. I’m just gonna have a look up this piece. I think Harry Evans wrote the last piece about that in 2014 as far as I know. So pretty recently, I can’t remember the year he stopped being editor at the Sunday Times.

Ahmad (01:10:39.362)
What, but when was that? When?

When was that?

Ahmad (01:11:03.768)
Okay, but you said…

sally beck (01:11:03.89)
but it was the Sunday Times who totally failed to investigate. Yeah, sorry. Carry on.

Ahmad (01:11:14.786)
But you said that journalists don’t ask tough questions anymore. You said journalists don’t ask tough questions anymore. So what I want to ask is why aren’t they asking these tough questions anymore? And when did this happen? When did they stop asking tough questions?

sally beck (01:11:15.518)
Sorry, what were you saying?

sally beck (01:11:33.534)
Well, it’s quite hard. So that question I asked Bill Gates, my heart was pounding in my chest, honestly. It took a lot. It did take a lot. But what keeps you going is the fact that you know that another journalist is gonna jump in and kind of back you up. And I think journalists just stop backing each other up.

I think I don’t really know. I never go to big pharma press conferences because I just wouldn’t be invited because I’m a big pharma critic. I once went to the Science for Media press conference and I asked a tough question there about the MMR. I’m not a single journalist in the room, back me up. And I never got invited back to another press conference. So, you know.

Ahmad (01:11:59.307)

Ahmad (00:00.45)
So what I was asking Sally is, you know, is it just big pharma questions that journalists aren’t asking the tough questions or is it across the board and everything? For example, the COVID inquiry, you know, or COVID when they had the COVID, you know, meetings and stuff, you never really heard anyone pushing back against violence or Boris Johnson. And is it just a degree of self-censorship? People are just worried that they don’t wanna step out in line and be controversial. Is it that

Editors are telling them, no, don’t talk about this because I’m aware that, you know, the bill and Melinda Gates foundation, they gave money to the guardian newspaper, I believe, and many other outlets, even the BBC and everything that, you know, they were giving money to news outlets. And when you’re getting a lot of money from these individuals, there must be a lot of pressure to not say anything bad about your benefactor. So I’m just trying to understand why journalists aren’t asking tough questions. It’s like.

What that statement to me is almost like saying, doctors don’t care about their patients anymore because that’s how crazy it sounds to me. The whole point of journalists is that they do find the scoop, they find, you know, they ask the tough questions. So I just find it really strange, like why is this happening? Over to you.

sally beck (01:17.163)
Well, I think, you know, this is what I heard and I’ve got no way to back it up. But I heard that in the early days of COVID, so back in 2020, when we entered lockdown, obviously, newspaper sales were hit hugely because people weren’t going to work, they weren’t buying paper on the way into work. The government was handing newspapers millions in advertising.

Ahmad (01:36.256)

sally beck (01:45.643)
And the first rule of journalism is don’t piss off your advertisers. So I think that accounted for some of the soft ride that they got in the beginning. But the Telegraph, for example, the Mail and the Express have to some extent challenged the narrative and nothing bad has happened to them. So I really don’t see why the others.

haven’t asked tough questions. I mean…

sally beck (02:23.192)
It’s just inexplicable. I don’t know. I’m too far removed, I think, because I haven’t been to a press conference. Oh gosh, I can’t even remember the last one. So I do all my interviews one-to-one. I’m not doing them in a room. So I’m not mixing with other journos at the moment. I know that some of the journalists I know were totally sold by the narrative and still are.

Ahmad (02:51.766)
Yeah, yeah. I guess they’re human beings just like everyone else and they’re just as susceptible to the psyops, you know? Oh, but journalism’s important. You need a free press, because if you don’t have a free press, you can’t hold the government to account. And also, my worry is that nowadays the press and the mainstream media is just a propaganda tool.

They don’t really report the news. They report what they want you to think and what they want you to believe and do, which is not the way it’s meant to be. And why, can I say something? Why is news always so depressing? Why can’t they ever like talk about good stuff and happy news? Why is it always doom and gloom? Is that just…

sally beck (03:37.119)
They kind of do. So, you know, the features department is responsible for the happy news and the good news stories. But when I was on newspapers, The Sunday Mirror and The Sun, which are two of the top selling papers in the country, we used to have regular sort of reader, we used to have readers in and we used to talk to them about which stories they like, what they…

Ahmad (03:47.459)

sally beck (04:05.715)
do like what they don’t like. And the readers inform what goes in the paper, and that’s the honest truth. And the readers like to hear the bad, it’s not news. If it’s commonplace, is it? It’s just not news.

Ahmad (04:26.082)
So what’s your next scoop? What’s the next thing you’re gonna be writing on? So you’ve talked about the flu vaccines, the airline pilots, what else is on your radar? Can you give us a little heads up? You’re allowed to do that.

sally beck (04:38.611)
Well, I am, you know, anybody who reads my work knows that I’m really focused on people who have fallen foul of the system. You know, before this and since this, I’m really focused on the most vulnerable and those people who have had a really raw deal. So I’ve just started talking to people who the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme have recognised are

Ahmad (04:50.378)

sally beck (05:08.363)
injured by the COVID vaccinations, but have decided they’re not injured enough. So they’re not going to pay them. I think there’s 162 of them at the moment. And I think I’ve mentioned this a few times. So this piece will come out next week. A family that I spoke to, their husband, he was in the gym three or four times a week before he had his COVID vaccine. They were running…

Ahmad (05:24.308)

sally beck (05:36.155)
mobile home parks, three mobile home parks. He did all the manual labor on the parks, including mowing the lawn. Now he’s got permanent brain injury. He’s got scarring on his brain, blood clots. And he’s so fatigued, he can sometimes sleep for 24 hours. He has daily headaches, he suffers from migraines. He’ll be on…

Ahmad (05:47.785)
Oh wow.

sally beck (06:05.647)
anti-seizure medication for the rest of his life. He, yeah, he was told when he crashed at Worcester Royal Hospital, and he suffered a seizure there, I mean, his family were told to say goodbye. He was 100% injured then. And now they’re saying, oh, well, he’s made a partial recovery.

Ahmad (06:09.166)
That’s awful.

Ahmad (06:20.289)

Ahmad (06:28.411)
That’s terrible.

Ahmad (06:32.205)

sally beck (06:33.627)
We think he’s only 18 to 35%. Well, 18 to 35%, you know, that’s quite a big difference, isn’t it, between 18 and 35? So where’s the ambiguity? I mean, it’s incredibly distressing.

Ahmad (06:52.262)
as, oof.

sally beck (06:52.891)
So people who should be compensated and aren’t being compensated is next for me.

Ahmad (06:59.306)
Well, that’s a big one. And that’s a noble effort, if you can shine the light on that. I’ve heard some of this stuff from people like Adam Rowland and it’s desperately sad that, you know, one, I think there’s so many hurdles, Sally, and I’m sure you’ve come across this, like one, the first hurdle is just getting someone to accept that there’s something wrong, that there is, you know, to diagnose the problem. And then the next hurdle is to get a doctor

to accept that it was the vaccine that caused it. And then the next hurdle is to get someone to acknowledge and agree to pay compensation. And then the next hurdle is to make sure that they’re properly compensated. I mean, it sounds crazy and it’s such a long protracted process. And quite often you trip up in the first, second or third hurdle. You don’t really, like these people aren’t really getting justice, and it comes back to the fact that

they’re all victims because none of them had proper informed consent. And they’re all kind of, ultimately we were, you know, anyone who had the shot was coerced in my opinion.

sally beck (08:09.455)
Yeah, and the fact that you have to be 60% disabled before you’re even considered for any compensation is appalling. I mean, we’ve got a man who’s for three years, even if he made a bit of a better recovery for three years, his income has been curtailed because of his vaccine injury. What the hell is all that about? And you know, the very first…

Ahmad (08:20.362)
It is appalling.

Ahmad (08:27.926)
Yeah, yeah.

sally beck (08:37.971)
family I spoke to, the lady who died was called Lucy Tabara. And when you hear how she died, it’s so traumatic. I won’t go into that, but what happened with that family, they were already on minimum income. And after she died, they lost her income and she left behind a five-year-old son.

Ahmad (08:40.172)

Ahmad (08:44.843)

Ahmad (08:53.822)
Let’s not, let’s not.

Ahmad (09:03.254)

sally beck (09:07.175)
So the father had to cut down his work hours in order to look after his son. So the family was plunged into poverty. And because they’re not married, they weren’t married, they were planning to get married, but they weren’t actually married. It means that even if they get the award, will the husband get the award or will the family?

Ahmad (09:07.201)

Ahmad (09:15.438)

sally beck (09:36.883)
get the award, the woman’s Lucy’s family. I don’t know what the answer is. So there’s all these, you know, appalling situations people find themselves in. And when they’re at their most vulnerable, what is the government doing? Kicking them in the head.

Ahmad (09:43.81)

Ahmad (09:56.946)
Yeah. Yep. Well, good luck with that and good luck with exposing the problems, because that is a story that needs to be told. And I had someone else lined up who heads up a charity for the vaccine injured. And it was really sad. I’m not going to mention the name and who, but she had to cancel at the last minute because of her own vaccine injury problems. She just wasn’t healthy and fit enough.

Um, so it’s, it is something I want to get on my podcast as well. I don’t, I don’t want just one off Adam roll. And I want, I want people to know the scope and scale of the problem because I don’t think it’s getting the recognition. I think, um, this idea that people are vaccine injured, um, particularly even after the COVID is just, you know, it’s all, and yeah.

sally beck (10:41.98)
Before we leave that topic. Yeah, sorry, carry on. I was gonna say before we leave that topic.

Ahmad (10:46.486)
I was saying this idea… Yeah.

sally beck (10:50.907)
I was just going to say that when I was actually commissioned by the Daily Mail to write Lucy Tabora’s story, and one of the things I was asked to add into the copy was that the family weren’t anti-vax and that they would still recommend that people get their vaccination.

Ahmad (11:14.631)
Oh my goodness. All right, Sally, I’m gonna end it now. I’m sorry to everyone listening if we were talking over each other a few times. Sally is in quite a remote place and I can see now on my computer screen, her internet speed is really, really slow. So there was a bit of a lag and I apologize when we kept talking over each other. It’s just simply that Sally doesn’t hear me when there’s a pause. I…

sally beck (11:17.31)

Ahmad (11:39.958)
and she doesn’t actually hear that and that’s why she kept carrying on talking. Anyway, Sally, can you please answer, you know, my favourite question. You know, you’ve lived a long, healthy life and before you pass on to the next world, whatever that might be, you’re on your deathbed surrounded by your family, what advice, health or otherwise, would you give people?

sally beck (12:01.403)
Mine is listen with your eyes. And so if somebody tells you that something is safe and effective and you suddenly get COVID and a horrible vaccine injury, then what you’ve been told is not true. So just listen with your eyes all the time. Is what somebody’s saying.

backed up by actions. And that’s, I tell my kids that all the time. And, you know, I think that’s possibly sound advice.

Ahmad (12:44.142)
I think it’s great advice, I love that. I’m more and more every day, like right now I’m looking at the window and the sun is shining and you got the autumn leaves. This is reality. The reality that I see and hear on TV, I can’t trust that. I need to trust what I see with my own eyes. I think that’s good advice, Sally. Thank you so much. Sally, we need.

sally beck (12:58.013)

sally beck (13:08.391)
You’re welcome. And I was going to say apologies to the listeners. I can’t actually see Ahmed. So, you know, I can’t see when he’s talking and when he’s not. So I’ve got a blank screen where he should be. So apologies if I spoke over him and, you know, or was too impatient to jump in.

Ahmad (13:26.67)

Ahmad (13:31.214)
You know, you’re, Sally, you’re fine, it’s fine. You can’t help it. The internet is actually really quite slow. And listen, I can’t wait to see you in person again. I mean, that was lovely seeing you this year. And we’ll definitely, you know, meet again in person. Maybe one day I’ll come out to where you are. God damn it, I would love to be out there in the hot weather. I don’t know if you’d like to disclose where you are. Some people don’t, so I won’t say anything unless you want to.

sally beck (13:57.187)
Yeah, come Monday. We’ll talk about it later.

Ahmad (14:00.85)
Yeah, everyone listening, thank you so much. And please think about everything you heard today. Do read Sally’s work. She writes a lot for various different publications, but you can find her a lot in the conservative women where she writes some fantastic articles and share them, share them with your friends and family. You know, people always say, how do we fight back? Well, it’s about informing and educating.

your family and friends, the people who took the shot and believe the government narrative, just start saying to them things like, oh, came across this really interesting article. Can I share with you? Just a question, just make them think. That’s how we get through to them. Just start making little cracks and hopefully the truth will seep in. And you know how I’m gonna end, folks, please support me. I haven’t had any subscribers for.

for a week now, I think, a few days, at least four or five days. So please, I need your support, guys. It makes me a little bit stressful thinking what’s gonna be my situation in four or five months. I don’t regret anything, Sally. I like what I’m doing. I think it’s important what I’m doing. And like you, I can’t live a lie anymore. But folks, please do support me. I’d be grateful. All right, everyone, thank you so much. Bye-bye.