Money, Power, Democracy And More With Peter Lawrey

Peter Lawrey used to work in finance. He claims to be a “nobody”. But I disagree, no one is a nobody, everyone is someone.

Peter has an interest in politics, economics and many other topics which we explore in this podcast.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

0:06 Ahmad

All right, we are recording.

Listen, Peter, buddy.



Sorry, I’m just looking at.

I’m going to put the camera.

Screwed me laptop up a word easily.

It’s all right.

No, no, no.

I was just saying.

So the reason why you’re here is you sent me an e-mail, Buster, and I’m looking at now.

0:28 Ahmad

It was on the 26th of July, just before my birthday.

And you know, you’re just a member of the public, the audience, you’re clearly listening to my podcast and you know you, you said you enjoyed the podcast and then you sent me this document and I and I read it Britain retrogression.


The goal of socialism is communism.

I’m, I’m not going to read out the whole thing.

But listen, The thing is, I was gripped.

You know, I was reading it me, and I was telling my wife, wow, this guy just sent in this document.


It’s freaking amazing.

I love it.

And you covered, like, quite a lot.

And I reached out to you and then I was like, let’s have a chat.

And I was like, shut up, dude.

I want you on my podcast.

People need to hear this.


And you’re like, but I’m a nobody.

I was like, no, shut the hell up.

You’re not a nobody.

No one’s a nobody.

You know, you’re I don’t care about big names, big followers, all that nonsense.

What I care about are great ideas, fascinating conversations, and what you wrote down that document.


Seriously, my friend, I was like, wow, people need to hear this and hearing it from and nobody’s even more powerful.

Someone who’s just a normal human being, someone who is living in this country working hard trying to live a good life and be a good person, a good citizen, good father, good husband.


They need to hear this is what normal people think like and not the mainstream media legacy BS that we’re fed.

Because I think a lot of people do still believe in that garbage.

So you know you’re you’re then saying what am I going to talk about dude, the reality is we can talk about anything we can talk about.


You know, you’re talking about leadership, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, rule of law, property rights, capitalism.

Did you can talk about anything you like.

I mean, one of the things that I’m really into right now is freedom of speech.

Because as you know, I’m suffering from for my views and my opinions and my podcast.


Why do you think freedom of speech is a problem and under threat?

Or do we even have freedom of speech in this country?

There’s 2 answers to that.

There’s a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer is no.

There’s absolutely no freedom of speech in this country anymore and as I put in the note, the classic example is Julian Assange.


But you know more more pertinent case, Russell Brand.

Not really a fan of him, but what’s happened to him is disgraceful to be honest.

So shall I just give you a bit of my background and how the note came along and you can do anything you like?


Tell me.

So I am pretty much a nobody.

I had two careers which at the time I didn’t realise how it was equipping me to navigate the current environment if you like, but actually both of them were really interesting.


I had a five year career in the army, joined as a boy soldier at the age of 16, left at 21 and then somehow I ended up lagging my way into working in the city for 2425 years.

Worked hard, hopefully did a good job, did a good job for the clients and managed to retire quite young.


The note is something I’ve used to do in the in the city.

It was always investment related my writings, but that one just seemed to flow.

So I do still publish that note to some old clients, some friends and some people who are interested in sort of receiving it.


So yeah, that’s how that came about.

And it was listening to one of your podcasts, I thought blood and heck, they’ve just covered.

I can’t remember which one it was, but you’ve covered half of what I’ve just written.

That’s hence how I sent it to you.

I’m probably the least qualified person who’s ever been on your podcast.

I do have the same medical qualifications as Bill Gates.


I will add that but handful of O levels and one set of professional exams.

So can I just quickly tell you this is a big problem for me?

When I reach out to people and say, hey, I’d really like to have you on my podcast, I can’t go on your podcast.

You’ve had all these amazing people in your podcast.

I I’m nothing.


I’m nobody.

And I’m like, oh for God’s sake.

And I have to really coax and convince and and and most of the people are saying no to me, I really want on, but they’re they’re like, no, I’m like, I feel embarrassed because I’ve got nothing really to say.

But they do.

Yeah they do.

Well I have done this before a few times with a different podcast provider, so but mainly investment related.


Although the world’s of politics inevitably hit the investment world, so hence I’m not qualified to talk about anything apart from investment markets, but that that brings in politics as, well, geopolitics.

So everything’s linked to my friend.

Absolutely everything.


Health is linked to investment, politics, everything.

Everything is relevant and becoming more relevant in the present day.

So yeah, So hence that’s, that’s why we’re sort of here.

I’m unqualified to talk about anything, but I’ll have a go at talking about anything.

And if I don’t know, I’ll tell you.


I don’t know.

It’s all right.

I’m not a lawyer, buddy.

I’m not going to.


There are lawyers listening.

So freedom of speech to me, I think there’s two elements to this.

So there’s the element of self censorship.

So people know that if they put their head above the power pit, if they’re opinionated, if they have something to say.


There are activists and there are, you know, yeah, activists who will come out and attack them and complain about them, e-mail to the employers or whatever.

They will troll them on the Internet and social media.

They will leave comments, bad reviews by their company or whatever.


So you’re tracked just having an opinion.

Nowadays you will, you will just offend someone and and these people that you offend can be quite militant and quite vindictive and cruel and can then end up causing a lot of pain and misery.


And then there’s examples of that.

I think there’s someone called Kathleen Stock or something like that.

She was a lecturer and she was talking about transgender issues and she had to leave her job.

And there’s so many more people like that.

There’s just, you know, there’s so many people who’ve had an opinion and they get into trouble for that, lose their jobs or whatever.


And So what that does is it sends a warning to everyone else.

This is what happens if you speak your mind.

This is what’s going to happen to you.

And then there are policies that have come through like and initially, you know, like political correctness and this diversity, equality, inclusion, which is all fluffy, fluffy.


But basically what it says is you’re not allowed to say anything that will be deemed offensive to someone else.

But The thing is, what does that mean?

Anybody can then say I found that offensive.

The way you’re looking at me right now, Peter, I find offensive.

You’re hurting my feelings.


Sorry, Ahmed, I don’t have a filter.


It just gets to a point where like what the hell.

Like I I agree in in the principle of do no harm.

But when harm is equated as you’re hurting my feelings.

Yeah, we’ve we’ve lost the plot, I think.


We’ve totally lost the plot.

I’ll give you a quote from a well known commentator in the investment market.


It’s called Doomberg.

Bloomberg, it’s a play on doom and Bloomberg, which is the main data provider, it’s not particular, it’s not 100% relevant to what you just said, but you can adapt it, he said.

In the war between physics and platitudes, physics is undefeated.


Which, when you think about it, in the war between biology and platitudes, biology is undefeated.


I don’t want to go down the transgender debate.

I know nothing about it.

To me, it makes no sense.

And but, you know, if you think about that logic, at the end of the day, science, proper science dominates platitudes.


Nature dominates platitudes.

Whatever humanity thinks is right, the real world is going to counteract, I guess, at some point.

So yeah, so, so coming back to, sorry, this freedom of speech.


So you’ve got this cultural problem and now institutional problem, but then you’ve also got the media.

You’ve also got the government and their online safety bill and everything.

Wherever you look at it, wherever you look at it, the freedom of speech is being attacked.

Yeah, but it’s a Western world phenomenon.


No, but it’s a don’t.

I thought it’s Chinese, the Chinese and their social credit system and they censor everything.

Yeah, OK, yeah, that’s back to communism, isn’t it?

Or or dictatorships.

But it’s predominantly a Western world problem, yeah.

We’ve lost the fucking plot, basically.


You can.

You can spur in this one.


That’s your fracking.

That’s my yeah.

That’s your favorite?

Yeah, we’ve lost the fracking plot.

Yeah, but do we go so far that we now swing back the other way?

Because it’s some of these debates, if you like, that are now starting to go back the other way.


I do think the whole environmental social governance debate is starting to revert the other way because people are now starting to realize the costs of flawed science behind some of that.

So, but we don’t have freedom of speech, which was your original question.


There is no freedom of speech in this country to me.

I’m not on social media.

I’m a lurker on Twitter, but I never post.

Play and use it for research.

So I think you can avoid being a target.


Maybe that’s the coward’s way, but yeah, but I think we have, well, certainly in this country and in America we have very important elections approaching that I think people need to start expressing their opinions.


Hence me being on here, I guess.

And I do know other people who are now starting to speak out.

That small majority, that small minority of pre COVID Truthers if you like, is growing and most don’t know the answer, but they know something’s wrong.


And I do think my next note, which I do actually have the skeleton sort of stretched out already, I do go into what I think we can do.

So it leads on from the last note, which by the way, you’re quite welcome to put on your sub stack.


If if listeners want to read it, I’m perfectly happy for you to publish it.

Great, so they can see what we’re talking about.

I lead on from that.

And what can the average man on the street do without breaking the law, without getting completely cancelled?


Because I do think there’s some things we can do, but maybe we’ll get into that.

Yeah, in the fullness of this.

So you’re all about democracy.

And I liked it because the opening line is allegedly, Britain is a parliamentary democracy.

Yeah, I mean, I agree.



I mean, I’m sorry, but I used to, I used to believe that we had political parties and choice.

And I I’m really politically homeless.

I, you know, at one point in my life I supported Labour as a young student and I thought, Yep, you know, it’s all very nice and fluffy and kind.


Then I got to the point I was like, no, this game ridiculous.

You know, we need you need to be rewarded for your hard work and endeavors.

And actually, big government’s not a good thing.


Mean you started doing the taxpayer, start being a taxpayer.

And then I was like, no, I believe in conservatism.


But then I got really disappointed with name.

I looked at Liberal Democrats and I thought, they’re neither this or that.

And actually the one time they got into power, they betrayed their, you know, their promises.

For example, they introduced the student, you know, the fees.


Yeah, which I thought was unbelievable and and unforgivable.

And then at some point I was with the Brexit party, but then they really let me down because I feel like the Brexit party was just like a pied piper.

It fizzled out and sapped the energy of the nation.


They wanted Brexit and they didn’t.

They didn’t achieve it and they dropped the ball on that one.

And was that deliberate or not?

I just don’t know.

I mean, fundamentally, I’m libertarian.

I just don’t believe in government.

I don’t want to be governed like Ed Griffin said.

But the problem is I don’t believe we actually have these parties.


They’re just colour coding teams with the reality is the policies and all the interest groups behind are telling them all what to do.

Yeah, so you get this facade, this impression that you have choice and there is no choice.

Now if we don’t have freedom of speech, then that also means we do not have democracy.


What’s your stance on that?

Yeah, I mean, we don’t.

Democracy is an illusion in the UK today.

I mean, you’ve got the red team and the blue team, and the reality is it’s all purple.

The way I look at politics is we have those that are in and those that are out.


Those that are in will do anything and will spend any amount of money to stay in and they’ll tell any lies they have to to reserve to preserve their privilege of being MPs, cabinet ministers, whatever.


Those that are out will also do whatever they can to get in.

Now, I do think there are some very honest backbench MPs in parliament who aren’t compromised.

But I think the further up the greasy pole you get of politics, they’re not, they’re not true to their word of doing the right thing for their electorate.


And you only need to look at, I mean, the current leader of the country, the current Prime Minister, is not only not elected, he wasn’t even elected by his own.

Part his own party, In fact, he lost the election.


He came second in the leadership election.


Three months later he was Prime Minister and it was an obvious coup that got rid of Liz.

Trust agreed.

She had some faults, she had some good points, but she was booted out because she clearly speculation upset someone.


And the first chance they got to get rid of her, she was out after.

Was it 40 odd days there’s mentally?

Yeah, it’s ridiculous.

So we got a but basically what they were saying was this is our candidate.

We want Rishi Sunak and we will do whatever we can to get him in.

And if you don’t like him, tough, we will find some way of getting him in.


So is that democracy?

Or is that patronage?

And therefore who?

Who are his patrons?

Well, Oh yeah, the World Economic Forum.

Which is fine.

We all know that.

But then you look at the leader of the opposition who is equally as compromised.


He’s a member of the Trilateral Commission, which is a organization that represents the interests of big corporate power and elites.

So you’ve got sorry, just hold on.

And this is the the head of the Labour.


Sorry, so, so those of us who are listening in the rest of the world, not the UK, the Labour Party is like the Democrat Party.


They’re the party for for the people, for the working class, for the blue collar class.

They’re they’re for for for people who don’t have much money.

The leader of the Labour Party is what?


He’s a member of the Trilateral Commission.

He openly admitted he preferred being in Davos to being in Westminster, and that was months or two ago.


Now say what you will about the former leader of the Labour at least it’s honest.

It was true to his ideology.

I mean, he was an outright bloody Marxist.

But at least he was standing up for the workers.

Yet we so we now have two leaders who represent the Davos clique.


If you like cabal, call them a cabal.

And the poor bloody electorate electorate just get forgotten squashed.

So democracy is an illusion in this country.

We have no choice and we have an important election approaching.


So that’s where you said, you know, there’s an important election and we need to start asking questions and doing things.

Yeah, we’ve got important elections, but but Peter, it doesn’t make any difference.

Like, what do we do with these important elections?

Because who do I go and vote for?


I don’t want to vote for any of them.

What interests me, and I think this is correct, that is, spoiled ballots are counted.

So if we all turn up at the polling booth and spoil our ballots, isn’t it embarrassing if the highest scoring?


Candidate for someone in a region or for parliament is spoiled ballots 100%.

So I mean, unless there’s a very good independent in my election, I will vote because I think we should all vote and I will spoil my ballot.

And if we can get enough people to spoil their ballots, what legitimacy does Parliament have if that’s higher than, you know, the person who goes ultimately goes to Westminster to represent you.


So that’s one thing we can do.

What’s the best way to spoil a ballot?

Is there a particular way?

Is it like an X across that you have to do or something?

I think you actually, I don’t know, is the answer, but I think you have to write something like none of the above or none.

You actually have to make it obvious that you’ve spoiled the ballot.


You’re not, you’re not voting for anyone.

But I do know they are counted.

So yeah, maybe I’ll if we’ve got a constitutional lawyer listening, maybe they can give you the chapter and verse on that.

So there’s a number of ways of spoiling your ballot.


Actually putting a big X across it, the whole thing is one way of doing it.

So, and yeah, doing just doing a massive X across the whole ballot that that will be counted.

Yeah, so that’s that’s the state of democracy in the UK.


There is no choice.

They don’t represent our interests.

They represent the corporate elites, man.

Yeah, and I don’t think it’s any different states.

What do you think?

They’ve got an even more important election approaching because there are some interesting candidates.


Why is it even more important there?

Well, they lead the world.

You know.

They are the world’s superpower.

Ultimately, they set the tone for everything.

They provide the reserve currency to the world.

I think there are some interesting candidates.

None of them are perfect, but you never get a perfect representation of your views.


I mean, Trump is a known quantity.

Robert Kennedy junior don’t agree with everything he says, but he says some very interesting things.

I I can’t imagine he’s going to get the Democratic nomination, but he’s talking about standing as an independent, which splits the vote so they might have choice.


So we’ve just fast forwarded to the States and can we come back to the UK, come back.

We have three.

I’m aware of three parties who are setting up with a centre right agenda to counter the total left agenda we have at the moment and I would appeal to them to all pull together.


So you’ve got Reform, Reclaim and Heritage a three parties are setting up.

They are just splitting the vote.

They should all come together because they’ve got roughly the same agenda.

So I would say David from the Heritage Party is probably the most desirable leader.


He’s a man of integrity and honor.


I think the Reform Party I have concerns about.

They’re the Brexit party we branded.


I’m not.

Tice is a bit of a tough.


And he doesn’t have much of A charisma or personality and I don’t think the average person can relate to him, no.


And he uses the party as like, I don’t know.

A toy, a toy.

And if he was genuine about changing the country, you I think he would step down and let someone fresh come on board.

That’s my take.

But I think, what do you think of that?

If they all get one or 2% of the vote in anyone region you know that could be 6 or 7%.


If they all came together and stood one candidate in each each constituency 100%, I think they should all come together but but then I think there might be egos at play or, I don’t know, heaven.

Forbid or in politics.

I mean, Lawrence Fox has got the backing, which is Reclaim.


He’s also got the exposure, possibly for the wrong reasons.

It’s clearly they’re trying to take him down for recent events.

So I read an article by someone called Mary and I quite liked it actually.

She’s great, great writer and she talked about her, You know, is he, is he a real credible politician?


I I’ve spoken to Lawrence.

I think he’s a nice guy but he’s not very statesmanlike and but.

It’s back to my points of leadership, isn’t it?

And then like, yeah, so let’s talk about leadership next because I think what we’re lacking in this country are statesman and stateswoman.


Yeah, We need real leaders that care about this country, are passionate.

And you know what?

I don’t think there’s something wrong with being patriotic.

I don’t know if you know, just walked.

You just walked past the Union Jack flying.

There’s nothing wrong in being patriotic, but we don’t have politicians who are.


And it’s it’s almost like you’re racist now if you fly a flag and you say you’re proud of your country and you you love your country.

We need politicians who love their country and not Davos.

We need people who love the United Kingdom, not the WEF.

We need people who love the United States.


We need people who love Australia, not some ideology, not some corporation, not some other super national organization.

And and I think what’s wrong with being a nationalist, you know, there’s there’s nothing wrong with that.

What You love your country, You want the best for your country, you want the best for your people and your public.


What’s wrong with that?

No, it’s it’s it’s what?

How we should be.

Yeah, but it’s almost like a bad thing now.

Like you’re nationalist?

In in the state controlled media that are trying to preserve their interests.

Yeah, that’s the the whole.


I mean, they’ve done a good job here with tying up the media.

They’ve done that great.

Oh, you’ve got to admire what they’ve done.

So going back to Sorry, Mary’s article, she was arguing someone like Lawrence, who may or may not be controlled opposition.

The problem is he kind of gives our side a bad name.


It’s like, oh, look at him saying on TV, shag this and that and it’s just not very statesman.

Like you kind of think this isn’t a serious, credible character.

And it’s true.

And The thing is, Lawrence says so many good things and then you think, come on, just tone it down a bit and be a little bit more statesmanlike and you would get a lot more attention.


I think we’re lacking that statesmanlike character.

We people with integrity, people who don’t want to be in politics.

So again, coming back to, for example, one of the people leaders of the party, he clearly wants to be a leader of the part.


You know, we want people who are not like that, who are kicking and screaming, don’t get me into politics and we go, no, we think you’d be a really good person.

Come on, step up.

And it’s almost like sentence that they have to serve a duty.

Not because if you’ve listened to Ed Griffin, he’s like you can’t trust any politician.


They’re all there because they’re scammers and they’re there to make money and that’s where they go.

Did you hear that?

Yeah, I heard that.

I thought it was a fantastic interview.

Oh, and I read that book in the 90s because of my career, and I can’t believe you got him on.

Actually, I can’t believe it either.


And he’s a, I mean, God, he’s the most youthful, 90 year old, 90 plus.

I mean I’ve ever think I’ve ever heard in the scene.

I mean, he was unbelievable.

I had the pleasure of speaking to him for quite a while, affair, and he brought tears to my eyes.


And when he said you’re just like me, I was like, Oh my God, this is incredible.

That you need, that you strap line, you need a quote on the wall, Ed Griffin said.


Doc Malik, brother from a different mother.



Feel like you got the crusader gene just like me, son.

Yeah, And I was like, Oh my God, I can’t believe Ed Griffin is saying this.

So what we need, what you’re saying, something else touched on in the note, is we need a Churchill, a Thatcher, an Attlee.

Do they exist in this day and age?


And if they do, why would they put their head above the parapet?


I mean, there are, this nation has got fantastic people in the armed forces and whatever, but why would you do it?

To be savage, by the way?


Because it’s the system, isn’t it?

It’s not just the individuals who are corrupted, it’s the system corrupts them.

Yeah, I agree to that.

I mean.

If this country is going to change, you need a root and branch sort of change through politics.


It it needs to be that the problem we’ve got is there’s a drift, more of a Stampede recently to centralization and we need to sort of turn that around and wind it back and go become more decentralized, more local.

And I had lots of people have spoken about this on the airwaves.


But if we don’t stop it, we’re going to end up, I don’t know if we’re going to end up in a communist state or a fascist state.

And one book I would recommend is Simon Elmer’s book The Road to Fascism.

I don’t know if you’ve read that.

That is a fantastic.


I mean, he’s an architect who’s written a book about the drift to fascism, whether it doesn’t matter what label you put on it, it’s totalitarianism at the end of the.

Yeah, exactly, 100% it.

Doesn’t matter how you dress it up, yeah.

We’re going in the wrong direction.

How do we stop it?


How does society put the brake on the leadership?

So I think it’s really, really funny because people talk about right wing and left wing.

I think it’s just nonsense.

It’s just, yeah, it’s complete nonsense.

It means it’s ridiculous.

You know, what we’re seeing is this weird hybrid between socialism, stroke communism and corporate interests.


So you’ve got this Corp, which is, which is fascism and and and so whether you go right or left, you know it comes round and completes a cycle circle and it’s totalitarianism.

I mean it’s it’s collectivism versus individualism 100%.


That’s the that’s the divide.

We used to be very individual, responsible for our own actions and words, and now you can’t be.

It’s collectivist.

That’s it.

So we, you know, Ed Griffin talks about this.

JJ COO talks about this.

Joe Smalley talks about this, right?


And it’s everywhere you look.

I talk about it.

You know, this is the problem that we’ve got.

It’s like, forget the individual.

It’s all about the collective greater good.


And I can’t believe people are so have got such amnesia.

Everything that we saw, all these pole pots, all the Stalin murders, massacres, genocides, famines, Mao, whatever, Chairman, whatever Mount it was always for the greater good.


Yeah, the greater good.

I mean, I I.

You didn’t go to university, but you’d look at what’s taught in our education system today and it is of a collectivist mindset.

So until you change that, you don’t have to completely change it, but you need to bring bring perspective into it, that this is not the only way.


There are other ways of doing this that are proven to work in the past.

Because one thing we know about collectivism is, at the end of the day, it blows up.

It doesn’t work.

It goes too far.

You know, you’ve just mentioned a a a list of tyrants, ultimately who’ve destroyed more lives and more countries than individualism ever has.


Individualism tends to build, collectivism tends to destroy.

It’s you need for humanity to grow and develop.

You need incentives.

Humans need incentives, and I mean your experiences, you’ve related to me about the NHS.


That’s completely missing.

There is no accountability, There is no skin in the game.

Whereas if you look at the private sector, I mean, it’s not perfect, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the private sector tends to be about, you know, incentives, skin in the game, accountability.

The best people float to the surface.


So let me explain.

Like the private sector, so if you’re in the NHS, it’s very difficult to get rid of you.

And if you’re in the NHS, what I found was you had the wrong incentives, Then sentence or put your head down, stay quiet, do the bare minimum.


If you did a lot, if you’re very productive and very hard working, it was like, oh, you got so much done.

Can you do more?

So when I had an operating list and I didn’t ever, ever in my 10 years a consultant NHS or in eight years, nine years, whatever it was, I never sat in a coffee room.


I would be in theater, mopping the floor between cases.

Yes, a consultant.

I would be going as a Porter to collect the patients because there was no porters.

I would be fixing the lights, cleaning up, rearranging, putting the extra machine in so that I would get 6 to 8 operations done in a day and I would finish 1015 minutes early.


Despite being very productive, my peers, my colleagues would do half the number of cases.

They would be sitting in the coffee room.

And where did it get you?

Where it got me was I got pulled up and I was told they had to investigate because they found that I was leaving, finishing my list 10 to 15 minutes early regularly.


And I had a low junior manager come to me and say we’re doing an investigation to see why you’re finishing early.

I said how many operations did I do last year?

Something like 638.

How many did my colleague do?

300 something, I mean.

So I’ve done double what he’s done, and you’re worried about me finishing 1015 minutes early.



But we know he’s a slow surgeon.

I went, well, maybe I should sit in the coffee room and not help out between cases.

And my cases will go lower and I will make sure I clock off then at 5:30.


He didn’t know what to say.


I’ll say, comrade, you’ve got the wrong idea about this.


Yeah, so I actually had another senior consultant come up to me six months into my job.

I was running parallel lists and getting the waiting list.

And I kid you not.

This consultant, the senior consultant comes in and goes.

Ahmed, what are you doing?

This, you know, you’re here, you’re going to be consulted a long time.


You know, just slow down.

You know, one of you want to build up a big, big waiting list so you can hold leverage over the managers.

And then a lot of those patients will go to the private, private practice.

So your private practice will grow.

You know, you don’t, you don’t need to do this.

You don’t need to burn yourself out.


Just slow down.

I’m like, I’m not.

I’m, I’m just being productive.

I’m like, you know, you don’t stand.

This isn’t the way to do it.

Just trust me.

Just slow down.

South how do you?

Break that mentality because that’s the mentality we do not need across any service or industry in the UK.


How do we reverse that?

So I’ll tell you.

So the NHSI used to have this idea that was an amazing, fluffy organization, and it’s free at the point of care.

But the reality is not free.

It costs a lot of money, and we pay a lot of money every year out of our taxes.


OK, so it’s not free.

It’s a huge amount.


It’s 26% of the national tax takes something like that.

It’s ridiculous.


So if everybody knew, actually at your household you’re paying like 600 pound, 800 pound thousand, 3000 whatever premium you’d be like, oh wow.

Oh well, that’s a lot of money.

I’m getting shit service now when I think about it.



Why don’t I pay private health care premiums?



So it’s not the case that it’s it’s free.

But The thing is, there is no incentive to work harder.

If you work harder, you just get more work and it’s actually very difficult to sack you because it’s just you’ve got all these employment laws and rules and you have to go through policy meetings and so no one wants to do that.


So what you do is just do the bare minimum, drag your feet all the time, and you’ll be fine.

And So what happens is on a Saturday morning when I’m doing a trauma list and I’m meant to be starting that trauma list at half, 8:30 in the morning, I don’t get started till 10:30 when I’m meant to be finishing at 5:30.


The staff are telling me at 3:30 they’re not going to send for the last patient because they don’t want to overrun.

So as the 8:30 to 5:30, how many hours is that 459?

I’m operating from half 10 to half 3/5, right.

And then people wonder why cases get canceled.


And I mean, I could go into this big time.

So the NHS is not efficient and it’s a very wasteful.

You get consultants coming in to say, oh, we know how to make things more efficient, sack all these junior secretarial staff and, you know, use this system instead.


Six months later, after costing thousands of pounds, they they they figure out everything’s gone to shit, it doesn’t work.

And that small saving from those band 1-2 staff actually was negligible.

And they’re actually now costing them.

They get another set of consultants in and they go, oh, we’ve got a great idea, let’s get these people back in charge.


Thousands of pounds for that, and everything just goes back to where it was and nothing’s actually improved.

And I would guess, I don’t know because I’ve never worked in any parts of the government, but I would guess most of the civil service.

Most of the public sector is of a similar mindset, absolutely.


So the civil service I think is a big problem in this country because they’re not elected, they’re not accountable and they are going to do things that are in their best interest.

Now they may also find that if they do certain things, they’ll get directorship, they’ll get on on a company in in a few years time or you know, they, you know, shake hands and greet, you know, make things easier for the companies, Maybe they’ll be rewarded.


And we see that revolving doors even with our regulatory bodies.

Yeah, you know, you know, people who are meant to be regulating the companies, ha, suddenly become board directors of that company that they’re meant to be regulating.

But you’ve seen it with politicians as well.



I mean, Nick, Classic case.

Nick Clegg, head of PR at Facebook.


I know.

I mean, what’s what’s that all about?

What it?

I mean, should there not be a law, certainly a 10 year hiatus between, I mean, it’s just staggering.

I actually don’t blame these individuals for taking advantage.


It’s the system that allows them to do it is wrong.

It’s funny I’ve you say systems.

I was speaking to Mark Chengizi yesterday for the podcast and he’s this.

I don’t know what he is.

He’s a scientist he’s a clever guy and he was telling me, I mean there are people at the top that are culpable but it’s not just that simple.


People are culpable.

He talks about the herd mentality, the mob talks about the mob and and actually human beings are flawed and we’re part of the problem.

It seems like everything.

It seems like we’ve got a psychopath sociopath problem.

Yeah, you’ve got a problem with humanity.


Yeah, and we’ve got a problem with systems.

Yeah, should just tear it up and start, go back to the caves and rub some sticks together, but it’s not wrong.

But I mean.

So another thing I mentioned in the note is a book called The 4th Turning.


Yes, I’ve ordered that.

It’s a fab.

It is a fabulous read.

I’ve got it coming.

I’ve forgotten most of what’s in it.

It’s sort of 10 years ago, I read it, but it basically tracks the cycles of humanity, economics, politics, and it basically works.


Says roughly.

There’s an 80 year cycle, A4 generational cycle, and we’re at the worst point now.

It feels like it from me anyway, I.

Hope you don’t get any worse.

Can it get any more idiotic?

Can it really?



And I mean, that’s one of those comments I probably shouldn’t make, because we’ll probably walk out here and something else will have happened.

But yeah.

But the reality is, you know, there are parts of the world that have been through the 4th turning and they’re now on the sort of upward trajectory of the 1st and 2nd turning.


So the obvious example is Eastern Europe.

You know, they lived there. 50-60 year bear market, bad time, which was known as communism.

And now when you look at countries like Hungary with a strong leader, not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly not the cup of tea for the Western leaders.


I mean they hate him, but he’s doing the right thing for his people and they hold him to account and that country is, you know, improving rapidly.

You can look at a number of Asian nations now they have challenges of.

That maybe we don’t have in the West, but you know, they’re through some bad times.


So I I remember when we spoke on the phone, you said, oh God, you’ve your notes depressed me.

I actually think it’s actually quite optimistic that if we are at the peak of the fourth turning, yes, there’s probably another parliament of shit to go through, another five years of probably Starmer probably being dominated by Davos.


But I think we’re probably starting to look across the valley.

Towards the sunlit uplands.

Yeah, Peter, but I’m worried that it’s another 30 years of this well.

If the WEF crowd get their way, it’s because it’s the end of our lives to the end of our lives and beyond.


It’s our kids as well.

That’s what I’m trying to say.

So I, I, I I just feel like people need to have a heavy dose of reality that if if everyone, everyone doesn’t do something, you’re screwed.

We’re fracked, Yeah.

And you know, you talked about Eastern year, 50 years.


I mean, how long was the Soviet Union there for?

60 right 19 / 6019 Twenty something that had the Bolshevik Revolution to 1990198090.



So that’s 70 years, right?

70 years?

That’s a freaking long time, dude.

That’s a complete lifetime, yeah.


So what I’m trying to say is that 4th turning might be a very long turning.

Could be, but you can say it started.

They tend to be 20 years each turning, give or take.

This all started to go wrong with someone who my friend calls him the Unflushable Turd.


When Blair came into power, that was 97.

That’s when we started to go wrong.

There were problems before that, but that’s where things accelerated.

Do you think so?

I mean, like, if you look back, Fat Thatcher was kicked out in a coup.


Yeah, that was a coup.

Yeah, for sure.

She lost the plot at the end.

She did.

She became so autocratic.

I mean, that classic Spitting image sketch of I’ll have steak.

What about the vegetables?

Yeah, they’ll have steak too, as the cabinet was sat around her.


I mean, she just was an autocrat at the end, So she did.

She needed to go.


But she was a strong leader, you know, as the name implies, the Iron Lady.

She wasn’t popular with everyone, obviously.

But she did the right thing for the economy.


I mean, the economy boomed after that.

And of course, it’s the people who follow on who take the credit because she righted the ship.

I mean, how old are you?

I’m 48, so you probably don’t remember that you won’t remember the early 70s. 75 I was born in 75.

I mean that was the peak of when it was really bad, the three day week.


And I mean I remember that.



How did you?

I’m 54, so the oil embargo so vaguely.

Remember those when the lights went out at 3:00 in the afternoon?

That was it.

She she pretty much single handedly dragged this country up with great advisors as well.


But of course it was the follow on.

She rioted the country’s finances and then the people who followed on spoiled the legacy effectively.

I mean it was the the national debt doubled under Blair, but it’s doubled and doubled and doubled again since.


I mean it’s we’re now £2.45 trillion in debt.

So I think New Labour, New Labour was actually disastrous and they totally left what it meant to be Labour.

I mean, I really always wondered what happened.

What was that guy that died mysteriously with a heart attack?


John Smith?


Is it John Smith?

Was it John Smith?

I think John Smith or yeah, it was John Smith.

Yeah, funny, Quite a few of them just topped it Weird.

So, anyway, Tony Blair.

Tony Blair thought of that one.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s a good one.


He was not a bad character who’s he’s saying the right things.

But like Tony Blair wasn’t even a proper socialist.

He wasn’t even a conservative.

He was just all about profiting the corporations.


I mean, so when he started doing the PF is and the the the debt.

And, you know, our NHS was just sold off.

So many people don’t realize they should listen to the podcast I did with Doctor Bob Go.

So much of the NHS is privatized.


This idea that the NHS is owned by the government, the hospitals are now PFI, the transport logistics are private, the cleaners are private, securities private, the catering is private.

I mean, a lot of it’s but the ambulances are private.

They’ve just got this NHS logo on it.


But our assets have been sold off.

They’ve been stripped.

And so it’s really funny.

Yes, I’m libertarian, but I think if you’ve got a government it should or state it should, you know, if it wants to, it should then provide those services like basic utilities like water and gas and and so that was.


That and telephone just sold off.

And keep it really cheap and subsidized.

And, you know, I mean, look at Gaddafi’s Libya.

They don’t have to pay for anything.

There’s no income tax.

They all got a free house when they got married.



If you know you’re gonna have a state, do it like that.


Yeah, don’t do it where you go.

Oh, we’re pretending to have competition and free market when there is none.

You know, it’s nonsense.


I mean, we have a set of duopolies and monopolies today.

Yeah, that’s all.

And the minute you get monopoly power, you clearly abuse it.


Under the lie that this is free market capitalism, Yeah, there’s no, it’s not not.

Well, this is another point I make with capitalism.

Is a like, you know, like the trains, right?

There’s one train that runs on the track.

Like, I can’t if I want to go to Glasgow, it’s like there’s one company, It’s like I don’t have AI, don’t have a choice of five train companies, you know, So it’s this whole illusion that, you know, yeah, it’s private, but actually it’s still subsidized by the government, by taxpayers, and the profits go to shareholders rather than being reinvested into infrastructure and whatnot.


So it’s this really weird situation we’re in where we’re saying that we we’ve got privatization and free markets, when actually it’s not.


It’s monopolies, yeah.

And geopolies, yeah.

And I mean, you just go through all the industries, banking industry, how many banks do we have?


Four or five big banks and a few challenger banks which seem to get into trouble.

So yeah, there’s no competition in the UK economy today.


So recap at the highest level, yeah.

Now there is competition amongst sole traders and tradesmen and what?


So yeah.

So we’ve got no freedom of speech.

We’ve got no democracy.

We’ve got no leadership.

We don’t even have true capitalism.

Or you just need to look at the banks.

When they say that the banks are too big to fail.

I mean, what’s that all about?

Any other company, You know, So if I go out of business, is the government going to give me a bailout?



So let’s talk about rule of law.

Tell me about your thoughts on rule of law.

Rule of law?

Yeah, Where do we go with that one?

It’s the last three years of they’ve really pulled the curtain back on a number of things.


Now, allegedly, we’re all equal in the eyes of the law.

Unless you screw up.

We’re all equal in the eyes of the law.

And if you screw up, you obviously go into the, you know, legal process or whatever.

But it’s fascinating how different ideologies have been treated differently over the last three years.


So let’s look at Convid.

Allegedly this is a an airborne and I’m not a doctor.

I don’t understand medic medical matters at all.


That’s a good, good place to be.

Well, if you’re a doctor, that’s yeah.

Nowadays, not such a great thing.


So you’ve got this airborne virus that you’ve got to stay 6 feet apart, 2 meters apart.

Yeah, a single person’s out on a park bench.

You know he’s he’s bullied into going back into their house by, you know, the police.

Yet you can have mass protests on the streets of London that you know weren’t even they were assisted in in their, you know, it helped along.


We’re talking about Black Lives Matter and stuff.






What is the highest risk to society?

What’s the Super spreader event?

The person on their own or the hundreds of thousands or 10s of thousands of people on the streets of London.

Yet the law was applied very how could we put it arbitrarily between those two events?


And the only difference, well, one is an ideology that’s hit in with the, in with the government sort of ideas and one is just a single person who clearly can be bullied.

So if we haven’t got equality in the eyes of the law, the law is basically not our friend, is it?


It’s it’s something that is working against us.


And isn’t it just all about who’s got the deepest pocket potentially?


And I mean, you go, you look at something that really got my go was and it is, I think it’ll be looked backed on as the most significant financial event of this century, but it’s not being seen as that at the moment.


But, and what I’m talking about here is the sanctions on the Russian Central Bank assets.

Now not even the mid 20th century Germans had their central bank assets sanctioned during the Second World War.

They couldn’t get hold of them, but they got them back afterwards.


Whereas the US administration has seized the Russian central bank assets that were held in dollars and dollar debt.

And I think that was done, certainly done in this country without due process.

So if you were a friend of, you know, the tyrannical leader of Russia, you had your assets seized.


If you owned a football club, you lost it.

And I don’t think there was due process in that.

I think they were just taken.

It’s theft.

Ultimately it’s theft.

Yet London has always been.

You know, we had a number of despots flee to London with their I’ll gotten gains over the years and they’ve been left alone.


Oh yeah, but now A.

Lot of Pakistani leaders.

Yeah, billions.

Well, and Middle Eastern leaders.

And African, Yeah, they all come to the.

But you know why?

Protection of English law.

No, my friend, it’s a bit more than that.


They like racing their cars up and down Park Lane.

Who do you think helped them?

Presumably the Home Office and.

It’s their patrons, yeah.

They’re going back to their patrons, their patrons said.

We want you to be a corrupt leader.


We want you to allow us to rape your land and your and your wealth and your natural resources and turn a blind eye and keep your population under control and and your reward will be billions And if shit hits a fan in your home country, come to London, come and live in the Dorchester.


Come and live in the Dorchester, yeah.

But it’s all about makes sense.

But not if you’re Russian.

Yeah, no, not if you’re Russian.

Oh yeah, and and I’m sure.

The Russian leader is the wrong type of leader.

It’s not the leader that’s in their pocket.

No, no.

I mean, I don’t agree with most of what you said, I would think.


But he’s a strong leader.

He’s put that country back on his feet.

That country was a broken country.

It was a failed state in 1992 so.

It’s funny.

It’s funny.

I haven’t heard much from him where I’m like, that’s crazy.

I haven’t heard much from him.


But you almost have to do that disclaimer you said.

I don’t really agree with him.

Like, because if you say you grieve him, you’re like, oh, you’re Putin lover and then, you know, the whole attacks come.

But I’ll be honest with you, the few speeches I’ve heard him speak, I haven’t been able to.


I’m like, yeah, that’s like this guy sounds reasonable to me.

He loves his country.

He’s standing up to bullies and he’s trying to do what’s right for his nation and he’s been goaded into this Ukrainian situation.


And it doesn’t like he didn’t jump into it.


He sat on it for eight years.

Eight years.

He sat on it for eight years.

It’s not like this guy is like reckless.


And, you know, impetuous and rash.


So this idea that, you know, the cartoon character caricature that they portray here, that he’s this crazy despot, the new Hitler who wants to drive all the way down to Brussels with his tanks?


And his Green Man, that’s kind of bullshit.


Because he knows he couldn’t do it.


He knows his limitations.

He’s a.


He doesn’t want to.

He’s got the biggest country in the world with all these natural resources, and he’s got problems filling that country up, like with people.

He doesn’t need all of this crap.


And does he really?

I mean, does he really want all of our problems and our lifted lefty liberal woke?

No, I don’t.


Can he have them?

Can he come and sort them out?

But yeah, I mean, he’s a great leader.

I mean, you should not invade countries, but you can see how it’s happened.


You can see why it’s happened.

So I would.

I’m not.

I’m not Putin sympathizer.

I’m just saying you’re doing it now.

I’m doing it now, but what I would say is he said that these states, these provinces asked for assistance and then the first I think calling he said no and then the second call he said no.


And then then the third one that, you know, they did these referendum and they’re Russian ethnic people.

They voted, they were like, look we’ve claimed independence as is entitled in the UN Charter and we’re asking for your assistance and your help because we’re we’re being massacred here.


And then he was like, OK, so imagine like going out and and you know asking someone to go out with you three times and you’ve been rejected, rejected And that’s what he was like.

He was.

He wasn’t rushing into it.

So I mean they had in 2014, they had a democratically elected Russian friendly government which was overturned in a coup.


Cookies, the cookie coup.

So I think people forget Newland, the American state Secretary of State, who’s dishing out cookies.

So you know, it’s OK.

It’s like we’ve got double standards.

So when?

When we interfere in other people’s countries and elections.


And handout cookies and billions, billions to buy opposition and fund armed groups.

That’s in our interest and we’re we’re not actually interfering with politics.

We’re spreading democracy.

We’re spreading, We’re spreading.


Democracy spreading.

Democracy, that the democracy that we actually don’t have, don’t have yet, yeah.

The one that we don’t even have at home in the in in the Western world, we are we are spreading democracy.

In these other countries how look how good we are And then when people like Trump get into power and I I’m not even sure about Trump I don’t know if he’s controlled asset or not but you know let’s just take Trump.


You know Russia didn’t do anything but he got Russians were accused of collusion and election not to fearing and where’s evidence for this.

Where’s evidence There is no there is no evidence So they don’t do anything.

They don’t mess around with our elections but they get accused of that.



It’s the Upside Down world.

It’s the inverted.


It’s the inverted world.

Everything is inverted.

Everything, Yeah.

So how do we break the cycle of people believing what the BBC Channel 4 tell them?


Oh, that’s easy.

Everyone needs to listen to this podcast.

Everyone needs to be a paid subscriber and.

I’m going to plug it in now.

I was talking about this earlier, that of of the 30,000 listeners a week, I’ve got 1300 subscribers, of which about 200 order paid, of which about 75% are from the States, Canada and Australia and New Zealand.


God bless all of you guys, I love you so much.

But the Brits, the Brits, even though 6070% of my audience is British, they are a tiny minority of the picks.

So stop being tight.

So come on people.

Support almond.


He’s had some great guests on.

Some guests that other people don’t get on.

That has to be said, yeah.

Edward Griffin.

Case in point.

Yeah, the hell did you get him?

Can’t talk about, can’t talk about it.

So basically guys, be a paid subscriber.

Come on and spread the words.


OK, so going back to had, we went spread this podcast.

Share with your friends and family.

Get as many.

Tell your work colleagues.

Hey, did you did you have you heard about this?

You should listen to this podcast because the way we help people is.

Putting seeds in their heads and asking them to think about things and ask questions.


So don’t go to them with facts and figures and data and opinions.

Just raise a question.

Hey you heard of book Malik on a self podcast and the book that would help you with that plug another book is 180 Degrees.


A fantastic read.


Did you hear the podcast?

I heard the podcast.

Is it really?

Yeah, he’s brilliant.

Do you know he came here right?


He came and we had lunch, right?


I don’t know where he lives.

Is he local or is?

He I can’t talk about it.

I can’t talk.

So no, it’s a great book.

But he, I was honored.

He he suddenly rang me and said I’m going to be passing and I’d love to meet you.


I’ll say, oh, wow.

I thought you didn’t want to, like, show your face or anything.

But no, we met.

He’s a great guy.

Yeah, good, good human being.


So what you’ve just said, I mean, what you’ve basically just said about your podcast holds for society as well.

And I’m going to read you a quote, Edward Edmund Burke quote.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

So good men now need to start getting off their asses.

Yeah, saying, doing, spreading the word.

The trouble is, it’s difficult in the digital world.


There’s a whole load of podcasts out there worth listening to.

But how do we get a momentum behind change?

And I look back at history a lot, and it’s fascinating how the Renaissance revolutions in Europe all started when the printing press was invented.


The online safety bill can seriously affect the spread of podcasts.

But I do wonder if we need to go back to the written form, the printed form for spreading knowledge and and true opinions effectively.


Governments love putting their boards up for elections and what have you.

I’m wondering if we should be putting boards up, spreading the word, and I’ll show you off camera later.

I live in the north of England.


Some of the how can we put it, Viral advertising that’s appearing up north is quite interesting and I’ll show you a picture and maybe you can post it on the website later of of things that have started to appear.

So I think if people are interested in rescuing this country, reversing the inverted trend, I think we need to start sort of call to action. 100% and I think there’s, I think it’s a silent majority, Peter.


I don’t think it’s a minority.

I know, I think it’s a very bit, might still be a minority.


Well, only takes 3 1/2% of the population to cause revolution.

Yeah, yeah.

Is, is the the given number we’re in.

We’re definitely in the 20s or 30s now.



So what I’m trying to say is easily.

I think it’s more than that.

But like, the problem is a lot of these people don’t know what to do.

No, they’re angry at the TV, the radio.

I used to be like that.

I used to listen to LBC and it took me about six months to think, why am I listening to this?

I’m just shouting and angry at them.


They’re driving me nuts.

My blood pressure’s going up.

So, you know, if you’re if you are like that, if you’re watching the TV, if you, you know, I used to watch Newsnight or whatever, you know, BBC Question Time.

I can’t watch that.

I can’t.

But there was a time I did.


There’s a time I used to enjoy it and like oh this, you know, and I read the broadsheets and all that kind of stuff and sit there in my coffee and my croissant on Sunday and we feel I can’t do any of that now because all I see are lies, propaganda, yeah.

And and bullshit And for example, theatrics.

We’re going to have an open debate.


But what they do is they they make the confines of this debate here and they will, they will rattle around and talk about this, but they won’t talk about all the stuff outside.

We need to, I mean literally need to broaden the Overton window.

The Overton window is so narrow now on every subject.

So we’ll come to that in a second.


So if some people might know, not know what that means, you have to explain it.

So what I’m trying to say is all the people who are watching mainstream media the news and reading the stop that, stop being angry and channel that frustration.

And the way you do that is, you know, start getting together in groups and communities and networking.



You have to network and and stop funding the system.

So it’s our taxpayer money that paid for the vaccines.

It’s our taxpayer money that our our our pocket, that our money that pays for these media companies.

Don’t give them your money.

Don’t give them the advertising revenue.


Support the independence.

Support me.

Support all the other independence.

So go to independent providers.

Wherever it might be your butcher, your farmer, your journalist, you know, your independent journalist.

Wherever it is, go independent and decentralize.


Yeah, just.


Invert the inversion.

Yeah, so you know, I went to a bakery yesterday and there’s a sign going we do not accept cash anymore anymore.

And I and I had my cash in my pocket.

I was ready for it.

And I, you know, I wanted burgers and brioche buns that they make them really nice over there and umm.


She went, no, I’m sorry, the bosses.

I said, look, call the boss.

And I said, look, told the boss, all right, Because of this policy, you’ve lost eight years of business now.

I won’t be coming back.


Yeah, And he just looked at me.

I went, and I’m not the one and the only person.

And then there was a lady behind me.

She went, I agree.


And they both walked out.


And interestingly, the usage of cash last year went up 7%.


So people are.

Realizing now that was from a low base because I guess the year before was still locked down, COVID shenanigans.


But the trend is up and if we lose the ability to use cash, if we do accept central bank digital currencies, it’s all over.

That is the ultimate wet dream of the Orwellians.

Once they can control how and where you spend your money, you are a prisoner.


Simple as that.

So that has to be fought.

The digital IDs.

But you know the problem is there’ll be a some disaster.

Oh, it’s some crisis, they’ll say.

Oh, the stock market’s check crashed and there’s a massive bubble.

Everyone, we’ve brought out this new currency and you all get £1000 each.


They will.

They’ll gift it, Yeah.

They’ll be like and who’s going to say no to that?

No, no, 1000 pounds, yeah, £1000 credit.

That’s created out of thinner.

That’s created out of thin.


No hard work on into creating that money.


No, now like you can see the playbook.


Which is why people need to wake up now.

I mean I’m a bit I’m going to go into topic that I’m that I should probably shouldn’t.

I’m a.

Tropical, I’m off.

I’m recent events have maybe a bit sad about the reaction of human beings, and that’s about the Israeli Palestinian conflict.


And I’m saying this is someone who’s got Jewish friends, Muslim friends and used to be a Muslim, right?

So I know a little bit about both.

And I’m telling you right now, I love them all.

I love the Jews.

I love the Israelis, I love the Palestinians.

I love Arabs.

I love Muslims.


I love good people.

Good people.

Unfortunately, in every society there’s this bad people as well.

That’s fact.

There is no group of people who do not have bad people, but there is also no group of people where most people aren’t actually good.

That’s fact.

Yeah, but one violent act doesn’t justify another violent act on a group of innocent good people.


It’s just that they’re caught in this spiral of violence.


And The thing is, and and also people need to understand they’re not homogeneous.

No, all Israelis are not the same.

No Jews, Jewish people.

There are different viewpoints.

All Arabs are different.

Christians and Muslims and Jews, all Muslims are different.


Oh God.

People in Gaza are different.

Oh, Gaza.

People in Gaza don’t support Hamas for example.

So this.

But but the human reaction has really upset me where you’ve seen this crisis and there’s been all this mob like.

The polarization.



Behind the cause and they’re not thinking, are we being played?


Are we being manipulated?



Justification for reaction and withdrawal of liberty?


Yeah, and I’ll be on both sides.

So it’s Project FEAR.

Project FEAR.

So and we had that in 9-11.


And I I fell for that.


I was like 911.

Oh my God.

My team at that time, I was still innocent.

My team has let me down off of.

So I joined the the reserves as a captain in the TA.


You know captain Malik.

So you know I really felt my team let me down and there was actually a bunch of squaddies who were like, you need to wake up me.

You need to look into Building 7 and and we’re actually a mercenary force and I was like what they they shattered my world view.


Your illusion, Yeah.

Bunch of squaddies told me this.

And then the second time I fell for it was COVID.

And this is when I thought I was awake.

I thought I was awake.

But you know what For about for a few weeks, you know, I fell for the whole COVID bullshit.

I’m not falling for it this time around.


And and I’m really sad to see that a lot of people seem to have fallen for that base human reaction, anger, fear.

But what is the characteristic of the people who don’t fall for it?

There’s this these characteristics here because 911 I I mean I was working on an investment floor in the city and I mean God, it was horrendous, but it didn’t take long to think.


I don’t know what’s happened there, but it doesn’t smell right and we were talking probably weeks.

COVID was pretty obvious upfront.

That it it just didn’t seem right and I don’t know what it is in maybe my character.


I think not going to university helps You haven’t been you’re indoctrination finished early.

I just don’t know what it is.

But the you know you speak to tradesmen.

I’m involved in the building industry and you speak to tradesmen and most of them didn’t fall for it.


So what is it about certain characters?

A lot of ethnic minorities didn’t fall, yeah.

Probably because they they certainly pushed back hard against the vaccines because they probably got family that have seen the damage in maybe Africa or or the Indian subcontinent or whatever that’s been done with vaccines.


I mean it COVID was certainly as soon as.

I mean it was when I started listening.

John Ian Edis was an eye opener, which was within a week or two of it starting.

And it wasn’t the fact that he came out with it being an IFR of .15.


It was the way you got cancelled for saying it.

And then there were people like Ivor Cummings.

Don’t know if you’ve ever spoken to Ivor Cummings.

I mean he, he’s a numbers guy.

It just didn’t smell right.

And then obviously, but there are still people now.


So I saw people in the shop this morning masked up.


So I I’ve got an answer to that.

So it’s multifactor as always.

So a lot of people from ethnic minorities have, have escaped tyrannical states.

Yeah, authoritarian states.


They’ve seen the playbook.

So take for example, people from Eastern European countries.

They were also smelling the bullshit.

Yeah, they were like rejecting it and like, what is this bullshit?

We’ve seen this, we’ve seen this before, this playbook.

So I think if you’ve come from or your parents told you about authoritarian States and blah blah blah, you kind of were kind of ready and kind of saw and smelt the coffee.


And I think you’re right, A lot of people from African countries and Indian countries where people from the West have common experimented on them.

They know this is this is BS and they and they have a, they just have a a healthy level of suspicion when it comes to the state.


And I think that’s also the working class.

They’ve been put down and treated badly and unfairly and and they know, they know, you know, the state’s not their friend.

Someone said to me something else, he said.

It’s really funny that the people with very high Iqs were the ones that fell for it, but the ones with the Iqs had very low Eqs.



Quotient Fairpoint and so.

Because if you’ve got a high empathy quotient, you wouldn’t want to treat your fellow man like this fellow man and woman.

You won’t do that.

So the people with high Eqs could see the BS and are the ones speaking out.


And to this day, working hard and trying to fight this, they’ve got true, real empathy.

Yeah, the people with the high Iqs have low Eqs.

So have no empathy and have no that.

Makes perfect sense.

And they pretend they’ve got empathy.

They they they do the virtue signaling.


They put the the Ukraine flag on their bio.


The lowest form of doing good.

The laziest form of doing good.

Oh, look at me up.

If you look how good I am.

Yeah, I I stand by.


I bang my pot and pan.

I bang my.


Yeah, I saved.


I saved the NHS.

So if 30% of the population’s awake, they can’t get away with it again.

Because The thing is, once you, once you see this, you don’t Unsee it.

Yeah, yeah.

You just start digging, you start asking questions.


And when you start asking questions, you realize everything is questionable 100%.

And therefore, you know, to round this circle of conversation, that Israeli Gaza situation last weekend doesn’t smell right, Right.


I don’t know anything about that area.

Yeah, me know.

Other than maybe what you see on Twitter or whatever, but it is something that.

Doesn’t smell right about that.

So go back to Iraq war, right?

I remember the Gulf War.

I remember babies were being thrown out of the incubators.

Yeah, that was the story.



Guess what?

Not true.


No, didn’t happen and.

I think I’m right in saying that Saddam Hussein was invited by the Americans.

No, he was.

To invade Kuwait?

No, no, he got the nod.

He got the nod.

Yeah, not invited.

That’s too strong.


No, he got the nod.

Yeah, the nod was, you know, they reached out and said, you know, by the way, we’ve got this dispute with Kuwait about the oil and you know, we’re not happy with them and.

We’re thinking and they’re like, yeah, yeah, no problem.

They were.

They were backed by America against Iran.

Sorry, America were backing both sides of someone in war.


That’s never happened before, is it?

So, so, so they’ve, you know, Iraq’s just come out of this brutal Iraq, Iran war, which they they did on the behest and backing of America, and they were given chemical weapons and everything from America and they’re fighting Iran.

They’ve been America’s best friend for like, decades.


And then suddenly and suddenly, they were turned on and oh, surprise, surprise, I mean the same happened to Gaddafi.

You know, but Gaddafi made this the fatal mistake, he threatened.

The US dollar hurt in Germany?


We’ll talk about Libya in a second.

But going back to Israel and Gaza, so freaking sad.


You know what?

What happens?

Like say say it is a false.

Like I don’t know if it is or not.

I don’t know if it is or not.

I’m just saying say it is what what have I believe that 911 was a false flag. 9/11 was not the real deal.

Look at you, you’re like, you’re like 100% you’re like, yeah, no, no, 911 was definitely the flag, right?


So the idea of a false flag is not preposterous.

No, you know those those Muslim terrorists didn’t bomb 911 and drop it, right?

That that intact, pristine passport.

It’s just.

I saw that you’re laughing.

That one is laughing.

If anyone hasn’t heard, you should listen to my 9/11 podcast with Richard Gage.


It’s it’s a cracker, right?

And I’m not even sure if his theory is correct or not, but whatever it is, planes didn’t bring those terrors down and they certainly didn’t bring down 7 Building 7 and vested interests were there.

And what happened after 911?

The War on Terror, the 20 year War on Terror, and the invasion of multiple countries.



And profit was made by many, many different people, OK?

So that’s the question.

You go out.

That’s a false flag.

Like who benefits?

Who profits?

Q Bono Q bono, right.

Who benefits?

No, right?

So false flags happen.


It’s not a conspiracy.



Now I’m just saying theoretically, let’s put it out that this is a false flag, you know?

Q Bono, Q bono.

Who benefits?

Hamas might benefit.

Netanyahu, who was on the ropes, suddenly is a wartime president.

He benefits the military industrial complex benefits the army, gets more money and everything the the population is in Israel is locked down.


Now in wartime mode, there goes your freedoms, the the palate.

The Hamas is entrenched even more.

If there was any, you know, rivalry, any factions in Gaza that wanted to question Hamas, they can’t.

It’s just.

Peace seems to have been being brokered by the Chinese in the Middle East.


Well, is that now?



You know, the Saudis were allegedly talking to the Israelis about recognizing each other’s diplomatic missions or whatever.

It’s probably gone there, so I’m just saying and and what we’ve found as well is when it comes to false flags, the state will happily sacrifice their own people.


Without doubt, without doubt.

Vietnam War.

Gopher Tonkin incident.

We know that was, well, that’s known.

That’s proven to.

That’s known.

False flag.

So 100%, Yeah.

So I’m just saying, theoretically, I’m just saying after COVID, after 9-11, we should be asking questions like how the hell when for years a pigeon couldn’t even get to the boundary and the border and this iron ring fence was around Gaza?


How did they get over that?

Yeah, how did they get hundreds of people with tractor just marching through?

Like, seriously, how right?

Doesn’t smell right.

It ain’t smelling right if it.

If it looks like a duck, quack like a duck.

Poops like a duck.

It might be a duck.


It might be a duck.

Yeah, I totally agree with you.

Just like, it makes me sad something’s not right.

And it’s really sad that now thousands of people are going to be injured and killed on both sides.

It’s thousands already, isn’t it?


I mean it’s this will escalate we’ve seen.


We’ve seen the playbook.

I mean, these people are so similar.

They eat the same food, they look the same.

They’ve got funny names, like the same names, the same language, like it’s similar.

It’s basically they’re like cousins.

They are cousins.

I think I’m right in saying about 1/3 of the population of Israel is Arab, Something like that.


They could live in peace and harmony.

And you know, I think it’s wrong to say the state of Israel should not exist.

I mean, that’s just BS now.

I mean what they all meant to do, I mean maybe incorporate the Gaza and Palestine and make it just one country don’t have like an apartheid state anymore.


Because you know, then when they say there’s going to be a two state solution, that means that this moment time there’s not, there’s one and that means Gaza and what’s left of the West Bank are under Israel’s control.

And if they are, they’re not treated as equal citizens.


And so that’s apartheid.

So should someone else take them on the three state solution?

Well, Egypt takes on Gaza.

Jordan takes on the West Bank.

I don’t know.

I mean, they wouldn’t want to do it, they would not want to do it, but at least then it’s.

But maybe they should be state.


Maybe they should be offered.

Do you want to join Israel?

Be Israelis and be, and you will be offered equal rights.

But then one else.

If my interpretation of Hamas is correct, that’s a tyrannical dictatorship anyway, because they got elected in 2006, I think.


But this is not a conspiracy theory.

Do you know this is true?

You know, Hamas was supported by the Israeli state to counter Hezbollah.

No, Oh no.

Palestinian liberal liberality.

And I’ll tell you why.

Go on.

So the PLO was a secular organization?



Yeah, Jews.



Melting pot.

Muslims, Druze, atheists.


It was nothing about religion.

Yeah, it was about Arabs, Palestinians wanting to have the state a homeland, right.

And they were reasonable people.


Problem is, they’re reasonable people.

Yeah, can’t have that.

Can’t have that.

But what you can what what would be the best opposition?

Ultimate boogeyman?

Muslim fundamentalists.

So guess what?

Let’s destroy the PLO and install a bunch of nutjob Muslim fundamentalists.


A lot of work bar they’re all shouting every opportunity.

Who get elected and then assassinate the political opposition 100%.

So these aren’t nice people.

These are raving Lenny people.

But who supported them?

The Israeli state, buddy.

So Israeli state read CIA.


So I’m just saying it’s a lot more murky and dirty than you think.

And and to just think that everyone who lives in Gaza is a Hamas supporter is wrong.

Because guess what?

Just like everybody in this country, they’re probably think I better keep my head down.

Because actually, if I put my head above the power bit, I’m going to get up around in my head, you know, literally.


So this is, it’s so complicated.

It’s unbelievable.

All I know, though, is all I know for fact is that there there are people out there who are profiting from this misery.

And that makes me sad.

But these are these monopolies, Duopolies we spoke about earlier.


Yeah, they buy influence, corrupt their way to the power that they’ve got.

So let’s talk about Libya.

So Libya, I watched that shit show and it was so freaking depressing, so that I found that Libya was the most advanced country in Africa.


Yeah, I had free education, free healthcare, free water.

No income tax.

Guys, listening, are you listening?

No income tax.

And I think they had.

That the country as a whole was in credit.

They didn’t run deficits, No.


And they were in credit to the World Bank for about 150 billion bucks.

I think, yeah.

So they had.

Well managed economically, well managed economically, massive gold reserves.

They also had this thing like wait, like John Lewis where at the end of the year the profits, they would share that amongst the citizens.


So everyone got a stipend end.

It was like, oh, guess what?

We were in profit this year.

Everybody gets a bonus.

Everyone who got married got a free home, free home.

If you wanted to go abroad and and study in the nasty United States of America, great.

We’ll pay for everything.


We’ll pay for your college education, everything.

Yeah, just think about that.

That’s that.

That’s the kind of state that that was.

Not to like what not to like.

Well managed oil revenues, Yeah, but guess what it was labeled He was a he was a dictator.

Which was not true.

He he he had, he’s, he stood back.


He was just a figurehead like the queen is or the king is like saying King Charles runs the country.

No, no.

He had local decentralized.

I don’t know if you know, but yeah.

Vaguely, it was all decentralized, every like village and town.

Had had their own assembly and their own committee and ran everything.


And then representatives from that committee would then go to the central assembly like once a year or twice a year and whatever.

But all the decisions were made locally.

It’s all local, tribal, village, whatever.

Are you saying they decentralized?

They descend.

They descend and it worked, yeah.

And then we were told again by the media that Gaddafi was attacking his own people.


Guess what?

We were funding Muslim fundamentalists in CERT, and they were attacking people and state.

And when the state, what?

What would you do if you ran that country?

No, you’d push back.

You’d put you’d send in the troops and go, Hey, what the hell is going on here?


So you’ve got civil war on your hands.

Yeah, you you so.

But no, it’s not civil war when the party funded by external.

You have the illusion.

You have an illusion of.

A civil war and then the West goes, oh look, he’s attacking his own people.

These people he’s attacking are innocent people.


Not fundamentalists, not mass murdering fanatics.

No, no, they’re innocent civilians.

This justifies us to go in and attack them with NATO.

Yeah, we’ve seen this story before.

We’ll see it again.


And now tell me if your country was wrecked and trashed and bombed and your economies, you know, just decimated and there’s no rule of law, would you not want to run away from that country?

Of course you would.

And then if that.

Especially if you’re a young, probably male, yeah.


Which is exactly what’s happening now.

And that’s kind of scary though, the number of people in hostels and yeah, but what are they all doing?

I don’t know.

Good question.

How many are here?

Don’t know, some people are a bit worried about it.


What are their backgrounds?

What are their backgrounds?


Are they members of these militant Muslim fundamentalists?

And did you vote for it?

I didn’t vote for it, No.

Did you vote for it?


So what are we doing?

Do we have a border force?


Why is it when I come into the country I get asked if I have another name and and asked like why I’m coming and I’m like, I’m British, I was born here, yeah, and I have to show a passport.


And if I don’t have a passport, I can’t get in, can’t get in, and all of these people are just having are like literally invited in.

Good question.

We’ve got an election coming.

Ask your MP Ah when he’s on the hustings, stood up in the local marketplace as if ask him OK, I’ll get taken away by the police.


Probably We’ll all be in the gulag together.

It’ll be fun.

Oh man, Someone reached out to me recently and said I’m in Canada.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to listen to your podcast anymore.

They’ve passed.

That law.

But what has happened to Canada?


What happened to Australia?

Chinada, Australia, Australia.

Trina Austrina.

What happened to these countries?

I mean, they they lost that plot.


I knew you were going to say that.

I was going to say they fracking lost the.


Yeah, well, I’m trying to be polite.


I’m in public.

You can say fracking, Yeah, you’re where fracking comes from, Battlestar Galactica.

Is it?


See, fracking, something we should be doing where?

Over our natural gas reserves, if you’re asking me.

But that’s another don’t get me started on energy.

No, I had had Alex Creole talk about the energy crisis.


Yeah, I don’t know, you probably didn’t hear that podcast, But there’s a bit smart meters and everything.

And the reason why they’re introducing it is because.

They can control your consumption of electrics.

Yeah, they go.

Oh energy’s dipped the wind the the wind power isn’t there you know and this inefficient expensive wind power that actually you need elements rear elements and you need to rape the the land to produce and it’s energy negative and it guess why it profits a lot of big corporations to build them yeah and but it’s BS.


And it’s intermittent and it’s intimate.


Wind doesn’t blow all the time.

The sun doesn’t show.

Yeah, no, it’s just the answer.

So what they’re going to do is put smart meters in all appliances and go You don’t need, you can’t run your washing machine now.

No, the answer is uranium is nuclear.

That’s the answer.

I thought you said Iranian?


Uranium, right?

That’s sort of the rain.

We need Hezbollah.

We need the not Hezbollah.

We need the Ayatollah.

We need the ayatollahs.

No, exactly.

We need uranium.

What did our friend Nick Clegg say in 2012?

What is we can’t invest in nuclear energy?

We won’t get a payback for 10 years.


And when did the energy crisis hit 2022?

Thanks, Nick.


Thanks, Nick.

You enjoy California, Nick.

On two and a half million bucks a year we’ll we’ll have no energy.

I mean, we saw massive natural reserves of energy.


Yeah, I know in the North Sea as well.

Still do you know that most of our gas comes from the North Sea.

So we were told all our energy prices have gone up because of Russia.

Big, bad Russia.

All our gas comes from Norway, yeah?

Or our own?

No, no, no, no, no.

All off Immingham.


And yeah, very little comes from abroad, by the way.

I was speaking somewhere.


We get a bit from Norway, a little bit, yeah.

So basically all the energy price increase, Well, actually it was inflation has got nothing to do with Putin.

It was got to do with furlough and all the COVID money that was splashed around.


And people forget the quantitative easing following the financial crisis in 2008.

Q, 1Q2 Q.

You remember, let’s just print my left.


I lift it, but the you didn’t get consumer price inflation from QE.

You got asset price inflation because the money was pumped into the financial system, but the minute you pump money into the consumers pocket, you get retail price inflation.


Yeah, so everyone who enjoyed furlough, the price of furlough is your inflation.

Now everybody did.

I was so disappointed with my colleagues.

So I didn’t have furlough because I’m self-employed, full time private.

OK, I I think I, I wasn’t allowed to furlough.


So I was sitting here earning nothing, eating into my savings to pay my bills and the mortgage didn’t have a salary to draw from.

I don’t work in the NHS and my colleagues, I was like, oh dude, what’s it like in the hospital?

Are you doing, are you doing ICU worker?

And literally laughter like, what are you talking about?


I was like are you guys not overrun?

Like, dude, I’m, I don’t know if you remember 2020.

We had an amazing long summer.


I’m having a BBQ.

We’re at we’re at home.

We all the lists are cancelled.

All the clinics are cancelled.

I’m on full pay.


It’s a dream.

I heard this time and time again and what I was thinking and I would be like, what about And I said this, I said what about all your patients, all the, all the waiting lists?

Like I was like, what the hell you talking about?


Who cares?

And I was like, people are suffering, people need surgery.

What about them?

But don’t worry, we’ve got an inquiry ongoing that’s looking at all this.

Oh yeah, I know the outcome of that inquiry.

It’s already written.


No one’s to blame.

Not that it’s more than that.

The COVID inquiry will be no one’s to blame.

But we should definitely lock down Faster or harder.






And take out vaccines faster.


And and and and mandate them and inject every single freaking person a million times, including their cat and dog.

And fly and hamster and Guinea pig.

So what’s going to be the reaction from the general public this time around?

I think a lot of people will be like, yes, please, thank you so much.


But a lot is how many?

I don’t know, I think.

I think.

I think a lot of people are now smelling the coffee and thinking.

Everyone knows that everyone knows someone who is.

Sadly died suddenly.

Had a stroke.


Had a heart attack.

You’re just being conspiratorial.


No, I’m being serious.

Do you actually seriously know anyone who’s had an adverse reaction from the vaccines?

Yeah, loads.

What do you mean by that?

I’ve got family who’ve now got heart conditions.

One of my best mates had a heart attack, very fit cyclist.


I mean, these things could have happened anyway, but surely we need an inquiry to look into it.

Let me think so.

What do you think of this then SO.

I’ve all six people who’ve got heart conditions now, so I’ve had the same thing, right?

I’ve said this several times in the podcast, but not everyone’s listened to all my podcasts.


There are 60 plus, so I get that.

But let me just recap.

So I I was seeing a lot of people with adverse reactions.

I’d literally just, I was at like a duck pond here in where I live and and this guy had a red hot leg and I said, man, I think you’ve got blood clot your leg.


You’ve been flying or doing anything, right?

No, I had the shot.

A few weeks later, I got this massive blood clot.

I had patients with turbo cancer.

People were like disease free for 10 years.

And suddenly within like 3 months, yeah, they’re dead.

And I was at their funeral.


I had people like really weird neurological conditions.


Like I was suddenly referring.

My top referral was like to a neurologist.

Yeah, like, I don’t.

I don’t normally refer to neurologists.

Yeah, and I was like, what the hell is going on here?

I had a neurologist say to me as I as we were swapping clinic rooms, I was coming in and he was leaving because I was.


I heard things.

He was like, oh God, really busy, Great.

I mean, private practice is booming.

I was like, Oh yeah, that’s.

A great thing.

Yeah, I was.

Why is it booming?

Oh, it’s just so much weird and wonderful neurology.

Never seen anything like it.

Like proper textbook kind of stuff coming out.

Can’t people join that doll?


No, no, no, listen gets worse, I said.

What’s driving it, COVID?

The vaccines.

Oh, oh, I said.


What the vaccines.

And he goes, and then he goes because he know I stood up about this on the mandates.

He goes, you were right.


And he’s getting all the stuff in his bag and everything.

And I was like, and he’s getting back to me, oh, you’re not going to say anything.

And he went exactly that response.

And he walks out the room.

We have one politician in parliament who said anything.


I mean, thank God he has as well and he’s now got his debate.

Which is 20th, 21st, something like that of October.

But we know what happens.

That’ll be empty.

No one will listen, but you know what happened?

Do you know what happened when I did a video?

Just when you said we need to investigate, it reminded me.


So I did it.

The reason why this podcast is here now is like, I don’t want this.

I don’t want to be public profiles.

I just want to fix broken ankles and go on with my life and look after my family.

And I was working 2 1/2, three days a week, right?

That was my job.

Very simple life.


I wanted to exercise, be fit, be healthy, all that kind of stuff.

And you’ve seen me, You know it’s humble, right?

I’m not extravagant.

I’m not a Flash guy, right?

So in December, I posted a video saying we need to investigate.

I’m seeing a lot of harms.

I’m hearing a lot of harms, and no one wants to talk about it.


But we’ve had this biggest experiment ever on humanity.

Surely we need to just stop and say what’s going on now.

And that’s me raising a patient safety issue.


All right.

You would think I’d get applauded for that.

You would think in a normal world, but, oh, well done, Ahmed.


Oh, this is a good point.


We’re we’re seeing things too.


And what happened?

You got cancelled.

Yeah, you know that’s when I was told, take down your video, don’t tweet on this subject matter.

Stick to your scope of practice, IE fixing bunions.


And I’m like and this is one of the common things that people like to attack me on.

Oh, hearsay as a fit surgeon, like as if that’s going to insult me.

Yeah, I’m a great foot anchor surgeon.

Come up with a better freaking insult than that.

So I was like you.

So you telling me to go against the GMC guidelines 23 and 24 that say you should talk about patient safety issues and everything, they have an answer to that they didn’t respond to?


That there is no answer, is it?


They just said, they just said we revert to original e-mail.

So I said, well, I’ll take that as tacit approval that I’ll continue speaking up.

And I thought, you know what, instead of tweeting once every blue moon, I’m going to go for mental.


So I started tweeting like a little bird 10 times a day.

Suddenly, from about 1000 followers, I’ve now got 133 exact opposite reaction.

They wanted me to be quiet, but then I thought I could get censored and deep platform of I need to spread this message and knowledge.


I need to inform and educate people.

Oh, you know what?

I’ll start podcast.

I’ll be my little hobby on the side.

I’ve got time.

I’ll do that.

And that’s this is all landed me in hot, hot water.

Coming back to what we start off with freedom of speech.

Talking about what you’re saying.

Surely we should be investigating this and look when you do that in this inverted world you get punished and what are all my colleagues thinking?


Ha, glad I stayed quiet.

Look what’s happening to Ahmed Malik.

I don’t want that happening to me.

See how it self perpetuates.

But what I would say is, do you know what if I knew in December now what I know now?

I would not have done anything different.

But you have a conscience.


So what does that mean about all my colleagues?

Well, clearly they other things are more important than GMC guideline.

Was it 23 and 24 client safety, patient safety, what does it say?

I mean the implication is obvious is that I can’t believe.


Something this big they get away with.

Something this big, Maybe they do, but in the fullness of time, and I wish it’d bloody hurry up, this has to come out.

I mean, look at have you had Ed Dowdon?

His book is amazing.


The work they’ve carried on doing, I’ve had it is amazing.

I know he he is amazing.

Yeah, I mean he his job is was exactly the same as mine.

He comes from same background as me and.

He’s right.

You can’t argue with the data.


The numbers do not lie, yet being ignored, So why are my colleagues telling me to stay out of trouble and stay quiet?

Well they like their 2 1/2 day week big salary, easy lifestyle I guess, don’t they?


Do you think I make them feel bad?

Do you think in a deep, oh clearly lower down deep level they feel ashamed and embarrassed that when you they don’t have the courage to speak up?

It’s like World War 2 bomber pilots.

When you take that amount of Flack, you know you’re over the target.

So the truth is hurting.


They know they screwed up.

That’s me speculating, but it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

You know what really got me upset was I wasn’t an anti vaxxer.

I still am not a anti vaxxer.

I just don’t believe in the product.


I don’t think they’re safe.

I don’t think they’re effective.

I don’t think they’ve been properly studied and trialled.

You get me a vaccine that’s gone for proper rigorous studies, long term data and the products inside them are not weird and wonderful toxic elements and you tell me this is going to be really solid evidence.


I’ll, I’ll take it.

I I I’ve yet to see that though.

OK, but I didn’t start off in this position that I’m in.

I start when I saw the hard sell.

When when people are being told you can’t work, you can’t travel, you will be treated.


You’re an idiot.

You’re misogynist.

You’re racist if you don’t take the shot.

That’s a hard sell.

You don’t need a hard sell if it’s a good product.

But by the time they did that, you could already see the numbers there was known.

Most of the population did not need to take the risk 100%, right?


So this is the thing.

There’s a hard sell for a product that you don’t need, don’t need.

So what’s that?

What’s that all about?

I’ll back my immunity.

I did back my natural immunity.

So you know what I say I heart immunity.

Yeah, it’s like seriously?


So the hard sell and the lack of informed consent and and mandates mandates got me really, really upset and I thought doctors would be up in arms.


That’s completely the opposite to informed consent and medical ethics.



Forcing people to take a product.

A health intervention.

Did we not learn anything from the Second World War and the Nuremberg Code?


They breached every single strategy part of the there were 10 recommendations from Nuremberg, weren’t they?

They breached every single one.

I can’t remember what they are, but I know they breached every single one.


Do you know what every medical, every medical school needs to teach the Nuremberg Code and medical ethics?

Because clearly, something’s lacking.

A lot’s lacking.

The biggest thing that’s lacking is common sense.

Did we need that product and back to what we said a while ago?


Q Bonnie.

So that goes.

That is a question, you know.

But the question is, why is this happening?

Why this deliberate destruction of our civilization, Western civilization?

Because, look, the reality is my, my parents came to the West looking for a better future and a better world to raise their family.


And they saw something.

They saw something in the West.

And like many immigrants, they were hard working that generation.

They contributed to society, they integrated, and they were prouder.

I think they’re even that generation is prouder to be like for example, British and American than the people are already here.


It’s like it’s kind of bizarre, you know, they’re more flat flag waving than the people who were born here.

After several generations, like what’s what’s happened here?


So there was something beautiful about the West.

We had freedom.

We had freedom of speech, freedom of press.

We had that, you know, at least the idea that our politicians weren’t that corrupt and they were trying to do something noble.


Maybe that was just.

Maybe when they came?

No, I think maybe that was just an illusion.

No, I think when they came, when did they come 60s?

It was that was probably correct.

More correct than it is now.

What’s happened now?

What’s happened where our economies are being trashed, our liberties are being trashed, our freedoms, every institution is being so corrupted and disease written.


So is it a grand conspiracy or is it a confluence of?

Bad actors, minor conspiracies, and just the end of fall of Rome.

Yeah, the height of decadence.

The end of the Empire, Yeah.


I mean, I’d let’s say saying that I don’t, I don’t know.


I just don’t know.

I mean, I think the next note I’m writing, I’ve sort of laid it out.

I’ve got it on the computer.

I think I look at this and I’ve sort of isolated 13 different types of people who’ve come together to ’cause this and run through them if you want.

There’s definitely a mouth using element to this.


And we know Malthus was wrong 300 years ago.

He’s not right now.

But they were Malthusians at play.

There’s definitely what I call the one world government.

Zealots are acting to try and get their way.

There’s we’ve covered them already.

The ideological communists or fascists.


They’re trying to get their way.

There’s the plain corrupts who profit from anything, anything that goes wrong.

There’s grifters.

Just pure.

I mean, they’re pretty much the same as apparently I’m a grifter.

Yeah, you are.

I can see that.



Shit one.

Yeah, there’s the financially and there’s the morally compromised.

There’s definitely a lot of people.

Yeah, I think.

And especially high up, there’s the delusional with the God complex, there’s people who think they are really sent to, you know, improve humanity, monopolists we’ve covered.


You mentioned psychopaths and sociopaths.

Definitely a lot of those knocking about.

There’s also narcissists in power.

In fact, I think you’ve got to be a narcissist.

I think, I think the narcissists are the rung below.

So the sociopaths, psychopaths, they’re the 1%.

They know how to feed off humanity’s weaknesses.


And the narcissists are like, great.

And when they get dangled, oh, you’ll get famous and rich.

The narcissists are like, great.

Give it me.

Give it to me.

There’s the fear mongers.

These cowards.

And there’s the worst of all the experts.

Everyone’s an expert these days and there’s one or two people that tick every one of those boxes.


They have the whole lot, and the unflushable turd is one of them.

So yeah, I don’t.

I don’t think there’s a grand conspiracy, but there’s definitely conspiracies that have come together.

I don’t think there’s a grand conspiracy.

I think there are definitely multiple other conspiracies.


Oh yeah, definitely smaller ones and multifactorial.

Yeah, invested interests.

And it’s all come together.



And the worst, most public example of it is the Davos crowd.

They that is the worst bit.

So I think you know what, what can we do?


Move on to what we can do.

I don’t think our politicians should be allowed to be members of organizations that are not representing the the their constituents, interests and essentially what our secret organizations got.

A lot of the things are done behind closed doors, you know, umm, what’s the other one?



Builder Very great, yeah.

If like I think it’s very simple in life, if you if you have to keep a secret, that’s it’s not healthy, that’s not.


Good if you’re not good for society.

Yeah, if you’re having to keep something a secret that that can’t be a good thing that you’re keeping.


And do you remember if you go back to the probably the nineties, 80s and 90s in the City?

I don’t know if you ever went into the City, but there was a thing called the London International Financial Futures Exchange.

Dude, I was in Glasgow.

Glasgow I was.

Like I was in, I was a little kid.

But if you were, if you were a trader on the open outcry markets like life, you had to wear a jacket that was your sponsors jacket right?


I think politicians should wear their sponsors logos. 100% So we know doctors, Yeah, we know who’s funding.

Them doctors.

Yeah, yeah, maybe everyone in public facing jobs should You should declare openly, visibly, who you’re actually working for.


Mind you, probably.

I mean, some of them wouldn’t have enough room for all their backers with their logos on their jackets.

But yeah, we need an awakening, and I think we’re on the way to it.

I just don’t know how long it’s going to take.

Anyway, you you also talked about access to information.

Knowledge is power.


Yeah, that’s the podcast.

This is why I’m doing it.


I want to inform and then educate as many people as possible.

And that because knowledge is power.

If they know, they know, then that will make them choose and make the right decisions moving forward.

Yeah, I mean there were two, two things going back to sort of my old career.


The knowledge is power thing we’ve seen develop in the last 30 years, the most powerful arbiter of knowledge, which is the Internet.

Everyone pretty much on the planet has access to the Internet now.


So everyone has the knowledge.

And you look at the impact of the printing press in the 17th, 15th, 16th, 17th century that effectively usurped the power of the Catholic Church at the time they lost most of their power.

Well, the Internet is similar to that today.


People have knowledge and therefore they threaten the installed power.

The other thing which is a bit off the wall.

But I guess a lot of your listenership will know about this.

If you control the money, you control the world A. 100% Bitcoin threatens that Bitcoin.


The supply of Bitcoin cannot be altered.

No one controls it.

It’s completely decentralized and therefore it is a threat to show our base.

Have you got Bitcoin?

I couldn’t possibly coin, yes.

I mean, I’ve had it for a long time.


Long time.

So everyone listening, you can now pay me Bitcoin.

You’re not having my bloody Bitcoin?

It’s on.

It’s on my.

Not even a tiny bit.

It’s a typical type Brit.

Yeah, no, but I bought you coffees.


You can have my Fiat.

You’re not having a Bitcoin, Having my Bitcoin.

So anybody who wants to give me a tiny Bitcoin or buy me a coffee, you can go to my website.

So I need to thank Jack Cruz, Doctor Jack Cruz, a neurosurgeon who had had a great podcast with who basically said you’ll never talk to me ever again and never take me seriously if I never bought Bitcoin.


So I bought like $20 a Bitcoin, right?

And then Swaranjet Singh is a radiologist was also pushing me to buy Bitcoin.

And my brother-in-law, so I’ve got a tiny, tiny little amounts.

It’s so tiny it’s ridiculous.


It’s not investment advice, but it’s an asymmetric trade.

The downside is it goes to 0, so you lose 100% of your money.

The upside is completely unlimited if this thing works.

So you’ve got this inverted asymmetric trade, so it clearly that’s what you look for as an investor.


Asymmetric trades limited downside, which in this case is 100%, so you don’t want too much of it.

But if it works, you just want some.

So talking to Ed Griffin, he was telling me about, you know, this book that we’ve read as well.

The creature from Jekyll Island, So it sounds fantastical, but Jekyll Island’s a real island, yeah, states.


I mean, when I first came across it like this Jekyll and Hyde creature where they all met.


And the creature is the Federal Reserve.


Where these bankers all put together and created a cabal.

Yeah, which is known as the Federal Reserve, which isn’t federal.

It’s not owned by the government and it’s not a reserve.


They’ve got no reserve.

And they print money out of nothing.


And and and they profit from that initial splurge of money at the expense of everyone else who pays for it for inflation.

So we all are just slaves.

We’re debt slaves.

And and I think you’re right, I think, you know, Bitcoin is a big thing.


I mean, but what about things like gold and other hard assets?

Are they, are they rubbish Or you know, I think you want the problem with gold.

You want to own physical gold, The actual coin or bar.

If you’re lucky enough to own one, you’ve then got storage problems, insurance problems?


Where do you keep it?

Safety problems.

Bitcoin is digital gold.

Effectively, once you’ve got your keys and you do need to own your own keys, hold your own keys to the algorithm.

You heard?

Have you ever heard of Cephadine, the Bitcoin?

Cephadine and Moose?


Yeah, the Bitcoin Standard.

It’s brilliant book.

He’s coming on my podcast next week.

Got another Another God on your podcast.

You get these people.

He’s very technical.

You should get Pete Mccormackle, who’s a more retail focused guy, lives not far away.


He’s really good.

I got a lot to thank.

Pete Mccormackle, great, but he, yeah, I mean I think you want in an inflationary world, you want assets that can’t be created out of thin air.

OK, so I think this is a good place now to like start winding up our podcast because it’s almost two hours.



You’re smart guy, you’re retired, early, successful trader, so you clearly you know, got lucky.

Got lucky?


But right place, right time and the right headset, you know the right skills.

It’s not all about luck, It’s a bit luck, but also the other skill sets.


But how do you work the luckier you get?

Yeah, exactly, exactly.

So you know, what advice would you give to people now like moving forward?

And this isn’t my question that I ask in the end, right?

This isn’t the on the deathbed question, I’m just saying.

Tangible How do people protect themselves?


How do they protect their wealth, Their freedom?

Like what do they do?

Well, to protect your wealth, which is kind of my wheelhouse.

You’d want real assets.

You want commodities, certain equities.

What does that I mean, mate?

Seriously, I’m really that simple.

Like, what do you mean by commodities?


Maybe that’s a whole nother.

Keep it, I know, but like you want simple.

Like you want to own physical assets effectively.

That sounds daft to say shares in a company or a physical asset, but just go with me on that one.

So you want to own assets that are going to appreciate at or above the rate of inflation?


Like what?

Like gold.

Like Bitcoin.

Certain shares in certain companies, Not all industries are going to do well going forward.

Some industries are going to do fantastically well.


The trouble is the UK property market is so skewed there’s such a massive supply demand imbalance that UK property is very expensive.


But I would encourage people.

Farmland property is probably not a bad thing to own in the long run.

You don’t want to own debt securities, so bonds because they are going to be inflated away.

OK, So what about someone like me who’s still got a mortgage and is barely making ends meet?


What do they do?

Work harder.

Make their podcast more successful?

Get your income up?


And whittle away that that mortgage, that mortgage will whittle itself away via inflation, ultimately.

Now, it takes a long time.


And I mean, you own a fantastic house in a lovely area and you shouldn’t view your primary residence as an investment, but everyone does because you’ve got to live somewhere.

But yeah, just keep up your debt payments.

Whatever you do, keep up your debt payments.


Don’t become a bad creditor and live within your means.

Live within your means.

The trouble is we’ve had 40 years of a disinflationary trend, so inflation was getting less and less and less over 40 years.


And that has changed.

The environment now for students of history is a lot more like the 70s, a lot more like the 70s.

So look at what works in history at similar economic.


So I I think staying out of debt is a good thing.


So apart from my mortgage I don’t have any debts.

But what happens if you’re a young kid and you need to go to university and suddenly you’re you’re facing £80,000 in debt?

Why do you need to go to university?

So that’s so this is funny because my parents were.

Of the belief that I need to study, I need to go university, get educated, become a professional.


Yeah, I will probably be telling my kids the opposite.

They don’t need to go to university and just become indoctrinated.

So this is one of the things that when I was a kid, the top, I think it was 12 percent, 15% went to university and were paid for and they did proper degrees, serious degrees.


Now everyone goes as a society.

Can we support that?

Can we afford that?

Is the need for everyone to go.

It’s amazing how you can find a physiologist, A psychologist or whatever on every street corner.

You can’t find a plumber.

Yeah, right.


And supply and demand comes into play here.

Do you know even that’s the case with nurses?

I was, you know, in AI operate like once a month.


And then and it’s in in this hospital that I’m still allowed to work and for, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to work there.

But anyway, I did two operations yesterday and I was.


Really sad because most of the team wasn’t who I regularly work with and even the one that I was working with was like, oh, I might be leaving soon.

I was like, what’s happening?

Where is everywhere?

Why so hard?

It’s just really difficult to find staff.

And I’m like how like admin, they’ve lost.


Admin staff, They’ve lost.

Where are these people going?


Are they all?

We’re the scrub nurses.


Where are what?

I don’t stand what?

Why can’t we find staff?

I mean I don’t know the dynamics of your part of the industry, your part of the economy.

I mean I know in the building trade we’ve we’ve struggled for staff but that’s you can put that down to HS2.


You know, the answer she gave me.

The answer she gave me was a promise.

People aren’t going into nursing, but it’s too expensive.


And I had Debbie Evans on my podcast.

Yeah, she’s very good.

Yeah, And she was talking about how, you know, they were paid.

They were paid to go to nursing school.

Now it’s the opposite, opposite.


You need to pay to go to nursing, to get a massive debt and then get paid peanuts and then it’s like, what the hell.

So should we?

Should more people do vocational studies?


And the creme de la creme go to university paid for.


Yeah, I think what happened is the biggest problem that I think we have found is that we’ve had this financial like, no, it’s the wrong word, financialized economy.

Financialized No.

No financialized education system.

It’s massive now.

It’s so education is big money.


Education is big business.

I’ll tell you now, I the first time I ever set foot in a university was last year, when I was taking my eldest around looking at the different universities, I was staggered.

I mean, we went around a dozen universities looking at them, the money that’s been spent on these institutions.


This is what I’m talking about.

He’s unbelievable.

The facility, I mean great, the facilities are fantastic, but this is, we afford it.

But this is what I’m talking about.

So you’ve got these fantastic buildings, shiny buildings, and do you think these people are getting paid like a rubbish salary if you put all that management level?


And so we’ve we’ve, we’ve got this.

Financialization of education, big business, you’ve got an explosion in in management, OK.

And you’ve got an explosion in public sector workers and and then you’ve got this dwindling tax base of the producers, the people who actually do and make things, OK.


And so you’re you’re, you’re basically, it’s just not sustainable.


But it can be sustained for a lot longer.

I’m not saying it’s right.

Yeah, but we are nowhere near as bad as France and they’re still going in France.

I think I’m right in saying the public sector accounts for 55% of GDP.


So it’s over half of the output of the whole economy.

So that means 45% of the workforce are supporting the whole economy.

This is what I’m talking and in this country it’s in the 40s, it’s not over the 50.

Are you sure?


No, it’s not over the 50 threshold.


So I spoke to someone and and the way they said it was, it’s concealed because yeah, maybe.

Because you have these contractors.

Well, maybe.



Are independent smoking mirrors, but they’re getting paid by for for state projects.


Yeah that that.

Yeah, I think if you look at it that way, you may maybe and actually it on a look through basis.

So when you drill through it and actually look at the fact that most of the.

The work construction and everything, it’s actually over 50% in this country as well.

Honestly, I was speaking to someone, I can’t remember who it was, but and we really talked about it and it and it was, yeah, it was very convincing.


So that becomes unsustainable.

It’s not.

This is what I mean.

It’s not sustainable.

You’ve got the minority even in this country supporting the majority and and that’s why, as someone you’ll find if if anyone listening is from a middle class.

Things just are very difficult.



And the middle class gets squeezed.

And again, some people say it’s conspiratorial, but the the middle class have got everything to lose.

They don’t, They don’t depend on the state.

If you get rid of them, like once you get down to working class people into benefits and they’re dependent on the state, yeah, they don’t want people who are not dependent on the state.


They want everyone to be dependent on the state so they can force through the CBDC’s put the great reset through.


So then you’ve got this Pleb mass of, you know, plebs and peasants, basically modern day peasants.

And at the top this tiny little overlords, A clique, clique cabal.


It’s not.

We need to fight this.

If this doesn’t scare the shit out of people, I don’t know.

They need to be like, they need to be invigorated.

They need to be have some fuel fire in their belly.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


Edmund Burke.

So what are you doing?

You’re coming on podcasts.

You’re going public on air, showing your face.

That’s a big deal, is it?

Yeah, What else are you doing?

What else are you doing to fight back?


Trying to spread the word.

I mean, we had a bit of a networking dinner last night.

It was a bit of an echo chamber, but certainly someone learned quite a lot.

I think this election is key.

I’m not running for parliament, so don’t go down that Ave.


I’m not suitable to run for Parliament, but I think there are people out there who are and they will get my support.

One day I thought I once I thought I would and I was like, oh, just like I wanted to be headed the RTP department.

I’m going to instill change and help.

I don’t really know.


I just feel like I don’t really admire many politicians.

No, I think The thing is, I think you need term limits on politicians and I think you need a minimum and a maximum age, and I think I’m too close to the maximum age I would.

Politicians should be between 40 and 60 and have achieved something.


I disagree.

Do you?

So look at Ed Griffin.

Oh yeah, yeah, he is the exception.

I don’t think there should be age limits.

It’s competence, competency limits.

Yeah, they should have achieved something.

Quality limits, virtue limits.

So you need to have character, experience, skills, success, honesty, you know, patriotism.


You need to qualify on all those fronts.

Frankly, if you’re 80 or 35, I don’t care.

America’s Got an 80 year old president.

I know, but he doesn’t qualify.

He’s cognitively not there.

OK, so he’s not there.

He doesn’t that scare you?


Yes, he’s running that show.

What I find crazy is that other people don’t ask that question.

Other people don’t look at him and go what?

Who’s really calling the shots?

They go, what a great president.

Thank God we got Biden and not Trump.


See, This is why these elections coming up are going to be really interesting because I think the alternative media, if we can call it that, dominate.

He’s, he’s beginning to dominate the mainstream media now.

So you’ve got the likes of Rogan in America, he is pointing that.

Out temple, Temple, people like that, yeah, they are all pointing it out.


So the American people are aware.

Well, you can’t not be aware when he goes off on one of his rants or whatever, but.

Shakes hands with people who aren’t there but but so I think This is why the next elections are going to be interesting.


The alternative media is definitely gaining momentum, becoming more popular.

But they’ll just rig the the votes like they did last time.

Well, they’ll rig the Internet, they’ll turn you off.


Turn you off?

Why is Russell Bram been taken down?

Look at Facebook.

I mean, is he really taken down?


Maybe his handlers didn’t like what you were saying.


He’s still in Rumble and he’s making a lot of money, I think.

Well done Rumble, actually.

Congratulations to Rumble for standing their ground so far when others didn’t.

Only one tech company.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, right.


Listen, tell.


Now you’re on the deathbed.

You’re 158.

You’ve lived.

You’ve lived a good, long life, healthy life.

Yeah, You’re better to meet your maker.

What advice would you give your children and your grandchildren?


I think we’ve hinted out on the way through.

I mean, I would certainly.

The two questions you ask yourself are Why am I reading or hearing this and and why am I reading or hearing this now?

So ask questions.

One of my favourite quotes is.


From a disgraced athlete, actually Lance Armstrong, before it became evident he was disgraced, he said.

Attitude is everything now.

Clearly in his case there was a bit more going on than just the attitude, but I do think.

The sentiments of that are right, Positive mental attitude, work ethic.


You won’t go far wrong.

And don’t be don’t be scared to fail.

I mean, I’ve had some horrific failures in my life.

You’ve just got to get over.

Them and bounce back.

Amen, 100% this.

This ain’t no dress rehearsal as far as we know now.

So try.


Try again.


Love it.

Nice answers by the way.

Oh, good.


I hope you thought about them.

Not really.

I knew it was coming and I thought last night I was thinking, what am I going to say?

And then I reach for a bottle of Reds, everyone.


I really hope you enjoyed this conversation with Peter.

Larry, I don’t know.

Do you have any do you want them to follow you on social media?

I’m not on social media.

So that’s it.

They’re just you’re just you’re just a nobody.

I’m a nobody.

I’m a.

Sovereign individual it’s.

Sovereign Nobody.

I will be writing more stuff.


I will send it to Ahmed and you.


You’re quite welcome to put on your sub stack.

Yeah, try and earn something off it, Yeah.

OK, On that note all you type Brits.

Listening to my podcast, Listening and enjoying.

Come on.

Cough up bloody hell man. £3.50 is not very much for this amazing podcast.


Isn’t amazing podcast, it’s brilliant.


This is a great setup and you deserve to succeed.

We we need a Joe Rogan in this country.

Well, that’s that’s high phrase.

I got the haircut.

So £3.50 is the bare minimum.


You can actually set your own founder rate hint hint.

I just need to thank all the Yanks and Americans out there.

I love you so much.

I mean, you’re the biggest proportion of supporters, even though you’re a minority of listeners.

Really appreciate you guys as well as the Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders.


And God bless you all and everyone else, thank you so much.

And go to my website, subscribe to the sub stack and you can buy me a coffee.

I love that.

Actually, I should mention I’ve given up coffee.



Amanda Vollmer on my podcast and she said you should stop coughing and see what happens.

So I’m.

I’m now five days coffee free.

I went for the worst side effects.

I mean, Oh my God, are you on the uptrend now or are you still low?

I I don’t know.

I don’t know, but oh God, I thought I was dying at one point.


Stop it.

I missed I was like, what is going on?

What is happening to me but?

No, I feel good.

I feel good.


That can’t be had.

The worst headaches are spinning and dizzy and lightheaded.

It was awful, So she told me.

This before we sat down in here for two hours.

I mean no, but I feel like goodness.


Five days.

I’ve been coffee free, but that doesn’t mean you don’t buy.

Me a coffee, buy me a coffee, buy me a coffee machine, buy me sacks fills of coffee and yeah, God bless you all.

Love you all.

Bye, bye.