Francis O’Neill On Yellow Boards And More

Francis O’Neill is one of a number of people who have taken to the streets in this era of censorship to raise awareness of the ever-increasing threats to our safety and freedom. He has become known as the spokesman for the Yellow Boards group and appears in locations across London to share information placards that challenge official narratives.

Francis is an artist and writer who ran an information outreach stall known as ‘the gazebo’ in Oxford from April 2020 that became a hub of resistance to the lockdown measures.

Francis was forced out of his Oxford studio workplace where he taught, for noncompliance with COVID restrictions and moved to London in 2022.

We met in a meeting last year and hit it off straight away. This is the first time we have got together since that fateful night.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ahmad (00:01.203)
things. So right now the cameras are me, cameras are you. Anyway, listen, we’re recording now, buddy. So no swinging like a kid. Because you were swinging like a kid earlier. I’m trying to keep myself still. I’m trying not to move a digit. Dude, you look like a naughty kid now. I feel like a naughty kid.

Ahmad (00:20.122)
But then I always feel like a naughty kid, so it’s not really much different. Yeah, I also think it’s important to stay a kid as you get older. Like, you know, don’t forget what it’s like to be a kid. Don’t forget the wonder of life and, you know, the inquisitive mind. Don’t take anything for granted. Question everything. Children question everything. Like, you don’t have children yet, but trust me, we like my two year old, my four year old and six year old, all they ever do is bloody ask me questions. And some of them are quite difficult to answer. Daddy, why can’t I marry my sister?

What’d you say to that? Because your offspring will be deformed. I’m trying so hard to keep still here. I’m trying to think like a kid and have all the wonder of life, but without moving. And look, just rock, just let everybody see what you want to do. What do you want to do? Come on, just do it, just do it. A little bit, a little bit. A little bit of swinging. Just like this. Right, Francis O’Neill, Francis O’Neill. When did we actually meet? I don’t remember. You don’t remember? It was a together declaration. It was obviously not.

It was very memorable. You’re sitting to my left. I said something and you nodded like a crazy person. And then I looked at you and I nodded like a crazy person. I can tell you, I remember it very well. But what day was it? What year? It was, what year are we now? 2023? So it was 2022. I had not long come to London. Someone had sort of volunteered me to get involved with Together or some declaration. And I…

went down to a talk with Jay Bhattacharya and Asim Malhotra. Yes. And I was sitting to the side of the stage. Yes. This guy comes in late and sits a couple of seats to my right. That’s you, that would be you. But they were empty. Yeah, they were empty. There was a gap between us, because you didn’t want to sit too close to me, because that would have been a bit uncomfortable. Yeah, can you imagine like there’s four seats and you’re sitting on one and this guy comes and sits right next to you. No, no, no. It was, yeah. You used them.

decent social etiquette and sat a couple of seats or one seat away from me or something. But that wasn’t what drew my attention to you. It was because then we listened to all this nonsense about how it was incompetent and how people were, we just listened to them. What was incompetence? Let’s have the audience in on what we were actually talking. The talk that we were listening to was about the lockdowns and the vaccinations to the best of my recollection. It’s on YouTube, people can probably watch it and find it.

Ahmad (02:45.618)
And they were, every point at which I would probably have said, well, that was a conspiracy or that was intentional or that doesn’t make sense. They were sort of mollifying it and saying the opposite and sort of making excuses for the actions that had been taken that were completely over the top. And even like you say immoral and lacking in informed consent, they’ve introduced this medical measure en masse to the population without any risk.

assessment or actually without any actual real life knowledge of what this lockdown measure is going to do or these vaccine measures are going to do. They’ve imposed it on people without informed consent. So every part of it is immoral and illegal, no matter which way you look at it. Yeah. And they’re all making excuses for it on the stage and not addressing the elephants in the room, which were the vaccines at the stage. Cause remember a woman was very angry at the end about that. I mean, we were. So then I’m sitting there listening to it and every time they were saying something that I disagreed with, I’m like, why is this?

Why aren’t you stressing it properly? But obviously it’s the talking, there’s people listening. So you’re not like, I didn’t start heckling, right? You’re too polite for that. But we were, I was doing the old harumph, you know, like sitting in a chair, but also- You’re so English. Right, but you were there next to me, a couple of just seats along, doing the same. And every time I was thinking, that’s bollocks.

It was this guy and I could feel you. I could feel you. The size and the breath and the frustration was the same as mine. Come on, come on. My energy, I was bristling. So like, I don’t know if you can feel, I can feel energy, right? You’ve got a lovely energy about you. And my energy, I was like a prickly hedgehog. I was like shards of like frustration were coming off of me and I feel it. Even now, I remember. Right, so that I could feel you. What the frack? I could feel you.

I could feel you just a couple of seats. And every time I was going, what is this? I could feel this guy thinking, what is this next to me? And so I was thinking, yeah, he’s one of me, he’s like me. This guy’s like me, that’ll do. And I didn’t know who you were. I had no idea. Like, I’d not, I mean, and actually when, so at the end then, the other thing that I, this is why I got to know you, or just we spoke, is that you were the first guy to get on the mic at the end of that talk. And you said, and I thought, oh, he said that really well.

Ahmad (05:00.142)
Because you got up and you said, I’m not just here to give you compliments. This is like, if I didn’t like you, I would tell you. Dude, I love compliments. I love compliments. I need my ego being boosted. Yeah, you should be more secure. Right. So you got up and you said something and you worded it. And I thought, I didn’t know how to word it because I was out been up there going, what are you doing? What is it like? I’m being a bit kind of this is great. But you said you got up and you said, I remember this line. You said, I think you’re being way too generous.

That’s how you say these things to these kind of people. Like, and then, and then, so you were on the mic first when it went, as in when the public were allowed to ask questions and then. Do you remember how quickly they got it off me? They didn’t want me to really go on. Well then I book ended it. So when the public finished asking questions, I asked the last question. I got hold of the mic and said it last. And so, and so we both made that point. And then actually when the talk ended and they stopped recording.

there was a little bit of shouting from the woman talking about the vaccines and how they were, how these talkers, the speakers, um, Jay Bhattacharya and Asimol Hotra were not saying what they, what needed to be said, you know, they weren’t addressing the elephant in the room basically. And that, that elephant continues not to be addressed in many ways, I would say. So my issue just for the listeners was that you had these great guests, the panel on up there and you know,

We’re at this point where we really want to call out the bullshit, right? We want to say this is all bullshit. This massive violation of medical ethics, like you’ve just pointed out, informed consent, bodily autonomy, it was a horrible time, horrible. I mean, many of us are suffering from PTSD following that, the threat of mandates and everything. It was just horrible, horrible time. And you’re right, it just sounded like these guys were letting the culprits off the hook.

They were just giving them a pass, a get out of jail pass, and it was like, oh, it’s just all glorious incompetence, it’s well-intentioned, and you know, this is what happens when people are trying their best, la la. And I was like, bullshit. You know, if this is incompetence, this is the finest, grandest example, most competent form of incompetence I’ve ever seen. It’s not. You know, this is definitely being engineered.

Ahmad (07:23.41)
Yes, there might be some willful blindness and yes, there might be some people who, you know, didn’t really know what they’re doing and made mistakes. I accept that. But I also have to believe that some people knew what was involved and lit the match and set the wheels in motion. I mean, they are so competent that people still think it’s incompetent.

That’s basically what it is. It’s like that. The competence is on such a high level. And the other thing you’ve got to remember is that, or we’ve got to look at is how, if you were incompetent, would you always fail in the direction of totalitarianism? Yeah, right. How would the failures always end up in the restrictions of the freedom of the individual? Yeah. How would it always end up in like the biggest wealth transfer? So I was going to say something different, but actually that’s what happened from 2020 onwards. There was a…

the biggest wealth transfer that they’ve recorded. So it’s kind of coincidental that all this incompetence always leads one way. It never, oh, we made a mistake and now you’re all, your living standards are better. Or the food’s cheaper in the shops now. I like that one. Oh, we made a mistake. You’re all much better off now. Or the tax got lowered, you know, or we put, you know, we, we put, we, we exited the fiat money scam, you know,

It’s always, it’s always in the same direction. Oh, we’ve got this, we just made a mistake and now we’ve got like the digital ID and you’re in a digital prison and there’s surveillance everywhere and there’s checkpoints on all the streets and your movements monitored and we’ve got drones in the sky watching you take a walk in the Derbyshire Hills. You know, it’s just incompetence. And the other thing that’s really, really obvious is that censorship is not indicative of incompetence. Yes. I mean,

just basic logic for people. So, I’ll give an example. No, no, I love your rant. I love your rant. I mean, I’ll give an example. Everything you’ve just said, like, you know, you never, it’s always censoring those who question the government and mainstream narrative. They never censor anyone who’s parroting out the government line. So if you’re like, oh yeah, this is right, this is government, you never get censored for that. It’s funny how it’s only those who descend or question get censored. It’s mental.

Ahmad (09:43.09)
I mean, if you think about just, no, but just the very fact that there is censorship, it doesn’t matter who they are censoring, it’s just not indicative of incompetence. And so like if they are, like you just said, censoring the government narrative, then that shows you that they’re fearful of the truth. Like we don’t need a COVID inquiry. All we needed was that no censorship in 2020.

Absolutely. That’s all you needed. Like they’re having an inquiry, this false inquiry, this kind of, you know, this, what is it talking shop or kind of punch and Judy show where they can say, Oh, we’ve, we’ve really looked into this and now we found the truth. But the truth was out there in March, 2020. And they censored it off every social media platform, off every newspaper. The newspapers were in lockstep. There was those, there was those, um, newspaper booths, you know, or what you call them, um, stands and there’s photographs of it’s now for the historical record.

where they all just carried the same headline. And income. And do you know what I think is funny, how Facebook canceled you and blocked you and YouTube and Twitter and everyone, Google. I was just saying the other day, I’ve just got another, because I do these little videos with the yellow boards on the street, right? And I do these little two minute videos to try and get them out on, you know, Twitter and Facebook and things like this. And I haven’t been using YouTube because they give me strikes, they knock me off like, and they stop you posting for 90 days.

So I just put some back up, I got strikes right away, they’re still censoring. And this is a point I was making was that, is that the people who believe in the mainstream narrative, believe in the government, they don’t potentially don’t know this censorship is occurring because they never step off the reservation. So they’re always, if you believe what’s coming out of the television, you’ve got no need to look for alternative news. If you’re not looking for alternative news, then you’re indicating something.

Look at the pictures. Oh yeah, yeah. The bum around. Look at the top one. The BBC. So that’s a big fat cow saying BBC and someone’s sitting behind the cow and the cow is emptying its backside onto the person. Emptying its bowels. Yeah. That’s it, but you’re right. People are watching the TV, they’re watching the news, they’re watching the BBC, the CNN, and just lapping it up and like. How would you become aware of the censorship would be my question. Is it, if you’re following, if you.

Ahmad (11:59.102)
lapping it up like you say. You wouldn’t. Right. So they don’t know it’s happening. It’s kind of scary. So I’m going to show you after this show, I’m going to get you around, I’m going to show you my laptop and show you why I hardly ever upload onto YouTube. Two of my posts got taken down, my videos, podcasts. I mean, I accept that is what it is and that is what it does, but I just suddenly realized like, okay, people don’t know that the reason you’re not posting and I’m not posting. So it’s almost like, and in any event, we…

I would censor myself to get onto Twitter and Facebook and Instagram in what I say, because I know if I use certain key phrases or certain key words or say something, there’s a good chance it will get either deleted or I will have my account blocked or the algorithms will phase me out and I won’t get any views. So I mean, we know that happened. I haven’t really, I haven’t really practiced like that discipline. I just have a problem. I thought comes in my head.

Put it on X. I literally go, it’s like honestly, people think, oh my God, how do you do your pose? You do so many pose. I’m like, this is what it involves. I just, whatever comes in my head. I vomit for, yeah, that’s it. And it’s quite cathartic. I get it off my chest and it’s very therapeutic. And I, you know, I ghost and pose and I walk away, you know. And this is why you’re in a whole heap of trouble. Yeah.

Ahmad (13:27.594)
But who would have thought saying a man is a man, a woman is a woman. Bigot. You know, what the heck? I’m a transphobe. You know, the thing, one of the things that also got me into trouble, I thought I was being witty and funny and try and make a point, right? Was like, I said, this young Indian village girl identifies as a Viking. Okay. Yeah. And then there’s a picture of a lime of blood all over its face. This line identifies as a vegetarian. And you got your.

And then this South Park character who’s on a mobility scooter identifies as a triathlete.

Apparently that is hateful, shameful, and violates social media policies. And along with all my tweets on COVID and my conspiratorial attitude warrants suspension. I think generally you risk trouble. And obviously in these days, suspension, if you ever think you’re witty, basically, about yourself, you’re just stuffed, aren’t you? Right. You can’t have a sense of humor.

So I got another thing that was mentioned was, he described, he tweeted, two brown, packy, white supremacists talk on a podcast. And I was being sarcastic because we’ve both been accused of being racist, white supremacists. Even though we’re brown, packy lads. So Ben Habib and I have been called everything under the sun.

And that was me being sarcastic. That was me just being funny and saying, what a joke, look at us two. Yeah, that, But you’re not allowed, you’re not allowed to have a sense of humor. You’re not allowed to take the piss. That umbrella term of right-wing fascists seems to have expanded to include all kinds of groups. Including a brown person like me, who was called a packie and a nigger. And if I turn it around, it’s like, yeah, you’re racist, you’re what? It’s mental. Unreal.

Ahmad (15:26.594)
But the thing is the only way you can avoid getting into trouble these days is basically self-censorship. Because if you have an individual, unique thought, you get into trouble. Unless you toe the line and say exactly what is perceived as acceptable through the indoctrinated education, higher education system, through the big corporations, the media and the government, unless you say exactly what they expect you to say, you’re in trouble. Now if that’s not Orwellian,

If that’s not fracked up, if that’s not even worse than the Soviet era, I don’t know. Because now you’re canceled, you’re digitally canceled, you’re from your job, you’re suspended, you’re investigated. So I know so many people who are now fearful about saying anything because they’re gonna get canceled. Do you know, we’re talking about social media platforms and things like that, but it’s actually worse than that in the sense that, I’m sure it’s happened to you sometimes, but maybe less so for you if you just say what you think.

But there are people who go to work, who work alongside people who are still in the mainstream narrative, like people who think like us, and they are censoring themselves every day. And people are doing it with their families, with their husbands, with their wives. So when we look back at, say, East Germany or those kind of totalitarian states as we perceive them, right?

we talk about people who weren’t allowed to say things, maybe the children would report on them because they had the stasi or they were trained in the Eastern block schools and so on to report on their parents if they said the wrong thing. That’s basically the self-sensorship is already occurring within the normal dialogue of people in the community. So we’re already in that sort of that totalitarian phase of where they’re controlling what people say to one another. I mean, I know somebody arguing against me there would say,

Well, no one’s telling you what you can and can’t say. You’re choosing not to say that. But then if you look at what actually happened over the past three years, if you say, I’m not wearing a mask, if you say, I’m not gonna get vaccinated, then it has literally ostracized people. People have lost their jobs, people have lost their incomes, people have, there’s all kinds of things. People have lost opportunities. They’ve not been asked to go to university or enter into careers that they wanted to do. So that’s kind, if you were to argue that, that we’re censoring ourselves and we choose to do that.

Ahmad (17:47.374)
it’s kind of a bit disingenuous because you’re missing the reality of what has occurred and the depths to which this totalitarianism has infiltrated society. It is, but it is exactly that totalitarianism. I think not enough people realize what this slow march towards totalitarian has been like. Can I give you an example? Yeah, yeah, go for it. So, in January of, I think it was January.

2022, so not so long ago. I was going to, I was taking a train, I was in Manchester, and I was taking a train to Yorkshire to a place somewhere near Leeds. And they had a rail replacement, it was a Sunday, they had a rail replacement bus on from Manchester, Victoria. And I got on the bus and the driver was not wearing a mask and he turned and he…

Another boy got on with me, like I wasn’t with him, but another lad got on before me.

Suddenly the driver called us back and I thought, oh, he wants to see tickets, right? Because normally rail replacement drivers don’t care. They just let you get on. And he said, no one’s getting on there without a mask. And I said, oh, I’m exempt. And went to sat down. And he’s like, no, I’m not going anywhere. And he started giving out like this and becoming very aggressive and worked up. And I said, you’ve not even got a mask on. I said, I’m exempt. You must have had exempted the passengers before. I don’t have to wear one. And he refused to take me. So I refused to get off.

So then the passengers at the front of the bus started to give me abuse. Like I work for the NHS and, and they swore at me, you F in this and that. He said, I like it. And I said, I’m exempt. You don’t have to wear it. I said, it’s the law. Like he said, it’s not the law. You need it. You need a card. You need an exemption card or pass or something. He was saying, I said, no, you don’t. You just need to tell him. And, um, uh, they refused the guy refused to take me on the bus. The passengers all got off. They were given different transport. They kept saying they were going to get the police and I said, please get the police. Yeah, I’d really like the police to come. I had about like 10% on my battery

Ahmad (19:48.138)
and I was trying to film it all and it kept running down my battery and eventually I was on there for an hour, I refused to get off and then so eventually the bus driver came down as well and filmed me and he was saying things like threatening things, he said I used to be in the force, I’ll go down there myself and kick him off myself or I’ll take his camera off him and all this sort of stuff, take his phone, other world really belive when they’ve got cameras yeah, he was waiting until I’ll drive this bus down to the yard and we’ll see how brave he is then when there’s like all the lads that are his fellow bus drivers at the yard and stuff.

And then he would come down the bus and he filmed me, he said, oh, this will be good on Facebook, isn’t it? Like sort of threatening he was gonna expose my identity and whatever. And so I was like, yeah, you’re really brave, aren’t you? But anyway, eventually I got, they got loads of people trying to trick me off the bus and they weren’t gonna give me a service. And I was saying, well, that’s not gonna work, is it? Cause the next bus driver might not take me. And eventually this guy said, he promised me that the next bus driver would put me on the next bus and they’d get on the bus. But as soon as I got off the bus, they’d obviously radioed or phoned through

none of the bus drivers would take me. So it was literally like, you know, in the deep south when they used to, or whatever where no blacks or whatever, except it was no unmasked. So none of the buses would take me. That’s mental. So this is in Manchester, Victoria, just like about a year ago, or last year. There were still masks around, so I’m trying to remember the exact, I think it’s January 22, and so I was there for a bit, I was like…

And then I was arguing with them saying like, you’ve got to provide me transport. Like I’ve got a ticket, they’re refusing to take me. And eventually the guys who were the rail operators with the high vis, they said it’s not our company, the bus, so we can’t control them. We can’t sack them, we can’t make them do anything. It’s a private company we’re hiring, but I said, well, you’ve got to get me a taxi then, because they’re not taking me. So they eventually got me a taxi. And I was like, you know, a couple of hours late getting where I was going, but.

Yes, it really was like that. That’s what it was like. So that what you just described is just hellish. That’s mental. That’s insane. It is insane. And it’s about, but this is where I’m really concerned about humans because we seem to have not learned anything from history and the othering that was done during the second world war and the dehumanization of a group of people. And in this situation, what happened during COVID was the exact same. Those who didn’t wear the masks, those that didn’t take the jab.

Ahmad (22:05.078)
were othered, were dehumanized, were vilified, and we had it from the politicians. I think people forget, you had Macron and Trudeau and British politicians calling us misogynists, racists, stupid, imbeciles, not deserving, citizenship. And then you had the celebrities, like Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, school your whatever freedoms, or you know all that, because that was a rubbish accent. But you know, I mean, what I’m trying to say is every politician was, a celebrity was piling on, saying look at me, I got my jab and.

all you idiots and anti-factors, you know, it was basically horrendous. And I don’t think it’s really gone away because that’s now transmuted into something else now. Well, yeah, they use everything, don’t they? I mean, what was interesting, just to finish that story, is that when they put some of the passengers on a different bus, like, there was people like, you know, giving me the finger or making signs. It was probably like, you know, there was old days where they’d pick on one.

sector of society because of their color or because of their sexuality or something and they were it was like that but to be honest I couldn’t give a stuff right I just knew that I was not going to comply with anything. But Francis what it was the narrative was that because you chose not to wear a mask right yeah you were selfish yeah you were stupid. I was a granny killer. You were a granny killer yeah and these people believed it yeah and this is I recently said on X that you know what?

A little bit of evil is done by a few evil people, but a lot of evil is done by so-called good people. Yeah. So one of the re- I actually didn’t put any of the videos, I’ve got them still, the videos about that out at the time. And because I didn’t want to encourage the divide, I didn’t want to do two things. I didn’t want to encourage- so this is not like being, I wasn’t trying to be like a saint or anything. I just thought things are pretty terrible and people are arguing a lot about masked and unmasked and vaxxed and unvaxxed. So I’m not going to add to that.

And I also didn’t want anybody unmasked to be scared of getting on and doing what I did. Because the only thing I would say is that when I was getting a little bit of, you know, back chat and abuse and stuff on that bus as a coach, I just thought, well, how would this be if I had serious problems? That, you know, like, like I, my problem was that I don’t do tyranny, right? And like in the legal.

Ahmad (24:21.37)
framework of the time, you didn’t have to wear it if it caused you serious distress. So it causes me serious distress to comply with tyranny that I knew what that I knew was going on. So I couldn’t comply with that was going to cause me serious distress. So that was my exemption. But let’s say if I’d been autistic or if I had a mental health problems and all these people would just give me abuse. Like, to me, I was just like, come on. But now on the other hand, even speaking about now, I sort of half regret it because my, I don’t have, um,

I don’t have a whole ill will to those people. I recognise what happened. I’m reading a book just now, The Body Keeps the Score, it’s about trauma, right? It’s about what trauma does and basically what fear does. So it says various like striking things, you know, like about how trauma affects individuals, but it shuts down the rational brain. So like if you give people a whole dose of fear in March, 2020 and you just keep amping it up and amping it up and also,

If you use the brain washing techniques of isolation and like restricted access, and you take like in a cult, you take people away from their family and friends and you pump them with information and you change the way they think. It’s in June, the movie, Fear is the Mind Killer. Right, exactly. It’s as simple as that. Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. But I had a similar- I was just being long winded. Yeah.

I’m a bit more succinct. But listen, I just want to tell you about some of the experience that I had this summer. I was really upset about it. We’re going with the family to Portugal. First time we’ve gone abroad in four years. I’m with my mom. She’s not, you know, she’s quite frail. She’s actually taking us on this holiday. And I didn’t want to go through the extra machine. And I’ve said, look, can you just do a body pat? Like just, and instead of saying, okay, and that’s what they did when I was invited out to America in the summer, I went to this Spike conference.

And out there, you know, they did that. They just said, yeah, just come over here and we’ll pat you down. And they, over here in the UK, they were like, made a big fuss of it. They’re like, oh, this guy wants to go through, he doesn’t want to go through the machine, the x-ray machine, I said there’s radiation, x-ray, I don’t want this, I want to minimise it. Why don’t you want to do it? And they were questioning me, they were like, publicly, my kids were getting frightened. You need to go to a separate room, we need to take you there, we need to wait for the supervisor. The clock’s ticking, we’re getting late, my mom’s getting sore, she’s got, you know, a knee replacement and everything.

Ahmad (26:37.346)
And in the end, we’re looking, we’re gonna miss our flight. So we just had to go through this goddamn extra machine. It was really fricking annoying. But it’s just about, you don’t have your rights. You don’t have freedoms. These are bullies and it’s like, this is the policy and we’re gonna do this. And just for questioning and just standing up for your informed consent and your bodily autonomy and your choice, you get punished for that.

And then a lot of people took the jab, for example, under that coercion. You know, I haven’t, I’ve hardly met anyone who said, oh yeah, I take the jab, because I really wanted it. Most people say, yeah, I really needed to travel, go abroad for work, I needed to go meet my family, I wanted to see my daughter abroad, or see my grandchild, and you know, whatever. They all had really good reasons, like being denied the right to travel is pretty evil. Being denied the right to work,

is pretty evil being denied the right to do anything. And that’s coercion. And I feel sorry for all those people, including myself, because I had one shot under coercion with no informed consent. So I just think it’s evil. And that’s why I’m so upset because the state abused us. Yeah. Yeah, but what I was trying to say there was that I hold it against the state and the people, not the people who were the dupes, right? So the dupes are…

have a degree of responsibility, but you would go a degree of response so we can’t go around hating our neighbors and our friends and our families and stuff like that. We have to recognize that they were duped. And we’ve all been duped before we’ve all been tricked. We’ve all believed things that not true and we’ve all had. And this is where we need to learn from mistakes. Fill me once. Shame on you. Fill me twice. Shame on me. The thing that you were saying there about the airports is I think that the airports are kind of a key because from 911 onwards, they started to introduce these restrictions

Well, it’s for our safety, you know, under that classic tagline in which all kinds of freedoms are removed. It was for our safety that we have to take our shoes off. We have to take our belts off. We have to go through scans. We have to consent to all this stuff. And then if you’re not complying, that means that you’re dangerous. Yes. So you become a potential terrorist because you don’t want to have x-rays. You don’t want to have the eye retina scan that they have when you go into the United States. And so, but what that does is it…

Ahmad (28:58.55)
in a position of the airport where you’re going to get on a plane and people maybe have that kind of fear of crashing or the Yeah, and that really polarizing image of the 9-eleven Event where you think or something terrible could happen if I don’t comply That becomes the wedge through which they start to introduce bag searches when you’re going into a museum or an art gallery or restaurant not restaurant, but as far as I know it’s not come to restaurants yet, but um, these kind of things where

People are now rifling through your bag when you go in a National Gallery in London or whatever it is, why? And you also have those kind of, in fact, after lockdown, in the National Gallery, just using that as an example, those other places like this. I’m not RT for RT, I don’t go to the National Gallery. Yeah, well. I’m not cultured, I’m working class, mate. I’m working class. Yeah, it’s free to get in.

I wouldn’t know what I’m looking at. Even if it’s just there for the loom and like, when you’re in a big city and you need somewhere to go. You’ve heard of the fact that I’ve got small bladder, hey? So we just somewhere, they usually have clean looms. I’m just saying, just throwing out public information. But these places, right? Like what I’m trying to say is it could be a town hall. I’m just using National Gallery as an example, cause I went in there after lockdown and they put up like those…

You have to walk through some sort of scanner or X-ray. Oh, wow. Some kind of thing that you have to walk through that beeps if you know. I don’t know what it was. But these were coming in anyway in the past 20 years on the basis of 9-11. And I think that what people don’t realize is that once that starts to come into society, I think basically what people don’t realize is that the slowness and the patience of these people and the length of these plans, these are long-term plans that they’re imposing.

It’s a very slow boiling of the frog. Right. Very slow. That’s what I’m driving at there. Very, very slow. And the thing is, I would also add to that, that when these freedoms, liberties, rights are taken away from us, they’re never returned. They will only be returned by force. It’s a one way direction. It’s a one way valve. And so unless you turn around and say stop.

Ahmad (31:10.606)
it’s going to keep going on and on. So it leads to that inevitable conclusion of totalitarianism, where every aspect of your life will be controlled by the state. And that is something that I think people in this country don’t really understand, because we’ve never really been through that. Eastern Europeans know what that’s about, and they’re terrified of that. And they know, they go, we smell this, we know this, we’ve been here. This is bullshit. Whereas we’re like, oh, the state’s amazing, we love the government, the government looks after us.

You know, furlough was amazing. It was like, it’s just, ah! No, the message is the government is evil. It does not care about you. It is all about power and corruption and manipulation and deception and lies and enriching a few and impoverishing the many. And people need to fricking understand that. I think that’s the key, isn’t it? People have got to lose their face in the benevolence of government and they- That’s it. And they- Dude, that was a succinct line, well done.

Can you say that again? Yeah, I can. Say it again. I think people need to lose their face in the benevolence of government. I love it. That’s nice. Thank you. I can feel it. I can hear myself speaking. It’s like it’s in a proper booth here. This is a proper podcast you do. Dude, I’m a perfectionist. I like to do things properly. Do you like the setup? I do like it, yeah. It’s impressive. I just like the kind of base, the headphone thing going on. They’re good, aren’t they? Yeah, yeah. You can see why the feedback is very important.

like hearing your voice and it’s just good. Do you like my producer? Yeah, and your researchers, they’ve been really cool to me. The researchers, the producer, the audio visual tech, who else have we got here in this room? There’s been hair and makeup. Well, they don’t really need to do much for me with my bald head. Anyway, we’re just joking. Right, listen. There’s no one here. I was having this joke before.

Yeah, remember, keep, keep close. Stop swinging. See now your voice keeps dropping. Focus, buddy, focus. Stop swinging around like a kid. Hold the mic close to your mouth. It’s a professional outfit. Oh, for goodness sake. Because look, when you do this, your voice goes like this, like this. Just hold it. Hold that mic and don’t move. Right, so basically, you’re on Instagram. After that meeting, back in that meeting, I started following you on Instagram, and you’ve always got a yellow board up.

Ahmad (33:34.894)
Tell me and tell the listeners, what’s up with these yellow boards? What’s going on there? And oh, by the way, I have to admit, I’ve held the yellow board over here on a Sunday morning at 10 o’clock around Beckinsayville roundabout, the yellow board people, and I always do a double loop around the roundabout and honk my horn. And on one occasion we all came out and we held the cards up because I don’t vaccinate kids and blah, blah. But the problem is I normally do take my kids swimming on a Sunday morning, and that’s why I miss the yellow board. Otherwise I’d be out there more often.

Yeah, yellow boards are a way of bypassing the censorship we talked about. And they sort of seem to emerge about 2021 when a video went around from New Zealand of a group of people spaced out, spaced out, it sounds like they’re on something, but standing on the street at regular intervals with different messages on their boards. And this video was taken from a car and showed the, it just,

it was captured these messages that were questioning the narrative. I think it was the vaccine narrative at the time. And spread, spread it came to England. So like a, they, they call that is a central organization. There’s rebels on, which is, uh, tells you about all the locations where it tends to happen around roundabouts, um, throughout the country, but in London, um, it’s sort of become sort of.

own thing called the yellow boards and it goes to different locations so it’s not just roundabouts they’ll just turn up at different events and they’ll be different and particularly because London has its own well it’s not its own set of problems but it seems to be a little bit more advanced in the agenda in terms of the low emission zones and the low traffic neighborhoods and so there’s that going on and also there was the vaccine when it started and the lockdowns and so it’s just taken on a life of its own in London and we go around doing different things we do cash outreach with them we’ve got cash boards about

about the incoming cashless society and so on. So yeah, it’s a… How many people do you think roughly go out on a Sunday with yellow boards? Well, it’s not just Sundays. So I think Rebels on Roundabouts do different days and different, it might be Sunday where you live. But like Rebels on Roundabouts, where it started in England is in Stockport on Portwood Roundabout and they do a Friday evening. And they were doing a Tuesday evening as well when I was up there last. And in London, we go out two or three times a week and we pick…

Ahmad (35:59.138)
different locations. So all over the place we go. And what I was saying in terms of answering your question about how many people there are, there’s maybe a core group who will go like I’ll go wherever it is. And so will several others who are too modest. Like I tend to be the person who, I’m on this podcast talking because you know, there’s other people, they have children or they’ve been, you know, they don’t want no profile because for various reasons, they’ve got jobs and things like this that maybe, like we were saying before, where there’s impositions on them, where they maybe don’t feel able to speak freely.

or maybe they just don’t want to be in front of the camera or a microphone. But there’s a group of us who do it wherever we choose to do it. And then there’ll be local people who will turn up if it’s in a certain area, who might not come to somewhere else in London. So there’s a really big pool of people. What’s the reception like? Because over here it’s kind of mixed. You’ve got a lot of people driving very fancy, big four by fours, and give you a look of disdain. I’ve had a…

When I was standing, I had some people flash me a finger, which I thought was, oh, that’s charming. And then I had a lot of honks and a lot of people giving us support. What is it like for you? What’s the reception been like? The reception is mixed, obviously, depending on how much leg you show or whatever. No, it’s just, it’s mixed based on the location, like you said, so it depends. Out there in the world, there is a whole smorgasbord of opinions and ideas, right? So…

what that means is you’re going to encounter it. If you stand on the street in a busy location, go coming past you. So you will get people think you’re in not case, you’ll get people. But in terms of motorists, like people driving cars generally don’t seem to like the ULES. Don’t like restrictions on car drivers. So if you put a board about that, you’ll get massive reaction. What I found very surprising and encouraging was that when we went to the COVID inquiry, it’s kind of near a crossroads. And so we,

had the boards out around the crossroads as well as in front of the entrance to the COVID inquiry. And I was really amazed at the reception about vaccine boards because when we’ve been out doing that a couple of years ago, it was very, very hostile or it wasn’t, it wasn’t like it is now. And I think so many people have had experience where they or somebody they know has had a negative experience with COVID injections that

Ahmad (38:20.702)
it was just constant car horns, which I hope made some impression on the bank of photographers and journalists who were out there reporting on the COVID inquiry. But you never know. You know, maybe they think the public is stupid and doesn’t know what it’s thinking. But what I think they do, I think a lot of people higher up think the plebs are idiots and stupid and, and that they, they are entitled to make the decisions for the masses because the masses aren’t clever enough to decide it. Yeah, definitely. Um, they say that

I’ve had this first hand. I can’t mention who, but someone who was quite high up in the BBC, who I was sitting next to in a wedding for a wedding. This is pre COVID. Okay. So we’re at this wedding and this guy leans over and goes, what’s a smart man like you doing supporting Brexit? What a patronizing comment that is. I mean, what the frack, you know? And I was like, what do you

why is a smart man like you not supporting Brexit? And he was like, oh well, because people don’t understand what it means. All these people, these working class people and everything, they don’t understand how important Europe is for us. It’s so patronizing. It’s like, we’re just stupid. Leave it to the big boys. They know best. And that really fracking pisses me off. Because people are like, I’ll tell you why.

I did another post on X, so I need to mention this. I’m gonna read it out to you. And I mean this, like all these frickin’ professors and stuff, so yeah, I’ve come to the conclusion some of the biggest idiots in science today are professors. They think they are so clever, they think they’re so morally and intellectually superior to us plebs when they actually know so little and are anything.

but superior. Their window of knowledge is really quite small. So they might know a lot about a little bit, but the reality is they don’t really know much about anything else. And they’ve got no right for that intellectual, moral superiority, that hubris. Sorry. That’s okay. I think what the past three years has exposed to a lot of people is the amount of intelligent idiots that we have running around. But also, I don’t know if you’re aware of a-

Ahmad (40:44.47)
something that Frank Zappa said, the musician, he was talking about how society and schooling and education is designed just to produce functioning idiots. Yeah. So what we- Compliant, don’t forget compliant. Yeah. Line up, roll up your arm, get your job, don’t question. Yeah, that’s part of the, yeah. Can’t be much closer. No, it’s part of the education is to make them compliant, right, it’s to make them compliant and to-

to do what you’re told. So when he was talking about function idiots, he was bang on, I don’t know when he said that, maybe the 80s or 70s or something, but they’re creating people like that. I just wanted to say that the thing is, what you found is some of the most compliant people and the most taken with this idea that government is always right and that the media line is correct and the official narrative is correct are the ones who’ve been educated. But if you think of education as not something benign,

as indoctrination, the ones who’ve spent longest in the system, in that system, the ones who’ve invested most in the system are always gonna be the ones who last to let it go. Someone also said to me, it’s they’ve got high IQ but low EQ, low empathy quotient. So they might have a very high IQ, but they don’t have much empathy for their fellow man and woman.

I don’t even know if that’s true because they would be thinking they’re saving granny and they’re saving and I’m always careful about taking sort of this idea that we’re the superior class and we can all pat ourselves on the back because we didn’t get vaccinated or whatever it is or, you know, because we didn’t wear a mask or because we’ve woken up to the fact that the government is not very nice. But I think it’s more to do with it’s not emotional. Oh, keep going. Yeah, sorry. It’s not. I’m trying to turn my heat to room while you’re talking.

I don’t think it’s necessarily emotional. The plug got pulled out a little bit. So I just throw me, I’ve lost what I was going to say. About these people not being emotionally involved in helping. Oh yeah, that was it. I was going to say, I think it’s intellectual agility. And I’ve noticed this a lot. Like sometimes when you’re saying something, people like you’ll misspeak and I misspeak all the time. And I changed my sentences halfway through and I start to notice it in the videos and all the things that we do. So, but.

Ahmad (43:03.198)
And people will lose the thread of what you’re saying. And I’m thinking it’s not that hard to keep up. I’m just like, but because they don’t have the agility to go from one broken sentence to another, or from, or to connect, people call it dot joining, right? There’s no intellectual agility. Like, so for example, if you see, well, I’m sitting down here and I’m not wearing a mask and now I’ve got to go to the toilet and I’ve got to put a mask on, but the same area is all around me and my mask is baggy. Where’s the intellectual agility to say this is a complete load of nonsense? Like this does not work, right?

Oh, I’ve been told to sit here and this is what we do in school. I was doing education. We regurgitate information. We’re told to sit still at a desk and not look out the window and focus and just do what you’re told. I’m doing what I’m told. I’ll put my mask on and go to the loo. Like there’s no intellectual agility. There’s no ability to think well, if that makes sense and that doesn’t make sense, then you know, just to formulate a different thought. I like the mental agility. I also want to add to that. I also think there’s not much mental space.

I think people are so filled with garbage and indoctrinated and then they’re frantic. Their lives are frantic and stressful. They’re rushing to work, to feed their family, to cook a meal quickly out of a microwave, reheatable box thing, and they put it in the microwave and they just churn out this garbage. So they’re eating garbage, they’re tired, they’re frustrated, they’re stressed out by the demands placed by their stupid boss, and the government’s pumping out all this narrative. There’s no head space, there’s no time to reflect, there’s no time to pause.

There’s no space to put in new ideas. It just gets filled, garbage, garbage comes in, and out, garbage in, and out, I don’t know. I think that human beings are like, well, I’ve got this idea, it’s a nice notion that we can think of ourselves as clouds, right? We’re these cloud things, we could go this way, we could go that way, we could be this shape or that shape, or we could be another shape. Dude, why have you been smoking? Right, no, I haven’t, right? But they’re trying to put us in boxes. So you live in a little box, you get in your little box with wheels, you go to your…

your box like office, your box like cubicle. I’m seeing a very sad cloud now. You look into your box like screen, you tap at your little boxes, you go home, like you say, you have a box, you go to the supermarket, you buy a meal in a box, you go home and look at a box and you go to bed in your box room and then you end up in a box. But like they take out all the cloud, all the element of how you conform yourself into all kinds of magical colors. 100%, have you, have you?

Ahmad (45:20.638)
Listen. No, you haven’t. You don’t listen to my podcast. I hate you. Have you listened to Lubameer Arsov? No. Damn it! Listen, when you go home, you’re going to promise me. Listen to your podcast. Watch. No, you have to watch it. Okay. Lubameer Arsov. I have to watch as well as listen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Take all my senses. Oh, God. Just stop rocking in the chair. Just Lubameer Arsov. Watch that. He’s an animator. I fell in love with him years ago. Pre-COVID. He does this. In 15…

My daughter at the window, it’s very dark outside so it’s very spooky, I just saw my daughter at the window. So basically, I fell in love with this animation, it’s called In Shadow, and it’s only 13 minutes, and it is one of the most beautiful things ever made. It’s a masterpiece, and it’s exactly what you described. People have this box, and they go to the box cubicle, box, everything’s a box. Their emotions, their thoughts, everything.

All my listeners, please listen and watch that podcast. If you don’t want to listen to me talking to it, at Lubameer, the last 13 minutes are the animation. And it’s epic. So it comes back to your box thing. Also, I want to pick up on what you said about this space in your head thing. I have lots of space in my head. Oh, right. It’s very empty. Well, this is a positive thing, right? Because I’ve got a whole, I was going to write about this, about how in it…

This is one aspect of the thing I was gonna write about, but it’s how in our lives now, we’re filled with all like, you know, the screen, the screen fills your time. The computer doesn’t always have to be on, your phone doesn’t always have to be in your hand, but if you get on the train or if you get on a bus or if you see anybody in repose, you know, they’re always looking in the, so they’re losing, they’re actually losing their moments of repose. Yes. Because it’s being continually filled. And if you don’t have that- Repose, that’s nice. That space, if you don’t have that time.

Where are your original thoughts gonna come from? There are no original thoughts. There’s no creativity. So you never get to- There’s no reflection. Right. There’s no questioning. Right, so you never get to have the space to process. I think people don’t process because of this. And again, it’s not like I’m not… I suppose it is a criticism, it’s an observation more. You need time, silence. This is another thing I wanna get to. Not only, we don’t have…

Ahmad (47:33.63)
So even if you took the phones out of it, if you travel, I mean, not everybody lives in London, obviously, but most big cities, if you’re traveling, there’ll be an advert on the buses, inside the bus, there’ll be adverts on billboards, there’ll be adverts on vans and things going past, so you’ve always got this sensory input, the visual sensory input. But also, your audio input is almost continuous now as well. So like, even if you’re on a train, there’ll be some kind of…

instruction to report anything suspicious when you’re standing at the train station, you know, like, you know, you know, but it is, it’s coming back to those quiet moments in the quiet moments that you have, you know, the fruit, the seeds are laid of innovation, of creativity, and then the fruits are born from that. If you’re constantly frazzled rushing from place to place is mental. And then where are those thoughts going to come from? They’re going to come from outside when you listen to the box and then

TV or the government. So let’s just pause right now. Let’s pause and be quiet for a little bit and let’s see if there’s anything born out of that silence.

Ahmad (48:38.102)
You’re just rocking your chair. OK, right. That’s I feel like it was a pressured moment. I don’t feel like the muse and the angel of creativity comes when you’re being forced to sit still like a 1990s daguerreo type or something. You’re waiting for that. The guy to do his long show to speed. It was forced. I was also just thinking, all these people are listening to this podcast thinking, what the frack? We didn’t dial in to listen to nothing.

F**k your podcast is silence. Yeah, yeah. We’ll have a minute silence. Minute silence? No, that’s what… No. That’s like a long silence. All right. OK, so you’re doing the yellow boards. That’s great. And that’s wonderful. You’re standing up for freedom and informed consent and fighting tyranny. What else you want to talk about? What else are you seeing around the world? And you think this is just… I mean, we could talk about controlled opposition. No, we don’t want to do that. That’s nonsense.

What do you want to talk about? What’s on your chest that you want to get off and talk about? On my chest? Like, you know, what’s like eating up and like, I want to talk about this. Okay, I’m just going to wing something here. Let’s do it. I think that at the moment, right, so you mentioned it before. We talked just before about my experience on the bus, right? And we talked about how people were polarized and.

separated and pitted against one another, even though our friends and family and neighbours are essentially our peers and colleagues and friends, like they’re the ones with whom we have the most in common, right? So they split as long, you mentioned Brexit. We’ve had the masks, we’ve had vaccinations, we’ve had- BLM. Yeah, BLM is a good one. Yeah. And- Transgender. Yeah, you can help me out here. Yeah, this is good. It’s like, it’s like, tyranny bingo.

Let’s go. Climate, climate scam? Yeah, yeah. We’ve nearly got a full house here. Who believes in the climate scam or not? What else is there? There’s a big one now. Oh yeah. I mean, that’s what I was coming to us. We’re bringing it up to Israel, Palestine. Right. So now, so people will think, okay, oh, this is a real event and the news has been reported genuinely and, and so we’ve all got to be upset about the babies and here.

Ahmad (51:01.942)
babies in Israel or babies in Gaza, right? And obviously we do, right? It’s a serious matter and I’m being a bit flippant there, but like these are serious concerns and for the people involved, it’s absolutely terrible. But Ukraine was another one we missed out. Oh, we missed that one. Oh, damn it, I got an A-. But with these events, I think that people are being manipulated. And I say this and the reason I was being flippant there, cause I’m a conscious that probably not a very wise thing to do in the circumstances, but…

is that people care about what the media tells them. We’re like little media marionettes, we’re having our strings pulled, we’re media puppets, right? 100%. So although some of these things are very, very serious, like and some of them are genuine events and the conflict in Israel and Palestine will be one of those.

What is happening is it’s being used to divide us. And if you look at it in the context of the past three years, the governor of Israel and the media that is now up in arms about, you know, Hamas terrorism and you know, all this stuff, they did not care about the population of Israel being forcibly injected or coerced into injections with no long-term safety data and no fertility data.

They did not care. They did not mention it. Now, also at the moment in this country, we have, uh, excess deaths, you know, going through the roof and not just in the ages where you might expect because of lockdowns and mistreatments or missed cancer screenings and so on. They’re in younger cohorts, right? There’s there are signals in the younger cohorts. There’s like a 10 or 11% increase in the working in the excess deaths of the working age population. Right. Now, if we had a fair and equanimous.

media and government that looked at everything with the same compassion and sensitivity to the people’s needs, then you would accept, okay, that there is a place for the narrative and for the news coming in from the Middle East. There’s a place for the news coming in from the Ukraine. But if these things are being pushed and there are certain, and there is no compassion for the vaccine injured, there is no compassion, or there is no interest in the excess deaths.

Ahmad (53:20.31)
Then you have to start questioning why, what is going on? In what way are we being manipulated? If there’s not an equal approach or if there’s not a measured or- Francis, you’re on the money. So let me expand 100% on what you’ve just said. So when a million people died in Iraq, half of them children, where was the indignation? Where was the crying and the misery?

When Yemen went through that war, that barbaric war, which Saudi Arabia did and the UAE with the funding and support of the US and the UK, and hundreds of children of innocent people were dying with their drone attacks, where was everybody upset then? You know, where was everybody crying and upset? Even now, there’s major things going on in Pakistan, there’s things going on in other parts of the world. Where’s everybody upset?

Exactly what you just said, when the government and the media tells you to get upset and pull the strings of the puppets, we get upset. Where’s the righteous indignation when, like all these excess deaths and vaccine injuries and harms and deaths, thousands of people have died before their time. Children, adults. You know, children having cardiac arrest. I mean, we’ve got to a point in our society where it’s like, oh, a kid had a cardiac arrest.

What the frack? A kid had a cardiac arrest? Don’t normalize this. This isn’t normal. So all these people who are getting upset now, whether it’s for Palestine or Israel, did you also get upset about the fact that these vaccines are killing thousands of people around the world, that people were forced to take this against their wish? And what I find crazy is that some, even in the so-called freedom movement, have been calling out the BS and the media and saying, oh, you can’t trust the media. Oh, they’re a bunch of liars. Oh, they’re this. Look at this.

They’ve covered up the vaccines and they’ve done this. But the moment they press this Middle East button, it’s like they completely forgot that. I’m knees away. Oh, the media is telling us this. Oh, we believe the media. Oh, the media said this and the media said that. And oh my God, it’s terrible. Like you suddenly believe everything they say? Like the right-wing people tend to do, the conservatives, libertarians, tended to be the ones most skeptical of the COVID narrative, right? And they give us some glimmer of hope. I’m not right or left-wing by the way. I don’t believe in these constructs. They’re a joke.

Ahmad (55:42.722)
But anyway, right-wing commentators on the whole tended to be the ones most skeptical of the lockdowns and the mandates and the vaccines. But it’s now, and now, suddenly, with this button being pressed, these right-wingers have gone way back to where they were in 2011, and they wanna bomb everybody, and they wanna kill everybody, and they’re just bloodlust and angry, and it’s like what you just said, they’re just totally manipulated by the media. How do we get human beings to stop being so

Manipulatable, you know, being manipulated so easily. How do we stop that? I don’t know, there’s a real sort of selective empathy and moral relativism going on. But I would say one of the things that’s always puzzled me is that, is if you can see your government, like, well, people obviously probably don’t pay attention, but like dropping depleted uranium all over Iraq, and then the babies of Fallujah are all being born deformed or…

It’s awful. Right. So it’s horrific when you look at that stuff. Right. So if you, if you have got even the vaguest awareness that your government goes over to like even going back a few years, like to Vietnam or whatever, so the first Gulf War and second World War, and they killed 500,000 babies in the first Gulf War because they denied them because of the sanctions and so on. Exactly. Right. So any of these instances that they are out there, people will have a vague awareness of them. So you’ve got this awareness that your government maybe is indiscriminately killing people overseas, then why in the world would you trust those governments?

with the safety of you or child or with your health. Or if you speak to people, you’ll say, oh yeah, you’ll speak to them. You say to them, okay, here’s the thing. Do you trust the media? They say no, do you trust government? No, they’re all corrupt, they all lie, politicians lie all the time. Okay, so now your government, do you think they care about you? No, they don’t care about me. Everybody sort of agrees, we’ll have that starting point where most of us will agree that they don’t care about us. And yet people will then queue up in a car park for an untested or injection. Experimental gene therapy, yeah. That they are.

giving you for free and with the inducement of a, you know, a donut or a burger or freedom. Yeah. Freedom. And then they’ll take it from the starting point of knowing that they don’t care about you. You nailed it. I’ve had so many conversations, including with family who they go, Oh, we don’t trust the government. We hit the Tories. We don’t the media. All bunch of liars. I’m taking my vaccine. I’m having my booster now. And you’re like, what? How does it, how do you square that? How do you square? I can’t square that.

Ahmad (58:10.79)
It isn’t sane. How do we stop people being so manipulated? I mean, so like now, you know, you got all these people upset, oh, you know, these children got killed and murdered. I don’t care which side, you know, do you know, up until August of this year, 34 innocent children were killed in the West Bank. Where was everybody upset about that? Are those kids not important? Are their lives not important? And that’s just a fraction of the misery and hell that’s going on in the world on a daily basis.

And what I’m worried about is, where is this going? Why are they doing this? That’s my question. My question is, there’s so many, like, who actually benefits from this? How did this even happen in the first place? Why is it kicked off now? What are they hoping to bring in or roll in? Or what are they distracting us from? You know, these are my questions. Like, what is, and why is there so much of this porn out there on social media and Telegram and Instagram? You can see it all.

And people are getting so polarized. What’s the actual agenda that they’re trying to achieve here? Well, this is something that I think every commentator, you see commentating on these things in the mainstream media. We all have our Plato’s cave, right? Where we see the shadows in the world and we haven’t got the full picture. I haven’t got the full picture. But there’s questions that I would start to ask and they would go from, have you heard of the Oded Yanon plan? The what? The Oded Yanon plan for a greater Israel.

Or there’s a plan to expand Israel and it’s going to take out, you know, sections of countries like Syria and Iran and so on. So they like, there’s this, it’s a 1980s plan. So, but, but the, I didn’t, I don’t particularly want to expand on that. Like, but I’m just saying that these are questions, like if you see it in a different context, if you broaden your context and you start to think, well, that’s interesting, or did you know that the foundation stone for the Pentagon was laid on 9 11 and then, you know, there’s 60 years later, whatever. Um, 9 11 happened.

And then you think, are you aware of how much influence Freemasonry exerts on the world and politics? And those twin towers, could they be symbolic of like in the Pentagon? Is that Freemasonic symbols? And there’s a massive context to this that could be true and could be there and people could explore. And we just see it in this fragmented and without nuance and without history applied to it, just all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a terrorist attack happened.

Ahmad (01:00:37.162)
And now we’re, is the goal, for example, I read a book recently about World War I, and it was very, very detailed. And I think it’s called something like a Secret History of World War I, and it looked at the idea that they were planning World War I for 20 years beforehand, and that they used false flag operations and agents on both sides to conjure up the Boer War in the early part, the turn of the century there. And then they wanted to

suppressed Germany and restrict its development as an economic power, right? So they had all this and they wanted to provoke it so that the eventual assassination that instigated the First World War was Austrian, Austria was involved. So Germany got sucked into it and that was their way of sucking Germany into a war and Germany then had to march through Belgium and Belgium was the trigger and then they could all pile on in and have this First World War. So they engineered that situation, right?

And the control politicians on both sides in order to do that, they had their key men placement throughout parliament. Now, parliament was hoodwinked. The majority of them were dummies, but like there was people, key people within the times and in the newspapers, in the media, key people in the political parties to, to engineer this war. On whose behalf? On, on part of the money men, you know, who are always in the background, you know, the ones that make the money. Yeah.

Yeah, all wars and if you mention the names, all wars are bank wars. Yeah. And some of them, if you mention the names, like you, you’re instantly an anti-Semite because it, because if they were Irish Catholics, they wouldn’t be an anti-Semite. If you said they were, you said the names, you know, like they’re always there. Not, not, um,

There were different, but it was the Milner group, it was the Cecil Rhodes group as well. These forces that then eventually produced the council for foreign relations, which is now one of the major forces in making the wars, but the point I was trying to get to with World War I, there’s this backdrop that everybody knows in terms of, you know, the Archduke Ferdinand got assassinated and- It’s such a weird story. But the point I want to say is that they had a contingency plan.

Ahmad (01:02:50.034)
So in Ireland, they encouraged the division in Ireland and they had the military groups from both sides in Ireland, the Republicans and the Loyalists.

obtain arms from Germany so that they if their initial plan of sucking Germany into a war through European methods didn’t work they could wage war on it or by saying that Germany was responsible for arming each side of the Irish problem and say that was a cause for war for the British government to go for war with it. So when you look at this what’s going on now and you have this… I think it’s funded from both sides.

from the same side? Yeah, of course it is. So you’ve got this bizarre situation where Israel is the most heavily defended, one of the biggest militaries in the world, and suddenly allows people to just hop through a fence and… Paraglide. Yeah, right. I mean, the fishermen can’t go out without getting gunned down, but they could go out in boats and suddenly come out. Right. So what I’m saying there is, so we see Israel versus Palestine.

And I don’t even trust the Hamas leadership. They’re a bunch of, they’re Muslim Brotherhoods supported by MI6, sitting in Qatar. No one is attacking Qatar. No one is arguing with them. You know, I mean, it’s just, it’s so weird. And if the Hamas people really cared about their people, why would they do this? Okay. They don’t. These people don’t care about their citizens. Almost, quite often in historical conflicts, like you look at Bin Laden or, you know, the people of Al-Qaeda, like Robin Cook said something about Al-Qaeda.

being like a CIA database. So quite often when you look behind it, it’ll be someone like CIA or MI5, MI6 or Mossad or be involved. So, but even setting that to one side, what I’m trying to get at there with this idea of this contorted plan where the British government was encouraging these Irish paramilitaries to get their arms from Germany so they could blame Germany for arming them. If you look then at say what they’re doing now.

Ahmad (01:04:52.666)
with its palette, we see the conflict and we see the superficial level of, of Palestine and, um, Israel, but it could be that the real fish they’re trying to get hold of is Iran, like because they could try to suck Iran into that conflict in the same way as Germany got sucked in because of Austria being involved with, well, they said, they’ve said stuff like this, like the Americans have said things like, you know, um, as Iran, even if there’s no evidence, it’s Iran. And it’s like,

What? Are you serious? People have forgotten. There’s no, no one has presented any evidence. There’s only bombing Lebanon and Hezbollah. They’re saying it’s Iran. There’s no evidence for this. And the funny thing is, no, let’s just flip it around. So Russia and Ukraine, the whole of NATO, the whole of Europe and America is funding Ukraine directly. Russia could be turning around and saying, you guys are supporting Ukraine. We’re going to start bombing you guys.

That’s how blatant it is that we’re sending tanks, we’ve emptied our ammunition stores and everything, sending it to Ukraine to support the fight against Russia. Russia has a legitimate reason to say, you know what, you’re all enemies, you’re supporting the enemy. And Iran has done nothing, no evidence at all. And they’re saying we need to wage war against Iran. What the heck, how hypocritical is that? But people forget that. And by the way, I’m no fan of a theocracy or the Islamic.

Republic of Iran, it’s BS, you know. Yeah. I mean, you always have to throw in these disclaimers because otherwise you get, you know, you get a bigger point, a bracket. But no, what I was going to say was in 2019, people have forgotten that there was this, there was an attempt then to go to war with Iran in terms of there was this kind of, there was this kind of incident then, and people have, it got forgotten because we went into the whole lockdown and COVID scenario. But even then I would zoom out again. I would, like, so we were talking about Russia and Ukraine and so on. Well,

I don’t know all the answers like, and we can’t know, like I was saying before about we living in our own caves and you can keep zooming out and you can find out a little bit more or you can do research and you become more and more aware of the machinations that take place. But it could well be that this is a strategy of tension that is being played out because Putin was once a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. So does he an actor? Exactly. Right. So and in this World War One analysis that I read.

Ahmad (01:07:19.41)
they had control, they had their placement in Russia, they had them all over the place so that they could bring about this destruction of Germany. And so why could that not be happening now? So we were talking on the way here about how maybe there’s this constant bombardment, and we’ve just spoken about now, constant bombardment of information, and it’s just confusing, and people don’t know which way is up, and what’s happening. And yeah, 100%. Right?

And so they could just be using these, they could already have the control over these governments and be using this just as a means of encouraging fear and division. Because another thing that’s happening with the Palestine-Israel thing, it’s creating division within European countries, right? So as you get bigger and bigger, I suppose, Muslim populations in Europe and the Jewish populations are already there, you can create. And…

And you can polarise what you might call the indigenous Christian population, or in theory, in Europe, to be antagonistic, which brings us back to our other point, to the other members of the society, but just because on the basis of religion. So I wanna add some stuff here. So do you know about the friendship pipeline? So this is what I love about this. Ken, what’s his face used to do? No, no, this is what I love about this podcast. It just goes everywhere.

I don’t think we’d be talking geopolitics. No, I don’t. We probably shouldn’t. We should sort of, let’s move on. No, no, this is a good- Tell me about the freedom thing. So the friendship pipeline, friendship pipeline was from Iran, Iraq, Syria, out to the Syrian coast, Latakia or something like that, and then feed on to the rest of Europe, sending gas. From the second largest gas reserves in the world, Iran, cheap gas from Iran to Iraq.

Now remember, Iran and Iraq have had a war, a horrible war, a vicious war, a million people died or something like that. Terrible, terrible war. Again, instigated, funded, sponsored by the West. People don’t realize the biggest terrorist in the world is the US and the UK. Okay, that’s a fact. I hate to say this, because I live in this country and I love it. The people are amazing, but the authorities and the bankers and the government are evil, the politicians are evil. So,

Ahmad (01:09:39.146)
You’ve got now these bitter enemies now making a pipeline. They’re gonna go through all these three countries and they’re gonna profit from it. There’s gonna be money, development. It’s all wonderful. Then you suddenly have the Syria war. You had this revolution. Assad was a bad man. Regime change as if we don’t have a regime, right? And this multi-ethnic, multi-polar society was torn apart. And the fundamentalists were, guess what? The ISIS, the al-Qaeda. Guess who they were sponsored by?

the CIA, by the UK, and by Qatar, by Turkey. They wanted to dismantle and destroy Syria, a really beautiful nation, one of the most ancient civilizations on earth, with ancient towns and villages and monuments and Greek and Roman and Babylonian, and you know, amazing country, educated, young population. They bombed it back to the dark ages. And who profited?

guess what, the West, because that pipeline hasn’t been built. That economic friendship now has been destroyed. And even now to this day, the American troops are illegally occupying a third of the territory of Syria, exactly where the gas and oil fields are. What the frack are they doing in that country? They have no right to be there. That’s an illegal occupation. And then the other part is occupied by Turkey.

And now the Syrian government, with the help of Russia, defeated the fundamentalists. And those fundamentalists, guess what? Did they kill Christians or Jews? No, they killed Muslims. They killed Muslims who didn’t want to follow their fanatical, crazy religion. And so the biggest victims of that Islamic terrorism were other Muslims. And they were funded by the West. And people don’t see this.

And then those same guys, those militants who were kicked out of Syria by the Russians and Syrians and emigrated to guess what? Here. Talk about blowback. All these fricking nut jobs. Take Libya for example. Libya was the most advanced country in Africa. Free education, free healthcare. When you get married, you got a free house. Bloody hell, no income tax. Any profit from the state oil sales.

Ahmad (01:11:59.17)
They divvied up amongst the population. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine this country giving everyone a stipend end? That’s what they were. And then guess what? When he wanted to introduce a gold Dinar, backed not on the petrodollar, but gold, go back, wanted a European satellite system to be independent, telecoms, wanted all this kind of stuff, guess what? They were accused, he was accused, Gaddafi was accused of attacking his own people. BS, the army was fighting a bunch of Muslim fanatics sponsored by guess what?

NATO, the US, and their Middle East proxies. So what I’m trying to say is we’ve got a track record of overturning democratic elected peaceful nations sowing absolute havoc using Muslim fundamentalists and nut jobs to do their dirty work. And it’s the same playbook everywhere. It’s happening in Pakistan. Do you know what? Imran Khan wanted to make a peace deal, peace with India. He wanted to buy cheap gas from Russia.

He went over to see Putin. Straight away, America showed its displeasure. Imran Khan overturned, there’s a coup. He’s in prison, languishing in jail. Corrupt politicians are running the country. The army’s going house to house, tearing out supporters of Imran Khan, burning their houses down, killing people. Anybody know about this in the news? The whole country’s been turned into a mess, a shit show, so it can be controlled and is a proper American vassal state.

This is the playbook around the world, and we can go from country to country. We create havoc, mayhem, famine, torture, civil war, unrest, you know, no security. And then the people flee these countries and suddenly end up on our doorstep, and they’re invited in. And I question that. You know, we’re meant to have a border for a reason. Who are all these young men coming to our country? What are they doing languishing in these hostels? Do you know about this?

Well, I mean, what is the plan? What’s the game plan? Well, I was just going to add something to what you’re saying there because you named a number of countries that are you familiar with the clip by General Leslie Clark? Yeah, he says in the years after in the days after 9 11 that he wasn’t in on it, but he was told by someone confidential document that they were going to do seven countries in seven years. And obviously they’re behind the schedule, but the country that you mentioned Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan.

Ahmad (01:14:23.906)
And the funny thing is, Wesley Clark, the cop places, he goes, he goes, well, why these countries? They’ve got nothing to do with. Yeah, he was like, I don’t understand. He goes, no, don’t ask. That’s the plan. That’s what we’re going to do. And it’s like, why? Because, well, that’s it. So you can see from what he’s telling you there, if we take that, if we were speaking openly and honestly, and he was later sort of forced to retract it and say that didn’t really happen or to take it back in some way.

But it’s out there. He spoke. You can see it. He spoke unguardedly in an interview and said what he’d seen. And that lets you know there is an agenda that we are not privy to right there. Because they had preconceived ideas of going into these countries. And that was not in reaction to 9-11, but it was in addition to. Premeditated. Yeah, right. So listen, can I have a quick plug in? Guys, as you know, and this is the first time I’ve done this,

I have been suspended six weeks ago from work. I’ve just got today my latest merch. So look at this.

That’s my hoodie, I will not comply. And there’s gonna be a lot more. So my merch store’s gonna come out. It might actually be out by the time this podcast comes out. And so look, I’ve got a mug, beautiful mug, question everything. I’ve got this one that says I do not consent. I’ve got hoodies and caps and T-shirts and a whole shebang and perfect timing because you now can buy it for Christmas. So anyway, you can now wear freedom on your head, on your sleeve.

drink from it and everything. So please guys, can you support me? And to the 350 people on Substack who are paying and supporting me three pound 50 a month, I love you so much, I love you, I love you, I love you. Keep supporting me, please. And then I also want you to support Francis because he’s lovely and he will give you his details in a second and I’ll put everything on the podcast at the end. But anyway, let’s carry on. So, you know, what I’m seeing is a lot of division, okay Francis, but it’s engineered, we’re marionettes, we’re little puppets, we’re being played.

Ahmad (01:16:25.578)
and it’s the hypocrisy that’s out there. So one of the things that worries me is this also division now between Muslims and Christians in the Western world, right? Let me talk about this. I loved COVID. Will I tell you why? Because it got rid of Muslim terrorism. Oh yeah. Do you remember that? Like what happened to Muslim terrorism? You never heard about the big bad Muslim terrorism. Then I loved the Ukraine War. Guess why? It got rid of COVID. Right? It was amazing. Ukraine War cured COVID. I’ve got an interesting little anecdote about it.

Okay, so and then the Gaza, Palestine, Israel thing has cured the Ukraine war. I mean, can you see where we’re going? But what’s worrying me is that you’ve got people like, you know, some Jordan Peterson and everything saying, give him hell. And other people standing up there, I think it was Francis Constantine at the Ark meeting saying the barbarians are not at the door. They’re in already in the city. So who do you mean by these barbarians? Are you talking about brown people like me? Like with a name like Ahmad Malik?

Am I one of these terrorists? Are you gonna like, even though I was born here and I love this country, I’m not a Muslim anymore. Like am I one of these barbarians you wanna get rid of? Like I’ve met so many Muslims in my time, right? I can tell you right now, I’ve never met a Muslim fundamentalist. Like you can roll out a freak show anywhere you go. You can go to Redneck America and you can get a KKK member and put it on TV. Does that mean every white kid is a KKK member? No, like.

The media again plays the narrative where they’ll find some guy with a massive beard, with really scruffy long hair, who goes, oh, we want Sharia law here. And they make it look like every Muslim in this country wants that. No, those people are nut jobs. And they’re making it look like every Muslim in this country is like that. And they’re not. Most Muslims, 99% are in this country because they love this country, and they’ve run away from that hard Sharia, draconian, whatever existence that they had elsewhere. But the media…

plays to these fears that everybody is this homogenous group, the barbarians are now here, you should fear them. And I get worried. And I just like the way I would say to the public, be immune to the COVID BS, be immune to this division, this divide and rule thing that we’re seeing. You know, it’s kind of scary. So when I mentioned the bankers before, right? Sorry, was that Wang? The bankers. Bankers, right. So obviously, I was talking about the Rothschilds and the Rockers.

Ahmad (01:18:50.126)
And straight away you mentioned that people would jump on you. Like you say, if you accuse George Soros of doing something wrong, they’ll say, oh, you’re anti-Semitic, right? But in my opinion, you’re allowed to criticize individuals. You’re allowed to criticize nations and the state and the state, whatever it is. So and it doesn’t mean that like, say, I come from an Irish Catholic background. So the Catholic Church is rife with paedophilia. Like it’s come out and it’s well documented now. Right. So

doesn’t mean that every Catholic is a paedophile because, you know, you’ve identified a few people in the church who are doing that. Or many people. But the same logic could then be applied to everyone. So if I identify or see something going wrong with, say, George Soros, as I mentioned, or whoever it is, or the Rothschild’s bank rolled a world war or whatever it would be, it doesn’t mean that you then hate every Jewish person. And I think this is the absence of nuance. And the same with what you’re saying there. I think we’ve got more in common.

with each other than we have with these. Predator class. Predator class and that’s what I think is getting gets lost all the time and it’s really important. What you were saying there about. I said that to Efrat, sorry for interrupting. I said that to Efrat. I was saying to Efrat, do you know what? We are souls, spiritual beings, eternal, that have temporary physical bodies, right? Not the other way around. We are not bodies that have a soul.

We are souls that are wearing this physical sleeve right now. And the idea that you look at another person and go, oh, that’s a brown person, or that’s a white person, is like saying, oh, you know what? Oh, I don’t trust people with black hoodies on. I don’t trust people with black hair. Or I don’t trust people with blue jeans on. It’s a physical, just a superficial thing. We are internally all the same. We all have the same loves and desires and fears.

Everyone I’ve met from across the world wants to be loved and loved back. They wanna have a home, they wanna have security, they wanna have children, they wanna purpose in life, they wanna have a job, they wanna pursue happiness. Okay, and they don’t wanna, hardly anyone wants ill for anyone else. They just wanna live together and be happy, all right? And that’s of every background, every background. And the idea that some people want

Ahmad (01:21:16.01)
more or are evil or are terrible, it’s simply untrue. There are good people in every corner of life and there’s bad people in every corner of life. The main people that we need to worry about are this predator, psychopath, and narcissistic class that are feeding and just being horrible on the rest of us. Do you know what I mean? Sorry, you were saying.

No, I mean, that’s exactly what I mean. Like you could there’s an impression that America is the great Satan. Satan, but Satan came out wrong. Satan. Anyway, but then if you go to America, they’re all like nice and polite and call you sir and ma’am and there’s good customer service and stuff. I love Americans, right? But I love I want to move to America. I want a ranch in Montana and I want guns. I want lots of guns. Is that weird?

I want to go hunting, I want a bow. I learned how to shoot bow and arrow this summer. Freaking awesome. And my wife and I were very competitive. Don’t ask me why. And I think she’s slightly better than me. I have to say that for my marriage sake. But you know, I just love Americans. Honestly, you’re 100% right. Like I didn’t go to America till quite late in life. And I used to just hate the American politicians and the American imperialistic agenda that they had. And then I went out and met them.

And I was blown away. They’re the nicest people on the planet. And people say that about Iran. I’ve never been to Iran, but people say that. I’ve met Iranians over here and they always say, like, where are you from? And you say Persia. And they’re like, all right. Like, cause they came over with the shah business, right? And they do whatever. So like them. Cause most people are nice. Yeah, because, but they have nothing. They don’t, there’s just none of this friction that exists at that level where they conjure up these conflicts to keep us divided.

But interestingly what you said about this kind of rinse out the old agenda when it’s not serving you anymore. So they had lockdown. One week we were out with boards and stuff like that and doing our thing and we’d be anti-vaxxers. And literally in the space of a week. So one weekend we were anti-vaxxers. Next weekend we’d finished and a woman took a board with it. It said no vaccine passports, no vaccines for children. It said. And we went into this pub and somebody read it and took issue with it on the neighbouring table.

Ahmad (01:23:33.258)
and they didn’t call us anti-vaxxers, they called us Putin sympathizers. And I thought that in the space of one week, it has changed. Like the narrative had only changed that week. It happened overnight. And that’s how quickly the marionettes, the media marionettes, the media puppets get busy with their new slogans. I know, it’s mental. It’s mental. And the thing is, I don’t know about you, but the reason why I’ve been quite vocal about many of these issues, you know, the trans agenda,

the climate agenda, everything. They’re all scams. They’re all based on lies. And I don’t wanna follow a lie. How can you live a lie? And so all these agendas are actually linked. And then you look at the WHO, World Sustainability Goals. What the hell, what does sustainability mean? What the fact does that mean? All I know is all this stuff means, how do we take power and…

and money and liberties from these plebs and enrich ourselves. It’s sustaining the power structure. That’s what’s the sustainability of this. Sustaining themselves. It’s all about them. Oh, you know what? You’re right. It’s always in the open, isn’t it? They always say what they mean to say. So when they say net zero, well, first of all, you can look at nets in terms of net and gross and it’s a measurement and so on. But it’s also a net. A way of catching things. Way of catching things.

And also, even if you look at it in terms of the actual…

I suppose you could say there’s nothing left to catch when you’re at zero. But also you could put it the other way if you use it as a word indicating measurement. It’s like when it’s like they’ve got to bring that down to zero, which means they’ve got to have less of you. It’s like it’s reducing carbon emissions and we all know that line, you know, like you’re the carbon they want to reduce. It’s not, it’s not that we are the carbon they want to reduce. It’s quite simple. It’s quite straightforward. It’s right out there. It’s very anti-human.

Ahmad (01:25:27.274)
So, you know, and there’s a lot of very nice, good people out there who have fallen for this bullshit, who actually believe that the world has got too many people, and the best thing is that there should be less of us. And I think there’s nothing less human and less godly. There’s a lot of religious people that think like that as well. They think, oh, there’s too many people on this planet. And I’m like, you’re a church-going person. Like, that’s so anti-god, what you’ve just said.

I’ve got this thing, have you ever, I’ve been a lodger a couple of times in my life and sort of stayed in people’s houses and I realized that one of the things that you’re remit as a lodger is basically to be as invisible as possible because you’re in someone else’s house, right? You don’t want to be intrusive. Yeah, well, but that’s, they don’t want really, they want your money, but they don’t want you there. Okay, interesting. So the analysis I’m gonna bring about here is that

That is the way we’re regarded by, they want your service, they want what you can offer. So like if you can fly a plane for them or be a chauffeur or be a waiter, if they’ve got a functional role for you, they’ll have you there because you served them. But basically they consider us to be their lodgers. Like, oh, they’re cattle. Obviously the cattle’s a different analogy, but like, if you’re, they don’t want you there. So as soon as they can get rid of you, most people don’t want a lodger in the house, they just want the money, right?

if they have no further need for you, they just get rid of you. And that’s exactly what it is. They see us like as an imposition with a riffraff. So when you saw in COVID, as I’m speaking there, I’m thinking in terms of those events we saw with the Queen and the WEF guys, and maybe down in Cornwall they had one and they had people serving and they all had masks in the background like all the waiters and waitresses. But they weren’t. They weren’t because they didn’t want them to be there. They want them to be faceless, invisible, just like a lodger.

like invisible drones, you’re not supposed to have any personality, just stay out of the way. You don’t want them in the way when you’re cooking your dinner or like watching TV and stuff like that. They just don’t want them there. You’ve got to be faceless. They want them to be anonymous and kind of, they see us on this earth as being an imposition, like an unnecessary addition. Right. Listen, tell me something. Yeah, go on. I was going to say something about, you asked me to freestyle a bit, go about a new topic and we sometimes ended up in the Middle East. But

Ahmad (01:27:55.77)
I think it would probably be better. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to freestyle dance. That’s good, yeah. I’m not very good at expressing myself through the medium of dance on a podcast. Especially if people listen to just audio. When I dance, I look like someone having a seizure standing up.

Ahmad (01:28:11.838)
It’s not pretty. It’s not pretty. But my daughters love it. So I do it for them. They’re the only people on the planet who’ve seen me dance. And it’s going to stay like that. Good. Anyway, you’re saying… These lungs, it has a function. Look, they love it. Entertainment. It’s pure entertainment. Brilliant. Anyway, carry on. You were saying… No, I just think that we were talking about all this madness and all this chaos and the way they manipulate our minds through their silver screens and through their…

communication devices, laptops and phones and TVs and so on. And I really think that it’s important that we do not become to, and I think it’s a danger for people who are in say the freedom movement, who are alive to the fact that the government maybe is not benevolent and benign. It’s a danger to getting sucked into monitoring all this news and to living in the darkness and to absorbing the darkness probably is a better way of putting it. So absorbing all this kind of

because they are pulling people’s strings. And there are people within there who may not be trustworthy, who are encouraging that who we may have had the role, which we thought was on our side, if you like, and who are now calling for more violence or conflicts or encouraging division. I just think it’s best to disengage from that and find the things that keep you sane, and whether it is like dancing for your kids or…

just to remember to do those things like, or music. And all the things they’re trying to take from us as well, because I always think that’s a really key thing. So I don’t know if you remember drawing the lockdown era there was a, in this country, there was an advertisement, a poster of a ballerina and it said, reboot, retrain, reskill. And it said something about Fatima needs to find a new job or words to that effect or, and it was a ballerina picture. And I think they are trying to crush the creative arts. And I think that as we talked about before,

in the culture and the kind of conditioning that we’ve got in this way that they are continuously trying to keep us entertained and stupefied and attached to our devices so that we don’t have that spark of divinity or that spark of creativity or that spark of ingenuity or novelty or like the possible ignition of an original thought.

Ahmad (01:30:32.694)
doing that not only culturally and without indoctrination, but also they’re doing it practically by making life difficult to live unless you… It’s very difficult to live for most people now. Right. Dude, things are tough for a lot of people. Standard living is being squeezed. And the first thing to go is the things which are non-essential. Like they told you what was gonna happen. You lot are non-essential workers. So non-essentials would be all the artists, creatives and then…

keep going down until it’s basically just the people who provide the delivery. Yeah, delivery. Logistics, that’s it. Absolutely, it’s kind of worrying. And I worry about our education system where you’re indebted such a young population for what is on the most part, many degrees are just completely hopeless and pointless. They get indoctrinated with workery and the wrong ideas and they come out with no real skills, no real knowledge, no real experience.

what, 50,000 pound in debt. And then they get a crappy little job. When you’ve got that much of debt sitting on top of you, you can’t be free. You’re not free to speak up. Because if you lose your job, how are you gonna pay for anything? Rent is crazy, food prices are crazy. So you just, like debt is a slavery, basically. Yeah, so that’s what they’re trying to create, a slave class. Slave class. And I’ve heard people say that kind of a student debt is like a tax on aspiration. So you think, oh, I’m gonna go and be one of these things. And then you think I’m gonna go and do some fancy degree. And you come away.

this tax on your aspiration, right? Absolutely. And, but they- Cash is on you, how old are you? I’m 45. 45? Yeah. Yes, it’s this generation, I’m 48. It’s this age. We’ve got heavy responsibility actually, our generation. Haven’t we, why is that? Because somehow we fell in a gap between the generation that’s coming through now, which is heavily indoctrinated.

than the generation before that had absolute trust in the government and somehow this generation in the middle, somehow we escaped it a little bit. I don’t know what quite what we did. Cause all the people that I know for the most part in the freedom movement, even the demographics of the people who are listening to my podcast, it’s this age group, 45 to about 55, 60. And we’re almost like immune to the BS and we’re just like, this isn’t right. I think it’s almost like we saw

Ahmad (01:32:55.394)
the fruits of our labors, of our parents. We saw the benefits and how their hard work paid off. But actually, instead of seeing more of that for ourselves, we’ve seen life just get harder. Life get tougher. We can’t afford the house. We can’t pay the bills. We have to pay for our education. And our quality of life is a lot worse than what it was for our parents. Yeah, but there’s also practical reasons there. We are the last sort of generation that probably played out.

in the street or in the parks or could go out. And we weren’t causated so much by this fear and this, what’s it called, health and safety stuff. Yeah, we didn’t have any of that. So I remember when the VHS first came and the Betamax, wherever. I remember when the technology was rolled in. I don’t remember, like phones and media. Yeah, we lived before that. And the other thing is, we were there when the internet came and the internet was freer. And while we’re still, we were exposed to information. And we could.

and it was much more open. Much more open. And so we both had the freedom of our childhoods and then we had the freedom of information when we were old enough to access it and to be interested in it. That’s the best answer I’ve heard from him. So dude, what’s the plan next? Like, what are you gonna do? Because we’re talking about our struggles, like you and I, like, I don’t know very many people who are speaking out and they’re active, who are, you know, we get accused of being grifters and anything but, anything but.

And actually, you know, it’s the people who put their head above the carpet are the ones that get hurt. You know, you get canceled, you don’t get job opportunities, you get, you know, you don’t get contracts. What are you? What is your next step? Like how are you going to fight and stay vocal and make a living and an earning? This comes back to what I was trying to say there. Like, so if you conceive of it as I’ll give you a practical answer in a minute, but if you conceive of it as a spiritual world, then you have to keep alive those things to keep your spirit alive. So like if you’re thinking in terms of.

Like if you think of it as being not physical and the war in the battleground is within you, then you have to do those things that they’re trying to crush out of us. Like I said, like, so whether it’s music or dancing or whether it’s writing or playing or even it’s just enjoying laughing. Yeah. Taking the piss. All those things. The company of your friends. We need to take the piss out of these people. Yeah, right. The company of your friends. But no, I know I didn’t mean about these people.

Ahmad (01:35:22.966)
disengage from those people. Just live your life. You’re right in the conversation. Yeah. And so you disengage from that screen reality where, where they can tell you that there’s a pandemic going on that you can never see in your daily life. They can tell you there’s a virus coming to get you and you never see it for the whole of 2020. I didn’t see anything of anything. I didn’t see any bodies in the street. I just saw normal. I just saw people locking themselves in the home for no reason. Right. Um, so if you disengage from the screen reality and get on with your life,

Ultimately, this battle will be won in a practical sense by people, informed people like us who recognize that the government is not benign, that these narratives are scams, which they are using to mold our minds and our bodies into the shape that they have preordained for us. And we instead choose our own path and choose our own life and start now. That’s the rebellion. We start now and just live our lives. That’s how you do it.

and you engage with your neighbors, you engage with people. You don’t, I think if you imagine, it becomes harder and harder to imagine. We just said we grew up like 1970s, 1980s kids. We were cycling with ET across the moon, right? All that stuff, the BMX. Watching Transformers. The chopper bicycles, all that sort of stuff, right? Imagine a time though, where there was no internet and no television. Imagine if that time came tomorrow and the internet and TV was cut off. What would you do with your time?

There’s no entertainment at home anymore. Where are you gonna go? You’re gonna go and speak to your neighbor. You’re gonna go and, no, I’m not saying that I do all this all the time. I’m not saying I’m a paragon of virtue or anything. I’m just saying that these are the, they’re trying to force us down a certain path. And if we can recognize that path, the little steps you take in the opposite direction are the ones which are gonna save you. In the same way as if you recognize they’re gonna, you want to bring in the CBD season and digitize the economy so they’ve got full control of you, you might think, well, I’m gonna spend this cash as much as possible and shop local as much as possible. You don’t have to do it.

you know, all the time, but as much as you’re able to. And the same with, so, so. It doesn’t have to be everything, but do as much as possible. And as many different forms. So yeah, I agree. I’m like, I think like another form of resistance is stay fit and healthy. Right. Form friendships. Yeah. And know your neighbors. Well, that’s all part of health, isn’t it? Yeah. Build a community. Have connection, you know, and switch off, switch off from all this BS. I don’t, you know, I don’t watch the news at all. None of them.

Ahmad (01:37:44.686)
The only news that gets filtered through to me is sometimes when I see things on X. I don’t read the newspapers. I don’t wanna pay. I don’t wanna give them my money or my time. Don’t use these things. Try and use things as local as possible. Buy local and just support your community. That’s what I think. Emma, listen, we’re running out of time. I need to ask you a question. Imagine you’re 141, okay? You’ve lived a long, healthy life and you’re surrounded by your family, your children, your great-grandchildren.

You’re single, everyone listening, this man is single. Prize catch. So suddenly, you’re on the deathbed, you’re gonna go meet your maker. Before you pass on, what advice, health or otherwise, would you pass to your family, your legacy? What advice? Yeah, what advice? You got a few moments left to live. Okay, I think that, just off the top of my head, because I haven’t thought about this before, is that…

My learning and the realizations I’ve had over the past 20 or so years is that probably the truth is more important than anything. So like without the truth, without factual information, like bridges don’t stand up. Honest Health.

with bridges don’t stand up, buildings fall down, but not just that, society falls down and it starts with the very smallest truths and I think also in terms of personal relationships I think there’s this idea that you, I may have a world inside my head and you have a world inside your head and we’re trying to make those worlds overlap so that we can have some kind of intimacy or interaction or relationship right and this can be with your friends or partners whatever so but without truth

that are barrier forms. And I think like that Tracy Chapman lyric about there’s a fiction in the space between you and me, right? So if there’s no truth there, there’s no relationship, there’s no facts, there’s no means of interaction. And I think it’s the truth, I think it’s, I realize it’s a matter of life and death I’ve seen over the past three years. It’s a matter of love, isn’t it, as well?

Ahmad (01:39:53.73)
That’s what, it’s the key thing for everything is that you must tell the truth in all things. And my dad used to tell me that when we’re kids and we tell lies because we’re worried about getting like, you know, trouble. But yeah, and I didn’t realize how important it was, but like it’s the truth is the most important thing. I 100% agree, I love that. But I really, really liked that. Listen, you know what’s really, really funny? It feels like yesterday I was sitting next to you. It honestly does.

Just like yesterday, I was there. Like when I saw you at the train station and picked you up, I was like, hey, you’re my best bud. I was just thinking when we’re sitting next to each other and I could hear you going, like with me like, that’s not true, that’s not right. Why didn’t I say all these things? These little like non-verbals are kind of, I won’t. I was like, somebody who gets it, somebody knows like this is not right. And that was about the truth as well. That was about the truth. I didn’t feel like it was true. I didn’t feel like these people were being direct and honest and straightforward.

Now, whether they were deliberately not being known, so I don’t know, but they just weren’t addressing the truth. We were not addressing the truth, and that’s so important. I think we did a good job of addressing the truth in this podcast, what do you think? I hope so, I hope it wasn’t too heavy and negative with all the Middle East stuff and that sort of track. We did our best. I think we tried. We did. Everyone listening, I really hope you enjoyed it. It was, I enjoyed it. I think that’s important. I really love my podcast. I love speaking to my guests and have so much fun.

And it’s a connection is a real life connection. You get people in here in real life. It’s not through a screen. It’s so important. Yeah. I mean, I’m not, I’m not like Joe Rogan. I’m not, I can’t fly people over to come and see me, but you know, I have to have some virtual console, you know, consultation, virtual podcasts, but whenever possible, I like people to be in here. You know, I physically see them, eyeball them.

feel their energy, bounce off ideas, you know, the whole shebang, it makes a difference. Yeah, yeah, I think that’s another reason why they kept us apart. You know, this idea of six feet apart, apart from- Yeah, what was that about? Well, it seems a bit occult to me, a bit of like an occult ritual, but also if, there was talk at the time about your electromagnetic hot energy field. Oh yeah, definitely projects out, yeah. I think it’s more than six feet now. Yeah, I think they say that, but I think there’s obviously the further apart you are, then- Yeah, diminishes.

Ahmad (01:42:17.538)
So you didn’t feel the presence of other people. Yeah, 100% evil. Anyway guys, listen, I love you so much. All of Francis’s links that you’ll put me, you’re gonna get send me, Francis, send me an email with all your social media links or whatever. I’ll put that on the podcast details and you can look them up. I would definitely recommend following him on Substack. You write really well, by the way. Thank you. No, really, really well. Very, very enjoyable to read and you’ve got some interesting ideas. So definitely worth following on Substack.

And if you can become a paid subscriber and help him. But first of all, become a paid subscriber and help me first. I’m just joking, just both of us would be nice. We’ll both survive, we’re gonna make it. Yeah, we will make it. You know what, I’m not fearful. It’ll work out. People will look after us and support us. And you know, Ed Griffin said this, by the way, I don’t know if you heard the podcast, but he said there’s 15% of people in the army of light.

and you’re in 1% of that 15%, and that other 14% will support you. You will find that they will support you. So guys, listen, seriously support Francis on his sub stack, follow his work, he’s brilliant, and I hope you enjoy this conversation, and I really wanna thank you all for listening, listening and sharing, and I get so many wonderful messages and emails, people saying to me, oh, I recommend this guest, can you look into this, can you look into that?

and thank you for what you’ve done, and you’ve given me hope, and I felt so alone, and now I don’t, and I found my tribe. Well, listen, everything that you say to me, I can say right back, because all of these messages make me feel like I’m part of a huge movement. We are not alone. We are not this tiny, fringe-minute minority, and we’re growing. And the number of people in our camp is getting bigger and bigger, and we are gonna win. So everyone, thank you so much, and God bless.

Bye bye. That was great. I really enjoyed that. Thank you.