Conversation With Kat Lindley, The Next Health Emergency, Attack On The Family & Religion And What We Can Do About It

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Dr. Kat Lindley is a Croatian born, American trained board-certified family physician with a direct primary care practice in Texas. She became a family physician because she loved the idea of taking care of the whole family and seeing the family grow. Later in her career, she became interested in helping find solutions in improving the overall healthcare system.

Doctor Lindley is involved with many medical organizations and is is a passionate advocate for her profession, her patients and children. She is COO of Global COVID Summit and President and co-founder of Global Health Project, a coalition of organizations, experts & advocates dedicated to improving & protecting the health & future for all humans through education, advocacy, programs and communication initiatives; defending health choice, equality and responsibility.

In this episode we talk about what the next health emergency might look at, the attack on the family and religion and what steps we can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

About Doc Malik: Orthopaedic surgeon Ahmad Malik is on a journey of discovery when it comes to health and wellness. Through honest conversations with captivating individuals, Ahmad explores an array of topics that profoundly impact our well-being and health.

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