Chris Boettcher Talks About Mens Health And Getting Rid Of The Dad Bod

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Chris Boettcher is a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist in the UK) on a mission to help men “take back control of their health, lose 20+ lbs in weight, and kill the dad bod”.

Chris got into the Ironman triathlon scene in grad school and went on to race in 10 full distance Ironmans (3x qualifying and competing at World Championships in Kona).

Chris has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and has practiced for 10 years. While practicing he became frustrated and broken by the traditional healthcare system.

Realising that there must be a better way, Chris along with his brother Brett (also a PT) left traditional healthcare to build Brother2Brother, a community that helps fathers take back control of their health and to lead themselves and their families.

In this podcast interview we talk about how men can get rid of their dad bods and much more.


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