All About Homeopathy With Alan Freestone

Alan Freestone is a homeopath treating a wide range of conditions, but has a particular interest in treating children with autism and related disorders.

Alan believes autism to be a reversible condition often caused by toxins (be they from vaccinations, or other medications or sources of heavy-metals).

We talk about the origin of homeopathy, the treatments, results and whether anyone knows how it works.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.


Here we go.

Alan Freestone.

Listen, first of all, seriously, thank you so much for coming. 2 1/2 hour drive all the way to see me.

I feel honored.

I really do.

You’re very welcome.

Nice to meet you.

The cup of tea better be good.


Pretty good.

Oh, it’s worth it.

But umm, yeah.


Just before I press the record button, you’re telling me how you used to be in the RAF and you left because of the, you know, aftermath of 9/11, which I think is incredible because I actually had the opposite kind of reaction.

So when I was, I was operating when 911 happened, I went quickly into the coffee room, saw the things.


I was shocked.

And I just felt like straight away it was like, miss some terrorists, miss some passport, Bob.

And I’m like, oh, for God’s sake, my team has let me down.

Oh my God, this is embarrassing.

This is just shameful.

Oh my God.

So I joined the TA.

I was Captain Malik.


Oh, very good, because I felt very patriotic.


Doing the medicine, Yeah, no.

Yeah, not running.

Right in one of the gun or something.

No medicine.

I got to use a gun, though.

I was quite good at.

It’s funny, the instructor was like, have you done this before?

I was like, no, he’s like very good.

I was like, thanks, but yeah, it was.


It was actually the the squaddies who were telling me one day that 911 wasn’t quite what it was.

About the squaddies were the yeah, because they asked me why I joined and I was like telling them and they all brushed out laughing and I’m like, Nah, you need to look into #7.


I was like #7, what are you talking about?

So I looked into number 7 and I was like, what?


And I like started digging deeper and I felt disgusted.

I felt cheated.

And then and then and the squaddies were telling me, guy, you know me, the army’s just a mercenary force for the globalist.


You know, corporations, this is not about the defense of the nation.

And I was like, what?

Which you can kind of see at the minute with the with all the people coming over in the boats and the the state seemingly unable to stop them and then they’ll announce oh we’re building some new submarines to protect the nation for four and a half billion pounds.


It’s like what hang on a minute, you can’t doesn’t make any sense.

But once you or the aircraft carriers that’s that’s.

To project power.

That’s nothing to do with defence.

It’s not defence, it’s power projection.

Once you get it, you’re like, oh, I see.

And then you could, you could choose to be a part of it and say, OK, I recognize we’re a mercenary force.


Let’s not try and get on our high horse and pretend we’re some sort of moral moralistic, you know, Yeah, Yeah.

So what about, I was just telling you when you’re talking, you were doing this, and so your math moves.

All right.

So what I was saying was, why did you leave the RAF?


The what made you go, Right.

I’ve had enough.

I’m leaving.

The I was watching the George Bush, Tony Blair reaction to 911 and the whole Afghanistan and Iraq thing and I read the the dodgy dossier.


So I was sort of, Oh no, that was, I think was that after.

No, that was just when I was leaving.

So no, actually, I was a civilian by the time I read that.

But I was, I was just waking up to, oh, I don’t think we’re the goodies we had been fed.

You know reading books growing up about about the Britain and all the rest of it and defending freedom.


And this was such a struggle.

Thank goodness The Goodies 1.

Coincidentally always.

When the war’s done this, Yes, yes.

So yeah, I was like OK, I can’t do this anymore because I don’t think we’re on the right side and that’s played outlook at look at the State of Iraq and I will the legacy media.


You look it’s just it’s just an it’s not even talked about or Libya not even talked about.

You have gone from these first world, highly educated countries with fantastic health care and law and order and all of that stuff to just absolute hellholes, hell holes, and what’s funny is like, you know?


Human created human created hell holes and it what’s funny the hypocrisy you know when it’s say you believe in the pandemic and and and all these COVID deaths were real and people were dying of this horrible virus and it’s not just man made you know the way we changed hospital protocols and medical treatments and that’s what caused the harm and you know locking down people that wasn’t what caused harm.


Telling people not to go to hospital, that wasn’t what actually caused the harm and say it was a real virus and was a killer virus, that’s still a fraction of the number of people who died in Iraq.

Oh yeah, Fraction.



So the question is, are our lives more important and valuable than Iraqis?


Because I think an Iraqi and a mom and dad would say that their child’s life is worth just as much as yours and mine.

And I think the way our media, the legs and media portrays the value of life and the worth of something, you know, they just just throw out numbers.


Oh yeah, 1,000,000 Iraqis died.

Oh, well, it was a bit.

Of a Boo Boo.

That’s the old Stalin quote, isn’t it really.


I might butcher it, but it’s like when you’re talking about.

Like, it’s a tragedy if you’re talking about numbers in the thousands or whatever.

As soon as you’re in the millions.


It’s just a statistic.

Stops having any mean emotional meaning, you know?

But it’s insane.

Absolutely insane.

It’s so sad.

Anyway, it’s funny.

I didn’t expect us to be talking about this because I asked you to come and talk about homeopathy, but you talked about something else I really want to talk about, which is cover quickly.


You talked about the boats and these migrants mate.

You don’t look like a typical racist.

You don’t look like I don’t know.

What I don’t know.


I don’t know what typical races would look like, but, you know, I’m expecting, you know, I know it’s not like, yeah, you just don’t look like a racist.


So you look like a nice guy.

So some people would say that’s a very racist comment.

These people need to be coming over in a boat and you know, they’re entitled to come here.

They’re fleeing these war-torn areas.

We should welcome them.

Do you know, do you not think we should be doing that?

It’s a difficult.


So it’s a difficult question because you going back to what we said earlier, if the UK state has has destroyed their country and now they’re coming to the UK state to for refuge, there is a moral obligation there on the UK state probably probably just isn’t shouldn’t have destroyed their country.


But like, I think a state is, what would you call me?

I’m not sure if I would call myself a libertarian.

But a my politics would be leave me alone, maximum freedom.

That would be my that would be my motto.


But I think states have to exist at the minute.

So the state’s rule, I think, should be cut down to protecting the borders, law and order, making sure the courts are are just just.


And that’s about it.

And they’re not.

And so they’re feeling, so the state is feeling a very, very fundamental, one of the only things that I think they actually need to be doing.

They’re feeling it.

So there’s another quote I like.


And it’s like you can have a, you can have a welfare state or you can have mass immigration.

You can’t have both of those things.

The mass just doesn’t work.

Yeah, so, so.

You could say like you’re like somebody’s ancestors that came from here and have lived in poverty for centuries and gradually, gradually worked their way up.


And finally now we’ve got this welfare state and finally we’re.

And then strangers are coming in and have the same right to the to the benefits that you or your ancestors worked for to get to get you to, and world wars that were fought to get to you.


It just doesn’t seem just dude to the average, you know, to the sort of the working person.

You sound very libertarian to me.

I’m libertarian.

Yeah I’m I’m I’m pretty much there but I but I I do see the need for a for a independent.


I think my concern with with complete libertarian and or let’s say no state would be.

The strong being able to take advantage of the weak, you know, no, no, I get that.

So I I don’t believe in the idea of a government.


So I was talking to Ed Griffin about this and came out in the podcast on Monday and it was like he goes, look, the word government, it means governing you like who wants to be governed?

I don’t want to be governed.

So I’m happy with the idea of a state and it is so tiny and actually exactly what you just said, you know, protect the borders, stop the the Barbarians knocking at our doors and raping and pillaging and provide law and order and that’s kind of it.


Yeah, that’s kind of my.

That’s kind of mine and and I subscribe to leave me the frack alone, do no harm and take no shit, you know?

Yeah, maybe I am a libertarian then.

I don’t know.

Whatever you want to call it.

But I think we’re on the same page.


And then with regards to, you know, the boat people like, I don’t think it is racist to say that, you know, that.

I would say to people, you know, how many people then can we let in?

Can we let the whole world in?

Like, exactly.

Like, that’s.

Like, seriously, if if you’re going to say it’s OK for these thousands of people to come, OK, that’s fine.


And why not ten times that?

Why not 100 times that?

Why not everyone?

Why not everyone let everyone in the?

Conversation can’t even be had because as soon as you try and mention it was deliberate, as soon as you try and mention that, it’s, oh, you’re shut down for being a racist.


So some people say, oh, well, well, it’s very easy for you to say that you you’re here now in this country.


Well, I was born in this country and my parent, my dad and my mom were invited into this country legally.

And my dad worked every day except the day he died.

And he never took any welfare or anything and he contributed to this country.

He was just a teenager when he came and he worked his ass off.


And you know, to say that’s the same as someone who has thrown out their passport, come here illegally and then working, you know, in the black market or taking welfare that no, don’t insult my dad’s past and all the efforts that he did because that’s not the same.


That is not the same.

I agree.

And let’s say I wanted to move to Turkey or somewhere.

I wouldn’t expect anything from them.

You would be glad to be let in.

You wouldn’t expect them to educate your child and give you free health care and.

Give you benefits and pay for a house or any of that stuff you would be like, oh great, I’m here, right?


I need to sort myself out now.


Anyway, it’s flipped.

So there’s something, there’s something weird going on.

I’m not really sure what the reason for this mass migration, why they’re allowing it, because they clearly are.

But it could be they just want more heads, which they can then claim as GDP.


Or it could be voting so that you get.

Darker going on because you look at all the countries where it’s happening.

It’s the Western countries, America, I’m sure you’ve seen it.

The millions that are coming across the border from all sorts of places.


I don’t even know how they’re getting to Mexico to to then get to America.

Canada is the same.

We’re the same.

The rest of Europe, I’m not sure about Australia and New Zealand.

I don’t know about them, but it seems like that it’s, it’s Western countries that are being flooded.

It’s not.

It’s not China.

It’s not Japan.


It’s not.

Argentina, you know, or somewhere like that.

So there seems to be a very deliberate policy simultaneously in lots of different countries all at once.

So what do you think is driving the well one more set agenda?


Be you’re trying to destroy states that are sort of based on individualism that that seems to we’re just looking at the looking at the.

Well, what’s the?

What’s the theme of those countries?

They tend to be sort of the Anglo-Saxon in the past, based on English common law.


People tend to be more individualist and less less collectivist.

It seems to be those that they’re that they’re targeting.

So wow, you have to look at the look at the pattern.

You know, I mean, humans are pattern seeking animals and I think you’ve nailed it.

You know, I had a conversation with Joe Smalley.


I don’t know if you’ve heard of him.

He’s got a great sub stack.

He does all the stats and talks about all the figures during the COVID pandemic.

Very, very clever guy and you know, off air, we’re just having this lovely chat.

And he was talking about the same thing, collectivism versus individualism.

And it’s the exact same that Ed Griffin was talking about as well.


You know, I think it’s very, very simple.

It’s the right of the individual.

And Ed was articulating it beautifully is he was like, it doesn’t matter if there’s a majority who want something, you still need to protect the liberty and the rights of that one individual.

That one individual should be allowed to do whatever they want, and the majority shouldn’t be able to vote and dictate to that one individual.


That’s not freedom.

Freedom is every individual.

And that’s, it’s all about, like you said, individualism, not collectors, and not for the greater good.

Yeah, individual freedom.

As long as it doesn’t infringe on other people or harm other people, that’s absolutely.

The golden rule isn’t simple as that.


So that’s how they’re trying to sort of well they’re coming at small different angles but with this sort of 15 minute city things or the you layers or whatever their their argument would be yeah but you’re you’re selfish individual action to.

Driving on that street is harming the collective, so that must be controlled, yeah?


So it’s very dangerous.

It’s very Soviet, yeah, very common.


Dangerous because you can.

You can justify anything.

You can justify anything 100%.

Are we on the same page buddy?

I haven’t even mentioned.

Tell me something.

So I need to tell you about some biases.


All right.


I’ve got some biases.

So I grew up in a cult, and I’ve left that cult.

And and the problem is, you know, I just wasn’t very happy being in that cult.

And one of the things is you just want to reject everything that was ever associated with that cult.


And there might be some good things in there, you know, because often it’s very difficult to sell a cult.

If there’s no good things, you need some perks to the membership.

So one of the things that Kant was very much into was homeopathic medicine.

So I’m kind of like, oh, by the way, it says it’s associated with that cult, right?


So I want to like slam the door on it.

And then there’s a second, second reason which you might find find funny.

When I was growing as a child, I was very small.

Still I’m small, 5 foot seven, and my mum was worried I’m not going to grow tall and she said I’m going to get you homeopathic medicine.

This will make you grow tall.


That didn’t.


It made you shorter.

So my personal experience has been like, rare.

And then I looked into it and I was like, oh man, and you know, I’ve read all the mainstream stuff and it’s like it’s like, this is quackery, this is absolute crackery, this is just hocus pocus, absolute nut job stuff.


But listen, I’m on a journey.

I’m open minded.

And look at this, I’ve got Ainsworth, the first name in that hold me up with the 42 Essential Remedies.

So you can’t say I ain’t got an open mind.

You’re you’re doing the rabbit hole now.


Is that bad?

I’m just worrying.

No, that’s brilliant.

Maybe someone should report me to the GMC for this.


So anyway, like I said, look, I’m open minded.

I really am open minded about everything.

You know, I’m just exploring everything.

I I think it’s really important again for freedom and liberty to be able to talk about anything and have a discussion and not have anyone censor you.


And the censorship comes in different ways.

And one of the ways to censor is to say you’re a conspiracy theorist, you’re a nut job, you’re you know, you’re crazy.

And that’s just that.

That creates self censorship you don’t want to talk about.

It 911 and homeopathy.

Oh my goodness.

So listen, let’s go back to a six.


What the hell is homeopathy?

So there was this German man back at the at the very end of the 1700s and he was a doctor and he you’ve only got 2 Rs.

So I’m going to have to try and give you the short version.

Yeah and he could see that and he was a genius.


He was one of these Poly mass.

He could speak it languages.

He was he hadn’t.

He invented the the book for the for pharmacists to use to to basically correctly measure and keep their their drugs pure.


That was still used up until the beginning of the 19th century.

The Sorry, the 1900s, but.

He, he was a doctor and he was looking around and back then that was like, given Mercury and leading people and all sorts of things.

Yeah, bloodletting.

Yeah, yeah.


And he was like, this is bubbaric.

I can’t do this.

So he, he quit and he had a family at the time and he was, and he was very poor and starving.

So he started, but he still quit.

What was his name?

Samuel Hanneman Samuel Hanneman, yeah.


And he so he started translating because he could speak these languages and he was he had a very good brain on him.

He started translating science and medical books into into German and different languages and he came across one.


One time he came across this guy, I think it was a Scottish doctor and they were saying we’ve discovered that Chichona, I can never pronounce the word bark, that the bark that they treat malaria with still today.

The this works this this fixes the AG because it is very bitter and and Hanneman thought that doesn’t make any sense there’s I can name other bitter things that doesn’t help malaria.


So yeah you know what I’m going to do I’m going to take some and see what happens to me.

So he he he got a sample of this, of this bark and he started taking some and he got the symptoms of malaria.

And then he stopped and it went away and then he took it again and he got he was like, OK, so the that bark gives you the symptoms of malaria.


So that was sort of this little there’s there’s other this is a bit of an apocryphal, apocryphal story because he had probably also been exposed to the idea of like cures like in in older books he was reading as well.



But he he sort of demonstrated on himself and he was like, maybe there’s something to this principle of.

Like cures, like, so you go to a homeopath nowadays with a fever, and the homeopath would give you something to treat the fever that gives you a fever.


So you’re treating the fever with the fever, fighting fire with fire, as they say.

That’s not the controversial bit of homeopathy because you can see that with some pharmaceutical drugs today, like you’ll give, you’ll give stimulants to ADHD kids.


So you’re giving, you’re giving somebody, you’re giving speed to somebody that’s hyper.

And it’s calming them down and and it sounds like this guy, Samuel.




He’s similar to Culpepper.

And Culpepper was, I don’t know if you know, Nicholas Culper is yeah.

So he was against the gallon principles.


You know the.


And the humours and the Venus sections and all that kind of stuff.

So it sounds like he was similar to that mold.

He was like going against the green because up until that point all doctors were fully fledged members of that gallon.


And I hadn’t moved in sort of 1600 years, exactly something crazy.



So he started experimenting with different substances and then seeing what what effect it had on him.

And then he he went back to medicine and he started giving these things to treat that the conditions.

But he was still using material doses at this point.


So it tended to be rather unpleasant and the symptoms were too strong.

But there was the thing was having an effect like a side effects that were too strong.

So he started diluting the the medicines that he was giving and this is where the controversial bit of homeopathy comes in.


He he was diluting them and he was very systematic and he was recording all this and he found that they they were becoming more effective as he was diluting them but having less bad effects and he went ongoing and going and going and going.

Once you’ve so a few sort of take a drop of something and and you dilute it in 99 drops of of alcohol, which is what he did and then he was he was banging it, he was successing it, shaking this stuff up.


Once you’ve gone through that process about 6 times, there’s not a single molecule of the original substance.

Listen, this is the criticism I’ve heard of homeopathy.

They’re like, how can it work?

It’s it’s it’s true.

There is not a single molecule there but then he went way beyond that, so 30 times dilution.


So that box that’s they’re all that’s that’s they’ve gone through that process 30 * 200 * 1000 times.

You know they’ve kept on going so there’s so but the stuff was still working but then they didn’t know they they weren’t aware of Avogadro’s number.


They didn’t know how many molecule or how many.

What’s Avogadro’s?

Number you know the the number I’m no I’m no I’m not going to remember what what it is but it’s the for a a gram of sulfur you you would be able to tell how many molecules of sulfur in that gram.


Dude, I’m so thick.

So what’s it called?

Ava What Avogadro?

Avogadro number.

So that’s the that’s the anybody doing GCSE chemistry or or or science, they’ll be shaking their heads at me.

I mean, I’m not remembering.

How many carbon atoms are there in 12 grams of carbon 12?


Oh God, what the hell.

The number of units in one mole of any substance is called Avogadro’s number or Avogadro’s constant is equal to 6.022 blah blah blah to the power of 10 to 23.

Holy lolly, is this a lot.


A lot.

Dude, I’m so thick.

I didn’t know that.

But if.

But if you go on, yeah, so if you go more than six times that, you’re you’re beyond Avogadro’s number.

So there’s no molecule of the original substance.

But he didn’t know that that that was discovered after they had the homeopathic discovered all this, they were just using this medicine and it was working.


So that’s one of the criticisms of HOMEOPATH and it has not been in my opinion it’s still not been answered correctly.

There’s there’s no plausible mechanism that they have come up, they’ve come up with theories.


Who say homeopaths or or physicists or everyone say?

We need to say that you’re homeopaths too.

OK, yeah, but I’m not.

What I mean is that there’s there’s groups that are researching this.

So there’s a there’s an organization called the Homeopathic Research Institute run by a guy that I studied with.


I think it was near above me, Alex Tornier.

And he he’s a French guy.

And he did a he wanted, he set out.

His life mission is to prove is to explain how homeopathy works and prove it.

And so he did.

He did his degree in his undergrad in France.


Then he learned German because he wanted to go to Heidelberg to study.

His PhD was in biophysics, and then he moved to London.

And then he studied homeopathy.

So I met him when he was studying in London.

Smart guy, Smart guy.

And he’s so he’s on this mission mission on a tiny, tiny budget.


You know, they’re they’re not enough money for pens, you know, It’s just it’s not ridiculous.

Yeah, so he’s.

So what I’m trying to say is I don’t make any claim to be able to explain the mechanism of action, but as a practicing homeopath, I can observe that it’s working.


So no, no homeopath out there can actually definitively say this is how it works.

Oh, there’s lots of explanations, but I’m saying as far as I’m concerned they haven’t.

OK, OK, so a lot of people give reasons, but there’s no actual scientifically proven.



This is why it happens.

Exactly, Exactly.

All right.

So there was a, there was a That’s good.

There was a controversial documentary in the 90s, I think it’s called The Memory of Water, which you which you may have heard about.

So this was this famous French forgotten his name, famous French scientist and he was on the on the track of going.


He was going to be awarded a Nobel Prize for other stuff he had done.

He was very, very clever guy and he may.

Can I just say that I need to pause there for a second?

That doesn’t mean Jax anything.

No, no, no.

Because you know why?

Nobel Prize for me.

As a kid I used to look up Nobel Prize and then they gave Barack Obama the Nobel Prize for peace before, before he was in or the days.


Didn’t even do anything well.

He bombed a lot of children, so he.

Bombed 10 times as many people and 10 times as many flights and and dawn attacks as George W Bush.

That’s right.

And this guy who won a Peace Prize and did you see the and did you see the Nobel Prize winners this, this week or last week?


The, the two with the masks and the on.

The OK, OK.

So we need to confirm.

I knew that the masks were from the Japan award.

So it’s from last year.

Oh, is it?

Is it not?

Is it not a recent one?


Not a recent one.

So they Yeah, these two scientists won the award for medicine, Nobel Prize for medicine for developing the mRNA.


COVID vaccines.

Holy freaking moly.

Like talk about an upside down clown world inversion.

Hey Doctor Malone.

The one that actually invented the technology to but those vaccines doesn’t.

He’s he’s ostracized living on his farm somewhere.


Because he’s cut.

Because he’s, you know, he’s criticizing it.

But but but that that picture is still valid.

Well, I’ll tell you why, because that that picture is from 2022, if I’m not mistaken.

OK, I haven’t.

I just saw them.

I just.

So the vaccines had been up.

So I would say, still it doesn’t matter if it was this year, last year the vaccines were already knew, knew how effective they were.


If your vaccine is so goddamn effective, why do you need to wear a mask?

I mean, you could actually go back further.

You could say.

You could say if the masks are so effective, why do you need to social distance?

Yeah, it’s a you’re in.


And if if the masks and social distancing work, why do you need a vaccine?


And if the vaccine works, why do you need a third booster?

4th booster, 5th Mitigating Risk Cuts.

And if and if they are all these boosters work and the vaccine’s so freaking amazing, why do you still need to wear a mask?

I mean, it just goes round and round and round.

It’s just.


You know, just imagine, you know, having that product that has to be mandated to take it for a disease that you need to be tested to know that you have it.

I mean, and if there’s any side effects that product, you’re not liable.

Yeah, so this.


Sorry, we digress.

That’s OK.

So this, this, this French guy.

So he was running this prestigious institute.

That’s the reason I mentioned the Nobel pricing.

There’s a call back to that in a minute.

And one of his research assistants came and I can’t remember what they were doing but she had she had discovered that we they were having a she had mistakenly put in a really really tiny in fact there was no not a molecule of the substance into their whatever test, whatever test they were doing and it was having a biological effect.


So she took it to him and he was like, well, that’s nonsense, do it again.

And it happened again.

And he came back and said, well, that can’t work.

Do it again.

So they did it multiple times and they were still getting this effect.

So he started researching this Ben Venice, That was his name.

So he started researching this.


So he they were talking about the memory of water so that it was it was like the the dilution and the and the banging was causing some sort of structures in the water and it was the structure, it wasn’t the molecules it was the structure created that was then imparting some sort of information that was having a biological effect.


That’s what they were.

That’s what they were.

Well, I mean, The thing is, I’ve only just recently found out about the 4th state of water, which is a real thing.

Have you heard about the 4th state of water?

Is is this?

It’s like the colloidal kind of like you get this.

It’s just a different is this the, is this sort of connected to these the Japanese people that have taken loads of photographs of water in different States and they’re.


No, I don’t know.

It’s different.

I think it’s different, but it’s definitely there is definitely something for state of water which I didn’t know about.

It’s real And so it might be connected to that, but that’s I I was just saying.

So at the end, sorry going back to my call back.

Oh, so let me just explain the 4th state of water.


So water absorbs infrared energy freely from the environment.

It uses that energy to convert bulk water into liquid crystalline water, also known as a fourth phase water.

This sounds similar to.

It’s interesting isn’t what these people are talking about.


Yeah, so so Panorama heard about this.

You know how you know how Panorama, you know how Panorama, You know how you know how you know how honest and an impartial the BBC and and and Panorama are.

So I think it was Panorama, it was one of them.


So they were.

Brainwashing Corporation.

Yeah, So they went over and and to to to investigate this and it turned and and then it was revealed, you know, on the Panorama program we were not able to replicate any of any of his tests.

And then it turned out years later that they had deliberately sabotaged the, the samples.


They had poisoned the sample.

So of course they were not going to get there.

So that was him.

That was his reputation destroyed.


Who poisoned it?

The the Panorama team that had gone over.

They deliberately, they deliberately sabotaged so that there was no way this would have reacted because they go with it.


They go with an agenda.

So yeah.

Yeah, 100%.

So he ended up his he died young of a broken heart, probably, you know, heart attack or something.

And at the end he was in a porta cabin in the car park of his, the institute that he used to run.

He had just been.

His career had been.


Her guy.

What’s his?

What was his name?

Ben Venist.

Ben Venist So that’s a, that’s a that’s a that’s a surname that’s not his first name is not Ben Hunter.

And how long ago was this?

Maybe 90s.

Maybe he died in early 2000s, something like that.


I when you get as old as me and the the the years fly by so.

Oh, so I’m totally like, I just looked at the Benveniste affair was a major international controversy in 1988.

Oh, that long ago idiot.

When he published in the scientific paper called Nature describing the action of very high dilutions of anti IG antibody.


Oh, there you go, buddy.


So we’re talking in theory here.

But yeah, but what I do is practical.

So but but I haven’t been able to give you the the mechanism of action because I we don’t know yet.

I say we I.


Don’t have a problem with that.

Listen, look, there’s a lot of things I don’t know.

I, you know, people come and see me in clinic.

Well, it did before I got suspended.

And I need to laugh.

I need to laugh.

I was talking earlier about how my mood goes up and down.

I’m trying to stay positive.

Basically, umm, umm, quite often patients will say why does it happen, why does it happen?


I’m like, I can give you a bullshit answer.

I can just put my hands up and say I don’t know and I’m quite happy saying I don’t know and I don’t think there’s a problem with that.

So I.

Our knowledge is lacking, you know, and and today we don’t know, but tomorrow we might, you know, yeah, I’m.

I’m OK with it because I’ve observed the reaction.


So I’m like, yeah, I know this work.

So I I explain it like a it’s like a little packet of information.

So you’re not actually that’s what’s in those little pills in your box.

It’s they’re just giving the body a little packet of information and if it’s nonsense, if your body doesn’t need it, it’ll not do anything with it.


So if you just take a random pill from from that, nothing would happen.

On the other hand, if you nail it and get A and get a really good remedy for the particular symptoms that that person has, you’ll see the the symptoms resolving.

So that’s, listen, that’s a really, really powerful point you’ve made there and.


So again, coming back to patients, coming to main clinic, Allen, they said to me, oh, what?

What if I tried this?

What if I tried that?

And I said to them, I don’t mind you trying anything that isn’t going to cause you harm.

What’s to lose?

Try it.

You know, if you want to do acupuncture, do you want to do homeopathy?


Do you want to do physio?


But when you start talking about certain interventions, medical drugs, injections, they are not as they’re.

Currently labeled safe and effective.

Everything carries risk.

So from my understanding, please correct me if I’m wrong.


Homeopathic medicine has no side effects.

You you can’t, like get sick in any of this.

You might say I’m wrong there, but there’s no real harm.

If it’s just a packet of information right now, your body can certainly react to it.

So you could throw a fever, but it’s your body mediating the information in that little pill.


It’s not.

It’s not a it’s not a drug action, so.

That’s what I mean.

So it’s not like an extrinsic thing that will actually potentially cause harm, you know, because there is no intervention medical that I know that I can tell to my patient 100%, you know, that’s risk free, 100% safe.


Even, you know, taking steroid shot, people can say to me, oh, can you do a steroid carry so much risk and they don’t know it.

They’re just saying, oh, it’s just a benign load of injection.

I’m like, no, no.

And sometimes the problem with these complications are they can be permanent.


So for, you know, a temporary problem, you’re for a solution that might have a permanent problem with it.

So that’s fine.

So that’s why I’m, that’s why I’m I’m, I’m, I’m not worried about people taking homeopathic medicine.

Even if I don’t understand or I 100% might not believe in it.

I mean I’m still sitting on the fence.


I’ll be honest, I I I’m open to it because I just think you’re not going to do yourself any harm.

Yeah, the worst is doesn’t do anything.

So when I was in the Air Force, I yeah, you have a loads of injections, loads of vaccines because they can send you anywhere a moment’s notice.


So you get all the normals and yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis and all sorts of tropical bad stuff.

So I had that going through basic training and then let’s say nine months later, eight months later, I ended up with a autoimmune reaction.


And so this was pre being a homeopath and I was passing large quantities of blood.

I was peeing out bits of blood.

Oh sure, I my knees swole up massively.

I couldn’t stand up straight.

It was like hobbling around.


I had like an arthritic reaction.

My knees, I had sort of big rash in my neck.

I had chronic fatigue symptoms.

I had no idea what was happening to me.

And medics were completely useless, as you can imagine.

Well, there’s no.

They wouldn’t even connect the two things that.


They’re not very good at connecting, no, but they have been So, but if it would destroy your career, would you connect the vaccine?

But I didn’t at the time.

It was, it was quite a long.

You know, it was months afterwards and I went to multiple consultants and they took liters of blood out of me and they could never find anything at all.


They could say there was.

There was a reactive arthritis that was.

That was it.


And I didn’t.

So I was stuck in a in a in an office sort of medical sort of downgrade for a few years.

And eventually I had to lie to them and say, yeah, yeah, I’m I’m better now.


I wasn’t.

I still wasn’t.

I was.

I was better than I had been.

But I was still.

My knees were painful.

I still, my energy was still wasn’t great.

And then years later I was studying homeopathy and we were doing a lecture on vaccine damage.


And the the lady that I can still see it in my mind, the lady had like a PowerPoint that we’re still in PowerPoint in those days and she was going through all these are the possible things that can happen as a vaccine reaction.

And I was like I had that.

I had that.


I had that.

Oh, that’s what I had.

So, so I went to homeopath.

And so I was training to be a homeopath before I had even ever experienced it.

I I had read a book on excuse me, that the book that was written by Samuel Hanneman, the founder.


It’s called the Organelle of Medicine.

And I read that as a teenager and I was like Yep, this guy’s right first page from the first page.

And so I was I had theoretically got homie out with a but had never experienced it myself but which is people couldn’t believe because everybody else in the class had come because they had some amazing reaction or their kid was their eczema was fixed or you know something like that happened.



So I went to homeopath for the first time and she gave me a remedy called carcinosan and all my symptoms came back temporarily.

So my knees swole up again.

I got this.

I was passing blood for a short time and then I got better.


So my energy had never been right since since the the incident.

My energy went better on my knees.

I could, I could maybe I could maybe do two runs or you know, exercise twice in a week.

And then it was achy.

And I couldn’t really do more than that.

It’s fine now.

It’s fixed.


So when I had that powerful reaction myself, I was like, OK, yeah, this is a this is a powerful thing, you know.


So and that’s sort of.

And then I ended up specializing in when I qualified I ended up specializing in autism deliberately because I and so I treat a lot of vaccine injured kids.


But and I have experience of it myself and I think if I had, if I was in born in America now with the number of vaccines they’re given, I’d be in trouble.

I think I’d probably have the genetic mutations which means I’m not as good at detoxing certain things.


I think I would be predisposed to be autistic if I was given the the whole.

Full schedule The full schedule Which?

Is massive.

Yeah, 50 or something.

No, no, I think it’s more 7070 or 18.

I can’t even.

It’s mental.

It’s mental.

So where was I?


Where was I going with that?

So, Oh yes.

You’re treating autistic kids.

So I wanted to do something deliberately because I’m I’m always, I’ve always been very conscious that I don’t want to have results that can be wishy washy and explained away.

You know I could treat some some lady for depression and and she comes back and says Oh yeah, I feel much better.


Doesn’t really, OK could just be talking to me could just be time, could be other lots of other things.

Doesn’t necessarily mean the the, the homeopathy did anything.

But when you go from a severely autistic kid to recovered, or to talking, or to they don’t flap anymore and he’s now having a conversation with me.


It’s you can’t.

Well, they shouldn’t be able to not deny it.

So they’re just ignoring me rather than denying it.

So the results I’ve had a pretty dramatic, and not just me, other people practicing the same way as I do have been pretty dramatic.

You know, I’ve I’ve seen just under 2000 cases now and it’s unusual to not see good results over over time takes time, but over time it’s it’s unusual when nothing happens at all, you know?


So have you written about any of these?

Have you done a case series?

Have you got the data and, you know, try and write it up and present it anywhere?

Because, you know, the traditional doctors and scientists will say that’s just hocus pocus.


He’s just mapping off.

Where’s the evidence?

Show us the study.

You know have you done anything like that where you’ve just collected the data and you can present this kind of stuff.

I’ve collected some data in a in a, in a, not on a, not on a systematic way.


I’m just so overwhelmed.

I’m just so busy the whole time.

But the problem with that is I’ve, I’ve had cases where I can think of two in America and they completely recovered.

And the mum took them back to a pediatrician and he said, I don’t know why this child has has autism on their this child does not have autism.


And the mums, both times it was like you you you diagnosed them.

So their answer to that was oh it must have been a misdiagnosis.

So it’s just even if it’s presented, it’s just it’s just a knife.

So how, how do you measure it?


You know, so because they don’t, even especially in the NHS, they don’t even go on.

I’m talking you, you ask, ask, ask me a question.

No, no, I just wanted to ask.

So, like, specifically, you know, if someone because autism is a spectrum you got.

Kids that, you know, mild symptoms and kids that can’t talk.


And, you know, I think there’s a lot of gut issues as well with these kids.

I mean, how, how are you treating them?

You know, what are you, What exactly Is there something in this box that you’re giving them?

Do you treat anything else in their diet, their lifestyle?

Because Natasha McBride, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of her.


I know what gaps diet.

She talks about gaps diet.

Are you blending in any of that?

How does it work?

Well, like what is it you’re actually prescribing and treating?

So usually when they’ve come to me, they’ve already been through the, what they call it, BioMed.


So whether that’s diets, nutritionists, some enlightened doctors, very little.

I’m not even sure if it even exists over here.

Certainly in America that would be someone like doctor.

So sometimes they’ve they’ve come to me and they’ve done, let’s say like a stool sample test or an organic acid test or something like this.


And and you can tell, oh wow, you’ve got really high levels of Clostridium or you’ve got, you know, too much yeast or whatever it is.

So usually they’ve already done those things when they’ve come to me and then I get other people when and they haven’t done anything.


They’re just like, Oh no, my friend had good results with you.

I don’t know anything about homeopathy.

We haven’t done anything.

We’ve just been to the NHS.

So I have to, I’m sort of, I’m treating people and they’re coming on different stages.


You know, I don’t have AI, don’t have a clinic.

You’re just you’re just talking to me.

I don’t know.

I don’t have any resources.

I don’t know how much money they have to do tests and things so I try to meet people where they are when they come to me.

But if that makes sense, so sometimes you can see there’s a clear, how do I say, OK, I’ll go a different way so you could have a gut thing going on and there’s clearly problems with the kids gut.


So maybe there’s they’re distended they’re passing undigested food.

You know, there’s clear, clear evidence that there’s problems with their gut.

They sometimes they have, they have solved that with diet, other times by doing some sort of biomedical intervention or sometimes I will treat that using homeopathic remedies.


So you can sort of.

Sometimes people are already addressing it and other times I will address.

That so dope thing.

What about the actual autism, the developmental, the, you know, the the whole?

Cognitive issue.


How do you treat that?

What are you giving a standard, typical, same homeopathic medicine like here in this box, there’s something like 30 or something 42, you know, Is there one particular one that worked or the autism one?


Is there an autism one here?



So if you went to a classical homeopath in India, so India is now the sort of the home of classical homeopathy.

There’s hundreds of thousands of of homeopathic doctors over there.

They would give you something, probably they would give something that like a protocol for autism.


So there’ll be a few remedies that that would come up over and over again.

I started when I first specialized.

I was, I tried that and it didn’t work very well because I think most autism has been caused by something.


I don’t accept that it’s oh, it’s just how they are and we just didn’t diagnose it in the past.

Yeah, I don’t.

I don’t subscribe to that because you look at the, you look at the well you look at the provision for for kids with special needs.

It’s collapsing all over the country, well all over the world actually.


Because no matter how much money or their money they’re putting into it then amount of kids that are that are needing help has has gone exponential.

So that would say to me there’s something environmental here.

This isn’t.

This isn’t for sure.



And I’m not even saying it’s vaccine.

I’m saying.

I’m saying not saying it’s vaccine A. 100% I’m just saying something’s not right.

I don’t know what it is, but something’s driving this and it needs to and it needs to be looked into.

You can’t even have that conversation.

So don’t even talk about vaccines.


Don’t even have that conversation in the legacy media or NHS.

You just have to accept that it’s natural.

It’s always been this lifelong.

It’s a lifelong medical condition that has no treatment.

That’s that’s.

The it’s it’s a lifelong condition that’s got no medical treatment and it’s it’s always been like this and we’re just better at diagnosing it.


I I’m sorry I call that BS.

It’s complete, absolute.

It’s complete BS.

It’s GAS Lighting.

It’s BS what makes me mad.

None of the many things like a pediatrician must see mums.

Like the number of mums that come to me.


It’s usually the mums I talk to because the dad’s usually more skeptical they that have we’ve gone back to vaccines here but I’m not saying it’s always vaccines and they’ve had a the kid has has been meeting their milestones and then they’ve had a series of vaccines and then something’s changed.


And now he’s tall walking.

He started flapping.

He’s lost his eye contact.

He’s he’s no longer talking and they’ve gone back to the pediatrician and they’ve said I think I think it was the vaccines and the pediatrician denies it and and it doesn’t get recorded as an adverse reaction either.


So the day it is nonsense but that that pediatrician must hear that that over and over and over and over again How can you not think maybe there’s something to this they even sort of say oh it’s just regressive autism it’s just oh it just happens.


It doesn’t make any logical sense to me that some kids developing normally talking and having a conversation, you know, aware all the all the rest of it, and then suddenly and they lose everything.

It doesn’t, it’s like, oh, it’s oh, it’s regressive autism.

Oh yeah, that just happens.


That’s, that’s their, that’s their.

That’s not even a diagnosis, no.

That’s that’s ABS diagnosis.

Absolute nonsense.

So the NHS is particularly bad, I would say they’re completely closed to it.

OK, so let’s go back.

How are you treating these papers?



Or is it are you just keeping this a secret?

Because then I’m I’m trying to try to figure out like So what are you giving these people?

There’s a I’ll tell you there’s a book and that was in the hippie time in the in the 60s in America and it was called Steal this Book and it was basically a book encouraging to steal it from the shop and telling you how to get free stuff and stuff.


I I really like it.

I think it’s really subversive.

I think it’s really funny.

Uh so I’m.

I always say that I’ve.

I’ve given loads of talks and podcasts and and written to other homeopaths explaining exactly what I’m doing.

It’s like here you go, steal my book.

You can this is what I’m doing.


Go and do it.

Steal my book.

But it’s a win win because what happens is you have credibility.

You you are an authority, People respect your knowledge and will want to come to you, so it is a win win.


Sharing knowledge is always a good thing.

Hoarding, knowledge hoarding, money hoarding, being possessive, being being tight with everything is just not good.

Being generous is a good thing.

That’s just the way I live my life, yeah.

And it comes back to you.

It’s just an energy thing.


It just comes back to.


I’m into energies, by the way.

So yeah, you’re asking me how I treat it.

So classical homeopathy is what I described earlier with it like yours like so you look at somebody’s symptoms and you’re trying to find a remedy that has that causes those symptoms and that’s it.


But that doesn’t tend to work very well with these kids.

So still using lectures like what I moved to was looking at the cause.

So if somebody so let’s not talk about vaccines let’s say something else somebody moves into a moldy house and it turns out they have certain genetic mutations which makes them susceptible to mycotoxins in their in their body.


So it might be their brother perfectly fine he’s able to deal with the the spores and get rid of the toxins but this kids not and then they end up progressing into autism.

There you go there’s a there’s an example and I haven’t mentioned vaccine.

So what you could do in that case is you instead of giving a remedy that matches the symptoms, you would give a remedy made from the toxin to stimulate the body to remove that toxin.


So in this case it would be mycotoxins, toxins from molds.

And what’s beautiful about it is if it’s wrong, nothing happens because it’s just a little packet of information.

So if I’m and I’ll get it wrong often where I think well this is the most likely thing I think this is going to be, let’s give you this and come back and see me in 4 weeks and nothing.



So let’s go back to vaccines.

If that’s a toxin, how are you giving that?

So the remedies are made from the vaccines, but diluted, so there’s not a single malt.

So there’s.

So where do you, where do you get those vaccines from to get them from any homeopathic pharmacy?


There’s half a dozen in this country.

So they they have, they have got a license, they’re a licensed pharmacy, so they have bought the vaccine from the manufacturer and then it goes through the process of being turned up to around so.



So the little packet of information in that case, let’s say MMR is just saying, hey, you have a problem with that vaccine, you need to do something.

So you’re stim.

So you’re as I’m saying, the body then mediates that.

So if it’s, if it’s not that, nothing happens.

If it is that and the body’s got enough energy, they will show physical detox reactions to that.


OK, that’s amazing, right.

Next question.

So in this little box, right put the camera on me.

So in this little box had a look these little vials and I don’t know how many little balls there are, the little ping pong balls, 30 or so on those. 30, right?


There’s 30 little ping pong balls.

So how many of these would you have to take to get cured?

Or do you have to take this every day for the rest of your life?

How does it work?

So it’s certainly not a take A1 pill and that’s it.

You’re fixed.

It’s a it’s a process.


So the protocols I would use, we go through different strengths of of whatever you’re detoxing.

So I’ve had loads, as I was saying earlier, I’ve had 2000 cases.

So you see the same, you see the same patterns coming up over and over and over again because it’s the same causes.


I have never had a case where even when it’s really black and white, where literally the kids perfect pregnancy, perfect birth, meeting all the milestones, just just thriving and then they have the MMR and probably a couple of other vaccines on that day and then lights out dude.



That’s me.

I know someone very close to me.

Normal child, bright as a button.

We’d laugh and joke with her, and just months old, following her gaze smiling, had the shot.


There you go.


Gaze wouldn’t follow us.

There you go.

GI problems.

Not, you know.

Then they had to have medicine because of the the milk wasn’t coming up.

It was coming up.


Something changed.

It was not right.

Yeah, I’ll go back to that because.

I might ask you help for that one.


Yeah, that’s OK.

But there’s several, several possibilities there.


But what I was just going to say was I’ve never had a case where I’ve done that detox and the kid has returned completely to where they were before that.

You’ll get nice improvements from that detox usually, but there’s always other stuff that needs to.


So I think of it more like the kid.

They were holding it together, holding it together, but there was things there.

And then that was just the final assault when the body couldn’t cope anymore and a break.

And then you get the autism starting.

So it’s never sort of, oh, take this MMR pill.


Oh, you’re better not.

It’s more like, OK, we think it’s MMR first.

So we’ll do that for four months and hopefully we’ll see a really nice improvement, but they’re still going to be on the spectrum somewhere and then we then look at the next stuff, right.


What else is going on?

Well, the mum was taking, I had a kiss recently and the mum had been taking Sudafed, you know the auntie congestion for 20 years before before she got pregnant.

And and I had already done the vaccine detoxes for her kid and the little girl and we had seen improvements but not not dramatic, a bit but not dramatic.


And I just as a test, because these are just little packets of information.

As a test.

I was like, I I’ve never done this, but I would like to try Sudafed detox just to see if it is that And it’s like stuff came pouring out of her, the tool walking stopped, the flapping stopped, the eye contact came back, the speech came.


But it was really, really dramatic.

It was like, oh that was the mum Sudafed at the minute.

How would you ever be able to measure Sudafed damage or Sudafed toxic toxicity.

I don’t think you.

I don’t think we have the we have the technology to do that.

So yeah, I was just going to go back to so let’s take that case you were talking about where she she regressed after that.


I don’t think there’s just one thing that I think you can have.

Let’s say there’s three kids and they all, they all regressed after MMR.

So even just nail it to one thing and they’ve got the same symptoms.

All three of them could actually be being affected physically differently than each other.


One of them it might be it’s caused inflammation that, like the the the toxins have caused inflammation in the guts and that is then sending off their their neurotransmitters are all messed up and they end up another one.


Yeah, because we know 5070% of neurotransmitters are created in the gut.

Exactly, yeah.

Another one, it’s actually being caused because the body’s immune system has massively overreacted for some reason to that vaccine and has caused and has produced 300 times the antibodies that it needs and that’s causing inflammation in the brain.


Another one might be, you know, might be something else, but they can have that.

They can present with the same symptoms, but actually the effect the vaccines are causing in the body can be different or the toxins in general can be different.


So sometimes we get people and they’ve come with a lot of tests.


Again, not from the UK because the NHS just won’t even go there.

But I’ve had you know Americans and people like this and they so they’ve maybe done titers, they’ve looked at antibodies and things and they can see look my the measles and the and the rubella antibodies are sky high.


So the the biomedical doctors so not on in the mainstream.

The biomedical doctors put them on antivirals or something like that to try and to try and help that and sometimes that helps a little bit.

But I’ve had cases like that and they’re beautiful because you can measure it now.

We can measure this.


So now you can do the detox and then you can do the antibody test again and you see the, you see the numbers coming, coming, crashing down and you can do that as well with a lot of these kids have high levels of metals in their in their bodies as well.

Again, you can measure that and you can see that coming down as you do the detoxes, yeah.



So there’s yeah, my brain is, like, just exploding.

There was so many ideas and thoughts.

So, so yeah, I definitely, definitely remember this person.

Something happened after their like.

Like, I think they’re 3-4 months old.


They had all these shots.

They came home.

It’s just a different person.

And this person I knew quite well.

And yeah, I was.

I was amazed that for me was when I really started questioning the vaccines because I saw it physically, I saw it.

I know what had happened that day, came home and it’s just like, whoa, OK.


And you’re right.

So The thing is, you might not have.

The papers and the evidence and people will argue back.

Oh, these are safe and effective and what you’re talking about is nonsense.

But I know papers can be corrupted.

There’s bias, Humans are flawed.

And the reality is, I’ve now got to the point where I trust with what I see with my own eyes.


Well, after after the COVID thing, I think that’s opened so many people’s eyes up to realize this is all corrupt.

No, nothing’s real.

And and it’s a political decision to to publish something in a medical journal.

It means nothing.

It’s it’s or a or a financial decision right.


It’s just it’s it’s an uncomfortable place to be because you’re suddenly you’re like what’s real anymore How do I test because you can’t accept everything because there is a lot of bullshit out there and there’s a lot of bullshit around homeopathy.

I’m I’m as I was saying to you earlier I controversial and a bit controversial in homeopathy because I’m I’m sort of a practical grounded hopefully grounded person and I want results whereas some homeopaths it it goes into sort of esoteric talking about giving remedies to to heal past life trauma and all sorts of things.


I’m like I need things that are measurable and.


Yeah, that’s that’s a bit too much for me as well.

Yeah, not, not that stuff.

And there’s there’s so the provings which which is you take the you take a substance.

Sorry, You take a substance you find out what it does to your body and then you know that remedy will help those symptoms.


There’s no provings where they’re just imagining what this thing might do like or they’re giving remedies made from.

Well, one of them is made from dolphin sonar.

First of all, I think.


How did you collect that sample?

Doesn’t make sense to me.


And there’s other ones made from a color or a musical note, or or.

People are actually doing that or Saturn stuff like this and I’m like, I am not comfortable this is not my homeopathy.

So hold on a second.

So talking about Ed Griffin, I just love that guy.

That conversation with him was just mind blowing.


Ed was saying to me the biggest danger we face is controlled opposition.

So and and with that, that same group comes Chaos Agents as well.

And what do I mean by that?

So you’ve got the controlled opposition people who say what you want to say, and they lead you down a merry path and it ends in a dead end.



It’s It’s designed to fail.

Never, never designed to win.

Very clever.

Very, very clever.

Very manipulative.

Because people need the struggle, People need the hope.

And you give, you give them the hope.

But it’s never going to win.

Yeah, right.

It’s it’s a boxing match that was rigged from day one.


The guy was, you know, lined up to fail.

And then you’ve got people who are agitators and chaos agents who come into, you know, a group and discredit and sow confusion and just bring down, you know, the reputation.

Do you think some of these people might be that, that they’re literally just trying to trash the reputation of homeopathy even more than it is already?


Or do you think these are just wacko people and they’re just they genuinely believe in it?

Yeah, I’m not even going to say wacko.

I’m saying just the type of person that’s interested in astrology and more sort of esoteric stuff and that just sort of bleeds into the homeopathy.


I think that.

I think that’s probably, I don’t think there’s any sinister, but it doesn’t help our cause in my opinion.

Now I get that, and I think because of the there’s basically homeopathy.

You can really see it.

Well, you can see it personally with Maybe your boss is not liking you doing the podcast, but homeopaths have been under attack for well over well actually, since it was founded.


They’ve been under attack.

If the apothecaries were after him after Samuel Hanneman, because he was using such tiny amounts that they weren’t, they weren’t making their normal profits, and they were.

So he was hounded out of multiple multiple times.

And wow.

So ever since, it’s the same story with the pharmaceutical companies now.


You know, I’m not surprised because like, again, I had Barbara Wilkinson up here.

She’s from the Herbal Society, British Herbal Society.

And you’re telling me about Nicholas Old Pepper, who is a proper doctor but herbalist as well.

And he was very controversial And this is like way back, a bit like the fire London time, like 16, 100.


He was 16. 100 And he was fighting medical corruption, overcharging.

He was fighting all the things that we’re fighting now.

Nothing changes.

That’s what’s hilarious.

And he was wanting to make medicine freely available and cheap and accessible to the common man.


And what was happening was the doctors and the apothecaries were holding on to the knowledge and only having in Latin, charging high exuberant fees.

And he was a radical.

He was like, no, let’s translate into English.

Let’s let’s not charge as much.


And that was radical.

And guess what he died at very young.

Oh, did he?


They’re super young.

What’s the what’s the Charles Diggins quote Every profession is a is a conspiracy against the laity and there was a bit high flutant language but that’s that’s basically what it is.



So hold me up with the I I really like it because it’s it’s I call it open source medicine because and you can’t ban it.

You could you could close the you could close the pharmacies that would be the that was that’s the that’s the pinch point.

You can make remedies, and friends of mine just just have done it.


You can make your own remedy.

How are you going to stop that?

As as long as you can get the the, the original, the substance there, the the you know, the material substance, you can make remedies yourself.

So there’s no, they’re not going to, they’re not going to stop it.



So I want to ask you something.

So when you do you see people in face to face, do you do or zoom telephone, how do you do it?

How do you how do you assess and then treat these patients zoom generally So I’m more interested in this story that the the timeline so old fashioned homeopathy that they would bring the kid to or you know the patient to to your to your office and you would sort of really gauge what type of person they were because there’s all sorts of things in homeopathy I haven’t mentioned today constitutions that’s a good one I’ll well we’ll go back to constitution but the because it’s something that medicine’s forgotten but it’s obviously a real thing and you would really assess the type of person they were and you can go Oh yeah he’s a pulsatilla or you know she’s a cow carb type person but I’m I’m going I’m looking for the toxins because it’s this is this is like a it’s like a poisoning case you know so I’m more interested in the history.


Quick question, you know you talked at one point you said you give stronger, you give it stronger.

Is it true?

I’ve heard that the more dilutions you do, the stronger it gets.

Is that the case or is that not the case?

Yeah, generally.

So it’s again it’s a, it’s a back to front, it’s a back to front idea.


But yeah, it’s kind of, it becomes more energetic that’s kind of because it’s because it’s there’s energy each, each potency is getting more energized.

So by the time.

I’ve heard something about quantum physics and it might have something to do with that.

What do you think?


I don’t have AI don’t have an answer that that’s what we were talking about earlier with the with the memory of water or that what was it the the 4th state. 4th state of water.



I I don’t know that I can just observe.

I can just use it and I can observe that it that it works and I think probably you know in hundreds of years it will be a it’ll be it’ll be measurable and you can probably do it with a with a Star Trek device.


Beep, beep, beep, beep.

OK yeah you’ve been you’ve been your energy has been reset That’s probably it.

But at the minute we’re using, we still need to.

Use funny you should say, about energy.

So I had Jack Cruise.

You probably don’t know him.

He’s a neurosurgeon at in El Salvador and he works in America and comes back And he I spoke to him and I had no idea what he was talking about, but it sounded great.


But it was all about how we’re magnetic beings.

We’re energy beings.

We’re beings of light.

Blew my mind and it’s true.

We are beings of energy, so you can see how you could go from that to yeah to giving a homeopathic remedy made from the.



Middle C on the piano?

Yes, as well.

It’s just all energy, you know?

I have to.

This is what?

I’m saying I’m open to it, dude, I’m told.

But listen, listen, look, I’m going to read this.

That right?

So I was flicking for this book, right?

And there’s a part of me, he’s like, oh man, explain this to me.


It says back pain, back pain.

So if you’ve got injury is the main reason for using arnica.

The back pain may feel beaten or sore, and there is great sensitivity to touch the patient complaints that their back feels too hard.

Backache after any overexertion such as guarding or heavy exercise may be assisted by a few doses of arnica, right?


How the hell is that possible?

So I’ve been in a car accident.

I was paralyzed.

I was incontinent at a massive disc prolapse, had emergency surgery and then had a complication.

And all of it wasn’t removed.

I had spinal stenosis, then I had cardiac quinit again.


Then I had a second spinal emergency operation.

So listen, that was like 1510 to 15 years ago.

So I’ve got a degenerative spine, right?

And most of the time I don’t have any problems.

And I exercise, keep my weight down and it’s good.

But you know, once a year I have a flare up and Oh my God, it’s bad.


You know, if you look at my scan, it’s shot to pieces.

Now I’m really struggling.

How the hell is that arnica going to help my back?

Might not.

In that case, you know, it might be too.

It’s not going to can’t, can’t, can’t cure a bullet wound or something like that, so.


There’s I’m glad you said that.

I’m glad you said that.


So we’re not dishing out homeopathic medicine to to soldiers out in the field.

But no, but that’s soldiers out in the field.

That’s what Western medicine is really good at.

I think that’s all medicine, trauma medicine, yes.


There’s nothing else like it that.


As effective as that, no.

I agree.

Let’s let’s then take somebody.

But not chronic disease exactly.

Let’s take somebody that I know that has had a real trauma that the husband left them and they ended up with autoimmune arthritis and they have been on the path for the last 20 or 30 years of ever stronger steroids and that has not fixed it.


So, so battlefield.

Yeah, really good.

What she needs is homeopathy.

But she won’t have tried.

She won’t.

She’s she’s a, she’s wedded to that.

She’s a pharmacist assistant.

She’s wedded to the to the system even though it doesn’t work.


She’s and she’s in constant pain, and has been for decades.

Yeah, yeah.


So I was going to talk about the constitutions.

Tell me.

Tell me so it’s a note.

Once I say it, it’s like, Oh yeah, obviously that’s true.

So I think this is probably exists in every system of medicine ever that’s ever been around except for the the modern pharmaceutical one.


And it just says that there are different types of people.

So and you can see it most clearly in a family.

Let’s say there’s three brothers.

They’re physically different.

They’re they’ve got different aptitudes, they like different foods.

They get ill in different ways. 100% even though they’re very close genetically, they’re they’re grow up in the same environment, they eat the same food, they go to the same school, It’s just different people in the world.


Now I’ve got three kids, right?

One likes oh God, Breakfast is a nightmare, Daddy, I want a boiled runny egg.

Second one, I want fried egg.

Third one I want scrambled egg.

I’m like bloody hell.

And they’re all like, they all, they all know what they want, the tiny little wee things.


And they they’re so specific.

That’s funny.

But so, So it’s a, it’s an, it’s an idea that homeopathy has this different constitution.

So there’s particular remedies to help that constitution, you know, so that type of person will tend to be ill in a certain way.

They’re prone to chest things or they’re prone to.


Yeah, yeah, I just, I just did a side.

But there’s there’s so many little aspects of of homeopathy.

I tend to specialize in the old, I’ll tell you my other specialism, I tend to specialize in this, the autism and and and detoxing and things like that.

But there’s there’s other aspects to it.


So there’s a thing that you might not have heard of called pandas.

No, no pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome associated with strep.

So it is strap that causes neurological problems.


That’s it.

And it is a it’s, there’s a lot of it.

And then there’s another thing called pans, which is basically the same thing, but it could be another bacteria or it could be viral.

But the panda is a specific strep and it’s specific.


It’ll come on.

It’ll be sudden onset.

Come on, They wake up and suddenly they’re so terrified they can’t leave their bedroom complete crazy.

Or they’re raging and throwing knives at their mum or, you know, all the rest of it.

Again, the NHS is completely useless when it comes to this.


It’s being recognized more in in some, in some parts of America and the treatment.

So they’re not even, they’re not even looking for it.

They would try and they would try and give you some psych drugs.

That would be, oh, rage.

OK, well, you know, whatever it is.




Valium or something.

I don’t know.

So, but so the the biomedical approach would be they would give them antibiotics, a prophylactic antibiotic and the protocol says antibiotics until you’re 18 and sometimes.


Trash your gut and sometimes it can be dramatically like like that.

Like literally start the antibiotics.

Symptoms gone perfectly fine.

Again, back to school.

It’s great if they come to me and I know that it’s like, OK, we’ve established this is bacterial, so that’s good.

So, so I started treating these as a sort of second specialism because loads of my autistic patients that that mums were were saying, do you treat pandas as well.


And at the time whatever it was 10 years ago, I didn’t even know what pandas was.

I had to go and research it.

So it’s kind of a, it’s it’s again, it’s like yours like, but in this case it’s giving remedies made from the bugs.

So treating strep with strep.


So the idea is that you reteach the body to deal appropriately with that bug and you can use it for anything.

Well, Epstein, Barr or strep or anything, anything.

I had a case, I had an MRSA case where it was a lady and she had a open wound and she had had it since the birth of her child 15 years ago, still open.


It was infected with MRSA and they had tried.


She had a sinus or something.

Or yeah, the wound, How could it have been open for such a long time?

Well, it was weeping, so whatever was going, I didn’t actually look at it.

But she was describing it as weeping and smelly and.



And she she didn’t want to hug anybody because she was so conscious of.

Sounds like a sinus, OK And she they had, they had tried everything.

All the drugs, I think they’d been skin grafts have been all sorts of things to try and existing cut cutting away.

You know nothing had worked.


MRSA as a homeopathic remedy.

Like literally the first within the first week clue pain had gone closed and then it took us several months.

So like a month later it was it was itchy underneath and red and then the next month it was not itchy anymore.


The red was fading and then the next one.

So now that was several years ago.

Perfectly, perfectly.

Skin’s fine.

Not no, not a mark gone dramatic.

Can I ask you something?

Listening to this, I’m just saying thinking, you know, you’re talking about months and treatments and you know, the patient gets better.


Quite a lot of people just get better with time, but she had that for 15 years beforehand.

I’m just putting the question out there.

Yeah, no, I’m not just talking about even this, but like other conditions.

Could it just be that you know what you’re giving this thing, it’s like a placebo and and even that.

I don’t know how placebos work.



Actually, if you look into placebos, that’s mental.

Yeah, that is actually insane.

I agree, but I would argue.

I’m just being devil’s advocate.

Would it not be more likely that so?

It certainly could be true that time could play a factor.

Like if I start treating a kid at four and by the time they’re six their their symptoms have improved.


Could some of that just be time?


How how do you.

How do you.

You can’t exclude that.

But the placebo thing?

Often they have been to consultants and big fancy offices with white coats on.

If the placebo was going to work, would it Would that not have been more likely to be effective than me talking to their mum over zoom?


It seems it has to work both ways there, you know.

No, no, no.

I get it.

I get it.

I get it.

So what would like, is there anything that homeopathy can’t treat?

I mean, we’ve talked about trauma and, you know, all that kind of stuff.

That’s obvious.

But are there any conditions where you think, yeah, you know what homeopathic medicine is not very good for?


It’s great for chronic stuff, treating bugs and you know, things like that, long term conditions.

It’s great for emotional trauma stuff.

I think of almost like a detox.

I’ve treated a lot of people with.


You wouldn’t believe some of the stories people have.

Emotional trauma?


How do you dilute that?

That’s coming back to that wacko quacko stuff like, well, you’re here.

You’re not diluting fear or something, no?

This is what I mean.

So like how do you, how would you treat that?

You’re treating it.

So a common, common remedy you would give for that would be staphosagraea, which is just a herb.


So if you took that herb in material doses, you would get the symptoms that that that that person is feeling.


You’re just treating the symptoms.

You’re not actually.

Got it, got it.

Yeah, really good for stuff like that.


But if I had a sore back, I wouldn’t bother with a homeopath or or, you know, frozen shoulder or something like that.

I I, you know, I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t.


About feeling down, feeling depressed, anxious.


It can be, yeah.

So it can be good for that.


But they can.

There can be 50 different reasons for that come there.

Sometimes it’s just, so we’ll do some exercise.

Oh yeah, that’s fixed me or some or or sometimes it’s I’m in a, I’m in a I’m just in a situation and it’s causing stress for me and I can’t get out of that.


Situation I’m in a situation right now that’s freaking stressful.

But yeah, yeah, no, you’re right.

I get that.

I get that.

But, and then what about chronic conditions and autoimmune and allergies and asthma, All that kind of stuff.

That’s the bread and butter.

That’s what it’s brilliant for, that that stuff, homeopathy really shines.


But as as we said earlier, like trauma medicine, it’s obviously not trauma medicine.

Is it true that the Royal family?

Uses homeopathic medicine.

Yeah, so.


No, seriously, is that so?

Their doctor has been a homeopath since in Victoria and their one died recently, but knocked off his bike in London and killed.


Oh, sure, conspiracy theories were all over that one.

What was the name of that Doctor Fisher?

I believe Doctor Fisher.

OK and OK fine.

But did they still practice it?

Like, yeah, yeah, so they they they have.

So the Queen always carried a one of those one of those boxes with her at wherever, wherever she travelled.


I would presume Charlie Boy would be up to into up to his eyeballs as well.

Oh, King Charles.

Yeah, actually King Charles.

So that’s really funny.

So like, what is it they know that everyone else doesn’t know?

That’s what I would say.


Well, you look at the history of this, so you wouldn’t know from from TV shows, but 50% or it might have been over 50% of doctors in America in the ninth.

By 1850 / 50% of them were homeopaths. 1850 yeah, I wouldn’t even, you wouldn’t even it’s just been written out of of of the historical record.


So Rockefeller.

So, so 1911, something like this.

Rockefeller commissioned this guy Fletchner.

Yes, the Fletchner report.

There we go.

So that was against the homeopaths basically.

And there was another group called the I’ve forgotten their name, But there was another group that were basically herbalists and they had taken a lot of herbalism from Europe when they came over and then had absorbed a lot from the North American Indians.


They were after them as well.

They were going after them.

So at the end of that they he managed to get it so that that it was basically you would have been sacked, you would have been sacked.

For talking to me.

So even if if I if a doctor talks to a homeopath or was friends with a homeopathy would be struck off.


Dude, we’re not friends.


So yeah, they also successfully closed down the only women medical training and the only black medical training in the country with the same report.


But Rockefellers personal doctor, was a homeopathic.

No way.

But he was looking.

So if you look at oil he was looking for because most drugs are made from oil, derived from oil and.

Some Petro, Petro petrochemicals, yeah.


So you’d say it was a money thing, you know so but you trace it right through.

We’ve been under but sort of we just natural medicine stuff’s been under attack for for centuries.

But what’s amazing, you know?

I just feel like I sorry, I just feel like I support the underdog.


Like, you’re right, but the herbalist, the naturopaths, the homeopaths that you know, you’re vilified, you’re made out to be crazy and quackery.

And I think it’s kind of unfair.

It’s like, you know, Barbara Wilkinson said it’s not alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine is modern medicine.


Oh yeah.

This is, this has been medicine as practiced through the ages for centuries, you know.

Well, I think we have been.

I think there’s a lot of myths in our culture now.

I’m one of the myths is this sort of myth of progress, that everything was terrible and now everything’s great and it’s gone up in a straight line.


Oh God dude.


It’s a freaking opposite and a lot of and a lot of stuff where they went to the history.

It always starts in the Victorian times because because they swept away so much stuff in Victorian times, it moved all the people off the land into into little houses in the cities to work in factories.


So that’s where they’re starting from.

But if you went back like a hundred, a couple, 100 years before that, people had a lot more freedom.

We’re eating much better, had understood a lot more about and much closer to next year, and understood a lot more about herbs and things like that.


I always think it’s funny.

It’s like it’s almost like everything was nonsense and none of it worked at all up until the 1940s and we had antibiotics and now we have a miracle of medicine.

So doctors couldn’t do anything before them.

That’s basically what they’re saying and that’s it’s quite an ingrained belief that that.


It’s quite an arrogant is arrogant as well, yeah, but it’s quite ingrained and it’s.

Contemporal arrogant, temporal arrogance.

And it’s complete nonsense.

I I remember I was in the the Natural History Museum once.

I do like that building.

It wasn’t that one.


Yeah, I’d love the building.

No, it was the Science Museum.


And it was the top floor of it has the the history of medicine.

And I was wandering through and I thought, am I in a store room or something?

Because the lights were really little.

There was absolutely nobody else there.

And they had these, like, cuneiform tech, bits of stone from 5000 years ago, you know, with, with, with things written on.


And it was, I was like, oh, these are all our remedies.

They were, oh, semisifuga, oh, oh, they were.

It was all the homeopathic remedies that are still being used.

They were using them 5000 years ago that the Egyptians reason it was sulfur and to treat, you know, skin conditions and did it a epic act for, you know, for vomiting.


It’s like this stuff was known and we have been, we’ve been, there’s been a deliberate attempt of of amnesia and a collective amnesia.

Dude, I believe in that.

I think there’s collective amnesia of our past.

I’m with you.


There was another thing I saw.

It was HMS Victory down in down in Portsmouth Harbor that they, you know, Nelson’s flagship.

So you imagine in in a wooden big wooden ship and there’s cannonballs flying.

The wounds were mostly like splinters and things like that.


That’s that’s what you would have got.

You would have expected obviously this was when was this 17/17/15 or something, whatever it was.

I should know that obviously there was no antibiotics for anything like that.

But the statistics that then the people that sort of the injured that survived was a really high percentage.


You would think Oh well, you’re going to get infections and and die or oh, we had to chop his leg off.

Well, obviously he’s going to die then.

No, they had a, it was a really high recovery rate, way beyond what you would predict.

So I don’t know what they’re doing, but it worked.



Yeah, I think there’s a lot that we’ve forgotten in our history.

So many things.

Like I just look at the pyramids and they were who the help it built that it wasn’t the Egyptians, you know, stuff like that.

You know, I just, I just feel like there’s so much we just don’t know and what we’re told is kind of like baloney.


Isn’t it funny that all religions can start from a certain time period?

They don’t go back more than 10,000 years.

Oh, you’re going with the old the Prince of the God thing.

What was his name?

Yes, you can see his face and I can’t think of his.


Name the Ancient Apocalypse guy.

Yeah, I buy it.

It sounds right to me.

The fact that they were lining up certain constellations and you can tell.

Basically, you could tell they were dating when they built this thing by lining up that constellation.


It was only it was only lined up there.

Graham Hancock.

Graham Hancock No, I, I, I, I think I go with it and there’s nothing there’s there’s no problem.

It’s not like we didn’t have time to do that.

It could be.

There could have been.


There’s no problem in the, you know, in evolution we had plenty of time to have earlier civilizations 50,000 years ago or something.

There’s no there’s nothing physical that says, Oh no, we couldn’t have, we didn’t, we didn’t, we didn’t have ears then.

You know, whatever.

We were fully formed humans, you know, half a million years ago, whatever it was.



So what’s what’s been going on in our past history?

It’s quite, quite interesting.

It’s fascinating, yeah.

Is there anything else we haven’t talked about with homeopathic medicine?

Is there anything else we need to talk about?

Well, I was just going to say sort of connected, but I think we are in a period of time.


Maybe that’s why there’s the thumbs coming down.

The Internet and things like podcasts and social media and things like this has exploded people’s ability to to access alternative stuff that they don’t want, that they don’t want us to be learning about.


It’s it’s a great time to be alive to to have access to all this stuff.

It becomes a problem of curating it, sifting through the crap and get into then you know, removing the noise and get into the signal, you know.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’m just watching how either what have you seen Canada are not going after podcast platforms.

Yes, I have.

It’s insane.

I’m I’m quite nervous about it because that you’ve got this online safety bill as well so someone anyone could say what we’re talking about is harmful and that’s and that’s they’ve already made the verdict explicitly said oh he’s an anti vaxxer and just for the record vaccines work you cannot like I had a.


Friend, are you an anti vaxxer?

Have you been called that?

Oh, yes.

Oh yes.

But I have a friend who was a plant pathologist and she was, she was saying you can, you can give vaccines to plants, you can, you can measure the the, the, the response from the plants.


So they definitely vaccines can work.

But my my position wouldn’t be black or white.

It would be these things.

They’re not as effective as they’re pretending they are and there’s a lot more potential side effects than they’re pretending they are.


But in some cases they might be the right solution.

So I’m not completely my take on it.

Is one We know nothing, so.

First of all, we need.

To get some proper studies, proper randomized perspective studies with true placebos, none of this.


Here’s an adjuvant, Here’s a cocktail of chemicals to compare with the vaccine.

No, because you’re not really comparing like for, you know, with a control group.

Especially because the adjutant.

I can never say that adjuvant, adjuvant.

I can never say it.

What can often be the thing that’s caused this?

Absolutely, and often they say they have to have the adjuvant.


Because without it, the vaccine doesn’t work.

And then you wonder, well, what’s working the the little toxin that you put in there, the damaged bit of virus or the adjuvant.

Like it doesn’t.

It’s a little bit.

Can I be honest?

It’s all about witchcraft to me, you know, throwing in.

Detergent and Borax and aluminium formaldehyde.


I mean, it’s a proper witch’s concoction.

I mean, you might as well say eye of Newt and frog’s tail and whatever frog, you know, frog’s leg.

So basically it’s all, it’s all a bit weird, right?

But if you say, look, here’s a study, we put this stuff in and we compared with a bunch of healthy kids who had nothing but a sugar pill, right?


And look at the difference.

It was so great, it stopped diseases, blah blah blah.

And you also informed?

The patient, by the way, we made this and it’s got all these funny toxic chemicals and mercury and aluminum and chopped up, bit healthy, afforded fetuses and all that kind of stuff and bovine blood and monkey blood and kidneys from dogs and God knows what else.


And if you still want to take it, dude, you know what?

Go ahead and take it.

I don’t.

I don’t care but my.

Issue is when you say.

Everyone has to take this.

We’re going to force and coerce everyone.

We’re going to force and coerce every child.

And if you don’t like to take this, we’re going to ridicule you and ostracize you, humiliate you. close your bank account, close your bank account, that is.


That’s that.

Forget hard sell.

That’s freaking mental.

That’s hard.

Sell times a million and worse than that.

Like when they have a when they have a indemnity.

So they if you make a product which is faulty and kills loads of people, you’re not liable.


That’s not a good incentive.

To do the right thing.

So what’s more quackery?

What is more quackery saying to?

Someone try this homeopathic pill that might or might not work, but isn’t going to really do any harm to you and it’s your choice.


Or take this product which we’ve been indemnified against, which is full of toxic chemicals and weird shit.

And if you don’t take it, we’re going to make sure we humiliate and ridicule you and punish you.

And you can’t get into university, and you can’t get into university and you can’t study and you can’t work and you can’t travel.


I would say that’s the quackery.

Not, not this.


And also like the insanity of it, we don’t have it here yet, but probably it’s coming Hepatitis B who Who are the at risk populations, IV drug abusers, prostitutes, stuff like that.



Oh yeah, let’s give it to a little kid that’s just been born.


What the frack?

Because they don’t even discuss this, but the.

Let’s say the vaccine does work and and provide you with protection.

It wins over time.

So, so maybe it’s wind and at 10 years old he’s no longer protected against that.


What use has that 100%?

But I would say, Alan, what happens if the vaccine kind?

Of works in that it superficially you it makes you look like you’re not affected, but actually it’s making you unwell.

Hidden below the surface, it’s causing autoimmune conditions, it’s causing other problems.


So you have this because there’s an explosion of this, that’s that’s clearly what’s happening.

So what I’m saying is like we talk about vaccines, training the immune.


What happens if it’s not training the immune system?

What happens if it’s impairing the immune system?

Is dulling the immune system function in the immune system an unpredictable way?


Unpredictable way because human beings are all different world, different ships and.


We all eat different things.

We have different environment, environmental factors, we’ve all got different genes.

So you know when you have this live biologic, it’s a biologic, it’s going to have a very different interaction.


It’s not like an aspirin pill that’s standardized small molecule.

I had Headley Reese talking to me about drug pathway development.

You know, biologics in which vaccines fall into, they are completely different and unpredictable.

And now put fifty of them into the body, all interacting with each other again, not being, not being tested.


They’re not testing the cumulative effect 100% or or the combinations or or what The combinations you know because.

You’re you’re right.

You know, if you take one thing and you take another thing, A plus.


You might have a different reaction.

Yeah, you kind of learn that in nursery school when you mix the yellow paint with the green paint, you know you forgot it when the yellow, green mixed it together.


Oh, what’d you get?

You get like a blue or something like that.

You know, I think they’ve forgotten or deliberately so that actually when you add two different compounds together, they can interact.


And are there any studies to look into that?

And then if you go to, you want to go dark and you and you.

No, the answer is no.

As far as I know there’s no.


And then if you want to go dark, you could say you look at the encouragement to have for elderly people to have aluminium filled flu vaccines every season, seven or eight of those.

Over seven or eight years, what’s that going to do to your risks of Alzheimer’s?




So aluminium just for people who don’t?

Know is not a normal physiological substance.

So there’s a lot of things in our body and and metals like zinc and iron and these are all good things but you’re not meant to have aluminium in your body.


There’s no physiological process that involves aluminium being in your body and there’s no way that your body can really excrete it or get rid of it because it’s a foreign thing.

It’s not.

It’s not from an evolutionary point of view.

We we never had aluminium in US.

So it’s not good.

And it goes into your brain and it can accumulate.


And it’s cytotoxic.

It kills cells.

It’s not a good thing to have.

And it causes, you know, neurological problems as well.

But they’re adding it in these little vaccines.

It’s like, what the frack?


I’m so careful about what I eat.

I want to eat organic, you know, have chickens and do this and be have a clean, healthy life and blah, blah, blah.


And then it’s like, yeah, take this shot.

No thanks.

Is it vegan?

And I think that’s another thing.

There are so many people who are vegan and worry about what they’re eating, you know, along with this, but go along with these toxic ridden.


But I think there’s too many.

Jabs are waking up because, well, the COVID things woken a lot of people up because you realize it’s all nonsense.

It’s it’s all for money or whatever it is.

But also there’s more people waking up when their child is injured and then suddenly they don’t believe any of it.


And then the number, it’s the normal story, yeah, for when they come to me that they have gone down, They’re on a keto diet now.

They are only having raw milk.

They’re only having everything gets turned around.

So it’s almost like there’s this, the seesaw is they’re poisoning people.


So there’s so, there’s so much chronic illness appearing and then people are waking up to fight the chronic illness.

And so I hope, so I hope.

I hope people are listening to this podcast.

And spreading the message.

And this is how we win.


And I’ve spoken to so many people and it’s the same message.

We we, we can’t wait for a savior.

We can’t wait for a politician to save us.

A lot of them are controlled opposition.

We have to save ourselves.

And one of the things that I always look at for people who are out there in the freedom camp or movement trying to talk, you know, the good talk, good fight.


If they’re not talking about raising every individual and lifting everyone up to empower themselves, that worries me.

If they’re just like follow me and trust me my my BS detector got controlled opposition or.


Or just ego or ego?


And it’s all about all of us.

Lifting yourself.

Being more knowledgeable, more informed.

Because if you are.

And you’re going to be in a better place to make the right decisions for yourself and your family and your health.

You know, don’t live in blind ignorance and don’t just trust blindly the the leaders you know.


Be your own leader is what I’m trying to say.

And listen, can I ask you something?

Imagine you’re on your deathbed.

Let’s say you’re 165.

You’ve lived a really good life.

All that homeopathic medicine has been working wonders.


Thought it was a red wine, But and you’re surrounded by your family, your children.

Your great grandchildren, all that kind of stuff.

What advice would you give them, Health or otherwise?

And it can be more than one before you pass away.

That’s a.


Difficult one, isn’t it?

Not really.

You’re not supposed to.

That’s an easy one, is it?

There’s so many different things.

Say, I would tell me them all it’s going to be, it’s going to be having doing something like you’re doing here with really want to be true, true to yourself.


That would be the first thing, because that would be just awful being a living a lie like the people that go through life or.

Have a career in some corporation and Oh my God I can’t even.

I can’t even imagine but I think have an individual freedom is is so important like house in the country with some chickens and a stack of wood.


You’re covered for with a lot of, you’re covered for a lot of things.

You know, whatever the if the state turns out to be, turns round and it’s and it’s better again, then that’s all good.

If it’s not, then you’ve got some, you’ve got some autonomy.

So it’s like working out how to have autonomy.


Whatever they throw at you, maybe that would be the maybe that would be the advice.


Cities, yeah.


Alan, it’s been really nice talking to you, I actually.

Really enjoyed.

You know, it’s an hour and a half, over an hour and a half.

Gone like that.

Straight away, boom.


Crazy flew by.

It’s been really nice talking to you, and I really appreciate you coming all this way.

That’s right.

And maybe next year you can come back again.

And then when we get off here, I’m actually going to pick your brains, if you don’t mind.


Everyone listening.

I’m going to put Alan’s links all up on my website so you can find them. and listen, nothing’s changed.


I’m still suspended and I don’t know how long it’s.

It might be a very long time before I can get back.

Yeah, you maybe shouldn’t have got me on.

Yeah, yeah, this is definitely now in.


So yeah, I you know, I’m fluctuating, but I’m I’m positive, I’m positive.


But out of my, you know, 1300 sub stack subscribers and 30,000 listeners, I’ve only got 200 paid subscribers.

So she can cough up £3.50 a month.

It would seriously help ease my stress and make me in a better mood.


More jovial, so please help out folks.

All right, Cheers.

Bye everybody.