#200 – Mandatory Vaccination And Informed Consent



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Elizabeth Hart is from Adelaide, South Australia, and has been investigating vaccination policy for 15 years, starting with pet vaccination after one of her dogs was put down in 2008 due to a vaccine complication. Elizabeth subsequently discovered gross over-vaccination of pets, a problem which was taken up by consumer advocate Choice magazine in 2010.

Elizabeth is now investigating the over-vaccination of humans with ever-increasing taxpayer-funded ‘womb to tomb’ vaccination schedules, reaching a crescendo with the insane situation of people being pressed to have COVID-19 vaccine products every few months.

Elizabeth is an independent researcher campaigning for the medical profession to fulfil its legal and ethical duty to properly inform people about vaccination, and obtain valid voluntary informed consent for this medical intervention. This is coming to the fore with the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted Covid response, see for example Elizabeth’s BMJ rapid response published in March 2020 – https://www.bmj.com/content/368/bmj.m1089/rr-6

In this conversation with Elizabeth, I talk about her journey from a pet owner who never questioned vaccines of any sort to the campaigner she is today.

In particular, we discuss mandatory vaccinations and the lack of informed consent. Elizabeth also exposes the blatant and horrendous conflicts of interest that exist.

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