#194 – A Conversation With An Ex Ambulance Driver



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Please be warned this podcast contains almost 3 hrs of non-stop swearing. Avoid this episode if you will be offended by this.

Matt Taylor is a former UK ambulance driver, paramedic and host of the NHS 100K podcast.

NHS 100K was set up to represent the over 100 thousand healthcare workers who refused to take the jab and as a consequence risked losing their careers and livelihoods. NHS 100K was one of the most if not THE most instrumental organisations in fighting against the mandates and tyranny. Make no mistake about that.

Matt invited me to his show last year but for whatever reason it didn’t happen.

Life brought our lives back into the same orbit this year in quite a dramatic fashion as you will find out in this episode.

I want to thank Sai for helping make this podcast possible.

I love Matt and Sai so much and they are brothers for life.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Much love

Ahmad x



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