#190 – Controlled Opposition



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Michael is the founder and editor of Actionable Truth. Michael describes his process of awakening here – https://open.substack.com/pub/actionabletruth/p/my-personal-journey-to-awakening.

I don’t know how I stumbled across his substack, but I was drawn to an article he wrote titled The Truth about Controlled Opposition – https://open.substack.com/pub/actionabletruth/p/the-truth-about-controlled-opposition.

Imagine my surprise, when trying to find Michael’s contact details I discovered that he and Ursula (a supporter, former guest and now friend) knew each other, and are both on the team of Actionable Truth. https://www.actionabletruth.media/about.

Michael has since become a good friend and I love our regular chats.

Michael describes himself as an experienced technologist and digital marketer with background in Information Systems Engineering, Information Technology and Cyber Security. He is passionate about doing research and deep-diving into complex topics including Open-Source Intelligence, Geopolitics, Cybersecurity and Data analysis.

Michael was born in what was then the USSR and moved to Israel at the age of 4. He has been living in Australia since 2002.

In this conversation, we mainly talk about controlled opposition but cover some other topics as well.

For further details visit my website http://www.docmalik.com or my substack http://www.docmalik.substack.com

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Much love

Ahmad x

Message from Michael
1. The link to the Avi Barak documentary about what Israel did to its own people during the green pass days. It provides important context to the latter half of our discussion. I added English subtitles to the Hebrew original and have it on my Rumble channel:

2. Link to the Big Reset Documentary that I mentioned to you. This is a PROFOUND piece of work and probably the best tool I know of personally to wake up a ‘normie’ and bring them up to speed on the most pertinent matters.

This is in my mind the single best tool created to date to get a complete ‘normie’ started with their awakening journey and will in my opinion go down as potentially the single most important documentary ever made to date in the history of motion picture. I am not joking and this is not something I will ever say lightly!

Here is a link to the website showing the main people featured (there are others too):



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