#183 – Who Is The Real Barbara O’Neill?



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Barbara O’Neill is a huge figure in the natural alternative health movement.

Barbara states “I am not a healer, I am a teacher. Your body is the healer, and I love to teach whoever is interested, the conditions that allow and encourage this amazing body we live in to do what it has been designed to do …..heal itself!”

Barbara has a massive following across the world. Clips of her videos where she advocates natural remedies are shared and viewed by millions across social media.

However, Barbara has her detractors who claim she is unqualified, a dangerous misinformation spreader “known for advertising dangerous and unsupported health practices and ideas”.

In 2019, the Health Care Complaints Commission in New South Wales ruled that she is prohibited from providing any health-related services following several complaints from the public and health professionals. A subsequent investigation found that she provided dangerous advice to vulnerable patients, such as telling those with cancer to forego prescribed chemotherapy for bicarbonate of soda and to give infants unpasteurised goat’s milk. The investigation found that she also had no qualifications in a health-related field and failed to meet the expected standards of unregistered health professionals.

But what is the truth?

The last few years and my own experience have taught me not to trust the authorities at face value and to question everything. I am also aware that there are always two sides to any story.

So I asked Barbara directly about all the allegations and claims against her. I invite you to judge for yourself after hearing her side of the story, not just what is written in Wikipedia or mainstream news.

I also asked Barbara about her top tips for staying healthy.

See my substack post for further details.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Much love Ahmad



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