#132 – Nickita Starck On Trauma And Holistic Natural Birth Keeping



About this conversation:
Nickita shares insights on overcoming trauma and finding one’s purpose in serving others. She also discuss the challenges within the current medical system and the importance of informed consent in childbirth.

I discuss the lack of questioning and blind trust in medical advice, emphasizing the importance of empowering individuals to make informed choices. I encourage listeners to challenge the narrative and question authority, particularly in the context of healthcare.

The conversation also explores the topic of trauma in pregnancy and childbirth, highlighting the risks and consequences of medical interventions such as inductions and epidurals. The long-term effects of episiotomies and the emotional and energetic impact of birth trauma are discussed. Additionally, the normalization of birth injuries and health issues in children.

We explore the different types of trauma, including physical trauma and the trauma of having choices and freedoms taken away. Nickita delves into the concept of obstetric violence and the impact it can have on women. She also discusses the importance of birth advocacy and the need for authentic and inclusive care.

The conversation concludes with a powerful story about embracing struggle and following one’s purpose.

I hope you enjoy it!