#129 – Hi-Rez Rapper On Freedom, Liberty And God

Hi-Rez is a Bronx-born Florida-raised rapper.

Hi-Rez describes himself as a radical freedom extremist, rapper and a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

Hi-Rez made a name for himself after several of his videos went viral where as an Uber driver he would start rapoping for his customers.

Hi-Rez was one of the few singers in the world who was critical of the Covid plandemic policies and mandates.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Ahmad (00:00.398)
studio so um i’ve got a little heater here down next to me but normally i come into my office about is i’ve got a little garden studio like an hour or two early turn it on i completely forgot so i’m now like it’s about one or two degrees celsius so it’s yeah

Hi-Rez (00:11.236)
How cold is it there?

Hi-Rez (00:18.564)
One degree Celsius 33. Okay, in Florida it’s like double that and I’m still freezing. Yeah. Yeah, let me tell you what it is and see.

Ahmad (00:21.626)
And you’re out in Florida enjoying the weather, so yeah, I hate you. But listen, Rez, yeah, Rez, listen, brother, I just love you, right? You’re like a brother from another mother. You don’t know this, but I know you. Like, I’ve not been stalking you in a creepy way, but I’ve been following you for quite a while. And I loved it when during the whole pandemic bullshit,

Hi-Rez (00:43.641)
Thank you, man.

Ahmad (00:49.666)
You’re just like so vocal and urr. And you, is it Jimmy Levi, Levi? The songs and the rapping and the comments and Instagram, because I was very much an Instagram person. So I’m just giving you some context. I’m an orthopedic consultant surgeon. No one thinks like me. All my doctors are just following the line. And I’m like this lonely person in the UK thinking, what the frack? It’s like.

Hi-Rez (00:54.992)
Thank you. Yeah, yeah.

Ahmad (01:16.578)
the invasion of the body snatchers. I don’t know, I don’t recognize anyone anymore. And I’m on Instagram and you’re there, you’re all over like my feed. And I freaking love what you’re doing and saying. So first of all, I also want to say congratulations on your wedding and congratulations on the little baby coming. I hope there are many Rezzy’s coming along the way. We need little baby Rezzy’s.

Hi-Rez (01:33.04)
Thank you.

Thank you. Amen. Amen, I agree, man. I think we all need to be fruitful and multiply, man.

Ahmad (01:45.866)
Right? This idea that there’s too many people on the planet is the most ungodly thing ever. Keep it coming, man.

Hi-Rez (01:54.416)
It’s so stupid. It’s so stupid, man. Yeah, but I appreciate you giving me those kudos and that respect, man. Yeah, the last few years, it’s been interesting, to say the least, like you said. It’s felt like the twilight zone. And I feel the same way as you. Obviously, I’m not in the medical field. But my mom’s a nurse of like 40 years. And I grew up.

I guess a lot of people in the medical field and everyone I know, you know, became a doctor because I grew up in a pretty affluent area and everyone I knew became a doctor or a lawyer or something like that. And you know, it’s…

Ahmad (02:27.81)
Dude, you’re Jewish. You have to be surrounded by doctors.

Hi-Rez (02:31.356)
Exactly, exactly. Everyone I know, you know, like my uncle, honestly, it’s funny because everyone I know, my brother’s a lawyer, my uncle, you know, he passed away, but, you know, God rest his soul. He was a lawyer. And I believe it or not, no one in my family is a doctor or anything like that, not even distant or anything like that. But all my friends became, you know, doctors or even if it’s, you know, dentists or chiropractors or whatever it was. And everyone kind of joined that field. And it’s really funny to me because, you know, I became how I became and everyone, you know, I was just the rapper guy, you know,

corner shut up and rap you know don’t speak on anything medical you didn’t you didn’t pay for this degree you know and it really made me respect guys like you and I became really good friends with Robert Malone and you know Ryan Cole and a lot of these doctors over the last few years just because I knew how

You know, they were they were considered intellects and educate, you know, way more educated than a rapper. Right. But but even they got discredited, just like I’m sure you did. It’s like, you know, these people who suddenly didn’t fall in line with his agenda, but they still paid for their degree. And, you know, they were they fell into all this debt just like everyone else did. But if you didn’t fall in line with the agenda, then you were also considered some sort of kook. You know, you don’t believe in medicine, even if you had 10, 20, 30 years of, you know, work in this field. It didn’t count anymore.

And to me that just that had propaganda written all over it as you said like as a Jew like I’ve studied history forget just Jewish you know just communism in general socialism and you know I know how propaganda works you know whether it’s from you know an art aspect believe it or not you know they were they’re they still use artists to this day right to push propaganda and it was so nuts to see man.

Ahmad (04:10.159)

Oh man, yeah, 100%. I love that rap song you did, and it was a classroom, and Robert Malone’s there. That was great. Basically, yeah, it was class. It was really good. But basically, yeah, I mean, you talk about Kooks and this, we’ve been following a very similar path. You just don’t know this, but I’ve actually just pretty much lost my 25-year career as an orthopedic surgeon. I’ve just been canceled left, right, and center.

Hi-Rez (04:19.848)
Oh, 2 plus 2 equals 5.

Hi-Rez (04:26.8)
Thank you.

Hi-Rez (04:41.271)

Ahmad (04:42.334)
Yeah, yeah. I’ve been kind of going through this grieving process. I was quite tearful just a few days ago. Like, what is happening to me? And you kind of doubt yourself and you question yourself, have I lost my sanity? And then you go, no, I haven’t. Everyone else has. But I know you’ve paid a big you’ve paid a big price as well, because, you know, you’re in this music industry. And the reality is, it’s not different from medicine. Like you, if you want to get ahead, you need to.

Hi-Rez (04:49.017)

Hi-Rez (05:00.012)
Absolutely, man.

Ahmad (05:11.094)
do what everyone is doing and you don’t want to stick out and challenge the narrative. So you know you’ve gone against the grain and called out a lot of the BS. How has that affected you in terms of like opportunities and promotions and whatnot?

Hi-Rez (05:16.693)

Hi-Rez (05:32.164)
Sure. Yeah, first of all, you say you’re you’ve been you know, doctor for 25 years You only look 25 man. So kudos to you man for keeping keep keeping your skin right and looking right? Yeah, you you’re doing something right? I’d be mad at you too, man. I would probably hate you too if I was 48 and looked like 25. Alright, so Yeah, man, long story long story. I had to give you your props right there, too. But long story short, man

Ahmad (05:42.768)
I’m 48.

Ahmad (05:51.341)

Hi-Rez (05:59.304)
it as soon as I started rocking the boat, you know, I remember getting that. First of all, thank God I was already very independent. Obviously, I had some endorsement deals. I had some partnerships, some brand deals, of course. And everyone does, right? Everyone like at my stage and my level, you know, you’re getting paid something from somebody no matter what. Right. Even if you are fully in control of your catalog and your masters and your music, you know, if you’re blessed enough how I have been in my career, you’re still getting paid from certain companies and things like that. And, you know, I was getting paid a fair amount, you know,

To what I make, you know relative to what I make obviously we’re not talking millions But we’re talking a decent chunk of my of my revenue annually, you know It was all of a sudden cut off whether it was from YouTube or social media You know I was making a decent chunk just on Facebook and subscriptions and things like that and you know All those were turned off for me My monetization was basically turned off on meta right away pretty quickly because they were going pretty hard Google and YouTube followed shortly after I was never fully demonetized

basically limited ads where you know you’re done like one of my recent videos had limited ads and a million views just for context you know on some of my past videos that haven’t been demonetized on a million views I was getting paid you know some sometimes close to ten thousand dollars on an a million view video and on my recent ones that have been limited ads and things like that we’re talking $600 $700 on a million views I garnered a million views on your channel on your platform right I go into million views

Ahmad (07:23.721)

Hi-Rez (07:28.998)
You’re still happily taking my revenue Google, you know, you’re still taking your split your percentage But all of a sudden you literally took my thing down by 98 percent 96 percent, you know revenue and you know that takes a big hit on me, but I felt that it was a test I felt that God was really testing me to see if I was truly believing the things I was believing or not And you know people love to say grifting and you know, my revenue went down It didn’t it didn’t go up, you know, if my red if I if I went from you know, zero to you know

I became a million overnight by preaching some sort of message and narrative You don’t do that by preaching something that dissenters agree with that goes against the mainstream or goes against the grain You know, thank God now, you know, it’s become somewhat of a I don’t want to say a niche audience But it’s but it’s fighting, you know, it’s counter It’s really counterculture and it is coming back the other way. So thank God my revenue has gone back up You know, my monetization has came back in certain places I actually have counter, you know culture companies that are willing to work with me and willing to sponsor me

Ahmad (08:08.448)

Ahmad (08:12.238)

Hi-Rez (08:28.658)
things like that, that people have, it really took years and years, honestly, it’s crazy to think that COVID’s been damn near four years, it feels like that two weeks to slow the spread thing, it’s really nuts how we’re still here, obviously, thank God we’re not wearing masks, we’re not locked down, we’re not shut down to this, where we’re at right now, but it just still feels like we’re in this weird, dystopian world, it never ended.

Ahmad (08:44.962)

Ahmad (08:51.31)
100%. Oh my God, you packed in so much there. I mean, going back to what you said about grifting, I get accused of that. I’ve lost my career as an orthopedic surgeon. I’m now having to beg people to pay me $5 subscriptions a month for 12 podcasts and buy me a coffee here and there. I mean, I’m earning literally peanuts. I can’t even pay my mortgage, nevermind bills or go on fancy holidays.

Hi-Rez (09:01.168)

Hi-Rez (09:04.941)
All right.

Ahmad (09:20.182)
I’d love to say I’ve got a Bentley in the driveway and a mistress on the side. I can’t afford any of this crap, dude. Like I’m the most unsuccessful grifter then.

Hi-Rez (09:27.879)
Right, no man, it’s… Yeah, yeah, that’s a great way to put it. I’m going to start saying that. It’s very true. It’s, you know, people, I love, that’s a great way because that’s, it’s really true, man. It’s a…

You know like even with me as even as a rapper right you would expect like you said the Bentley outside You know it’s like these things are not a reality. You know it’s not it is not I don’t take like you said I don’t take holidays vacations none of that You know with my as much as I would love to my wife man. It’s we’re just we’re just trying to keep the dream alive and

Ahmad (09:45.911)

Ahmad (09:50.018)

Hi-Rez (09:59.296)
and support, you know, God willing, our kids in the future. So there’s no glorification of this lifestyle that people love to make it seem. And like you said, you and me both, brother, we’re the worst grifters in the world.

Ahmad (10:15.687)
Yeah, and there’s this is the price that you have to take, you know, and I have no regrets. Like if it means speaking up the truth and doing the right thing and sleeping well at night and doing, you know, I’m a little bit ahead of you. You know, I’ve got three kids, eight, six and four. I hope you have many more. We wanted four or five, but we tapped out three. So we failed. But I hope there’s many more resi’s. And you know, you realize that.

You’re doing this for them and you want them to have a better future. So I hope you have a very prosperous, grifting career ahead of you. I hope you’re more successful, buddy. Anyway, moving on. You know what I really like about your posts and your ex tweets and whatever you wanna call them? You’re never on one topic. Like you never just talk about COVID or masking or, like you talk about everything. And I’m like that.

Hi-Rez (10:48.161)

Hi-Rez (10:54.052)
Thank you, man.

Hi-Rez (11:06.84)

Ahmad (11:13.526)
And I think it’s because everything’s linked. Why do you talk about all these things from men being women and God knows what else? Like.

Hi-Rez (11:17.36)
percent. Yeah.

Hi-Rez (11:25.024)
Yeah, man, I think I agree. I think I think it not only is it all connected, first of all, I think everything’s connected in general before COVID. I think we’re all connected, you know, for better or worse, as you were just kind of getting at. But I think that this all definitely stems from, you know, not one person or one group or I think it’s a culmination, man. I think people hear the terms New World Order or Great Reset, and they freak out and they call you conspiracy theorists. But in reality, like

Ahmad (11:49.628)

Hi-Rez (11:52.108)
You know, not me personally, because I’m a decent guy. But if I was a billionaire and I didn’t believe in God and I felt that I was my own God, you know, I can understand why you are now controlling the world, manipulating society, you know, not looking at people as numbers instead of, you know, human beings. And, you know, you are willing to sacrifice a few for the greater good of whatever you feel. The greater good is like it’s logical. It’s extremely logical that, you know, a billionaire atheist

is his own God, right? It’s not that hard to comprehend. And you know, I believe, so I’m not one of these black-pilled people that thinks everyone’s in on it, and this person’s bad, and Elon Musk is bad, and Trump is bad, and also Zucker, like everyone’s all together, and they’re all sitting down in meetings and laughing. It’s like, I don’t believe that, you know? I think that we are witnessing good versus evil. I’m not saying Trump’s a good guy. I don’t know if Elon or Trump, I don’t know where they play in this role. They might both be, you know,

Ahmad (12:26.411)

Ahmad (12:46.05)

Hi-Rez (12:52.165)
great people. I really don’t know.

But my point is, is I didn’t I didn’t just lose out all hope, you know, or faith in humanity. Obviously, I put faith in God first, but I still have hope in my neighbors, in my community, you know, in people, you know, that are out there fighting the good fight. And like, look, like you and me are having this conversation we never would have a few years ago. You know, my friend five times August, I was just talking with and seeing him on social media. There are artists out there, you know, that are really fighting the good fight, that are dads, you know, that are parents, you know, moms at school board meetings.

You know, there was maybe like two, you know, strange moms that like were at the school board meeting and like everyone else looked at them like they were weird, you know, it’s like what are you doing taking an interest in your kids curriculum and it’s like now you think like that’s pretty normal to take an interest in your kids curriculum. And when I was a kid, nobody did like my mom didn’t know what we were being taught. You know, my parent, my dad was at work all day, you know, all my friends, their parents were at work, mom and dad included if they were even together or divorced like their parents were both, you know, to income households somewhere else.

Ahmad (13:39.518)

Hi-Rez (13:54.038)
They weren’t parenting their children. There’s no disrespect to them at all it’s like that was the way that was the lay of the land that was the way of the world and

It’s really cool to see us going back to somewhat of traditional ways, even if you’re not Republican or conservative, you might not be pro-gun, you might not be any of these things, but it’s cool to see parents taking an interest in their kids curriculum. It’s cool to see people getting closer to their religion again, getting back to God, man, no matter whether it’s Muslim or Jewish or Christian. It’s really, as a theist, as somebody who just believes in one God, it’s really cool to see people getting back to God and caring, man, you know?

Ahmad (14:30.634)
Love it. So I despite my name, Ahmed Malik or Ahmad Malik or Ahmad Malik, I gave up on Islam about 15 years ago. So I keep it really simple. I just believe in God. And, you know, I’ve taken a lot from the Abrahamic religions. I love it. You know, first, do no harm. All the Ten Commandments don’t steal from people, you know, don’t murder people. Haven’t done that yet.

Hi-Rez (14:46.38)
Right. Simple, man.

Hi-Rez (14:59.193)

Ahmad (14:59.842)
Sometimes think about it, but I haven’t done it yet. And I just think, you know, like I know you’re a Hasidic Jew and religious and I love that and I love people being religious, but for me, I studied it and I just felt there was too much control. I thought too many of these religions were captured by people and I wanted to just go straight to God and I wanted to just love humanity. Does that make sense? And that’s…

Hi-Rez (15:02.276)
Yeah, of course, man. We all do.

Hi-Rez (15:19.353)
Whatever’s that?

Absolutely. Yeah.

Hi-Rez (15:28.076)
makes total sense man I’ve always was like that even before I became openly I guess more observant or religious or anything like that I always was exactly like that I always felt that you know it became very corporatized you know kind of democratized corporatized and like you know very controlled and institutionalized if you will and you know but I choose to look

Ahmad (15:47.714)

Hi-Rez (15:53.04)
Because God can totally be weaponized. I have a song called Make God Cool Again, and it literally talks about all the negative things that people have done in God’s name, no matter what religion.

Ahmad (15:54.784)

Ahmad (16:02.946)

Hi-Rez (16:05.56)
You know, I basically said that I’m looking at it from a perspective of like you just said, you know, going right to the source, man. I don’t feel that I don’t feel that God has made it or would make it hard to reach him. I don’t think he would make it confined to four walls or confined to a specific, very certain way of life. As long as, like you said, you’re keeping these commandments, you’re a good person. I genuinely believe that it’s pretty easy to find God. I don’t think you need to donate to a to an institution.

But for me personally, I found I found that my community is exactly that it’s a community and I enjoy that You know, we have events and we have gets it. It’s like a it’s like a book club, but with God, you know It’s like it’s like a school but with God, you know, there’s no rules. It’s not a cult. There’s no expectations No guideline. Nobody expects me to look a certain way or be a certain way. So it’s pretty awesome in that regard But you’re absolutely right. There are totally sects as Yeah, yeah

Ahmad (16:45.774)

Ahmad (16:59.99)
Can I join this community? I want to come over and join this community.

Hi-Rez (17:04.596)
No, you would love it, man. You would love it. And we absolutely, you know, welcome anyway. Like I said, we’re theists in that regard of just if you believe in God and you’re a good person, we don’t really care what else you do kind of with your life, if that makes sense. And we realize that everyone else is on a different path and different journey. And, you know, I know people that keep kosher. I know people that don’t keep kosher. I know people that look at me, man. I dress like a like a like a rock star football player or something. And no one can’t you know, no one cares that I show up.

left gym practice or like I just left the basketball gym or something like no one cares that I show up like that and somebody’s dressed way more religious than me or something like that exactly what you said man I relate

Ahmad (17:41.59)
But dude, see, you can still rock that beard. Like if I had that beard, I’d be a fracking terrorist, you know, good for you, you know.

Hi-Rez (17:51.048)
I mean I’ve been called it man like it’s fun. It’s funny like you know people love to say You know they love to separate out your just you’re that you’re white you’re Jewish you’re European you’re not Israeli You’re not Middle Eastern like they love to just judge and talk and say this and say that but in reality like you just said Bro, whenever I get a little tan and I got my beard going you know people start calling me a terrorist So I don’t know how you know how could I be white and a Middle Eastern terrorist which one has pick it pick a choice guys

Ahmad (18:17.894)
Oh man, it’s mad, isn’t it? People love just dividing. We’re just the same. You know, the more, the older I get, the more I realize we’re all the same. I’ve traveled so many places around the world and I’ve met people from all backgrounds and there’s good people everywhere, there’s bad people everywhere, but most people just wanna get on and live life and be happy and have a belly full of food, have a good woman, big, solid, strong woman, and kids to love.

Hi-Rez (18:22.832)
It’s absolutely.

Hi-Rez (18:37.604)

Hi-Rez (18:44.212)
Absolutely. No, absolutely, man. You um.

You hit it on the head and I’ve related, as somebody who grew up, I don’t even wanna say, I mean, I guess liberal, socially, I’ve always accepted, you wanna get married to who you want, you wanna do, as long as it’s consenting, do what you want behind closed doors for the most part. Like I said, it’s not my judgment of you. Do I have my opinions on it? Sure, but it’s who am I, bro? Who am I to throw stones in a glass house? I’m not a perfect man. I have sinned. I probably will sin in my life. So I’ve always looked at it as like, how can I be the guy to tell someone how to live their life?

recommendations sure if you ask me will I give my opinion absolutely but I don’t feel like I’ve never been the type to proselytize and tell people to kind of they have to come a certain way they have to live a certain way and maybe I don’t I don’t even think that’s the Jewish you know the Jew in me that’s just the person in me that’s the human in me that I don’t feel holier than thou I don’t feel you know that I am living well enough to tell people how they should also be living and I relate to you know like a lot of my

friends who have who don’t feel really at home in the Republican Party or the conservative party but they feel pretty like traditional as we said like I know gay Republicans right like it like conservative ant he’s a guy online he’s a good friend of mine we met a few times in person and he’s a gay Republican but he just doesn’t feel the left represents him anymore but he also doesn’t feel fully at home in the right because obviously people are telling him he’s going to hell and he’s a terrible human and all these things and I can relate you know you know I have black Republican conservative friends that

or conservative that also feel the left as a representative. These are the people that I find myself gravitating towards at these events, whether I go to Mar-a-Lago or, you know, whatever event I’m at. I don’t necessarily find myself, you know, representative of like the 50, 60-year-old white conservative Republican that’s always been that way their whole life. They just don’t understand what has happened the last few years and this spectrum and this transition, this spectrum and transition buzzwords that happened the last few years in a totally different way. But, you know, this spectrum is

Hi-Rez (20:48.302)
transition the lat gender spectrum and but you know these last few years that of seeing you know where look at Russell Brand look at the Joe Rogan’s of the world look at the Elon Musk these are guys that are extremely progressive and pretty involved in tech and liberalism and pretty they’re just like anti-big pharma or anti gender ideology and all of a sudden they’re far right and that’s where I feel I fall into that category of like you know misfits

Ahmad (21:13.266)
Dude, you’re just a contrarian. I’m a misfit. I’ve been called far right and extremist. Do you know, apparently, believing in medical freedom made you far right. You know, the Washington Post or New York Post, can’t remember which one, did a whole series on like, you know, the far right has taken over this freedom medical movement. You know, I remember the Canadian convoy truckers, they’re all like far right. Anybody who wanted freedom and liberty was far right. And I was like, nah.

Hi-Rez (21:17.612)

Hi-Rez (21:36.643)

Hi-Rez (21:40.)
Yeah, yeah. Look, they say the same thing. You’re working out, you’re a white supremacist, you know, working out, being healthy, being, look, obviously a lot of these things are.

Ahmad (21:42.879)

Hi-Rez (21:50.38)
Propaganda in their own sense because I don’t think people I don’t think even liberals believe this I don’t even think people on the left believe you know So as somebody who has seen this kind of cultural shift the last few years Like my mom who votes left will always vote left so vote D down ballot her whole life You know she doesn’t believe these things so I tend to not Hone in on these ridiculous headlines that the Washington Post makes even against the left You know because I realized like it’s not most of the people just like you said most people are good people man

Joe Biden or voted you know I can’t sit here like obviously people will see my tweets and they’ll assume that I dislike Biden 24 7 and I

Look, do I dislike him? Absolutely. But do I have Biden derangement syndrome? Am I thinking about this guy 24 seven? No, you know, I’m not a fan of, you know, foreign, I’m not a fan of Boris Johnson when he was in or my friend or Teresa, you know, these people are like, just because they’re like on the same side politically or something like that doesn’t mean anything. You know what I mean? I think that there are a lot of corrupt politicians no matter what.

Ahmad (22:47.146)
Oh, you know what?

Ahmad (22:51.03)
Rez, absolutely. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this fellow American, Ed Griffin, he wrote a book called Creature from Jekyll Island, exposing the Federal Reserve. He’s a great guy, he’s a wonderful American. He’s still alive, 92. You think I look young? You should check him out. He’s 92, bloody hell. Anyway, he said, anyone who trusts or believes in a politician is a schmuck. Like, don’t fall for the politicians. They don’t care about you and me and our kids.

Hi-Rez (23:03.192)

Hi-Rez (23:07.913)
I’ll check them out.

Hi-Rez (23:16.364)

Ahmad (23:20.098)
They care about themselves at the end of the day. They’re all ridden with egos and that’s all about me, me. Can’t trust these people. You know, they’re a different class of people. But I even think these divisions like left, right, conservative, liberal, democratic, whatever, Republican, it’s all obvious. I mean, they’re painting people in these camps is just ridiculous. The reality is. We’re all so mixed and we’re also heterogeneous and wherever, wherever you see it, like, you know, it’s like, oh, you’re an anti-vaxxer.

Hi-Rez (23:38.896)

Ahmad (23:50.13)
or you’re pro-vax. Actually, most people I know who took the vaccine didn’t want it. They got it because they had to travel or work. They weren’t pro-vaccine. A lot of the ones who were anti-vaxxers had lots of vaccines in the past, but were like, no, we don’t want this thing that’s experimental and shoved. So the media loves to like paint us in groups, like, you know, all Israelis are bad and all Palestinians are terrorists. And you know, no, it’s not that simple. The governments are evil. The leaders are terrible, but most human beings just want to get by.

Hi-Rez (23:56.109)
Yeah, right.


Hi-Rez (24:04.632)

Hi-Rez (24:14.904)


Ahmad (24:20.022)
And I love that Instagram post where you showed two little boys, one Palestinian and one Israeli. It’s just, that’s what we need. We need just like love, you know? But anyway, I want to ask you something about this picture you posted. I loved it. And you did another little interview about guns. You know, you’re a Hasidic Jew. You’ve got your straps around your arm and you’ve got a gun and you’ve got them doubly strapped. And I loved it. Tell me why.

Hi-Rez (24:27.886)

Ahmad (24:50.23)
you think is right to be able to bear arms, because I believe in that, by the way. I think that’s an important thing. But you gave a really good explanation. Can you do that again, please?

Hi-Rez (24:55.856)
the end.

Hi-Rez (25:03.244)
Yeah, of course, man. So it’s pretty it’s almost funny to me. So first of all, I want to segue by saying, you know, I as, you know, a more observant religious Jew, you know, I’m not even allowed in Germany necessarily to perform. I’ve been turned down by, you know.

It’s not one person. I’ve been turned down by numerous agencies. Every single venue says that there’ll be protests outside. They don’t even want to deal with it. All these things, which is weird, it’s like protests what, bro? What are you talking about? I’m not liberal enough. It’s like, yo, I just told you. Like.

Ahmad (25:34.722)

Hi-Rez (25:40.696)
I’m pretty socially liberal by American standards, you know what I mean? And it’s like by what the West’s standards in general. But like Germany has gone so far left in fear, not that I even believe. First of all, I believe Nazi Germany and Hitler was the Nazi socialist party. Right. So obviously people love to call them far right. And it’s like maybe in some degree, maybe by being like pro-German and like very, you know, pro their country and pro. Yeah. Very nationalistic.

Ahmad (26:07.358)

Hi-Rez (26:10.55)
Sure, then maybe that’s like more right-wing. I guess and if you look if you will but socialism by no means it’s right-wing You know what I mean? It’s like, you know kind of blaming the rich and all these things like whatever like let’s eat the rich and tax Them more and like let’s blame the Jews and all you guys are rude. Whatever whatever I’m not gonna get too far into that but you know, they went so far left They went so far left in fear of I guess going far right or wherever you want to call them That they ended up back exactly where they were It’s like it’s so

Ahmad (26:28.258)

Hi-Rez (26:40.37)
I’m not gonna let a Jew in your country. They literally said, I’m too pro-Trump, I’m too pro-gun, I’m too pro-America. What are you talking about, I’m too pro-America. I can’t be a nationalist at all. Like I can’t, I’m not a white nationalist. You know what I mean? I’m just a nationalist. I’m not like pro.

Ahmad (26:52.438)
So just, I mean, can they not even just hear that? They’re banning a Jew from coming into the country. I mean, what? What?

Hi-Rez (27:00.492)
You know, it’s so backwards man that it’s like am I am I am I banned for being a Jew? Of course not I’m a band for being if I wanted to go in there as a tourist and never go on stage They might let me and I’m sure like I’m sure I can go in with some sort of tourists You know just no business at all. But like the fact that I’m the fact that I you know, I’m a music It’s my biggest market. It’s one of my biggest markets is Germany, you know, actually it’s growing in America now I’ve as you would expect the last few years But Germany my whole career was my biggest market more than anything I streamed over there But I’m yet to answer your question

anything short but long story short you know just 80 years ago man millions including my you know including my relatives you know people I had first of all I had a grandpa that liberated people from these camps he got a purple heart but I also had relatives that died in these camps and you know it’s 80 just let’s look we’re talking less than a hundred years ago we’re not talking ancient history thousands and thousands of years ago and you know we hear about

Ahmad (27:45.581)

Ahmad (27:52.587)
Not long, not long.

Ahmad (27:59.235)

Hi-Rez (28:00.306)
about you know, our many, you know, our minions, we hear about Turkey, we hear about, we hear there’s so many different stories and I have the stats, I read them all the time, I just, I don’t even know where they are on my computer right now. I have different countries, just in the last hundred years, there’s been something like 60 million innocent people massacred, whether it’s by their own government or by a foreign government that invaded their government, but the point is, is they were disarmed, you know, and they were disarmed shortly before

and these massacres and It’s funny. There’s this fact check that says yes, all these countries were Disarmed and massacred blah shortly after but there’s no link between disarming a population and Massacring them after it’s like wait, you just told me ten examples. That’s not enough It’s like no you need every country to be disarmed and massacred before the fact checkers gonna be like I guess you guys were right Yeah, but that’s the reason for guns, man

Ahmad (28:55.002)
You know what it is? Rez, exactly, Rez, what they love to say is correlation is not causation. And it’s like, hold on one second. Like we just mass vaccinated like 5 billion people and now people are suddenly dropping dead left, right, and center. Like what else has changed, you know, in the last few years? Can we think of anything else? Climate change? Climate change is causing, climate change is causing sudden death. What the?

Hi-Rez (29:05.185)

Hi-Rez (29:18.328)
Yeah, yeah, the weather, the climate.

The weather, yeah, the weather, man. It’s funny speaking to that, man, kind of side note. I’ve always noticed that whenever there are these groups, like the Greta Thunbergs of the world, right? Like doing, it’s all about climate, but then she said something funny to me, and it’s not even just being a Jew, I think anyone should find this funny, where she was like, she said, no,

no carbon whatever something about climate is like no something on occupied land and it’s like yo

Like it’s like it gets so it shrinks it just keeps shrinking right like I’ll give you another example Like when BLM, you know came out and it was like about you know Black a black guy George Floyd right a black guy who was who was who was killed or killed it You know died himself, which is what obviously most likely happened I think the coroner came out and said like it was totally whatever so BLM comes out and And then like within months it’s like protect black trans women and it’s like dude It just shrinks these movements

They just it’s no longer about black lives and Greta Thunberg’s no longer about climate and it’s like that’s why I believe these There’s a there’s a propagandist. There’s an absolute agenda here man And it’s never about the mission and respect to the people who have stayed on track with the mission like respect to people Who are against brutality who police brutality in a black community who have given money to black businesses who absolutely are?

Hi-Rez (30:55.07)
elevating me and vice versa you know respect to people who are who still have faith in their small communities and elevate their communities but and not just race or religion but their actual local communities but it’s just so strange to me when like I said it just gets it just keeps shrinking these movements you know Greta Thunberg’s not she she’s not about climate anymore she’s about race religions now you know race relations and you know what’s going on and she’s now a foreign you know asset and foreign it’s you know

Ahmad (31:16.019)
Of course not.

Hi-Rez (31:24.89)
and then BLM is not about black lives, it’s about black, gay, lesbian lives that are escorts. It literally said, oh, that was one, it was black trans escorts, or something like black trans, it’s like, dude, how many black trans prostitutes are there for? Like, why is there a hashtag for this?

Ahmad (31:37.698)

Ahmad (31:47.93)
It’s either these are all manufactured movements in the first place and are vehicles and then they’re used in different ways or there might be, let’s give them the benefit of that, sometimes natural growths of movements and then they get captured and then sidetracked into something else. I don’t know, I don’t know. But yeah, I mean, it’s funny. I love your bio on Instagram, you’re a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

Hi-Rez (32:08.461)

Ahmad (32:17.026)
I love that. How’s that feeling? How’s that going for you?

Hi-Rez (32:21.156)
Dude, it’s great. I had to do nothing, dude. So it’s also like, I say this all the time. It’s like, I’m trans too. I’m just gonna do nothing about it. I’m not gonna get surgery. I don’t have to change anything, but I do identify as a lesbian in a man’s body. So.

Ahmad (32:24.544)

Hi-Rez (32:35.832)
You know being a part of that movement and that group it feels great man because I’m already with my wife I’m already attracted to women obviously so I have to do nothing I’m not gonna cut off any of my genitals, but I am a trans lesbian male You know I am all these things and if you say I’m not then you know Who are you who are you to say that I’m not you know what I mean? So it’s pretty disrespectful for somebody to not validate that

Ahmad (32:50.946)

Ahmad (32:56.926)
No, well, well. No, no, I’m really, I’m really happy for you. I’m really happy for you, Res. Like seriously, so, so happy for you. I mean, like I had this guy tell me the other day that his 22 year old son now identifies as a woman, has lipstick and wears a dress, and his girlfriend identifies as a boy. She’s got short hair, only wears boys clothes, and they have sex and they’re really happy. And I was like, good for them.

Hi-Rez (33:05.362)
Thank you, man.

Hi-Rez (33:10.672)

Ahmad (33:26.85)
Good for them. I’m really happy for them. Great.

Hi-Rez (33:31.368)
First of all, let’s set the record straight, bro. Once again, I am so accepting of others. I remember as a kid, bro, I remember seeing, we called them cross dressers or transvestites or whatever the word was at the time. I remember seeing these people. And my-

My goal still was then and still is now not to bully you or make you feel bad or but it’s like I refuse to live in a world man where we validate everybody’s life. I was made fun of for being skinny. I was made fun of for being Jewish. I was made fun of for being pale. I was made fun of for having too much armpit hair. Anything a kid could find you know wrong with you I was made fun of. I’m sure you were bullied for things. Every human is bullied. Nobody.

is nobody deserves, nobody is better than me or you. We have to now tiptoe and legalize and have legislation around the bullying of people.

Obviously, I’m all I’m like I am not for acting on these things I’m like if you if I went and tweeted something and then I did something like that’s a clear difference than me Just saying a man’s not a woman or a woman’s not a man Like it’s like if you are a woman or you’re not like if you believe that you don’t need the world to believe it I don’t need the world to believe I’m handsome or the world to believe I’m successful or the world to believe I’m the greatest Rapper of all time or that I’m a good husband or a good father Thank you

Ahmad (34:46.598)
Oh dude, you’re all of those!

Hi-Rez (34:52.728)
But in general, bro, even if you were sitting here, if you were sitting here and telling me, look, yo, like, because I see it all the time, bro, like, you’re not successful, you’re never gonna be this, you’re never gonna be that, like, every once in a while they get to me, but I’ve been doing this so long, it doesn’t really, it kind of rolls off my back, but I realize, like, that person has that right. I’m not gonna pass legislation to tell them they can’t tweet me and tell me mean things and bad things. So that’s where I’m at in society, man, is like, you know, if Ben Shapiro says it similarly, like, if you were, like, sitting with me

Ahmad (34:52.747)
You’re all though take them man take them

Hi-Rez (35:22.882)
and like you were at like you were at my dinner like I’m not gonna be rude to you I’m not gonna tell you how terrible your life is like we’re gonna enjoy the football game drink a beer like if you want me to Say or respect you within the confines of sure like But like I said

We are not going to reconstruct this whole society around your needs now. You know what I mean? Just like they’re not going to reconstruct them around my needs. I think it’s I’m very I’m a free speech absolutist, man. Even if that comes to anti-Semitism, if that comes to races like I want to know who’s who, I don’t want to be a number. We’re all wearing gray jumpsuits and we’re just looking down and scared to speak up. I want to know who’s who, man.

Ahmad (36:00.154)
I couldn’t agree more. I mean, the reality is nowadays, I mean, like I just got suspended last week from another hospital, and that’s why my career has just gone now. Because I had a guest on my podcast, and they said, you platform this person, and she could offend colleagues and staff and patients. And we’re suspending you for that. And I was like, whoa, not even my free speech, not even what I said.

Hi-Rez (36:24.953)
That’s it.

Hi-Rez (36:29.036)
Right, right.

Ahmad (36:30.366)
And we should have the right to offend people, right? No one has the right to not be offended. Because otherwise you could just say every day, oh, you’ve offended me, you’ve offended me. I mean, I’m upset with you, I’m gonna cancel you. I mean, there’ll be no one left standing if you keep doing it like that, you know, it’s madness.

Hi-Rez (36:35.928)
Absolutely, man.

Hi-Rez (36:40.272)

Hi-Rez (36:48.588)
Yep. 100 percent, man. You brought up something that reminded me where this all started for me. Like, you know, before I spoke about anything socio-politically, before I literally said anything, you know, that was somewhat controversial. I had a, you know, a bunch of fans, man. I still do. I have a bunch of fans from all walks of life, obviously. But I would I’m guessing a lot of my fans are more conservative now over the last few years. But I remember specifically.

Ahmad (37:02.314)

Hi-Rez (37:15.444)
Having a few fans very small amount that actually looked into this like very far. I’m talking very I don’t even know how we call them progressive, but very far left like we’re not talking liberals. We’re talking socialists We’re talking like, you know, very borderline communists very borderline communism, you know, it’s all a pac-man Zuby once told me my homie Zuby, you know, it’s like pac-man You come out one side like this then you end up popping out on the other side because it’s all like a revolving door and that’s how I feel about it, but um, but

Ahmad (37:27.566)

Ahmad (37:39.703)

Hi-Rez (37:42.348)
you know, the point of my whole thing is I remember being told, you know, how could you follow

Trump how could you follow Kanye West how could you be proud of whatever like how could you like it’s like dude like you just said you’re just for platforming somebody like you were getting in trouble for following somebody even if you never saw him on Twitter they don’t know if you interacted with them they don’t know if you liked them it’s like dude just for seeing an alternate opinion it might have been somebody you totally disagreed with like I tell people all the time if Hitler had a Twitter I would love to follow it like I would like you know what why would I not you know I would love to see Hitler’s tweets that would be a thing to see man that would

Ahmad (38:11.502)

Ahmad (38:18.33)
I think he might even have more fo- I think he would have even more followers than Trump. Seriously.

Hi-Rez (38:18.962)
all of a sudden when all of a…

Hi-Rez (38:24.248)
I think it’s very bro. I mean, I mean you’ve seen these You know, you’ve seen these like the debt like someone has a devil one and God like they exist like it’s funny Parody accounts that I’ve seen like someone has a Twitter that that’s literally at God Someone has one at Satan at the devil So it’s really interesting to see these characters and follow them, you know And it’s like does you think it means I worship Satan if I follow at Satan on Twitter It doesn’t mean anything man. And that’s the world we live in where you know If you just have a conversation with somebody who disagrees I’d love to sit down and

with a cop I’d love to sit down and talk with Kim Jong-un bro that would be awesome you know I mean it’s like I don’t agree with him but that would be awesome

Ahmad (38:59.56)
So this is the thing, I’m a free speech absolutist and I think we always need debate and conversations and I’ve been attacked from all sides. One of my family members reached out to me and said, are you following this person on Twitter? And I was like, you know I am. Why asking me when you know? I can’t believe you’re following someone like him. He’s very anti-Palestine. And I’m like.

Hi-Rez (39:20.116)

Ahmad (39:26.418)
So like that’s like what like what have I done there? And then I had another person, a colleague of mine, message me and go, did you interview this person in your podcast? And they’ve actually taken like my website profile and it’s from that. And I’m like, we both know, yes, cause she’s on my website. And then he’s like, he goes, I can’t believe

Hi-Rez (39:29.01)
Right, right.

Hi-Rez (39:49.98)
Yeah, right. Right. It’s a rhetorical question.

Ahmad (39:54.454)
you had someone anti-Israel on your podcast. And I’m like, hold on, I’m just getting attacked from everyone. Like I’m anti-Palestine, I’m anti-Israel. I’m like, just shut up everybody.

Hi-Rez (40:00.268)
Yeah, you can’t win. You can’t win, bro. Now you can’t win, even with me, man. Like even with the whole Israel palace. First of all, it’s been going on for a while, obviously. But in the most recent events, I genuinely had Israelis messaging me saying, like, you can’t come here, how dare you? Like, you’re a traitor to the Jewish people, to this, to that. Just because I was like, hey, I think it’s kinda bad to see innocent children die due to war crimes. And then like,

They’re like, blah, same, and then it’s like, and then the sole fact that I’m a Jew and I have biblical respect for this land, no respect for any government officials, I don’t care. Like I said, I’m not invested in any, I’m not even invested in, you know, domestically in America’s government officials. Why should I be invested, you know, internationally?

Whatever, so the point is, is I’ve gotten it from both sides, but I was gonna say that just being a Jew, I can’t believe you wanna see innocent children die and guys, it’s like, dude, I just got attacked by Israelis for saying I don’t wanna see that. But you algorithmically, you didn’t see that post. You know what I mean? Just because you didn’t see the post doesn’t mean, it’s like did a tree fall in a forest, does it make a sound? If you weren’t there to hear it, it doesn’t make a sound. So it’s the same thing with these algorithms. It’s like if you didn’t see the perfect post that fits your needs and your narratives,

Ahmad (41:00.522)
Yeah, yeah.

Hi-Rez (41:17.135)
is the exact opposite of whatever you saw or didn’t see.

Ahmad (41:19.675)
But let’s not talk about Israel-Palestine too much. It’s too, oh, it’s just full of, oh, I’ve done it. I’ve done it. And I don’t, you can’t win, you can’t win. But.

Hi-Rez (41:25.568)
Yeah, you can’t win, bro, you can’t win. We both agree, we both agree, like, you don’t want kids to die, the end.

Ahmad (41:32.286)
Yeah, that simple. And I also think we’re all being played. It’s the same BS as COVID. They wanna other you, they want you to think that the anti-vaxxers are dirty and they want you to think that these people are horrible and we’re pure bloods. And I don’t like all of this. This whole division is all about not seeing who the real enemy is. And you know what? The real enemy are the leaders and the politicians. We as human beings,

Hi-Rez (41:38.82)
Absolutely. Over and over, man.

Hi-Rez (41:46.265)

Hi-Rez (41:49.846)

Hi-Rez (41:57.68)

Ahmad (42:02.05)
We’re all victims in this. But like going back to the COVID era, as a doctor, I feel your pain because when you just call out, hey, this is weird, this is bullshit. All my doctor colleagues turned on me and were like, you should know better. Why are you doing this? Like, how dare you talk? And you’re just like, oh, for God’s sake. And I think that’s why I mean, when I’ve been following you, I feel a lot of resonance between the two of us. Like…

Hi-Rez (42:17.697)

Ahmad (42:29.182)
You don’t know it, but we’ve just been following very similar paths. And I think the thing that we’ve got in common is you love humanity. All right. It shines that you really care about the world and the people. And your main tribe is actually humanity. I know you’re Jewish and you’re religious, but actually, no, you identify as a human being first. And that’s the most important thing. And you have all this love and respect. You also, you know…

Hi-Rez (42:38.704)

Hi-Rez (42:42.552)

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. You’re absolutely right. Absolutely.

Ahmad (42:54.914)
You don’t go for the bullshit. You value honesty and truth. If someone tells you that this is truth and it’s blatantly not, you’re gonna turn around and go, no, whereas a lot of people just quietly accept it and go, okay. And it’s sad that not enough people are just calling out the emperor with no clothes. Everyone’s just clapping and everybody should actually be the little kid saying, hey, you’re naked, buddy. It’s like, that’s what we need.

Hi-Rez (43:07.649)

Hi-Rez (43:20.992)
Absolutely, man.

Hi-Rez (43:24.704)
No, I never as a kid man, I gotta go here in a few minutes. First of all, it’s been a great conversation, man. I appreciate all the chatting, man, but I wanted to touch on what you just said before I go, man. As a kid, I never took one thing for an answer. I never really took, just do it, just shut up, just blah, you have to. Why? Because even as a kid, bro, I never did. Even if it was something as simple as like a teacher saying, you can’t go to the bathroom because this, what about, I can’t go to the bathroom, what are you talking about?

Ahmad (43:35.81)

Hi-Rez (43:54.578)
It’s like how stupid is that like we you know, we fall into these dumb guidelines and these laws and these rules and You know a lot of students like at the time they fell into it These are the students that didn’t question big pharma that didn’t question the narrative that didn’t question the media Like people like assume like I like Fox News and like the bro I don’t I don’t listen to that like I don’t care what Fox News has to say like I don’t care what any media Outlet has to say I’d rather

Ahmad (43:57.665)

Hi-Rez (44:18.808)
read somebody’s sub stack, I’d rather watch your podcast. I wanna know what the people, what the streets, what people outside, what people ear to the ground, I wanna know what they have to say. Like I never care what a mainstream outlet has to say because I know there’s an agenda no matter what, even if I agree with the agenda, even if it’s pro-gun or pro-god or anti, the gender ideology and transition on minors, even if I agree with all these things and I know you’re just doing it for clicks, like I know that you’re just doing it for clicks, like I know that there’s an agenda behind it. But I never took things at face value, man.

question things deeper and I think a lot more people have to do that. I think it’s sad that people just fall in line, but I’m also grateful that there’s a difference, like I said, between the you and you and I’s of the world and these people that just fall in line because I wouldn’t have my identity if it wasn’t for the people that I weren’t. It’s like everything you’re not is everything I am. You know what I mean? So it’s really a nice, I guess, viewpoint to be able to see these people just fall in. I think it’s sad, but like I said, but we need these people, right?

Ahmad (45:09.727)

Hi-Rez (45:18.642)
We need these people to know who we aren’t.

Ahmad (45:21.162)
Yeah, I’ve got two questions for you very quickly before you leave. One, you’re on your deathbed, surrounded by your massive family, your huge tribe, and you’re 150 years old. Before you pass on and meet the maker, what advice would you give them, health or otherwise? And then, can I please ask you, I’ve seen so many of your little Uber videos where you just break into a rap. Can we finish the podcast with you doing a little rap? Please. Sorry to put you under pressure.

Hi-Rez (45:24.652)
Yeah, of course.

Hi-Rez (45:48.392)
Okay, first one I’ll answer. The only reason I can’t rap, I mean I can whisper right now, but my wife is still somewhat slumbering in the other room as a pregnant lady. So that’s the only reason I could whisper rap. I can give you a whisper rap probably. And the first question as far as what would I say man and how would you live your life?

Ahmad (45:58.73)
Whisper, whisper, whisper the rap, whisper the rap.

Hi-Rez (46:13.016)
For me man, it first of all, it’s I don’t want to say a struggle but every day it’s a beautiful struggle I actually had an album called a called beautiful struggle You’re like one of my first EPs back in the day when I was like, you know 20 years old and that’s how I look at life man I look at life is like if there is a struggle then it’s so awesome because You know, you’re able to grow through it if you allow yourself to and actually that’s what I wanted to say or a second ago as far as I love humanity man is whenever I’m

Hi-Rez (46:42.61)
It’s because I want people to live their best life, including, if you’re trans, don’t worry what I say. That’s why we shouldn’t have legislation. I’m trying to tell people to don’t worry. You don’t need validation. If you’re a man and you think you’re a woman or a woman who think you’re a man.

kudos to you, but actually believe it. If you need legislation and the world to validate, then you don’t believe it. And if you don’t believe it, then why should I believe it? And we’re talking about fat phobia, I’ve been called fat phobic. It’s like, fat phobic, I want you to live to 150, which you just said the question for me. It’s like, I want you to live to 150. I want you to see your great grandkids, just like I wanna see my great grandkids, God willing. It’s like, I don’t want you to die at 40 years old, 50 years old, to a heart condition or something like that. It’s like, this is not how God intended us to live. It’s not that I,

disgusted by how you look. I don’t care if you’re fat. I don’t care if you’re a man dressed as a woman. I don’t care how you physically look. I care how you treat yourself. You know what I mean? It’s like treat yourself with some respect man. And okay the question would be… I basically answered it.

Ahmad (47:42.098)
You just said it. No, no, you just said it. You care. No, no, you just said it, because you care. You say these things because you care. That fat person is gonna get cancer, diabetes, heart attack, and die a painful, horrible, miserable death. You care, you want the best for humanity. And if it means saying, hey dude, you’re fat, and you need to lose weight, and actually it’s not a great thing to be like that, so be it. If you didn’t care, and you didn’t love them,

Hi-Rez (47:52.356)

Ahmad (48:08.982)
You’d be like, yeah man, have another Doritos and have another burger and five guys and good luck to you. So yeah, anyway, but what would you say to your kids? What’s the advice to your kids and grandchildren and everything?

Hi-Rez (48:19.212)
Yeah, I would say to my kids, man, I would say, while happiness, people love to say, happiness is the most important thing. Yes, happiness is the most important thing, but like we just said, it has to be achieved in a manner of which…

You know, you don’t need it externally. So find happiness within. I don’t think you need validation. Also, as far as genuinely physicality goes, I think it’s extremely important to be in the gym constantly. I think it’s extremely important to drink water. I think it’s extremely important to get some sun when you can. I think work hard, play hard. I think having to drink here and there is cool, man. You want to do some things, experiment, do what you got to do. I think that’s very OK. But I think.

Things in moderation are extremely important. I don’t think getting lost in the sauce as people say is nice I don’t think we all should be partying 24-7 or seeking external validation 24-7 I think you know find your happiness Internally, you know find God find love as you said I don’t think you need to find God through an institution or through a specific set of Laws and rules outside of obviously the commandments. I think those are important obviously

Ahmad (49:29.13)

Hi-Rez (49:30.29)
I don’t think these man-made laws and rules are that important to find God. I don’t think there’s one way to Him. I think there are many ways and some people get angry when I say that because some people believe there’s only one way to God. But I believe there’s many ways to God. If you took mushrooms and you found God, more power to you, man. That’s the coolest thing ever, you know, but that’s how I believe it, man. Yeah, long story short, never short with me as you know. Find God, man. Find happiness. Find love. Definitely, definitely get some sun, drink some water and hit the gym, man.

Ahmad (49:59.19)
All right, cool, now you’re that Uber taxi driver and I’ve just got in the back and I’m saying, right, take me down a few blocks, hit it. And oh, by the way, the one where you had your hystidic hat, oh man, I freaking love that one. And then one with the two girls, and the one with the two girls, and they’re just like, ah! Ha ha ha.

Hi-Rez (50:06.604)
Alright, okay.

Hi-Rez (50:11.46)
Yeah, I’ll wrap that one. That’s…

Hi-Rez (50:17.728)
Yeah, I’ll rap that one man, so it’s like God is calling while Babylon’s slowly falling These politicians appalling, they hide what’s really important Like write these lyrics with my tears, I put aside all my fears Walking with him for years, I know that he’s gonna steer Serving yourself is just as bad as serving idols Everything becoming tribal, the further we get from Bible Media full of libel and no one holding them libel They wanna stop our survival but they can’t stop the revival Let’s put heaven on earth by putting commandments first

Hey, following Noah’s seven laws, you will all be better off If not, you will be hella lost, not picking up when heaven calls Yeah Ha ha

Ahmad (50:54.35)
I love it, I love it. Do you know what? What you’re doing is going back to the roots of rapping. You know, like people like Run DMC, who are very political, they were political and they were championing, you know, unjust causes and like saying like, we need justice and we need this. You know, that’s what you’re doing. And I think you’re gonna be really, really successful because you’re not pampering to Hollywood and the media world. People resonate.

Hi-Rez (50:57.749)
Thank you, man. Thank you.

Hi-Rez (51:03.628)
I appreciate that.


Hi-Rez (51:18.864)
Thank you.

Ahmad (51:22.966)
with what you’re saying and it rings true, you know? So just keep doing your stuff, man, and go forth and multiply.

Hi-Rez (51:25.112)
Thank you, man.

Hi-Rez (51:29.616)
Thanks brother. Absolutely man, that’s the plan, God willing. But I appreciate you having me man and thank you for all the kind words and I need your skincare routine and whatever else you do to stay young man. So whatever else you do to stay young man.

Ahmad (51:45.469)
Yeah, I don’t have the hair. I don’t have the hair. Do you like my cap? This is my merch. I do not consent. My top says question everything. But yeah, I think I turned my health around. When I was in my like 42, I was overweight. I looked like shit and my dad was dying of cancer. And I was working six days a week. I barely slept.

Hi-Rez (51:49.8)
It’s all good.

Hi-Rez (51:57.391)
Love that.

Hi-Rez (52:03.823)
Oh wow.

Ahmad (52:09.694)
And he, God bless him, he’s sitting on the sofa and he goes, son, you look like shit. You need to get yourself sorted out. I’m dying. He goes, I’ve got a few months left to live. I’m telling you right now, you’ll be following me soon. Sort out your shit. And that was like the wake up call for me. And so you wanna know my answer? It’s really simple, dude. I sleep, I sleep, try and sleep as much as possible, like 10 to six in the morning.

Hi-Rez (52:15.994)

Hi-Rez (52:24.044)
Right. It’s awesome.

Ahmad (52:34.782)
I fast every day. I have one meal a day. I fast about 20-21 hours a day. I eat a lot of heavy meat carnivore diet, but it’s like 80%. No processed food crap. If it looks like a plant, I’ll eat it. If the thing ate a plant, I’ll eat it. But if it was made in a factory plant, I don’t touch it. I don’t drink alcohol, not for any other reason other than health. I don’t have tap water. I distill the water.

Hi-Rez (52:35.76)
Thanks for watching.

Hi-Rez (52:53.724)
Mm. Amen.

Hi-Rez (52:58.262)

Yeah, yeah, smart.

Ahmad (53:01.246)
I have a cold bath every morning, I exercise every day, I do a bit of jiu-jitsu, I just did the cross country run. And you know the most important thing? Love. Like I have a lot of love in my life. I love my wife, I love my kids, I love my fellow man and woman. I wanna be connected to people. So like every day I have one or two people who subscribe to my sub stack. I email them back. I go, thanks man, thanks for supporting me. Tell me about yourself.

Hi-Rez (53:07.034)

Hi-Rez (53:11.876)
Absolutely. That’s awesome, man.

Hi-Rez (53:28.665)

Ahmad (53:29.662)
And then sometimes they go, you know, and there’s a number, sometimes you know people in their emails have a signature and they’ve got their number, I’ll ring them. And they’re like, hello? I’ll be like, hi, it’s Doc Malik. They go, oh my God, it’s Doc Malik. I’m like, yeah, man, I just wanna have a chat with you. And so I just believe in connections and love. And that’s it, dude, that’s my secret.

Hi-Rez (53:43.504)
That’s dope, man.

Hi-Rez (53:49.396)
Yeah, that’s awesome, man. Nah, I appreciate you having me, and that’s some great advice, man. I gotta step it up, clearly. Ha, ha, ha.

Ahmad (53:54.07)
Alright, take care. Alright, God bless you buddy. Take care.

#129 – Hi-Rez Rapper On Freedom, Liberty And God