#125 – Viva Frei Talks To Me About The Unlawful Invocation Of The Emergencies Act And So Much More

David Freiheit is a former Canadian lawyer, former political candidate for the People’s Party of Canada and now a Social Media content creator under the pseudonym Viva Frei.

Viva signed an exclusive deal with Rumble in 2022 and has roughly 400K followers.

In this podcast, we talk about the recent court ruling regarding the unlawful invocation of the Emergencies Act in Canada. The conversation covers various other topics, including personal stories about dogs, experiences with medical emergencies and healthcare systems, challenges in the legal profession, bureaucratic obstacles and licensing, censorship and freedom of speech, ideological capture and diversity, labelling and identity politics, not caring about physical appearance, transitioning to adulthood and not caring too much about the opinions of others, airport security and racial profiling, and the illusion of security.

In this wide-ranging chat we also cover topics such as the administrative state and tyranny, opposition to big states and bureaucracy, the coordinated invasion of our countries, vaccine passports, the demeaning nature of bureaucracy, the madness of COVID lockdowns, understanding historical atrocities, fact-checking and manipulation, the unlawful invocation of the Emergencies Act, corruption and resignations, the federal court decision, propaganda and lies, the uni-party system, and distrust in politicians.

We talk about Donald Trump’s presidency, including his rallies, humor, and communication style. There is a discussion about the disappointment with Trump’s actions, such as not fulfilling promises and surrounding himself with certain advisors. The conversation also touches on the depth of the political swamp.

The podcast concludes with advice for future generations, emphasizing the importance of health, spirituality, and leaving a positive legacy.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Ahmad (00:00.31)
So you just said eight years ago, we’re recording now, my friend. So can I, I don’t know what to call you, David, Viva, what do I call you?

Viva Frei (00:00.636)

Viva Frei (00:07.92)
I know people have been calling me Viva, but my birth name is David. I go by Viva, Freyheit, David, whatever, but all of which I respond to now. And you know, people shout Viva on the street. So it’s, uh, it’s gotten reflexive as well.

Ahmad (00:20.226)
I’m just gonna call you Viva. So Viva.

Viva Frei (00:22.664)
That’s fine. It’s hard to forget.

Ahmad (00:27.534)
So you’re talking about your second dog, the one that’s paralyzed, slip disc, sliding around, shitting and weeing everywhere, yeah?

Viva Frei (00:37.365)
I mean, people on my end of the interwebs, they’ve seen this progress over years because we’ve always had dogs. I’m a dog person from birth. And my sister-in-law had this dog, a beautiful puggle named Pudge. And one day, apparently, the dog either moved its neck in the wrong way and something happened. And within 24 hours, the dog was paralyzed. And so she kept the dog for a little bit. Nobody was going to spend the five grand on the surgery.

to go do the MRI, find the specific disc that dislodged, pop the cap, relieve the pressure, and then it’s still 50-50. So, you know, she may do, but after a while, it became very difficult for her, and I said, well, we’ll take her. I’ll rehabilitate her, and when she’s walking, it’ll be the biggest, bestest gift I can ever give to you. Eight and a half years later, the dog is still sliding around, pissing and shitting all over the place. She’s very, very happy, especially in the new climate in Florida. She’s a great dog.

Ahmad (01:30.03)
Do you can I just say that you’re a good human being. How people treat animals reflects on how they treat human beings. So what you don’t know is about 18 years ago, I was in a car crash, a car, I was at Giveway Stop and a car crashed into the back of me and it forced a disc at my spine, left me paralyzed and incontinent and shit myself. And I had to have emergency spinal surgery.

Viva Frei (01:57.035)

Ahmad (01:58.934)
in the middle of the night to take the pressure off the nerve and to make things work again. And it was a very fucking scary time of my life. I was told I might be paralyzed for life. I might never be able to have an erection and father children. And it took me about six weeks before I could wee properly. And I can tell you right now, everything’s working just fine down there. I’ve had three kids. But it was a terrifying

Viva Frei (02:27.989)
That is a-

Ahmad (02:28.523)
Airfying time.

Viva Frei (02:30.764)
No, that’s wild because I try to do a little bit of homework on, you know, get the background on people that I’m going to talk to or that are going to have me on. And so I, you know, I went back to your first episode of the podcast, announcing your raison d’être of doing it. You know, so I learned that you were overweight at one point, got healthy or the healthiest you’ve ever been. I’ve listened to a number of your podcasts and I didn’t know that. That is wild because it’s like.

I mean, the human body is an amazing thing. It’s an absolute miracle. If you believe in God, it’s a miracle of God. And if you don’t believe in God, it’s still a bloody miracle. But like one simple small thing goes wrong. Popping the disc out of place, a car accident, one second to the next, this entire amazing creation can go totally haywire and that’s wild.

Ahmad (03:16.642)
Dude, dude, listen, I’m all for believing in natural healing whenever you can, honestly, whenever you can. But if I hadn’t had that emergency surgery within a time limit, I would be your dog sliding around the fucking floor, shitting and pissing myself. So, you know, there is

Viva Frei (03:36.545)
It’s an amazing thing. Like when it comes to a dog, you know, spending five, 10, $15,000 on surgery that’s risky, that might not even work, might just torture the dog even more. It’s a different thing than with a human. With a human, you know, it’s, uh, you take those chances and that’s a, that’s a, that’s a wild experience.

Ahmad (03:55.186)
What’s even more wilder is I was a trainee surgeon at the time and I knew exactly what was going on. It’s something called Cauda Equina Syndrome. Cauda Equina is like horse’s tail. And in your spinal column, the nerves that come down from the brain look like horse’s tail. And they kind of like peter out and that L4, L5, L3, L4. And if a disc comes out and knocks out these nerves that paralyze your feet and your legs and affect the sphincter and the bladder,

And that’s why you end up pissing yourself and shitting yourself and all that kind of stuff. Cause the nerves S2, three and four stop you shitting on the floor. That’s the thing you learn as a med school. And then when you’ve got pressure on these nerves over, you know, six hours, eight hours, what happens is not just pressure. It means no blood is getting there. You know, if you press on your hand and take it away, it blanches, it’s pale. It’s pale because there’s no blood going there. I mean, the reason why my hand’s pink is cause of the blood. So if you’ve got no…

If you’ve got pressure and no blood going there, you’ve got ischemia, if you’ve got ischemia, deprivation of oxygen, the nerves die. So if you come after a day or two and then say, oh, I’ll take the nerve pressure off, too late, buddy, the nerve’s dead. So it’s time critical. It’s an emergency. Now the problem is, not only was I a surgical trainee and I knew exactly what was coming down on me,

I had doctors on the other line, on the end of the line going, oh, we’re too busy, we don’t have time to operate. And oh, it’s in the middle of the night. Oh, I’ve got a busy schedule tomorrow. I’ve got a private operating list. And I’m like, yeah, and I’m going to be paralyzed. You need to operate on me now. So I had to fight to finale. And I got to one ER and they fracked me around. So I had to self-discharge, get carried into a taxi, go to a second hospital and beg them to operate on me.

And this is what the system’s like in the UK, by the way. And I got the surgery and, you know, touch wood, everything, you know, it’s fine. But, you know, there’s two other guys in the ward. And the next day when I was there and they were permanently damaged, cause no one listened to them. And by the time they had the surgery, it was too late. And, you know, navigating the healthcare system, I think over there in the States or over here is one of the biggest challenges, just like navigating the legal system. Now you’re a clever lawyer.

Viva Frei (06:08.149)

Ahmad (06:18.166)
And unless you know your shit… Oh-

Viva Frei (06:19.468)
was. Oh, well, I should say I’m still a lawyer. I’m just not I don’t have a license in Quebec anymore. Because I that license served only one purpose. And it was people filing ethics complaints, because they didn’t like my tweets. I don’t I don’t plan on going back. It’s nuts. That’s really good. We’ll get to that in a second. But by the way, what you’re describing by the UK health system sounds a lot like the Canadian healthcare system, you know, socialize free. And generally, that means crap. And if you don’t have someone fighting for you in the system, and if you’re not fighting for yourself,

You’ll literally sit there and be one of the 500 some odd people that died in the ER in Nova Scotia alone in 2022. It’s a totally. But, um, the.

Ahmad (06:55.945)

It’s funny what you just said about giving up your license. So I have just applied to give up my medical license because I’m no longer able to practice surgery after 25 years because I’ve just been canceled left, right and center by all my private hospitals. And all this license does is mean that the regulatory body can launch investigations on any anonymous bullshit complaint.

on my Twitter or social media or my podcast. So I’m like, fuck you. I can’t earn a penny. So why am I holding onto this license?

Viva Frei (07:35.865)
How much did it cost you annually to renew your license in the UK?

Ahmad (07:39.234)
It’s something like 500 pounds, but you also have to do an appraisal and you have to go on courses and sit down, pay someone a thousand pounds to do an appraisal. And with all your courses and everything, I mean, you’re looking at like $5,000 just to hold onto your license? For what? Like I can’t even earn. So what’s the point?

Viva Frei (07:54.797)
Yeah, it’s nuts.

Viva Frei (08:00.056)
It was I wasn’t blacklisted from earning in Quebec, I just slowly weaned the practice down because I absolutely hated pretty much every day of my I would say hated every day of my life. But I hated every day of the practice and I never loved it more the next day than the day before. It’s like being in a loveless marriage where it’s not you can’t go on forever doing it. It’s not fair for you or your partner. And it wasn’t fair for me or the practice. But you know, yeah, I was paying it was close to 3000 bucks a year Canadian to renew my license.

I had like two files, two clients that I kept as of the time I wound down the practice because I liked them and I wanted to keep helping them. But at one point I was like, I never wanna go back into a courtroom again. I’m probably more of a liability stepping into a courtroom representing clients, given my vocal positions on certain things. And I’m paying 3000 bucks a year so that the Bar Society can entertain anonymous bullshit ethics complaints because some dude didn’t like my tweet about Justin Trudeau.

I was like, okay, well, I’ve been out of the country. Whether or not I ever go back is another issue, but pay 3000 bucks a year so that people can investigate, harass, and think that they can use that as a tool of coercion to silence me on social media. So I’ll save 3000 bucks a year. And if I never practice again, I’ll be happy, because I think what I’m doing right now is probably more useful than the practice, and it’s certainly more fulfilling as far as I’m concerned.

Ahmad (09:23.918)
Look at how similar the parallels. I’m just like you, I’m like, what the fuck? Like there’s no point in me hanging on. But the funny thing is I can’t even extricate myself that easy, look at how socialist communist it is. So over here the General Medical Council, I’m registered with them, for me to leave, I mean I was looking on the website, how do I leave the GMT? There’s no fucking clear cut answer. It goes, click this link for information, and you read it, you go, okay, where’s the form? Where’s the egg? Click this link then and it takes you back, and you’re just going round and round in circles.

This is really weird. Like, it’s like a maze I can’t ever get out of. And then I went through the website, every page, I went to every clickable link and suddenly through the little wee back door, I found a form, the voluntary erasure form. I was like, what the f- you couldn’t hide it anymore if you wanted to. Like, my God, they really don’t want you to leave. And then you download it and it says you have to hand this form in to your hospital and they have to sign it. And the top half, they asked the hospital administrator to give your details, my details.

And the bottom half, it says, is there any reason we should investigate this doctor before we let them down, let them go? So they’re fishing for some excuse to get you. So, and then it’s all, there’s no, it’s open-ended. Like they can take their time. There’s no time limit. They will sit on these forums. They will consider opening an investigation. Oh, you’re controversial. Oh, you spoke David Viva guy. Oh, he’s very controversial.

Viva Frei (10:53.404)
Thank you.

Ahmad (10:54.002)
Um, yeah, maybe we’ll do an investigation before we let you go. I mean, this is the kind of bullshit we have to deal with over here.

Viva Frei (11:00.2)
Well, it’s, it’s very similar. I mean, Canada, the UK, it’s either very, very similar in a great many respects. My, the voluntary resignation every year, you got to pay your dues, and then every two years, you’ve got to do the 30 hours of CLE. And if you don’t do them, they’ll strike you, they’ll administratively strike you or administratively remove you. So I just said, like, I called up and said, Look, I’m not doing it. I’m not paying it. What’s the what’s the easiest way to do it voluntary withdrawal. And yeah, but then, you know, it’s still they’ll

have no qualms going back to harass you about things that you did back in the day if they if they want to go entertain frivolous stuff. So I’m keeping all my files. You know, I’ve got my the garage out here is half of it’s dedicated to storing files for seven years and I’m getting close to the seven year limit where you can destroy the files that clients didn’t want to take back or you know, that you didn’t get back to clients but just the whole process of winding down a practice which I went through 2016 2017 when I said

I don’t want to do any more active litigation. I’ll keep a few corporate clients. The year where I said I’ve had enough and enough is enough, this was even before COVID, I spent a year closing up files, getting them clean, giving them to other lawyers, finding alternative lawyers to replace them, giving them back to clients. It took a year of not just no revenue, but total expenses because we still had other lawyers working on files, had to pay everybody. So it was a process even to wean out of the practice and then to surrender the license.

And now I’m free at last, but my goodness, the straw that broke the camel’s back or why I realized this is just absurd. Sitting aside, maybe I’ll go back to Quebec. Maybe I’ll pick up my maybe I’ll pick up a practice again. That’s probably never going to happen. But I got an ethics complaint because some anonymous person wrote in to the bar the Bar Society of Quebec to complain about a tweet in which I criticize. I mean, I use some hyperbolic rhetoric. I said, you know, Justin Trudeau just murdered 10,064 Canadians under the euthanasia program.

of Canada, this was 2021. So I get a call from I’ve been authorized to talk about this. And you know, the way we resolved it was quite humorous. I get a call. And I was like, I said to the person from the from the society, you know, everything in that tweet is 100% accurate. It’s like right down to the number of the links. And he says, Well, Justin Trudeau didn’t kill them. I was like, Oh, so would you like me to retweet clarifying that I was not accusing Trudeau of doing it with his own hand? And the guy says, Okay, that would help. So I retweet, I was like, Yeah.

Viva Frei (13:26.824)
About this tweet where I got an anonymous complaint to the Ethics Society. I was not suggesting that Trudeau personally singlehandedly killed 10,000 Canadians at one hour a person that would have taken more than a year. And then I humorously clarified it. And since that tweet, excuse me, since that tweet, the numbers gone up now to 14,000 in 2022. And if that’s if you believe that number, which I don’t, I believe it’s wildly higher numbers going to keep escalating because socialized health care, so industrialized.

euthanasia, they go hand in hand for some reason.

Ahmad (13:58.19)
100%. You know, we’ve got something funny coming over here, so assisted deaths and whatnot. And during the COVID years, we had something called a good death. We had the health ministers talking about how to, you know, administer a good death. And that brought on the protocols of midazolam and morphine and all the care home deaths. It’s just BS, man. Absolute BS.

Ahmad (14:24.53)
your interviews and your videos and you know from the car, from your little studio. You did one recently where you’re talking about an intercourse over such a… like what it was. But anyway…

Viva Frei (14:37.22)
No, it’s how I intercourse with someone on the interwebs because it’s the joke is why I refer to it as the interwebs and intercourse it with people on the interwebs. But now I’ve been using that, it has been funnily.

Ahmad (14:40.49)

Ahmad (14:45.774)
unilaterally no but you said unilaterally you had unilateral inter-

Viva Frei (14:52.736)
Oh, that was when hold on, what was that talking about? It was I was talking about like engaging with people on Twitter who don’t respond. So it’s unilateral intercoursing on the interwebs. Came it came out funnily and it came out badly. But no, what did it get? What a wild evolution this has been like, you know, who could have ever thunk we would be where we are now. Let’s just say even, you know, from the day one of COVID, but five years ago, two years before COVID even came into existence.

Could we have ever imagined the world would have descended into this and that it would have so many gleefully happy cheerleaders urging more of it?

Ahmad (15:31.091)
Yeah, I know, right? More of it. It’s like, please, please the state punish me even more, oppress me. I love you for the oppression. You’re amazing. I just, I just don’t get it. It’s mental.

Viva Frei (15:44.284)
So now I know a bit of your story, but and I know your audience is gonna know it, but you effectively, like many others, got soft censored blacklisted from the practice because of your controversial political medical takes, which is to ask some pretty obvious questions that nobody was asking.

Ahmad (16:04.382)
Yeah, very, very quickly, because my listeners are bored of it. I’m bored of it, dude. I’m so bored of it. And then we’ve got some legal things going on. But basically, look, I started speaking out about the vaccine injuries in December 2022. And instead of being told, oh, what is it you’re worried about? What’s this video that you put on Twitter? Oh, we should investigate. It was like, don’t ever talk about this ever again. Take down the video. If you don’t, you won’t be able to practice here again. I was like, what the frack?

Viva Frei (16:14.531)
And we are.

Ahmad (16:33.938)
Like imagine you as a lawyer at a firm have just uncovered a massive scandal and you highlight it and instead of your bosses coming up to you and going, hey, what is this thing that you’re thinking is going on? This fraud, maybe we should investigate it and see what’s going on. Instead you get told, don’t do that, don’t do that. If you ever do this again, you’re at the firm. You’d be like, what the frack is going on here? So I got told off and instead of

backing down, I said, no, what am I doing wrong? What have I said that’s wrong? Why are you not investigating this? Blah, blah, blah. And then what ensued was just a case of bullying and harassment. And then they couldn’t get me on my clinical practice because I’m a really good doctor and I’ve got great patients and people love me and I’ve got no one unhappy. So they’re like, frack, there’s nothing we can pin him down on, damn it, shit. And then they finally got me because apparently I’m transphobic. I asked this Dylan Mulvaney, a woman. That was the question.

Viva Frei (17:29.904)
Well, you shouldn’t have even asked the question.

Ahmad (17:30.334)
And they didn’t like that. So then, yeah. And then they said, we’ve had five, it’s the classic, we’ve had five anonymous complaints from the Twittersphere. And based on that, we’re referring you directly straight away to the licensing board. Like, what the frick? And then, and I waited to hear from the licensing board, but I never heard from them. I thought, okay, maybe they didn’t do it. Maybe it was just a threat. Anyway.

Months went by, I didn’t hear anything. And then I even wrote to the licensing board and they said, you’ve got no active complaints, no nothing, there’s no investigations going on. But apparently they were looking into me, but they hadn’t started a formal investigation and they cleared me and they notified the hospital there’s nothing here to see. But the next day the hospital, one of the other hospitals basically suspended me and said, you didn’t tell us about this investigation. And I said,

Well, I didn’t know I was under investigation. I’d been threatened with an investigation. I didn’t know about investigation. And when I even asked the licensing board, they said there was none. They went, well, you were and you didn’t tell us and we’re kicking you out as a result. I said, hold on one second. There’s no patient involved. I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve been cleared of everything. And because of some minor technicality that you think I’ve done something wrong, you’re kicking me out after 11, 12 years. And they’re like, yeah. So there’s a court case now, like we’re going to be pursuing on that.

Then the second hospital, you know, this is relevant to you. I mean, I hope you don’t get offended by this, but basically, um, I had, um, a number of people on my podcast talking about the Middle East crisis. I’ve had people pro Zionist, had people who are against the Zionist position. And my position is very clear. I’m on team humanity, right? I’m not picking any teams. I I’m on team humanity. But anyway, the second hospital, um, used a complaint about

me having someone on my podcast talking about Israeli government policies and said that will be potentially offensive to people so we’re suspending you and investigating you on that. I’m like what? It’s not even what I, I never even said anything. It doesn’t matter. You had someone on your podcast and that’s enough. I’m like what? And so they suspended me. It’s just

Viva Frei (19:50.946)
It’s, it’s unbelievable.

Ahmad (19:53.462)
It’s mental. So now, you know, it got to the point where, you know, I’m, I was, the first hospital was the biggest practice I had and like, and I don’t know, but you know, it’s the same with law firms and the first 50% is all overheads, fees, staffing, everything. So, you know, that was 80% of my practice. So I was already losing money carrying on. And then the second hospital suspends me and I was like, what’s the point of me practicing? Like these people are just using any excuse to get me transphobic.

someone talking about Israel Palace. I mean, tomorrow will be climate. Oh, you said something about the climate. So I was like, you know, clearly they don’t like me. I’m too hot for them. And you know, I can’t practice like this anymore. You know, it’s like driving on a highway with a police car behind you and in front of you. And you go one mile over the speed limit and it’s like, woo, pull over. And like the guy who’s drunk driving and crashing around, like they’re ignoring those guys. Because I…

Viva Frei (20:51.068)
This is, but this is.

Ahmad (20:51.218)
I went one mile over the speed limit, I got pulled over.

Viva Frei (20:54.948)
No, but this is this is the soft censorship ideological capture. Like it’s how a you get the good cops to resign from the force through all of these terrible policies and pressure and criminalization of the practice of policing. And so you end up with the most crooked and most incompetent cops in Canada. At one point in time, I think they overturned it, but they were going to compel lawyers and law firms to sign off with some DEI commitment. I can I commit to hiring diversity, equity and inclusion. And it’s like

If you don’t, if you don’t, first of all, we’re not, we’re not racist for not signing onto that, but we are rightful, rightfully thinking that maybe that’s a little ideological coercion. And there’s a great many people who said, I’m not signing off on that. You can call me whatever you want, but I’m not going to sign off on that. But if it became a requirement, well, then you end up pushing people out based on their ideological perspective. And that’s a capture an industry. The federal court of Canada recently tweeted out that the new rules of practice. You have to.

add your own pronouns to pleadings and you have to refer to court staff gender neutrally. And I mean, I did I put them on blast for this. I was like, first of all, I’m not putting my pronouns anywhere. And second of all, I don’t give a sweet bugger all about someone else’s pronouns. Some dude with a beard thicker than the Amazonian rainforest puts he him and his pronouns. And I’m supposed to say thank you for the clarification. Or if this guy puts in she her that I’m expected to call this guy as she her.

or if they really go with the schizophrenic one, she they or he they. I’m not playing these stupid games, but this is how they get people out so that the only people who stay or continue to apply are ideologically aligned. It’s an amazing long-term play.

Ahmad (22:22.478)

Ahmad (22:37.946)
100%. And the funny thing is to talk about this DEI diversity, you know, and whatever else bullshit is inclusion and equality. But the thing is, is diversities of superficial features, not of thought, not of merit. They don’t want real diversity. They want little clones, little brown, yellow, blue, whatever, green clones, who all think the same and do

Ahmad (23:06.946)
differently and it’s all bullshit man, there’s no real diversity you know.

Viva Frei (23:10.628)
Well, they go with they confuse equity with equality because equality would be the only thing that matters would be competence and nothing else. This ideological capture. Oh, we’re so diverse. You could be black, white, brown, trans, whatever. So long as you think the same way. Well, when it comes to exercises of intellectual practice medicine, I’ll even throw in policing law. All that matters is what’s in here and not what’s what the shell is despite what they try to, you know, claim. So it’s amazing thing.

It’s a long term way of capturing industry, capturing practices, capturing professional entities. And then it’s, you know, you look at the movie Idiocracy. How did it come to be that we became governed by idiots? This is exactly how when they value irrelevant superficial traits as opposed to what really matters, you end up getting, you know, incompetence works its way up and the best and brightest simply do not apply anymore. And those who do and get promoted are the ones who get promoted.

and get admitted based on superficial irrelevant attributes, but they’re totally incompetent. And so you’ll end up with a practice of law where everyone’s gonna be, she, they, oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to microaggress you. And lo and behold, everyone is incompetent because the only thing that matters in the practice of law has been that which has been pushed to the bottom. So it’s, I mean, it’s literally it’s idiocracy in real time. That’s just a little more exaggerated and a little more better edited.

Ahmad (24:30.294)
Nobody’s trying, but why do we just carry it, keep going on? Like, why does it have to stop at she, hey, they? Like, why can’t it be, hey, I’m Amid Malik, she, hey, they, five foot seven, slightly brown, you know, ex-Scottish, now living in England, ex-Muslim, now agnostic, spiritual, God loving, that’s it, you know, heavy carnivore. Like, where do we stop the labeling? How about we call you?

Viva, ex-Canadian, Jew, frizzy hair, you know, five foot six, whatever you are, you know, slim build, six pack, you know, where do we stop the fucking labeling? Like, why can’t we just say, hi, my name is Viva, my name’s Ahmed, fuck you, that’s it.

Viva Frei (25:09.91)

Viva Frei (25:13.24)
Well, where does it stop? It never stops because it’s intended to divide. So you move on to the next divisive one once everyone sort of normalized all of the other. You know, like race, it’s the easiest one to pick on because it’s the one you can see with your eyes and you know, right then and there. And then once you’ve already politically weaponized race, well then that’s the new Overton windows over here. Let’s go to the ones that are harder to see. What’s going on in here, which hitherto by the way, I’m old enough to remember the DSM 54321 where it-

Transgenderism was a mental illness known as gender dysphoria. And now, and so now it’s become an aspect of identity that needs to be recognized, acknowledged and promoted. And so to make you think so, like once upon a time, I said, like, I’m not going to get into a fight with anybody over their pronouns. It’s like, it’s not something I’m going to do. I had a schizophrenic aunt and she would call me up and she’s passed away. And so I can’t embarrass her too much. She would call me up and you know, go on about her love affair with her doctor. And I knew it was a schizophrenic delusion.

Ahmad (25:44.494)
Good to have.

Viva Frei (26:12.336)
but I’m not gonna challenge her and cause her psychological distress when she calls me. But nobody would normalize that and say, now you need to entertain this and you need to create, you need to pretend it’s your own reality. That was never the case until now with this transgenderism, gender dysphoria, where they now need to make someone’s mental illness. And I’m not saying this in a judgmental way. They need to make their mental illness my reality.

And that’s when I’m starting to push back a little bit. I will never refer to someone as he, they, because it’s grammatically incomprehensible and it’s utterly stupid. And I’m convinced it’s actually just an antagonistic test to see how far they can push the bounds of patient, decent people.

Ahmad (26:53.118)
100% I mean the only reason why you and I can’t really ever get on really well is cuz you’re like a dog lover And I’m a cat lover, so sorry

Viva Frei (27:02.344)
I question everything about you now that you just told me that. I enjoy. There’s some good cats out there, but dogs are the way to go.

Ahmad (27:09.86)
There’s also some nice dogs there too. My two kids. Sorry.

Viva Frei (27:14.352)
So you’re five, you’re five. I was gonna say you’re five, seven, you’re five foot seven. Still taller than me, doctor. I have yet to meet, I’ve met one person through this internet thing who’s shorter than me. Ty Fisher, the comedian. That’s the only, everyone else, but dude, you got an inch, maybe an inch and a half on me. I’m in America, everybody’s got a foot on me here. It’s amazing.

Ahmad (27:20.747)

Ahmad (27:29.917)

Ahmad (27:38.646)
So I did a podcast with Lawrence Palavesky. He’s amazing. He’s an American New Yorker pediatrician. And he was standing up and I was like, are you standing up during this podcast? He goes, yeah. And I went, oh, you look like you’re lining up for like a criminal shot. I can put up the like meter height thing next to you. How tall do you think I am? I was like, I don’t know, you look like six feet. He went, oh my God, you’ve made me so happy. I’m five foot seven.

But yeah, I mean, I don’t think it really matters, to be honest. I used to care, because I was like the shortest person in my class. Now I don’t give a frack. You know, I got no hair. I don’t give a frack. You know, I’m just, I’m happy to be me. And you know what? My wife loves me. It’s all good.

Viva Frei (28:09.277)

Viva Frei (28:22.064)
What? Let me ask this.

Viva Frei (28:27.096)
Do you shave it and wax it down to get to like make it like the Bruce Willis or do you have no hair growing?

Ahmad (28:33.726)
No, I’ve got hair and it’s receding. So it was like, it’s an evolutionary thing. You will never have to worry about this. I can just tell looking at your lovely locks. So basically it started off with going to the hairdresser frequently. So it was instead of every two months, it was four weeks, then three weeks, then two weeks, because the shorter it was, the trimmer it was and the smarter it looked, and then it got to a point where I can’t go to the goddamn barber every two weeks and talk shit.

You know what, I’m just going to get a clipper. So then I started clipping it. Then it was like, oh my God, but you know what, this is a pain in the backside. I’m just going to wet shave it. So then that’s wet shave. And it like, you know, lasts about four or five days. So there’s a kind of evolution to it. And you know, people say, oh, you look really young for 48. I’m like, yeah, that’s cause I shaved my head, you know, and I shaved my beard. If I didn’t, I’d look like Gandalf with his big long white beard. And I’d look like Gollum. I’d look like Gollum with my little comb over. So, you know, imagine.

Gollum and Gandalf put together. That’s why I would look like so I don’t want to look like that So that’s why I shave it all off And I look like this

Viva Frei (29:33.376)
like it. I’m picture.

Viva Frei (29:38.236)
Well, I can picture a few. I’m trying to think of some examples of people with like, you know, the shit, the shaved head and a beard that it actually is quite fitting. And I’m thinking mostly UFC fighters, but the shaved head, like Bruce Willis is the best example of a man who owned it and no one would dare say that he was less attractive than I don’t know how he had a bushy head of hair. Yeah. I might have the gene that does not lose her. My dad’s 81 and still has some hair on his head, but what the heck?

Ahmad (29:57.996)

Ahmad (30:04.442)
Dude, all those growth genes that should have gone to strengthening your bones and elongating them went to your fracking hair. You know what? Everything happened for a reason. It just went.

Viva Frei (30:15.268)
Oh no, that’s what this was. The not caring about the height. I was just thinking about this the other day. There are people on the internet who are still stupid enough even in adulthood to think that these are insults. And I was thinking the freedom that comes from transitioning out of teen years into adulthood is just not giving a sweet bug. And I think the best example, genitals. I was literally just thinking about this morning. Who out there is someone who’s gonna say, I mean, I guess if there’s rare examples where it’s extremely…

Ahmad (30:31.511)

Viva Frei (30:44.032)
Extremely too small clinically too small or clinically too big that it’s this you know, not usable Everywhere in the middle. Nobody cares about these stupid things. Nobody cares about height Nobody cares about what you look like barring the you know, the critical examples where you’re either, you know to Two on one end to function or two on the other end to ever be taken seriously like Trying to think of someone who’s too beautiful for their own good. They never get taken seriously as humans I can’t think of an example of them brad pitt narrate. It doesn’t matter but like adulthood

Ahmad (31:12.058)
Dude, dude, I like the way you think. I like the way you think. Yeah, I don’t give a shit. You know what, the one regret I have is that it took me too long to get to the point where I don’t give a shit anymore. I think I was about 35. I was 35 when I got to a point where I was comfortable in my own skin and I was like, you know what, I don’t give a frack what anyone says. You know, I got a hairy back. I got more hair on my back than on my head. Do I give a frack? I don’t give a frack. You know, I don’t give a shit.

Viva Frei (31:13.28)
not sharing about this.

Viva Frei (31:39.304)
There’s a Joe Rogan bit about this. Well, I’m noticing for whatever the reason, I’m starting to grow hair on the outside of my earlobes. They’re like, what the hell is going on in life that this happens? But you get to be an adult and you don’t care about the physical stuff. I would say that living my life backwards, reviewing it backwards, living it forwards, the physical stuff I got over very early on in life, but not giving a sweet bugger all about what people think about what I think.

That was the harder hill to climb or the harder hill to get over because you know the evolution of my YouTube channel At one point, you know pre 2016 I never even like I was brought up and you don’t talk religion you don’t talk politics at parties because it just doesn’t end well and Started a YouTube channel and it had nothing to do with anything and I never wanted to hear a boo from politics 2016 you can’t avoid it

You know, Jordan Peterson out of Canada is talking about Bill C-16. I’m discovering my niche on the internet, which is the lawyer who can make fun, not make fun, but make the practice of law fun. I started doing like, you know, day in the life, practicing, preparing for examinations, preparing for trials, and people loved it. But I still didn’t want to really share what I thought because it’s not going to convince those who disagree with me. And it’s just going to be preaching to the choir for those who do. So neutral, try to be objective, try not to share your own opinion.

But then at some point, A, people want to know your opinion. And B, when I realized that you’re going to make enemies by saying silence when silence became violence. Well, then I may as well say what I think and say what I believe in. I’ll make the same amount of enemies maybe or maybe even make not friends, but gain the respect of those who disagree with me. If I can justify what I think, even though they disagree with me properly and that was that was that was the hardest thing. I don’t I never wanted to make enemies. I never wanted to make have people hate me. I’ve since really gotten over that.

Ahmad (33:10.143)

Viva Frei (33:28.624)
because by saying nothing, you’re gonna get people to hate you. And by telling them to go f themselves, you’re gonna get them to hate you. But if it’s justified, righteous, and above all else, if it’s warranted, it’s a defensible action and you should take pride in doing things deliberately, but thoughtfully.

Ahmad (33:47.31)
I love all that. Just quickly go back in time. The reason why I don’t have a beard is I look like a terrorist otherwise. Or a Mexican drug lord. I used to come to the States quite a lot. I used to visit quite a lot. I’ve got family there, going to conferences and go do electives. I spent so much time out there in the States. I had my honeymoon out there. It was a point where I was going twice or three times a year.

you know, several years in a row. And what was funny was I would always get pulled up by US Customs and Immigration, special screening on my, you know, boarding pass, AAA, quadruple A, which apparently means I’m being randomly searched, which was never random. I had this little Asian lady and she would speak to me in Hindi and say, this isn’t a random search, I’m sorry. And I was like…

It’s okay, Auntie, I know it’s not random. She’s taking me a pat down. And then she’s doing a pat down my wife. She goes, I’m sorry, I know you’re white and in English and blonde, but because you’ve got Malik now in your surname, I have to pat down you too. And my wife is like, okay. So we’re all getting pat down. And the thing is I would always get pulled out of line, always pulled out of line. And some guy from Homeland Security would be like, follow me. And I’d be like,

where are we going? Straight ahead. And I’d be like, that’s a direction, not a destination. Be quiet. I’m like, the fuck? I mean, it’s just bullshit like this. I would get this, and then you sit down, and then it’d be like in a funny room or something. Everybody from the plane can see that you’ve been pulled out. It’s embarrassing. And I’m like looking at them, they’re looking at me like, oh my God, look, that’s what a terrorist looks like. And I’m like, oh fucking, here we go again. And then I get asked this most stupid question. So I don’t know what it is.

some really overweight homeland security person looking down at me from this counter. What is the purpose of your visit? And I’ll be like, I’m here to attend a conference. What conference? The American Orthopedic Association meeting. Are you a doctor? Yes, I am. You can go then. I went, but you didn’t even ask for any ID to prove that I’m a doctor. How do you know I’m not some terrorist lying about it? Are you? I’m like, of course I’m not. You can go then. I’m like,

Ahmad (36:05.73)
Is this the screening? Is this the level of fucking screening that we’re doing? Like, fuck!

Viva Frei (36:09.4)
I know, I’m convinced they have a ton more information behind the screen and they just want to make sure that your answers are accurate to know that you’re not making up a story. But no, it’s a…

Ahmad (36:24.129)
Unless terrorists are really dumb as frak, you know, and they just go, yeah, dammit, I’m a terrorist.

Viva Frei (36:31.876)
Well, hold on, I was just watching, it was a highway border patrol pulling over somebody and then basically was able to decipher from their answers that their answers made no sense and that they were carrying drugs in the car and they contrasted the answers of the kid with the answers of the mother, then they really, in real time, you could see how they could piece together answers that didn’t make any sense, not having quick enough answers, but bottom line, the funny thing is, then you get back on the airplane.

And everybody saw you come out and saw you get back on the plane. And anybody who was scared before is not going to be less scared now. Now that they’ve let back on the plane. Oh, he went through, he went through the security. I think the amount of times that you get through security with things that are technically contraband on planes and you’re like, it’s, it’s an, it’s an illusion. It’s the illusion of, of security. But, uh, and the other thing, by the way, shaving the beard doesn’t always do it. If you want to see a hilarious picture after this Google Florida man, Viva Frye license and back in Canada.

clean shaven, they never let you smile in government photos. I look like something that you would cross the street to avoid staring at a camera like this clean shaven, but.

Ahmad (37:35.328)
Florida man Viva Florida man Viva

Viva Frei (37:46.262)
Oh yeah,

Ahmad (37:48.757)
Oh wow!

Ahmad (38:05.73)
Dude, look at…

Viva Frei (38:05.732)
Oh, you tell me you’d be scared of this man if you saw this man on the streets.

Ahmad (38:12.174)
Dude, I can’t believe it!

Viva Frei (38:12.908)
And then screw it. Screw it to the side. Oh wait. Oh, then if you can compare it. I can’t see the picture on the side, but I think maybe you can. Well, that’s me on the other side, by the way, smiling, because in Florida, you can smile on government IDs.

Ahmad (38:25.23)
So it’s funny, in the UK, you’re not allowed to smile at anything. I went to the passport office once and I had a little photo and the lady goes, you’re smiling in this. And I was like, oh really? That’s a smile? She went, there, on the little car up there. I was like, seriously? She goes, yeah, go away and get it again. So then I got so pissed off. So then I went and got another picture, came back in line, you know, it’s like an hour now. And then she looks at it and goes, nah, we can’t take this. I was like, what’s wrong with this one? You’re frowning.

I went, that’s because you sent back the other one, another one you said don’t smile. So she went, no, you’re frowning now. I went, are you serious? No, look, see, no, you’re frowning. You need to go back and get another one. And then I went back, like, I was like, imagine having Botox all over your face. And then I had it, and then she went back and went, okay. Like, what the hell? Like really? Sometimes I think these officials just wanna make life difficult for you.

Viva Frei (39:13.468)

Viva Frei (39:19.984)
No, but, but the…

Well, but for sure, this is the administrative state that allowed COVID to take the grasp that it took and allowed everybody to become mini dictators. I mean, this was these are the what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s the early stages, but there’s a word for it. What embryonic this is the tyrannical state in its embryonic state. When you start empowering bureaucrats to basically regulate all aspects of life, I forget who said it’s one of the Greek philosophers, more laws, less justice. Tileo Cicero said it.

And so you, if they don’t do it, they don’t have a job. And they basically like, they have to make issues to create jobs, but you get bureaucrats, check your smile, check your curve, and then you get bureaucrats, check your passport check. And it’s how you basically precondition a society to become totalitarian in its, in its administration. And it was, it was, it was the lame roundwork for, for later on.

Ahmad (40:15.503)
You’re too polite. I think it just empowers stupid, lazy idiots. But anyway, bureaucrats, let’s call them bureaucrats. You’re just much more politer than I am. So basically…

Viva Frei (40:25.076)
Oh, in podcast in podcasts, I’m more polite. I’ll take the Twitter and I’ll call them. I’ll call them what I think they’re just because, you know, characters are limited there. But yes, bureaucrat is the polite way of referring to it. But petty tyrants. And it’s just this is how you make tyrant out of out of ordinary citizens. So they feel power, empowerment and worth self worth from enforcing the rules real good.

Ahmad (40:47.362)
So I’m like an anarchist in the true sense of what anarchy is, not anarchist and chaos and violence and this. I just don’t believe in big states. I don’t believe in states. I don’t want to be governed by anyone. I want to be able to do what I want, go where I want. I don’t believe in passports and income tax, any of that shit. I just want to be left to frack alone. Do no harm, take no shit. But the state is the beast that feeds on us, that exploits us, that rapes us mentally, physically.

you know, financially, and it’s a bureaucracy that just grows and grows and grows and needs to justify itself. But I mean, like just some of the like ridiculous nature of things, you know, like I’m saying, I want to come to the States, I’ve got money in my bank, I want to visit, I want to do a course, I want to go to a conference, and I have to jump through all these hoops and justify myself. But then you got people crossing the border illegally, and it’s like, it’s fine. It’s like, you know, it’s just shelter them. It’s okay.

Viva Frei (41:43.725)
No, but it’s.

Ahmad (41:45.082)
Or you need the COVID vaccine passport. Remember you had to have that. You had to have to enter the States up until recently. You needed to have the shots. So one of the reasons why I didn’t come to the States was I didn’t have all the shots. You know, I had one which I had under coercion and duress. I vowed never to have any more. And then I wasn’t allowed to travel to the States. But millions could come over the Mexican border. Did anybody say, hey, are you vaccinated? No.

Viva Frei (42:10.408)
Well, no, but Dr. Malik, it’s that that’s by design. I mean, anybody who doesn’t think that this is a coordinated invasion is simply not paying attention. And then there’s two separate things in there. One is the absolute. It’s not just idiocy. It’s not just stupidity. It’s it’s beyond that to say, yeah, I look, first of all, everybody knows my story. You grew up with the you grew up with guilt. And you grow up with certain parents, and they’re going to pressure you. So I got two of the shots and

Ahmad (42:21.886)
You alright?

Viva Frei (42:40.4)
Touchwood, but for the grace of God, you know, my batch had zero adverse events reported. I checked the batch. I vowed never to take another one knowing if had I known what I then what I know now, I would have had to been strapped to a table to get those first two and it was before the government of America required it as a criteria for admission.

But vaccine passports to go get coffee in New York, because I was down there at one point, I was like, this is outrageous. In Quebec, where I was from, they imposed vaccine passports on kids 13 years and over to play outdoor soccer. When you have these requirements to enter a country and then open border on the South, where they’re proudly saying, we’re not checking any of these things, where they are, I’m not sure how much you follow this in detail, but the federal government suing the state government, because the state is trying to prevent the invasion, and the federal government

That’s our exclusive jurisdiction. So you can’t do it so that you can leave it to us not to do anything. It’s a coordinated invasion for political replacement and anybody who doesn’t understand that is just not paying attention, but it’s nuts. All that to say is it’s nuts. And you get these administrative bureaucracies that create these rules. When I came over and an Air Canada woman, this was this was she asked to see my papers and it’s like I’ve never felt more demeaned as a human.

than when I was asked to show my papers like a dog. And that was international. In the summer of 2021, we went on a road trip and we were going from Quebec to Nova Scotia. These are provincial maritime provinces. I crossed over into New Brunswick. They pulled us over. People who don’t know this, I have it. My life is documented on YouTube and Rumble. They pulled us over at a checkpoint. It was straight out of a movie like Contagion. You have people in masks, cops, guns. They drive you through.

Ahmad (44:04.91)
and I’ll see you next time.

Viva Frei (44:31.592)
of like a, it was a makeshift, like patrol station. And they asked me for my papers, did I register? And I’m like, livid. Like when I get livid, I don’t get excited. I get quiet and I sort of cry inside. I was like, did I register to cross from Quebec to New Brunswick? No, I didn’t. And say, go back to, they said, go back to Quebec, literally, it was the next exit back to the West. Register and then come back, register and show your proof.

and then come back and we’ll and then we’ll take it from there. And I’ve never been more livid in my life. And that was sort of like, one of the traumatic experiences that I’ll never soon forget, showing papers for cross provincial travel in my own bloody country, never seen it. And they were and they were all too happy to do it. It gave them the sense of power, a sense of worth they were doing. They were following orders real good.

Ahmad (45:20.246)
I get so many people. Yeah, this is the thing. And like you said, made little petty tyrants. Over here in the UK, there was a TV series and this little lady would always go, oh, computer says no. And she would take pleasure in saying that to people. And so there’s a saying here in the UK, oh, computer says no. And it’s weird, you know, sorry, Viva, you wanna come to New Brunswick? You haven’t registered.

Computer says, no. It’s like, and you’re like, yeah! I wanna kill you. And it just gave these idiots power and this righteous, moral superiority, you know, the virtue signaling. And it’s like, and I always say virtue signaling is the laziest form of doing good. Like, look how good I am. I’m waving my little flag. Oh, by the way, can you see the little Canadian flag there?

Viva Frei (46:14.692)
Yeah, no, I noticed it. Thank you for the shout out. I don’t have one behind. What do I have here? Oh, I got here, hold on, I got this. Oh, gotta pull this out here, hold on. Something just broke. This is my, someone sent me this from the trucker convoy. So it’s a truck from the convoy. And there’s a button, hold on, let’s listen to this.

Ahmad (46:20.961)
I should

Ahmad (46:32.942)

Ahmad (46:42.247)
Oh, that’s… Yeah.

Viva Frei (46:43.588)
It’s a kid. It’s a kid singing. Well, she sings you are my you are my freedom at my only freedom. So it’s very cute. It was beautiful.

Ahmad (46:50.338)
That’s, I love that. I love that. So that’s actually from Susan Miller, one of my supporters. I’ve got a lot of Canadian supporters and it’s funny. I love Canadians and I love the Canadian truckers. I identify as a Canadian trucker. I also identify as a trans redneck. And I am, I also, my pronouns are, I told you so. And, you know, and there’s other things, but there’s, there’s swear words involved.

But yeah.

Viva Frei (47:22.409)
You followed the convoy back in the day as it was happening in real time?

Ahmad (47:26.194)
Yeah, so we were doing something similar over here. I was fighting the mandates. So, you know, I was one of the very few doctors, like literally three or four in the UK, out of 280,000, who were speaking out against the mandates. Just think about that. Mandates that go totally against medical ethics and out of 280,000 doctors, you got less than a handful saying, hey, this is wrong. Is that not ridiculous? Anyway, you were saying

Viva Frei (47:27.44)
It was it was a.

Viva Frei (47:51.72)
No, no, it’s um, it is amazing. Well, the trucker conflict, I remember because at the time, the protest was spreading across the world. And it’s partly I think one of the reasons why Trudeau had to come down the way he did. No, can you imagine at the early stages of this COVID lockdown, where they pulled these numbers, and we now know it, it’s common knowledge now pulled these numbers out of as you say in Scotland out of their arses. And they thought the unanimity of something that was brand new and virtually unknown.

somehow prove the right. I mean, it was it was patently unscientific. And I mean, it’s just it’s just amazing to see how society can devolve so quickly into absolute madness. In it was March twenty when they shut down the world and I go see my parents. My parents lived up the street and I’m talking to my dad and he’s like, now you see in real time how it’s a collective insanity, how everybody can go crazy and panicked and act like.

irrational unscientific idiots at the same time and whip themselves up into any descent is a threat to my existence and must be dealt with accordingly. Welcome to history, rhyme, not repeating. And we also have been and how long it took for the doctors who were the dissenting voices of reason at the time to be vindicated over time. And now people just want to forget move on and forget that they were basically whipped into an irrational, you know, face eating frenzy.

Ahmad (49:20.771)
I never understood.

Viva Frei (49:20.984)
It’s a, when people go crazy, they start eating each other’s… Sorry.

Ahmad (49:26.59)
I never understood how Germans turned on their fellow citizens and reported on their Jewish neighbors and friends and family. I was like, how the fuck did they do that? I’ve met quite a lot of Germans. They seem like nice people. This wasn’t even a long time ago. What the fuck happened to these people? And for the longest time, I was like, I just don’t get it. How did they do that? You know what? That all ended with COVID. With COVID, I was like, ah, right. This is how it happened.

Viva Frei (49:53.136)
Yeah, this is this is how it works. It’s you take a few years, a few years of incessant media fear, porn, incessant demonization and even a rational. And I’ve known rational people. It just it had the exact opposite effect on me. But I’ve seen rational people go, better do it for the greater good. And, you know, the Nazi Germany’s one analogy. But like I look back at history and say, how on earth could 30 million people have starved? How on earth could?

Ahmad (49:56.042)
This is how it works.

Ahmad (50:00.866)

Viva Frei (50:21.372)
people buy the millions die from basic things like food. And now we’re seeing it. Like what you get the government coming in and saying, we got to slaughter animals to help the environment. And now I see it, holy shit, socialism leads to starvation and leads to death and calamity. Lysenkoism, when you can’t challenge the science, you end up practicing based on bad science and it leads to mass starvation and all of the other catastrophes. It’s just amazing.

that there are still some people who refuse to see it. Yeah, in order to help humanity, we need to slaughter the food source that humanity’s relying upon because it’ll be better for the environment. And whoa, look at that. As Bill Gates predicted, you know, back in the COVID lockdowns, this supply chain interruptions is gonna make 300 million people starve, but they won’t be the ones in the West. I mean, you can now see how, historically, how people could have died by the millions because of government involvement, government overreach.

And you no longer have to ask the question again, because it is happening. Mutatus Mutandus changing for the times, it’s rhyming. It’s not identical and it’s not the same distance, but it’s the same direction. And none of us ever have to ask how it could ever happen again, because it’s just happening.

Ahmad (51:34.046)
Exactly. Stalin killed millions through droughts and famines trying to do all this shit. Now we want to cull cattle. I don’t know if you know, but in these isles they wanted to cull some Irish cattle. There’s definitely there. Now they’re saying no, but if you look, see Ireland proposes killing 200,000 dairy cows for climate agenda. Then it goes,

currently killing cows for climate, nor are there immediate plans to put a cattle cow policy in place. But in the absence of one, cows do present a possibly insurmountable obstacle to the country’s decarbonization policies where cows outnumber people. I mean, it’s like, it’s just bullshit. It’s like… All right.

Viva Frei (52:18.636)
leave. Put that put that back. Put that back for one second, actually. Bring it back. I just want to show I want to show you what the fact checkers do. They I call them wordsmiths of the devil. It’s unbelievable. Here’s here’s what the claim that they should be checking is that Ireland proposes killing cows, not whether or not they’re currently killing cows. They’re fact checking a statement that nobody made. And I forget what the most recent example was. It’ll come to me in a bit. But

Ahmad (52:28.178)
Okay. Yeah, go for it.

Ahmad (52:40.119)

Viva Frei (52:47.12)
They always do this. They fact check either a straw man claim that some buffoon on Facebook made or claim that no one is making. The question is not whether or not they’re currently doing it now. They proposed it. In the Netherlands, they’re talking about it. In Canada, they’re not talking about killing the cows. They’re just talking about offering carbon credits to farmers who reduce methane emissions from cows. As if that, and by the way, they’re all flying on their private jets to Davos to talk about this, but they fact check a statement nobody made.

So they can then say fact check false because they’re not currently doing it. That wasn’t the statement, but this type of word smithing for the devil does work on a great, on way too many people.

Ahmad (53:26.474)
100% you just nailed it man. You see whether you like it or not, you still lawyer right through your man. I’ve watched a few of your videos and you break down like legal things and you’re like, like it’s all legal jargon bullshit because I’m all about speaking plain English but you can still cut right through it, dissect it and I love that about you. But listen, let’s talk about the recent, let’s talk about the judicial thing that’s come out of Canada. You pointed it to me because I’m like such an idiot.

Viva Frei (53:46.325)
They all the time. Sorry, go for it.

Viva Frei (53:53.003)

Ahmad (53:54.878)
I stay off the media and the news, but I get all my information from people like you, just throw things at me. That was massive. The judge is massive. Tell me about it.

Viva Frei (54:02.982)
It’s massive.

Viva Frei (54:07.02)
So for those who don’t know, and I think many people will, going back to the trucker protest, how it was violently suppressed by the government, they enacted, they, I’m not even gonna say they, Justin Trudeau and his granddaughter of a Nazi partner in crime, Christoph Freeland, look it up people, they invoke the Emergencies Act to quell this protest. The Emergencies Act was the legislation that replaced the War Measures Act. So time of crisis, time of war.

can’t have people looting stores, whatever you bring in the National Guard, you lock people in their homes, curfew, etc. Curfew for war works. Curfew for COVID doesn’t work. But set that aside. That’s not even my opinion. That’s also Horatio Arruda, the doctorate of Quebec, admitted that. Okay, so they invoke the Emergencies Act. I’ve since been corrected. It was the fourth time in Canadian history. Allegedly, it was invoked during World War One when it was the War Measures Act, World War Two. I thought it was only once before, but it doesn’t matter. And Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Justin’s daddy.

invoked the War Measures Act during the FLQ crisis of 1970. That’s the Front Liberation de Québec, the Liberation Force of Quebec, the Liberation Front. It was a terrorist organization that was blowing up mailboxes, setting off pipe bombs, kidnapping and murdering politicians to promote separatism in Quebec. So Pierre Elliott Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, and by all accounts, he even went too far with it for political persecution. But those are the contexts in which it was invoked in the past.

Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, what replaced it, and said, it’s a national security issue, a critical infrastructure, yada, yada. We have no existing remedy under the law, under existing legislative capabilities to deal with this, so we need to invoke the Emergencies Act. Came in with a militarized police force, beat the ever-loving piss out of veterans, snipers on roofs, drones in skies, concussive grenades, arrested tons of people. Some of them are still in jail. We’ll get to that in a bit. And then…

Ahmad (56:00.91)
The horsies, the horsies, trampling people. Remember, the horsies trampling protesters.

Viva Frei (56:04.256)
Oh, the horse trampled an 81 year old Native American indigenous woman. I mean, this is this is this is Justin Trudeau who runs around calling people racist bigots, misogynists comes in with his police. And there was discussion like a guy named Jeremy McKenzie, who created this meme, meme country called Diagonal. He’s got a podcast called Raging Descent, dissenting raging dissent. Geez, I forget the name. But Jeremy McKenzie got RCMP text messages.

where they were talking about and joking about bringing in horses. And if one of them got injured, how funny it would be and something along the lines of like, the wanton disregard for bringing in horses to a very crowded protest in the middle of winter, and how stupid that would be. So they bring it they come in with horses. And yes, sure sugar, they stop an 81 year old indigenous woman who was there with a walker. And the police at the time reported that a protester

through a bicycle at a horse. These I won’t swear on your podcast. These MFers are liars and corrupt through and through so Justin Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act brings in a militarized police force armored vehicles, riot gear, snipers on roos, drones, etc. Over the course of two days, literally physically assaults and beats the ever loving piss out of veterans protesters locks a bunch up. All right. Under the law.

the Emergencies Act. Once it’s been invoked, there has to be a commission and inquiry to determine the circumstances surrounding the invocation of the Act. Okay, they did that a year later under this guy named Commissioner Rouleau, who is not related to Justin Trudeau. There’s another Rouleau who was, but not different people. But this commissioner, this judge, former judge, was a political hack, a liberal supporting political hack. After six weeks of hearings comes to the conclusion that Justin Trudeau was justified in invoking the Emergencies Act.

freezing bank accounts proved to be very effective at suppressing the political dissent. No shit, Sherlock. Okay, that was a political process that was not a judicial one. Recently, four plaintiffs and a number of other interested parties got involved and challenged the invocation of the act and said it violated their charter rights and that it was unwarranted under the circumstances. This federal court judge, Richard Mosley, rendered a decision on, it was either Monday or Tuesday, but this week.

Viva Frei (58:21.7)
declaring Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the act unreasonable and unlawful. It’s the first time the federal court really has come down and spanked. It’s amazing. It’s amazing because the federal court has been reliably bad. The federal court said that these court these government designated quarantine facilities, the what are they called the quarantine hotels? Those didn’t violate your Charter rights being whisked off without due process and put in a hotel a government designated quote or quarantine facility.

Ahmad (58:28.593)
What a great person.

Viva Frei (58:50.064)
for a week, two weeks and being made to pay for it doesn’t violate your rights. The courts have been terrible. But this judge came down and said, I’ve heard all the evidence, it’s 190 page decision. I’ve heard all the evidence, had some mean things to say about the protest, said it went beyond the limits of a reasonable protest, whatever, but came to the conclusion that all things considered, it was unlawful and unwarranted. That was the news of Monday, Tuesday. Christa Freeland, what’s her, she’s the deputy, fine. I forget what her position is, but she’s like the second most powerful position in Canada after Trudeau.

comes out and says, well, we’re going to appeal the decision. Okay. Of course you’re going to because it’s not your money. And maybe you’ll get lucky with three judges at the Court of Appeal. This is what you these are we’re going to get to some details, but I’m going to put it on blast as much as I can the day after Christa Freeland says, we’re going to appeal the decision. The former Minister of Justice a guy named David Lamedi who was at the helm of the as the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General advising Trudeau during the trucker convoy during the invocation of the Act.

The day after the decision, the day after Christopher, he says, we’re going to appeal it. This guy, former minister of justice nukes his entire Twitter account. Like just gone all the tweets that he made. Good question. And not just what was he hiding in terms of the tweets that he wants to be off the internet. I wonder what was in his DMs like especially given the finding of the court like were there compromising potentially prejudicial DMs and he just nukes his entire account. The day after he nukes his account, Dr. Malik, he resigns.

Ahmad (59:57.39)
What’s he hiding?

Ahmad (01:00:11.627)

Viva Frei (01:00:19.24)
It’s crazy. He resigns from politics and is going to go into private practice at a law firm. I mean, the ship is sinking and the rats are jumping, but it’s almost laughably in-your-face corruption. But that’s the biggest news out of Canada.

Ahmad (01:00:36.383)
It is in your face corruption. It’s a fricking joke. You know what, I really get upset as well. That when the Canadian truckers that I saw on Instagram, because I was mainly Instagram at that time, these were families coming out in the bloody cold, having food, lighting fires, you know, having coffees, dancing, singing, having a great time occupying three or four blocks. That was it, peaceful protest. I thought we were allowed to protest here in the West.

But then they were made to be misogynists, racists, Nazis, fricking conspiracy theorists, nut jobs, terrorists. It was just like, it was like complete disconnect. You saw the reality and these were just good Canadians, patriots, freedom loving people. You read the news or watched the TV and these people were like terrorists. And it was like, what the frack man? It was like, this is bullshit.

Viva Frei (01:01:27.925)
It’s like we’re having like a recurring theme of understanding how things happened in history, given what happened now. I mean, for the people who invoke the big lie, you know, in America, the big lie is saying that the 2020 election was not totally legit. For the people who invoke that, they certainly employ that tactic a lot. It was Hitler who said, you know, you make a lie big enough, egregious enough that someone would say…

Ahmad (01:01:40.995)
Yeah, yeah.

Viva Frei (01:01:52.52)
No reasonable person would make up that lie and repeat it often enough. And you create reality out of it that they came out and said that this protest was racist bigoted anti-semitic because they had one dude with a Nazi flag or swastika on day one very curious circumstances, but whatever whether or not he was there to bring that flag and say Trudeau is a Nazi versus there is a saboteur agent provocateur who knows and you had a Confederate flag that because that makes total sense. They repeat the lie.

Ahmad (01:02:12.718)
Hmm. Yeah. Who knows?

Viva Frei (01:02:20.808)
over and over again, there was one jackass MP repeating it on Monday, despite the federal court ruling, we must remember that this was not a piece of bullshit. It was the most peaceful protest ever. Ottawa, you may not know this, Ottawa is not a particularly nice city. It’s a government town. It’s the national, you know, capital of the country. But it’s not a nice town that you don’t walk around downtown Ottawa on any given night, without good reason. And you don’t do it in total safety. A lot of drugs, a lot of homeless, you know, a relatively high crime rate.

This protest was the only time I’ve ever walked around Ottawa at night and felt safer than anywhere else on earth. They were feeding the homeless. They were literally shoveling the sidewalks because the city wouldn’t do it, salting the sidewalks. They were literally protecting the Cenotaph, the war memorial. And the city had never been cleaner and it had never been safer, but they repeat this godforsaken lie. I interviewed people from Jamaica, from Egypt, from Romania, from the East Blocks, from South America.

I interviewed a transgender person Ari, I mean, who said this was the most beautiful protest Ari had ever seen. And if the only time, and I, you know, the only time Ari had ever felt any violence or aggression was after crossing the line from the counter protesters over to the protesters where the counter protest is like, Oh, I thought this was an ally. And now they’re going over to the protest. They were in it. It was a lie from day one and they still continue to repeat it despite all the evidence because they are, you know, Nazi.

at Goebbels level as propagandists who have attained positions of power. It’s it’s mind blowing.

Ahmad (01:03:55.582)
100%. I’m going to show you something that I think you’ll like by the way. So there’s a guy called Bob Moran. You ever heard of Bob Moran?

Viva Frei (01:04:02.564)
I’d have to see a face, because I’m not always good with names.

Ahmad (01:04:05.422)
So Bob Moran is a British cartoonist. Can you see this picture?

Viva Frei (01:04:11.024)
Yeah, I can see this. And what do you do? Tyrannize and blackface.

Ahmad (01:04:13.218)
That’s Bob. See Bob? And what do you… So I just love, I love Bob Moran. And I’m showing you this one because you might like this one.

Viva Frei (01:04:19.68)
I love it.

Ahmad (01:04:28.534)
You see that one?

Viva Frei (01:04:28.84)
Good political cartoons. Yeah, let’s see this here.

Oh, I love that. There’s there’s a W E F. Yeah, no, people might not know that Krisha Freeland. She’s the deputy minister, whatever. She’s a on the board of trustees of the W E F. Second most powerful politician in Canada. Yeah, she on the board of trustees of the W E F. You tell me how that’s not a conflict of interest. Look at this.

Ahmad (01:04:43.668)

Ahmad (01:04:50.486)
But isn’t, a hundred percent it is. What about this one? Sorry, I’m just showing you all these ones. These are all from Bob Moran.

Viva Frei (01:04:56.588)
Oh, no, I love good. Good political cartoons are amazing. We’ve got some we’ve got some state funded political cartoons here. And it’s just so bad. It’s unbelievable. So let’s see here.

Ahmad (01:05:05.218)
So I don’t know if you can see, but this one says, Russian man bad as Biden points with blood dripping from his hand, Boris drinking.

Viva Frei (01:05:12.437)
I don’t see the blood I see. I see blackface Truda with blood with blood on their hands. No, there’s no question hundreds of thousands of lives they’ve cost in.

Ahmad (01:05:21.634)
Can you see what they’re standing on?

Viva Frei (01:05:23.98)
Oh, is it Ukrainian civilians or Ukrainian soldiers?

Ahmad (01:05:26.946)
No, just piles of dead bodies. You know, because they’ve got blood on their hands. And they’re pointing saying, Russian man bad!

Viva Frei (01:05:33.645)
There’s no question about it.

You know, one of the one of the lies that they tried to perpetrate perpetuate not perpetrate. One of the lies they tried to perpetuate was that Russians were funding the protests in America in Ottawa. Sorry. And what and then this is where you see how like, they work in some reality to justify the lie. When the original GoFundMe was started, before it got frozen, of the $10 million, like 90% of it was from Canadian small time, you know, people

Ahmad (01:05:48.405)
Oh my god.

Viva Frei (01:06:06.884)
small time donations. When GoFundMe shut that down, and then threatened to keep the money and give it to their own charity, they ultimately had to reimburse it to each and every one of the donors. Well, that sort of got some international attention. So when they started the Give Send Go, which is itself an American company, a Christian fundraiser, and it’s a fantastic site, you should have Jacob Wells on the channel. He’s an amazing guy. I’ve had him on a couple of times. When they started the Give Send Go, and this garnered American attention, well, that’s when about 50% of the donations started coming from the US.

Ahmad (01:06:08.935)

Viva Frei (01:06:36.464)
because it pissed off people who have a fundamental religious love for First Amendment, Second Amendment and the Constitution. And so then they go, Oh, now it’s a foreign funded. Well, it wasn’t foreign funded until you screwed with it, froze the bank account, froze the GoFundMe and corruptly coerced them to, to refund the money because you had politicians meeting with GoFundMe saying, Oh, they’re using this to commit crimes and commit violence and GoFundMe is like, well, we can’t, we can’t let that, we can only have.

Fundraisers for you know, George Floyd and other American criminals. We have to shut this down So they corruptly interfered with it caused go fund me to freeze it and return all of the monies After threatening to basically usurp them and that’s when you got foreign knowledge foreign Interest and foreign donations, but from the US it’s nuts and they still repeat the lie Russian involvement in this protest I mean you could you have to be stupid to say it and you got to be stupider to believe it

Ahmad (01:07:32.174)
There’s a lot of stupid people, Viva. There’s a lot of stupid people. God damn it!

Viva Frei (01:07:34.724)
That’s the I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be more. I’ll be more diplomatic people who are just so busy with their day-to-day lives. They they do not go past the saran wrap superficial level of CBC news headlines. They’re just too busy and understandably so but we live in an era now where that is no longer an excuse to not knowing what is actually happening because it is impacting even the people who think they understand it with that saran wrap level of superficiality.

Ahmad (01:08:03.562)
Yeah, but the thing is the corruption isn’t just in Chinada. It’s not just here in England. It’s also where you are. I mean, like that, you know, like you were just talking about a day or two ago, you know, if Carrie, the lady who went for the senator, you know, what’s her name again? I’ve forgotten her surname. Carrie Lake. That’s it. I was going to say Carrie Lewis. Carrie Lake. You know, that video recording, the audio recording of people trying to buy her silence.

Viva Frei (01:08:12.577)

Viva Frei (01:08:22.42)
Carrie Lake.

Ahmad (01:08:33.282)
I mean, like, I don’t know if that’s just a fake. This is the thing. I don’t know if it’s genuinely just fake bullshit. They’re trying to get out there and it’s just so scammy crap or it’s the real deal. Like what?

Viva Frei (01:08:34.823)

Viva Frei (01:09:00.625)
Oh, no.

Viva Frei (01:09:16.812)
This thing comes out, I think it was Daily Mail that posted it. Um, and it was Colin rug who tweeted out. I’m like, this is so comically stupid. It can’t be, it can’t be real. I was like, this cannot be real. And lo and behold, the guy resigned, the guy resigned the next day and issued a statement, which if you thought the recording was damning, you read the statement and holy shit, there’s times when you just need to, you know, STFU. If you’re going to resign.

just resign his statement made it even worse. But it’s true. Dr. Malik. It was it was accurate. The only question is who was really truly doing the bribing who’s the source of the corruption? Yeah, it’s a 50 some odd minute recording but play you just play a little bit of it. It’s cartoonishly like what you would imagine would be in a poorly written movie.

Ahmad (01:10:07.662)
Come on, Viva. Come on, come on. Listen, listen, listen. One, you need to stop calling me Dr. Malik. It’s Ahmed. Just call me Ahmed. Not Ahmed, because that leaves a spittle in your mouth and then you need to do something with it, either spit it or swallow it. So just say Ahmed. But I mean, look, look at these two people, right? Look at Carrie, Carrie Lake with that, you know, politician smile. Look at that guy on the right. I mean, which one would you trust? The guy with the nice tie on the right? The guy with the slightly double chin? Or Carrie Lake? Like which, which guy?

Viva Frei (01:10:34.324)
Well, no, but also Carrie Lake was it she was a journalist for a long time. And how anybody thinks it’s a good idea to sit down with a journalist who’s a journal, like they journalized to sit down and say, yeah, I’m going to try to bribe her and think that this is going to go well. I mean, I say, you know, Robert Barnes is the guy that I do. You know, we have our, our Viva Barnes law community at locals. And so we do our, we do our Sunday show. We do stuff all the time together. And he’s like, it’s okay to be a criminal.

Ahmad (01:10:55.114)
Yes. Yep.

Viva Frei (01:11:02.34)
But it’s not okay to be a dumb criminal. And this politician, he’s like, I’m gonna sit down with a world-class journalist and try to bribe her and blackmail her. And I still say also threaten her because at one point in that recording, he’s like, what’s your number? Because that’s bribery. But then he says something, he alludes to the fact that the cartel operates in all 50 states. I was like, what the hell is he talking about? What the hell is he talking about that for? I admit I’m neurotic. I see.

Ahmad (01:11:23.158)
Yeah, I heard that. I heard that. What was all about?

Viva Frei (01:11:28.612)
Yeah, I know. I’m neurotic. I see threats where there are not necessarily threats. And I have to internalize that when I digest stuff. But I’m sorry. You know, there’s a lot of cartels around to be. They’re all over the place. You might want to take this money and run. I said, holy crap. Yeah.

Ahmad (01:11:41.87)
I thought that was the most random shit. It was the most random shit he just threw in. I was like, what? What the fuck?

Viva Frei (01:11:48.968)
But this is the thing, because it’s a long recording. Maybe there was a circumstance, but nothing’s by accident. Like you don’t talk money, job security, and then physical security, and not know exactly what you’re what you’re implying in the mind of a reasonable person. But to sit down with a journalist and say, yeah, this is a safe thing to do. I’m just going to go ahead and overtly bribe somebody and think it’s not going to come back to bite me in the ass. There are people out there who are suggesting that this might be, this might actually reveal.

Republican and maybe even Trumpian corruption. But there’s the you know, for people who are in the know, it’s called a uniparty for a reason. There’s a lot of corruption within the GOP who don’t want a Trump to ascend to office who never liked him in the first place who lied to him day in and day out who sought to take him down. So that’s not that’s not a revelation. There’s corruption in politics beyond your wildest dreams. But my goodness, this is the latest most concrete example.

Ahmad (01:12:42.742)
100%. So, you know, dude, I’ve long subscribed to the Uni Party system. So this is my tweet. And it’s the same way it’s in the States or here. Two cheeks, same arse. Davos Keith, Moderna man. Pretend Labour could be pretend Democrats. Fake conservatives, Republicans and name only, rhinos. Net zero madness. More proxy wars. Uncontrolled immigration.

Big tech censorship of misinformation, programmable CBDCs and more and more vaccines. Yeah. I mean, it’s all the same shit, you know, it’s the same shit, whoever you vote for. You know, I don’t trust any politician dude. I’m sorry. None.

Viva Frei (01:13:24.936)
Well, I mean, I’ve trusted one. It was Pierre. What am I talking about? Pierre Paulevin. It’s Maxime Bernier who’s Pierre Paulevin is the conservative leader. The one that I don’t trust. Maxime Bernier is the leader of the People’s Party of Canada. That’s the political party that I actually ran for in West Mount NDG. I trust him. And there’s a good I have a damn good reason to because when somebody

Ahmad (01:13:43.862)
Yeah! Alright, okay.

Viva Frei (01:13:50.34)
shares an opinion that they know is going to be politically unpopular in their own riding in their own province. Well, there’s got to be a damn good reason for them to take that position. One can come up with a bunch of reasons. The one I came up with was integrity. A man, he might not always be right, but you know that he’s always telling you what he sincerely believes. And so, you know, we’re from Quebec, there’s a, what do they call it? A, oh, geez, were they a redistribution system of federal funds and provinces pay into the federal

Provincial tax dollars, the government redistributes them depending on the needs of the province. So poor provinces which pay less up get more down. And so it’s, you know, talking, questioning redistribution in Canada is politically unpopular in Quebec. Maxime Bernier is running for his seat is in La Bosse. It’s a region just outside of Quebec city. So, you know, when he says we need to revisit redistribution in Canada, it’s not gonna be popular in Quebec.

You know he’s got to believe it. And if he’s going to say it despite it being politically unpopular, that’s a man of principle. So.

Ahmad (01:14:51.982)
Ah, because it’s Quebec and net beneficiary of the system. Is that why? Right, right.

Viva Frei (01:14:57.964)
Oh, yeah. I mean, the whole the whole system basically is designed, arguably, but not arguably to take all the money out of the West, because they are resource rich provinces and redistribute them to the impoverished provinces of the Maritimes. And so a lot of people say, hey, it’s, it’s like any welfare system actually encourages perpetuating the welfare system. So Quebec pays less up gets more down, that doesn’t incentivize them to become a province that’s rich in either natural resources.

or tourism or industry or whatever, so they pay more up and get less down. Same thing with Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia. So the whole system basically is designed to perpetuate failure. And that’s one, you know, that’s one reason I trust Maxime Bernier as a politician, as some people might call me stupid for that, but too bad. That’s my opinion. When it comes to Donald Trump. Do the dude was saying things that were politically unpopular before they became admitted crises. We’re talking what he was talking about the border crisis in 2015.

Ahmad (01:15:37.294)

Viva Frei (01:15:55.94)
He was called a racist for it. You’re a racist for saying it the way you did. There’s no problem. And you’re a bigot and anybody who follows you is a terrible person. Eight years later, 300,000 illegals crossing in a month. It’s a God forsaken crisis, but they still want the virtue signaling points of, well, we’re a welfare state, come on over, just don’t come to New York. You go to New York, Eric Adams is gonna ship you to Canada. Don’t go to Martha’s Vineyard. Don’t go to…

don’t go to the blue states stay in Texas and Arizona. So what he was saying things that were politically unpopular at the time that have come to fruition. I don’t trust. Yeah.

Ahmad (01:16:32.462)
Dude, you know what? I recently sat down and did something, forgive me, I watched TV. I watched Wonka with my kids on TV. I just wanna ask you something. Is Donald Trump a giant Oompa Loompa?

Viva Frei (01:16:48.598)
It’s Willy Wonka and the Cha- is this the original one with Gene Wilder?

Ahmad (01:16:52.762)
No, no, it’s a new one. It’s a new one called Wonka. It’s the backstory of Willy Wonka and how he started his chocolate factory and there’s a little tiny orange Oompa Loompa in it. And I’m wondering whether Donald Trump is a massive giant Oompa Loompa. I mean, I personally don’t trust orange people, but there you go. That’s me.

Viva Frei (01:17:04.828)
Did they?

Viva Frei (01:17:10.367)
I, if you.

Viva Frei (01:17:14.156)
Well, bring up a picture of the Oompa Loompa, because I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the Oompa Loompa look like a stereotypical, what do they call them? The comedic renditions of Trump. He definitely puts some skin cream on. These are things, what they’ve made fun of Trump for, I don’t give a sweet bugger all about. He was right and continues to be right on material policy. Brash, whether or not he puts out stupid tweets, whether or not he writes in all caps on truth social and people say that looks unhinged. I don’t get it. First of all.

I look at the all caps thing my aunt is like 80 some odd years old she’s older than my dad she writes in all caps and it’s not because she’s yelling it’s just because it’s easier to see. Oh that’s what’s his face Hugh, Hugh Grant. Remember that whole story about Hugh.

Ahmad (01:17:53.374)
Yeah, yeah. So that’s from Wonka. That’s Wonka. But that’s the original old one. Remember the old movie? See all these orange people?

Viva Frei (01:18:02.313)
Dude, I’ve never seen the original one with Gene Wilder. I just knew that it existed. Oh man, they should stop remaking these things.

Ahmad (01:18:07.798)
Man, they’re orange people. The only people that I know that are orange are Oompa Loompas. And then Donald Trump. Donald Trump is pretty orange. Do you know what I think he’s trying to…

Viva Frei (01:18:14.108)
He’s definitely is a book. He’s down. I was like, but okay, he’s definitely there’s I don’t know if it’s spray tan or whatever and I don’t I couldn’t care less about I couldn’t care less. I mean it makes for it makes for easy. That’s where caricatures.

Ahmad (01:18:29.47)
This orange patchy, I don’t know who does this, but it’s very patchy. I mean, look, I mean, they could definitely get in there, but.

Viva Frei (01:18:37.544)
Yeah, you know, bottom up. First of all, I don’t again, I don’t care about it. I it’s what he says that I like. And you should you watch his rallies and they’re amazing events. There’s a reason why people, you know, go to them in the tens of thousands. Joe Rogan said it best. He’s like, if you don’t if I don’t want to say he’s a good he would be a good stand up comic because that opens the door for like, oh, you’re not supposed to have comics for presidents, whatever. He’s got amazing delivery when he when he speaks. He is fun.

Ahmad (01:19:03.854)
But he’s funny. He’s a funny, he’s a funny fracker. He’s a funny fracker. The shit he comes out with has me in hysterics. And the way he says it, talks like this.

Viva Frei (01:19:13.628)
He just he had a he had a great one this week where he says, he says, he says, I will never have a CBDC system ever. I’d like to thank the vague. You know, I like for Vic, I like him now. I didn’t like him when we were running. But it’s amazing how it’s easy to like people when you win. And like, bam, everybody the crowd. It’s just, it’s easy to anybody think it’s easy. He’s 1000% running, you fight with people. And when you win, you become the most gracious person on earth. It’s just I mean, unless you’re a total a hole. And there are some people like that out there.

Ahmad (01:19:38.894)
I’m sorry.

Viva Frei (01:19:42.756)
Nobody’s is great. But look at the ball and I say, go for it.

Ahmad (01:19:43.618)
You know what? He’s brutally honest in that respect. And look, I’ll be honest with you. I was all mega, mega in the beginning. When he was running and he was like, you know, we’re going to lock up Clinton and Hillary Clinton. I was like, oh my God, right, let’s do it. And then when he was like, we’re going to drain the swamp. I was like, drain the swamp. I was cheerleading here. I was like, let’s do it.

And my, all my family were like, Oh my God, you like Trump, you neanderthal. And I was like, yeah. Like, I would like, what is it with you? You want Brexit. You, you, you know, you’d like Trump. Now you’re saying you’re the COVID bullshit is wrong, all wrong. Like, why are you always on the wrong side? And I’m like, Oh, here we go. But like the thing with Trump is I believed him and he let me down because he didn’t do half the shit he said he would. He didn’t lock up Hillary.

when he could have, he didn’t, he didn’t, he did the warp speed bullshit. He still talks about how great his vaccine is, how it saved people. He did go ahead and allow the lockdowns to happen. He didn’t get rid of Fauci. He put all these Warhawks around him. He didn’t pardon Assange and Snowden. I’m just saying, man, like, what the frack? Like, argh!

Viva Frei (01:20:51.534)
Well, it’s a couple of things there.

Viva Frei (01:21:00.516)
No, no, well, for sure. There’s there’s legit criticism in there and there’s legit criticism in there. And there’s some that’s misunderstands. Now, hold on a second. I want to go one by one. Uh, he said, Oh, well, but, but no, but go look up an article. You might not be able to find it in real time. One of the criticisms levied against Trump in the first two years was that he was following through on too many of his promises. I mean, literally you’ll see this as a headline. Uh, and I’ll see if I can find that article set aside the things that he promised to do that he didn’t get around to locking Hillary up.

Ahmad (01:21:10.53)
Duh, duh.

Viva Frei (01:21:30.82)
I mean, I don’t really it was hyperbolic. I’m not sure that anyone really took it literally. It was a figure of speech that everybody wanted her to go to jail. But even Trump in his bombastic ferociousness understood that there’s certain Rubicons in politics that you don’t cross one of which is locking up your adversaries or your predecessors little did he know that they were going to play so dirty that they would cross that Rubicon and as I like to say take a steaming dump in it.

Ahmad (01:21:56.866)
This is what I’m saying, they had no qualm about doing it. And I think when he showed that weakness, they were like, we’re going for you.

Viva Frei (01:22:00.756)
And that’s.

Viva Frei (01:22:05.24)
It’s that well, that’s possible. The other thing is when he says drain the swamp, I don’t even think I don’t think he understood how deep the swamp truly was. And I don’t think any of us did. I don’t think any of us actually thought that, you know, the head of the military there, General Milley would lie to Trump about troops being in Syria. Like, you don’t you don’t think the swamp is quite that deep. You don’t think the swamp is so deep that they’re going to fabricate impeachment.

Ahmad (01:22:22.978)

Ahmad (01:22:27.434)
They would boast about it. They would boast about the fact that they lied to him and it’s like what? Like they’re on public record Saying we didn’t tell him

Viva Frei (01:22:33.232)
No, they boast. No, but they, and they, they boast it about the fact Milley in particular about how he, he promised to give a heads up to China in the event that Trump would declare some sort of aggression. I mean, I don’t think any of us knew how deep the swamp truly was and how, how

Ahmad (01:22:44.621)

Ahmad (01:22:50.69)
No, but can I just say something? Isn’t that on its own, treason? Isn’t that on its own, that’s to say, oh, I’d give China the heads up? Like what? Like, who would do that? Treasonous, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Treasonous, treasonous.

Viva Frei (01:22:56.088)
I, well, no, cause trees and-

Viva Frei (01:23:01.368)
It’s it’s I would say it’s treasonous. It’s treasonous, but I don’t think it’s treason by the legal definition because you have to be at a state of war for it to be actual treason. So there’s that the operation warp speed operation more speed. I you know, I there is still a way to not spin it, but there’s a way to reframe it so that it because it’s getting oversimplified. He never first of all, he could not order or prevent state lockdowns. It’s just not the way it works under federal law whether or not he implicitly green-lidded to say, yeah, we should lock down. Look what they’re doing across the world.

It’s a state. It’s a state question. It was never his authority to interfere with control or prevent. So one clarification there. The other one though was operation Warp Speed. It was as far as my understanding goes, and people are free to correct me if I’m wrong. It was never intended to result in a situation with a one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate for six months and up. It was never intended to be that it was intended to try to cut the red tape to find something of a vaccine. I’ll put it in quotes for the most vulnerable.

while pursuing therapeutic remedies for those who are not statistically at risk. And it got co-opted and bastardized into roll up your sleeve and take your eighth booster now. So, I mean, I think his intentions might have been good at the time. I think without a doubt he was lied to by Fauci and he was lied to by Pfizer without a doubt. And so his easy way to get, you know, past this if he’s listening, I don’t think maybe he is.

is, you know, OWS was had another objective than the one that it was morphed into. And you can’t really protect yourself against people who are going to lie to you. I mean, it’s a catch 22. If he questions Fauci, he questions Pfizer, who the hell is he? Orange Man thinks he knows better than Pfizer and Fauci. And if he doesn’t question them, and they lie to him, well, he should have known better. I mean, it’s an impossible situation to be in. But I do agree on the on the jibby jab. He’s got to start getting a little better because when he becomes the nominee,

There’s gonna be a lot of people who are still pissed at him about that, and rightfully so. It might not have been a monster of his own creation, but he was certainly at the helm of that ship when that monster took over.

Ahmad (01:24:58.626)

Ahmad (01:25:03.21)
I think there’s millions who haven’t forgiven him, especially working class, blue collar people who suffered and haven’t forgotten that, you know, he still hasn’t said, I’m sorry, I made it. And you know what, the funny thing is there’s doctors here, like in the UK who pushed the jabs and now are like, oh, it’s wrong, it’s terrible. But they’ve never said, oh, you know what, we’re sorry, we were mistaken. And there’s people who don’t trust those doctors anymore. They’re like, we don’t trust you now. Like you lie, you push this once.

Now you’ve changed your mind, but you’ve never said, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. And the funny thing is people are really kind and gracious. When you say, do you know what? I made a mistake, I’m sorry. Most people are like, that’s fine, it’s okay, it happens. You know what? We respect you more now because you’ve admitted to it. When you try and cover up or make excuses or ignore it, people know and they don’t like it and the trust goes out the window. And I think he would win a lot of,

Viva Frei (01:25:56.136)
true the well there’s no question about that.

Ahmad (01:26:02.978)
People over if he just simply said, I had really bad advice, I was lied to, I made a mistake as a result, I’m really sorry guys. It’s not gonna happen again. I’m telling you right now, his popularity would go up through the roof.

Viva Frei (01:26:17.768)
I tend to agree with you, I’ll attenuate one part of this. Most people would genuinely appreciate an apology. The bad players who are the most active in politics and on social media would never let anybody forget it. This is part of the, you know, one of the insidious side effects of social media is that it’s made sincere apology virtually impossible because it gets weaponized as an admission of weakness, an admission of stupidity, and the bad faith political actors will never accept it.

They just want it as an act of subservience, as an act of bending the knee, and they’ll always use it against you in the future as opposed to moving on. I personally will still never adhere to that. If I make a mistake, I apologize, correct, and I put my correction on bigger blast than the mistake itself. With respect to, he’s not a dumb man, and so he can’t be unaware that this is a real issue for a lot of his followers, a lot of the most ardent, is it ardent or arduent? A lot of the most loyal, dedicated followers.

Ahmad (01:26:57.982)

Ahmad (01:27:12.446)
Arden, yeah.

Viva Frei (01:27:14.084)
Arden. So I don’t think it can’t be that he’s never going to address it. I think if I made if I make another, you know, decent prediction, he’s going to get the nomination. And at some point between now and November, he’s going to come out with definitive evidence that Pfizer lied to him. That Fauci lied to him. And that’s going to be the spin. Who am I? He’s going to say to accuse them of lying in real time. I didn’t know. And also don’t mistake the timeline here. They refused to give credit for the jab to Trump.

It was only after he was defeated and I’ll put that in quotes to that Pfizer announced the vaccine putting that in quotes so that Biden could get credit for it. And it was never Trump that implemented any mandates with this experimental thing. It was Biden. So he has a way to wiggle out of it and to actually spin it for political purposes. He’s got to get there. I think right.

Ahmad (01:27:52.782)

Ahmad (01:28:03.894)
Yeah. Okay. But have a

How about the things like surrounding himself with war hawks like Bolton, and just people who are generally not good people and not good advisors. And putting family in there like Jared Kushner, like what the hell man, just put good people. Don’t do nepotism, don’t do, just keep it clear and open and transparent.

Viva Frei (01:28:16.52)
Terrible, just terrible.

Viva Frei (01:28:32.324)
Well, and I’m going to get like I’ve been I’ve been steeped in this since it happened. Remember, like remember what happened when he put in his own good people. Steve Bannon gets indicted for the build the wall. Michael Flynn gets criminally persecuted by the FBI. He put in his own people. And then the argument is he needed to stand by them with more loyalty and raise two middle fingers to the system. Possibly possibly. But but.

Ahmad (01:28:53.706)

Viva Frei (01:28:56.736)
There’s also, you know, it’s a bit of a look. He’s a megalomaniac. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of what you need to be a celebrity, you know, billionaire tycoon politician president, whatever part of him probably and still does think or thought I could win them over through negotiations. I’ll make concessions. I’ll be the great unifier despite, you know, the bombastic rhetoric. He did make concessions that in theory could have brought people together and he thought he could win over his detractors. I think he knows better now, but the idea, you know, like he should have just put people in that he could have trusted.

They literally criminally persecuted and prosecuted all of them. And I don’t know what the response is, but my goodness at some point. Yeah, I mean, I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m going to be more inclined.

Ahmad (01:29:36.11)
You know what, I think it’s this, I think the best case scenario, sorry Viva to cut you up, is the best case scenario is he’s either the real deal and what it demonstrates is how little power the present actually has and how much power the deep state has, or worst case scenario, he’s actually just playing an acting role and he’s part of the problem and it’s all…

Viva Frei (01:29:42.884)
No, don’t worry, don’t worry.

Viva Frei (01:29:56.091)

Viva Frei (01:30:03.433)
Yeah, I think.

Ahmad (01:30:03.746)
There is no such thing as democracy and freedom. It’s all bullshit. It’s all a game.

Viva Frei (01:30:08.888)
I think that second that second possibility has become imminently less likely given the fact that literal life and liberty of this man is that is that issue unless it’s all just a big charade, which I don’t think so. Yeah, it shows you how little power the president has. If the and we’ll call it the deep state is the administrative state, it’s the unelected bureaucrats. It’s low. It’s a very similar theme going up through this, the unelected bureaucrats.

Ahmad (01:30:31.774)
Yeah, we have it here as well. Civil service. Yeah.

Viva Frei (01:30:36.964)
Yeah, so it’s true. Come in. What was it called when Nixon did that? Was it called Bloody Sunday? You come in and you fire or if you can’t fire them, you un-finance. What’s it called when you cut funding? You defund them. And lo and behold, they don’t get paid. They don’t have jobs. So whether or not he’s learned his lesson and whether or not he can come in and literally clean house like Obama did. Come in. If we’re not ideologically aligned people, you’re out of work.

Ahmad (01:30:51.81)

Viva Frei (01:31:03.056)
Call it what you want. It’s kind of what you have to do to make sure that your presidency runs along your ideological vision. So the hope is that he’s learned his lesson. The reality is that who the hell else is going to do it? I mean, Nikki Haley hells to the Bells. No, she is the she is the deep state. Could it have been Ron DeSantis? I don’t think Ron as and I love him as a governor. I don’t think he could stand up to this. I don’t think you know, he’s got especially he’s got a he’s got a wife. He’s got young kids.

He is much more vulnerable to the legal extortion than Trump is. All of his kids are adults. They’re going to fight for themselves. So I don’t think the Santas in a million years could have put up could have withstood this and then if they don’t come as hard against the Santas as they did against Trump, that’s an indication that he’s probably more likely to play ball, send some more money to Ukraine, you know, carry on with business as usual. So who the hell else is it going to be this year? That’s for this next four years. Who else could it possibly be? I could have seen it being Vivek.

a true outsider from a political perspective and who said the things and said things, yeah, too good to be true? Okay, fine. He said things that were wildly unpopular that we, you know, pardon Jan six, pardon Assange, pardon Snowden, calling out the inside job that was January six. So I think he had the audacity and the gonads to do it, but I don’t think anybody is situated to do it right now other than Trump. And maybe he learned some lessons from 2016 and I hope to God he has because otherwise

Ahmad (01:32:33.066)
Yeah, no, I, listen, I’d love it if you were right. I’d really, I really would. Um, but tell me, what’d you think of RFK Jr? You didn’t mention him.

Viva Frei (01:32:42.972)
I like RFK. I mean, I like RFK as a human or at least in as much as you know, people you’ve never met. I actually had on someone who’s working on his campaign. Oh my goodness, Kyle, Kyle Kemper, who happens to be Justin Trudeau’s brother, half brother. Like I get a DM out of the blue. I don’t know who Kyle Kemper is and I should have known. It’s Justin Trudeau’s brother from Margaret. It’s his actual brother. I mean from another father. I get a DM says I’m Justin Trudeau’s brother. Will you have me on? I was like, okay, dude, you know how many you know, many messages like this I get in a week.

So I had Kyle Kemper on, he’s working, first of all, a great guy, like if you could imagine his brother, Justin Trudeau, is Satan incarnate, and Kyle Kemper is like polar opposite, down to the earth, wonderful, sincere human. He’s working with RFK’s campaign. I like RFK, I like the fact that RFK sits down for long format interviews, is in, will listen to people that he disagrees with, will entertain ideas that he might be turned off from at first.

Ahmad (01:33:13.42)

Viva Frei (01:33:42.668)
And he’ll change his perspective on things. Do I agree with him on everything? No, I mean, even the way he expresses his views on the environment. Look, I know what I believe in the environment, but what I’m gonna do as president is not gonna be based on what I believe it’s gonna be something that everyone would want to support regardless. Pollution’s bad, everybody agrees with that. I’m not cutting out meat to save the earth, hell or high water. I’m not getting rid of my bronco because the miles per gallon that gets is bad, but they can go fly around. So.

He’s realistic and pragmatic in his positions. He will reconsider positions. And whether or not, you know, I agree with him on his Second Amendment perspective, he’s on record now coming in. I’m not gonna come and take your guns, period. So I like him. I also like the fact that if there’s anybody who’s got a grudge against the deep state that killed his father and killed his uncle, it’s him. And the fact that the DNC will let him come nowhere near, you know, their convention, their party is a good sign.

He’s got zero chance, but he’s a good insurance that, you know, if they, if they, it’s not, you know, it’s, you gotta keep, um, you gotta keep RFK in the race. And I think he would have a great role to play in a Trump administration, but I, but I do like him.

Ahmad (01:34:45.492)

Ahmad (01:34:54.07)
I like meat too. Do you think anyone in this world really craves kale?

Viva Frei (01:34:59.216)
Well, I like kale. My wife makes dried kale chips and they’re delicious. And she makes a good kale salad. But first of all, my wife’s a neuroscientist. The beneficial impact of having meat protein as a developing brain, it’s undeniable. Whether or not you can get to adulthood and say, okay, fine, I’m gonna wean off meat, for whatever the reasons, it’ll make me feel better, yada, fine. But that’s only once you’ve already benefited from all of the nutritional value of beef. Are brains needed?

It’s a natural substance. It’s, by the way, cows will not exist if you don’t breed them for meat. So they, oh, so you’re for cow extinction. That’s, I thought we were trying to preserve animals. I love meats. I’m never gonna give up meat. There’s a great meat place down the street, Easy Meats, and they’ve got aged beef, they’ve got Wagyu, they’ve got grass-fed, grass-finished meat. It’s delicious. I’ll never give up meat. I might eat bugs for fun, for dares, or for shits and giggles, but I’m not giving up meat.

Ahmad (01:35:56.186)
All right, listen, we’ve been chatting for 90 minutes. I’m gonna wrap up with one question. If you live, say, to a really ripe old age, to 150, you’ve got this massive, beautiful family of little kids with frizzy hair all around you, before you pass on and meet your maker, what advice, health or otherwise, would you give to them?

Viva Frei (01:36:21.872)
The health would be exercise and get sunlight. The spiritual advice would be that death is inevitable and the only thing that you get to take with you is that which you leave behind. And so live your life accordingly. You know what, I’ll even add my other deep thought that heaven and hell are the same thing, hearing what people have to say about you for an eternity. So live as though you’re going to hear echoing through the hallways of the cosmos.

what people say about you after you die. And all that to say is, I would rather be, I can anticipate what people are gonna say about me, but I’d like to have another 50 years to build up on that. And I can anticipate what they’re gonna say about Justin Trudeau, and may he have another 50 years of living with the consequences of what he’s done. But live your life as though you’re gonna hear for an eternity what people say about you once you’re gone, and that should guide you pretty straight in life.

Ahmad (01:37:17.198)
Amazing. Viva. God bless you, man. Thank you so much.

Viva Frei (01:37:20.624)
Thank you very much. Thank you for having me.