#002 – Special Livestream With Jeff Peel

My dear listeners and supporters, as a special thank you to my paid substack subscribers I hold a monthly livestream with special guests. This is a chance for YOU to ask questions of my guests and myself.

This episode is a recording of one of those livestreams.

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In this episode, I talk to Jeff Peel. The conversation explores the manipulation and suppression of free speech in various organizations and think tanks. It highlights the lack of discussion on important topics such as COVID and lockdowns, as well as the focus on divisive issues like the trans debate.

The influence of corporations, funding sources, and the media is examined, revealing a web of interconnected interests. The need for vigilance and caution in following false heroes and calls for a broader discussion on freedom of speech and the real issues at hand.

The conversation covers a range of topics, including the lack of trust in the political class, initial scepticism of vaccines, questioning the medical profession’s support for vaccines, lack of forgiveness for government and propaganda, the importance of medical ethics and informed consent, inconsistency in political response to COVID and geopolitical issues, questioning the existence and response to COVID, lack of transparency and rigged testing for vaccine approval, questioning the effectiveness and safety of mRNA vaccines, fragmentation and division within the movement, introduction of division and fragmentation by the government, lack of political response to the cost of living crisis, inappropriate relationships between conservative MPs and hedge funds, the Conservative Party’s shift to the left, the Conservative Party’s neo-communist policies, the need for non-compliance and non-voting, and the importance of agreeing to disagree and respecting differing opinions.

I loved the contributions from the listeners, the questions and the interactive nature of the conversation with you my listeners. If you missed this episode, I hope you can join in next time.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

The New Era
Jeff Peel